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Nikolai Zouev vs. Volk Han (RINGS 11/18/93(

Yesterday, 08:41 PM

I think y'all are sleeping on this. This match is fantastic. Some true quality grappling. Both guys looked really, really good. Zouev's strikes looked really bad, but he's smart enough to use them to cut the distance and clinch with Han and shooting for the takedown or pulling guard on Han. That arm-triangle choke, that clinch guard pull into an armbar and that counter to the banana split with a leglock and armbar combination in the finish were beautiful. Really good match.

Low Ki vs. El Generico (JAPW Aftershock 04/23/05)

Yesterday, 02:56 PM

Bully Low Ki against super baby face Generico who's seeking to revenge the beating he suffered at the hand of Da Strong Style Thugz and the unmasking from Ki in said match. Ki walks out with Generico's mask and Generico gets the upper hand as Ki isn't used to work with a mask on. Once Ki unmasks, he tosses Generico's old mask to the outside and the beatdown on Generico begins. Again Ki unmasks Generico and puts on the other mask and Generico slides under the ring and he puts on the old mask Ki had taken from him and again the baby face gets some in on Ki, but the bully is too much and ends up mauling Generico.


Really good match -- Ki is great at dishing out a beating and he does a fantastic match unmasking and mocking Generico and Generico is a pretty great sympathetic baby face despite his goofy mannerisms.

Teddy Hart vs. Homicide vs. Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher (JAPW 9th Anniversary Show 10/28/06)

Yesterday, 02:49 PM

Just by looking at the line up of guys in this match, you should know what to expect... Surprising enough, Teddy is the babyface and Da Strong Style Thugz are the heels and for the first bit of the match it's basically a handicap match with them beating up Teddy until Teddy gets his hope spot in which is a... Moonsault! And the lights go out like the usually do and Necro comes out like the toothless, barefoot hillbilly hero to save Teddy from the mugging and turn this into a proper four corners match...


Then the match develops with Ki v. Necro and Teddy v. Homicide pairings and it's chaos. Necro takes some nasty double stomps here including one in/off the bleachers and one off the top rope into a bridged wooden panel between the guard rail and the ring from Low Ki.


Homicide forks Teddy like he's Abdullah the Butcher and but Teddy doesn't bleed like he's Carlos Colón in Bayamón, Puerto Rico like he did in the cage match against Homicide and B-Boy. There's also a betrayals near the end and confetti flying to celebrate the victory.


Pretty great stuff.


Homicide and Hernandez vs. Teddy Hart and Low Ki vs. Eddie Kingston and Slyk Wagner Bro...

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

Some more utter chaos from Jersey All Pro. Not as great as some of the other matches in the Homicide vs. Teddy feud, but you still get the crazy Teddy Asai moonsaults off the top, mouth punching, Ki stiff kicking people, some bumps through wooden panels and chair shots. Hernandez manhandling Ki is quite the visual, as is Homicide locking a sharpshooter on Teddy.


Well worth a watch.

Team Pazuzu vs. the Doghouse (JAPW Homecoming 04/30/16)

16 March 2018 - 10:29 AM

This is built as Fat Frank's Suicidal Games and it's basically a WarGames-style 4 vs. 4 match with weapons in trash cans placed all over the ring. The teams are Dickinson, Jaka, Ortiz and Draztic vs. Homicide, Low Ki, Monsta Mack and Mafia.


There's a ton of hate, chaos and violence in this from the get go. Draztic bleeds buckets and blood is splattered across all over the floor. Low Ki's entrance was amazing as he carries this local hero aura around him as he walks out with his Hitman gear to a massive pop.


Ki accidentally dropkicks Ki in the corner and later on Mack shoves Ki off the top and turns on him which of course is all part of the build to the crazy year end steel cage match. Joker comes out near the end of the match and he runs over Mack with a brutal knee in the corner which seems like it legit KO's Mack.


Truly chaotic and there's a million things going on a time. One of the most underrated matches of the year.