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In Topic: Maasaki Mochizuki vs Ryo Saito (Dragon Gate 02/06/05)

17 June 2017 - 11:39 AM

I always mean to watch more DG as it seems to hit a lot of favourite parts of wrestling. I was not into the first few minutes at all. I liked how Saito worked over the leg, and that got me back in. I appreciate how they went back to the leg a few times, but Mochizuki just no sold it all the way through. I thought they built this a lot slower than I was expecting, which was good. They do go all out balls to the wall with no selling and nearfalls at the end, which was fun. Mochizuki looked like he absolutely kicked Saito's head off at the end. Another good match without really ascending into great territory. *** 1/2

In Topic: Samoa Joe vs Super Dragon (PWG All Nude Revue 02/12/05)

07 June 2017 - 01:16 PM

- Interesting to see what PWG were doing in 2005. Based on this match, I prefer them then to their 2016/7 offerings.

- Also only the second Super Dragon match I've seen. The first was a belter (w/Steen vs. Bucks) and lots of people say good things

- Reminds me that really stiff chops were the in vogue trend of the year. That was Kobashi and NOAH's influence, I believe. Also better than 2017's 'everything has to be on the apron' trend.

- Interesting to see the crowd really pop for both guys dives, it was still very much a novelty for guys this big to fly to the outside. 

- Few dangerous head drops, great strike exchanges. I didn't mind the countout finish.

- All round very good match. 2 for 2 for Super Dragon.



In Topic: Kenta Kobashi vs Minoru Suzuki (NOAH Great Voyage 01/08/05)

03 June 2017 - 11:10 AM

Not a lot else to add, I would call it a 'smart' or 'enjoyable' match rather than great or epic, which is clearly what they were aiming for. And all credit to them, because I did enjoy it. Real simple story or Suzuki's ambar vs. Kobashi's chops for the most part. *** 3/4

In Topic: Will Ospreay vs Ricochet (NJPW Best of Super Jrs 05/18/17)

03 June 2017 - 04:32 AM

Finally got round to watching this, and was interested after I quite liked last year's match:


As a collection of moves, and perhaps an exhibition in what the human body can achieve in a wrestling ring, this was still very impressive. However, they had a remarkably similar match last year, and such a style without advancement can only remain a novelty for so long, and will eventually start to produce diminishing returns. There were only a few moments where I was genuinely invested in the match, and spent most of it staring blankly as they threw lots of admittedly cool moves at each other.


Wrestling, to me, is moves (be that a headlock or a reverse rana) + drama. They have pushed one part of this possibly to its human limits. Yet they leave a lot to be desired and could really do a lot more in terms of bringing their audience into the action. ****.

In Topic: Mistico vs Averno (CMLL 01/30/05)

29 May 2017 - 01:50 PM

Trying to do my own (admittedly very shallow) dive into 2005. This was the latest match I watched, and noticed there wasn't a review. I'm not a fan of doing reviews, bit thought I'd give it a shot:

Like the handful of Mistico matches I watched about a decade ago, his work would seem a lot more accessible to US and Puro fans than a lot of the Lucha I've seen. This is a straight Lucha title match, which, from my experiences viewing the yearbooks, is generally speaking my favourite kind of Lucha. It does not require a great deal of attention from the viewer or knowledge of context, whereas you may need a stronger love of Lucha and its nuances to appreciate the hatred of a mask or hair match. It's a straight up rudo vs. technico wrestling and hitting moves match, and it's absolutely thrilling.  The small number of botches or awkward spots were far outweighed by the sheer amount of awesome offence that was hit perfectly. They have a very lengthy back and forth finishing sequence with a raft of nearfalls. Not that I think that's a bad thing, the drama was exceptional and they were throwing everything at one another, one beautiful move into the next, and perfectly conveyed the exhaustion. Those slow counts are a superb way of building tension and drama. My only complaint would be Mistico's completing a stunning dive to the outside, rolling into the ring, only for Averno to follow him straight away and applying a hold, which seems a bit senseless.


But lets not end this on a low note, this shot itself to the upper echelons of my favourite ever Lucha matches, and made me interested to check out more 2005 Mistico (feel free to throw recommendations my way!). I'd be interested to see if, or maybe how many other, matches throughout the year, can beat it. Will this even remain my Lucha MOTY? 

Rating: **** 1/2