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Yesterday, 07:20 AM

Haven't done this in a while ...


AWA Champions


AWA World Champion - Ricky Steamboat




AWA American Champion - Dan Spivey








AWA Southern Champion - Pat Tanaka




AWA Canadian Champ - Ron Garvin




AWA World Tag Team Champs - The Razor Boys (Paul Diamond & Al Perez)






AWA Southern Tag Team Champs - Black Irish (Fit Finlay & Larry Cameron)






AWA Six Man Tag Team Champs - The Guerrero Brothers



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Yesterday, 04:59 AM

AWA show from the Canada Games Sportsplex, Lethbridge, Alberta, April 27th


Fit Finlay vs. Mando Guerrero


Finlay won by blocking a German suplex and countering with his own German suplex


The Youngbloods vs. British Steel


Blackman knocked out Smiley with the “out of nowhere” bicycle kick


Brian Pillman vs. Leo Burke


Pillman got the victory with a top rope missile dropkick


Greg Gagne vs. Larry Cameron


Camerson scored the pinfall after a running power slam


Roddy Piper vs. Bill Dundee


Dundee caught piper with a running cross body press, but Piper countered with a rollover with a fistful of trunks to get the tainted pinfall


Doug Furnas & The Can-Am Express vs. Mike Rotundo & Death Sentence


Although Rotundo and his partners were clearly not on the same page for most of this match, the Varsity Club were victorious when the members of Death Sentence hit the Execution on Lafon


Rocky Mountain Thunder vs. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers


RMT executed the Rocky Mountain Launcher on Somers and came away with the win


Shane Douglas vs. Bob Orton


Douglas put up a valiant fight but went down to a lariat, followed by the Superplex


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : The Razor Boys © vs. The British Bullies


Diamond hit the flying back body press on Jones to defend their titles


AWA American Title Match : Dan Spivey © vs. Buzz Sawyer


Sawyer went all  out against Spivey but still went down to the powers of Spiveymania and the Spivey Bomber

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24 April 2018 - 08:22 AM

Love the ending to the Southern Tag Team Title Match. Great veteran ring awareness from Finlay.


The fun thing is that Finlay, at this point, is only 28, and yet is already a 14 year veteran.

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24 April 2018 - 05:19 AM

Side note : I screwed up the posting of my previous card, giving it the wrong venue. I have now corrected that.

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24 April 2018 - 05:17 AM

AWA show from the Saddledome, Calgary, April 26th


Too Cold Scorpio vs. Leo Burke


Just back from a show in Japan, Scorpio dazzled the crowd when he executed a spectacular Top Rope Somersault Legdrop to beat Burke


Phil Lafon vs. Buddy Rose


The Playboy won with the Inside Out Backbreaker


Jake Roberts vs. Buzz Sawyer


Roberts executed the DDT for the victory


Tom Zenk vs. Doug Somers


Somers was going for the loaded elbow pad shot but ended up eating a Superkick to give the win to Zenk


Dan Spivey & Mike Rotundo vs. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton


Rotundo hit the Varsity Rush on Orton and went for the cover, but Piper broke up the pin. When the ref tried to send Piper back to his corner, Piper hit the Piledriver on the ref. This led to a DQ win for the Varsity Club team


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Brian Pillman


Tanaka was coming off a bruising six man tag match in Winnipeg in which he had been put through the wringer. Pillman, in turn, was just returning from a very intense elimination match. In spite of the wear and tear they were both bringing into the match, both men put on a technical gem of a match, with lots of fast exchanges and high flying. The end came when Tanaka ducked under a clothesline from Pillman, then came back off the ropes with a turning leaping forearm smash to successfully defend his title. The fans gave both men a standing ovation after the match.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : Black Irish © vs. The Youngbloods


The Youngbloods are also returning from Japan , where they had scored some very impressive victories over tough competition. Blackwell and Wellington really gave the champs a run for their money, in what many in the crowd said was their best match in the AWA. Blackwell even caught Finlay with the flash Bicycle Kick, but in falling back the Irishman was able to tag out to Cameron, who flattened Blackwell with a massive leaping clothesline to score the victory. The fans still gave a round of applause to the Youngbloods afterwards


AWA Canadian Title 2/3 Falls Match : Ron Garvin © vs. Chris Adams


1st Fall : Garvin caught Adams in a sunset flip out of the corner for the pinfall


2nd Fall : Adams pinned Garvin with a belly to back suplex


3rd Fall : Both men went to a 45 minute time limit draw . Adams looked like he was about to lose his marbles after yet another time limit draw.