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Hard tangent here, but I had pretty much thought of Keanu Reeves making his first significant appearance in Bill & Ted. But a quick scan of IMDB shows that he had not just done Youngblood but also Permanent Record, River's Edge and even Dangerous Liaisons before Bill & Ted came out.

In Topic: AWA results for January 1986

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In Topic: AWA results for January 1986

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There is so much good stuff going on here, but I feel like Benoit vs Scorpio would have been my favourite thing on these cards...

I keep getting confused by the Youngbloods team name, because of Jay and Chris and Mark Youngblood.



Ahem, *Pillman* and Scorpio :) There actually was a tag team called the Youngbloods consisting of Wellington and Benoit, I swapped in another Calgary guy in Blackman for my version.

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AWA show from the Mecca, Milwaukee, January 24th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Brian Pillman vs. Too Cold Scorpio


In a match that really got the crowd going, Pillman ultimately pinned Scorpio with a top rope flying clothesline. Both men shook hands after the match, to the pleasure of the fans and the displeasure of Kevin Sullivan


The British Bullies vs. The Youngbloods


Jones beat Wellington with a belly to belly piledriver


Ron Simmons vs. Jesse Barr


Simmons defeated Barr with a flying shoulder block


Al Perez vs. Chris Adams


Adams won by DQ after he was attacked by The Great Kabuki


Loser Leaves Town Match : Killer Khan vs. Dusty Rhodes


This was a bloody brawl with both men fighting like wildcats to stay in the AWA. Khan kept trying to get Rhodes in the Oriental Thumb Choke, but ultimately Rhodes was able to get out by biting down hard on Khan’s arm. He then jackhammered down on Khan’s head with big elbow smashes before taking him down with a flying clothesline for the one two three, sending Killer Khan out of the AWA for good.


AWA World Tag Team Title match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers ©  vs. Badd Company


In a match with a lot of near falls, Rose finally but down Diamond with the Inside Out Backbreaker


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


This was a truly legendary match, with several times where it looked like Bockwinkel would take back the Title. It seemed that he would finally trap Orndorff in the Figure Four Leglock in the  middle of the ring, but Orndorff was able to counter with a small package to get the pinfall. After the match, Orndorff got on the arena mic and said that Bockwinkel would never get another World title shot for as long as he was champion.

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AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for January 24th


Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera vs. The Youngbloods


The Patera and Blackwell combination were very close to unstoppable in their previous stints in the AWA and they are looking to put up where they left off. The up-and-coming team of Blackman and Wellington put up a valiant effort, but in the end they were just overwhelmed by the power and aggression of the Sheikh’s men. Patera hit the shoulder breaker on Wellington and that was that. The tag division of the AWA now has a dangerous new addition to the ranks.


Ron Simmons vs. Shannon Elkins


As per usual with Varsity Club Rush matches, Kevin Sullivan was at ringside to give instructions to one of his newest charges. For all of Sullivan’s hectoring, Simmons didn’t seem to pay much attention to it as he easily dominated Elkins, only once giving a very direct look to the Games Master when he got too loud. Strangely, this actually seemed to intimidate Sullivan, who kept quiet for the rest of the match. After Simmons polished off Elkins with a spine buster slam, Sullivan seemed to want to keep a bit of space between himself and the Florida State alum as they walked back to the locker room. Could it be that Sullivan may have gotten a bit more than he bargained for in some of his new recruits?


Jake Roberts, Nord The Barbarian & Cactus Jack vs. Kevin Sullivan, Darryl Peterson & Jeff Gaylord


If Sullivan had some concerns about keeping discipline with Ron Simmons, he certainly had no need for any concerns with Peterson and Gaylord. For all that this was a wild and intense match,  the two prospects followed his instructions throughout to the letter, tagging in and out at his command. Even the arrogant hot head Gaylord showed deference to the Games Master, although significantly less so to the ref. Gaylord went power move for power move with the huge Barbarian, while the dark and brooding Peterson contrasted his suplexes and takedowns with the more crazed brawling of Cactus. Peterson, as per direction by Sullivan , switched tactics and slugged it out with Cactus before tagging Sullivan in. Then Roberts tagged himself in and the match pretty much went out the window. All 6 men wound up in the ring at the same time and the ref had no choice but to declare a no contest. It looks like the feud between the Snakepit and the Varsity Club has gotten even more volatile with the addition of these impressionable rookies.


Steven Regal vs. Marty Jones


Jones came out with Dave Taylor, Chris Adams and Sheikh Adnan Al Kaissie in tow, but Regal had his own backup in the person of his partner, Norman Smiley. In spite of his smug attitude, “The Lancashire Lion” kept mostly with a remarkable exchange of matwork and technical holds with the “Young Gentleman” Regal. As the momentum swung back and forth , the crowd were riveted to see who would prevail. It looked like this might get spoiled when Adams was about to climb up to the ring apron to interfere, but he was suddenly yanked back down to the floor. It was the Great Kabuki! While Kabuki and Smiley brawled at ringside, Jones pulled Regal up from the mat , looking like he was going to go for the belly to belly piledriver, bur Regal made it to his feet and took Jones down with a cravate, following up with an Oklahoma Roll to get the one two three.


AWA Southern Title Match : Mando Guerrero © vs. Pat Tanaka


Guerrero may have wrested the Southern Title from Al Perez, but all of the Sunshine Boys have indicated that they are far from done with the Guerrero Brothers.  This was an incredibly fast paced match, with Tanaka coming very close to scoring knockout shots on the champion. He had him lined of for a thrust kick, but Mando was able to duck it and counter with a legsweep, following up with a cradle roll for the pinfall. Mando may have won this match, but Tanaka, Diamond and Perez are going to keep coming after him and his brothers.


Ricky Steamboat vs. Dan Spivey


Steamboat squared off with Spivey in a tag match last week, but now it would be one on one. The so-called “Danster” came out to the ring and did his usual Spiveymania schtick, posing and puffing out his cheeks while tearing off his t-shirt, but once it was clear that Steamboat was neither impressed nor intimidated, Spivey got straight to business. This is clearly a new Spivey since his return from Japan , not simply cocky but confident in all of his exchanges with Steamboat. Steamboat was far too skilled and experienced to be kept down by Spivey’s power offense for too long, but every time he came back, Spivey was always ready and waiting for him. Spivey had knocked Steamboat out of the ring with an Axe Bomber, and once again Steamboat managed to catch himself on the top rope, but when he pulled himself back on the rope, he found that Spivey had spotted it and followed up with a big boot that sent him out hard to the outside. The two brawled at the ringside area before Spivey dragged him back in the ring and set him up for a running power slam into the turnbuckle. Steamboat had one last trick left, however, and slid down Spiveys back and drove him hard, chest first, into the corner. When Spivey bounced back out, Steamboat used his momentum to catch him in a belly to back suplex that got the one two three. Spivey went after him post match, but the ref separated the two.