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AWA results for October 1985

06 October 2017 - 12:54 PM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for October 4th


Cpl. Scott Hall & Pvt. Mick Foley vs. Rick Steiner & Kevin Sullivan


It seems that Sullivan and the Varsity Club still bear a grudge from Foley trying to join their ranks several months ago, as they seemed to take pleasure in bullying the rookie throughout the match. Steiner and Sullivan mocked Foley as they attacked him, out and out laughing as he struggled in vain to tag out. Steiner hit a brutal series of suplexes on Foley that clearly left him in bad shape, but refused to cover the young recruit. This would end up costing him, as a ducked clothesline gave Foley the opening to stagger into his corner and tag in the huge Scott Hall, who tossed Steiner around the ring before swiftly executing the Corporal Punishment to finish the match. The Cobra Corps got the win, but Foley had clearly taken a lot of damage and had to be carried from the ring by his concerned partner.


Al Perez & Brad Armstrong vs. Buzz Sawyer & Dave Schultz


Sunshine’s men came out and  immediately brought the fight to the Army, showing themselves just as willing to throw down and slug it out as Sawyer and Schultz.  This led to a tight, intense brawl, where it seemed like Sunshine’s men were getting the better of the Colonel’s , at which point Buck Robley himself interfered by attacking Brad Armstrong. While the ref called for the DQ, both sides continued to do battle until Jesse Barr rushed out and attacked Al Perez. While his cohorts piled on Armstrong, Barr gave a brutal Bulldog headlock to Perez which left him laid out in the ring. Sunshine was able to summon Badd Company to run off the Army but the damage had been done to Perez and Armstrong.


Dan Spivey vs. Jeff Wilson


The Dan Spivey Around-The-World Ego Trip Tour continues as he takes on muscular newcomer Jeff Wilson. Spivey went into his usual shirt ripping, flex posing theatrics before he started pointing at Wilson, waving his finger in Wilson’s face and challenging him to pose down. When Wilson did his own flexing, Spivey blind sided him with a lariat from behind. Several power slams, a Big Boot and a Big Leg Drop later and once more, Spivey was victorious. Spivey then went into his usual post-match routine of cupping his hand to his ear and parading about the ring like he owned the place. Big man, Spivey.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title match : Badd Company © vs. Kendo Nagasaki & The Great Kabuki


Kendo and Kabuki have had several shots at the Southern Tag belts, but have kept being foiled by Badd Company and, especially, their manager Sunshine. This time out , they were especially determined to make the titles theirs, unleashing a furious assault on Tanaka and Diamonds. The champs, however, were able to tough it out through a combination of resilience and deft tagging in and out. Diamond looked like he was going to dispatch this new challenge once and for all when he was about to set Kendo up for a superkick. Kendo went for desperation tactics by blasting Diamond full in the face with the green mist. The ref again called for the DQ, and as Sunshine frantically tried to check on Diamond, Kendo and Tojo Yamamoto went to town on Pat Tanaka, savagely beating him with the kendo stick. Sunshine then dashed over to interpose herself between Tanaka and the Syndicate. Tojo, sinking to a new low, ordered Kendo to grab the distraught Sunshine and hold her while he got ready to hit her with the kendo stick. He then had the stick grabbed out of his hands … by the Great Kabuki! Kabuki, for all of his past actions, was not about to let Tojo assault a lady. When Tojo started screaming in Kabuki’s face, Kabuki retaliated with a huge swat with the Kendo stick, giving one to Nagasaki for good measure to send them both scattering from the ring. He then helped up Sunshine and assisted her in getting Badd Company from the ring.


No DQ Street Fight : Leo Burke vs. Steven Regal


This is the second match of their Best of Five challenge. With Burke being up one win in the series, he seemed pretty cocky going in to this match, but the “Young Gentleman” was still determined not to be taken lightly. The Marquess of Queensberry Rules went out the window early as the two men furiously brawled. Nothing Burke did would keep Regal down for long. He finally went to dirty tactics, taking advantage of the No DQ stipulation by grabbing the ring bell and clobbering Regal with it. He then covered the unconscious Englishman to get the one two three. A cheap victory, but one that puts him within one more victory of taking the series. Things certainly don’t look good for Regal.


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Brickhouse Brown


In a show rife with outside interference, it wasn’t a good omen when Brown came to the ring with his partners, Koko Ware and Tony Atlas. Orndorff, however, was clearly not intimidated. The Brandon Bull was seeing red as he tore into Brickhouse with a devastating series of power moves, all the while verbally daring the rest of Onyx Express to get involved. They were reluctant to directly engage him, and when he polished off Brickhouse with an especially vicious piledriver, the looked right at them and told them to come on if they were going to. They decided not to risk it, and simply pulled Brickhouse from the ring.


AWA results for September 1985

08 September 2017 - 06:25 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for September 6th


Brad Armstrong vs. Robb Zbacnic


While she had initially kept to the background, Sunshine has quietly assembled quite the army of late. Not only does she have the Southern Tag champions Badd Company under her wing, but has lately allied herself with Al Perez, bringing her both the Southern Title and the Six Man Tag Titles to her stable. And now she has another impressive new charge to her roster, the talented and popular Brad Armstrong of the legendary Armstrong family. Brad got the crowd going as he easily dominated the up and coming Zbacnic with dropkicks and armdrags before ultimately hitting the Russian Legsweep to put him away. Looks like the Sunshine Boys have truly become a force to be reckoned with.


Doug Somers vs. Steven Regal


Last week, Buddy Rose scratched out a victory against Norman Smiley. This time out , Rose’s Playboy After Dark partner Somers would face the other half of British Steel, young Steven Regal.  The veteran Somers tried to pull the same dirty tactics against Regal, but the “Young Gentleman” was having none of it, firing back with a barrage of punches before hitting him with the Iron Fist Punch. Even though Somers was seemingly knocked out, Regal locked him in the Regal Stretch until the ref called the match. Clearly Regal has had enough of Playboy After Dark and their nonsense, and they had best watch their step with him.


“Crusher” Jerry Blackwell vs. Da Crusher


The two Crushers had faced off many times before, but rarely had the battle been so one one sided. “The Man Who Made Milwaukee Famous” certainly put up a fight, but the giant Blackwell overwhelmed him with is size and power, maintaining an all out assault until finally putting him away with a power slam and a running splash. Blackwell has been taking no prisoners since his return to the AWA, and the Cobra Corps are certainly in for a fight when he ultimately sets his sights on them.


AWA Southern Title Match : Al Perez © vs. Mike Shaw


Even Perez’s biggest fans have been a bit surprised at his more aggressive tack with Col. Buck Robley’s Army, but one can hardly blame him , given their relentless attacks on him. Last week, he went after the big Tank’s arm in his victory in the Six Man Tag title match, and he kept up that assault  in this Southern Title defense. Shaw tried to bowl over Perez, making the most of his size advantage, but Perez kept going after that arm, with Shaw only just barely making it to the ropes to break up the Japanese Armlock. He finally attempted to crush Perez once and for all with a scoop power slam, but Perez countered with a single arm takedown and finally trapped him in a cross arm breaker in the middle of the ring. Shaw had no choice but to give up the match, and Perez had earned perhaps his most impressive win yet.


Tony Atlas vs. Ricky Steamboat


Steamboat has had his struggles of late with the members of the Onyx Express, but now he would have to square off against their powerful leader, “Mr. Olympia” Tony Atlas. Atlas had been dominating his opposition in most of his recent matches, but Steamboat was clearly not about to be intimidated by him. The match swung back and forth, with neither man maintaining the advantage for long, but it looked like Steamboat would finally be able to get the victory when he went up top for the flying cross body press. As if on cue, Koko Ware and Brickhouse Brown charged out and knocked him off the top turnbuckle, leading to the DQ decision. Under orders from Atlas, they hit Steamboat with the Spike Brainbuster before Atlas put him in the Full Nelson. Atlas kept him in the hold for an agonizingly long time , in spite of the imprecations of the AWA officials, before finally dropping him to the mat and stalking from the ring with his men. Steamboat had to be taken from the ring in a stretcher.


AWA results for August 1985

11 August 2017 - 06:02 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN , August 9th


Jesse Barr vs. Daniel Lue


Things have been a bit quiet of late from Buck Robley’s army, but the Colonel certainly brought in an impressive new recruit in tough Jesse Barr. Young pup Daniel Lue didn’t stand a chance as Barr pummeled him all over the ring before finally putting him out of his misery with a running bulldog. After the match, Barr let it be known he had his sights set on Al Perez and the Southern title.


The Varsity Club vs. British Steel


Kevin Sullivan had let it be known that he was displeased with Missy Hyatt lately, and it clearly didn’t take long for him to show the cheerleader of the Varsity Club the door, as her place at the side of the Club was taken for this match by a black clad woman with a whip known only as the Fallen Angel.  As Rotundo and Steiner did battle with Regal and Smiley, she was all over Sullivan at ringside until Smiley looked like he was about to get Steiner in the Norman Conquest, at which point she leapt on the ring apron and started shrieking at the referee. While the ref was so distracted, Sullivan took advantage by tossing the Golden Spike in to Rotundo, who slugged Smiley in the head with the blunt end of it before putting Steiner on top of Smiley for the win. After losing the World Tag titles, the Varsity Club seem to be back on the rise with Fallen Angel on their side.


Pvt. Mick Foley vs. The Great Kabuki


After Kabuki’s impactful performances as a gun for hire at the Holiday Spectaculars, Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie was impressed enough to buy his services full time. Kabuki was accompanied not only by Kaissie and Kendo Nagasaki, but Tojo Yamamoto, who Kaissie refered to as the Sensei and waved his kendo stick as Kabuki took apart the youngest member of the Cobra Corps with his martial arts moves. After he had got Foley staggering in the middle of the ring, finally dispatching him with a thrust kick to the jaw.  With the war between the Sinister Syndicate and the Cobra Corps escalating the way it has , who knows where it will go next?


Tony Atlas vs.  Wahoo McDaniel


Tony Atlas has been running roughshod since he first appeared in the AWA, but he was facing someone who was neither impressed nor intimidated by his imposing physique and power. Atlas went full bore against Wahoo with huge clotheslines and slams, but Wahoo just kept firing back with blistering chops and shots . After a brutal match, Atlas was finally able to get Wahoo in a crushing bear hug, but McDaniel just refused to give in, so Atlas tossed him to the ground in frustration then hit a running splash to finally put him away.


Nick Bockwinkel & Curt Hennig vs. Lex Luger & Bob Roop


While Roop was clearly going all out against the young Hennig, Luger didn’t seem to be taking the veteran Bockwinkel seriously , taking every chance to showboat and mock the former AWA world champion. Not a good idea against one of the most cagey men in wrestling. After an extended sequence slugging away at Bock, the American champ made the mistake of thinking he was out of commission when he was only playing possum. When Luger turned his back to him and gave a mocking double bicep flex to the crowd, Bockwinkel snuck up behind him and caught him in a tight-grab assisted roll up to get a shocking one two three. Luger was livid at this result but he has no one but himself to blame for not treating the former World champ with the resepct he deserved.



AWA Results for July 1985

04 July 2017 - 07:07 AM

Canada Day Spectacular from the Saddledome in Calgary, July 1st


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Jack Victory


The opening match for the Canada Day Spectacular pitted two big young rookies against each other, with the strong man of the Cobra Corps taking on the bodyguard for Col. Buck Robley’s army. As one might expect, this was a battle of big power moves and slugging punches, with Victory trying to set up the mighty Corporal for the Victory-Plex. Victory nearly had him ready for it but was cut short by a series of jackhammering elbows to the face by Hall. Hall then executed the Corporal Punishment (fallaway slam) and that was it for the match.


Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey vs. British Steel


Regal and Spivey were accompanied to the ring by Da Crusher, who has taken a paternal interest in the young, up and comers.  Sullivan and Spivey both took the approach of trying to bully their much younger opponents, with Spivey using his considerable size advantage to batter the members of British Steel and then bringing in Sullivan to kick them when they were down. For their part, British Steel were able to regroup and came back, getting the advantage by tagging in and out and using their considerable technical skills. Regal was able to get ready for the Iron Fist Punch and whipped Spivey into the ropes, but Spivey caught him self in the ropes and cut off the momentum. He then came back with a huge clothesline,  but Regal in turn ducked it and took Spivey to the mat with a single leg takedown. He then swiftly applied the Regal Stretch and, try though he might, Spivey was unable to escape. Regal forced him to give up in what had to be a major upset.


"The Tank" Mike Shaw vs. Chavo Guerrero (courtesy of Lutte Internationale)


The big Tank has quite a history in Calgary, so the fans knew what he could deliver against Chavo Guerrero, making a one night return to the AWA. The canny Latino veteran wisely used cat and mouse tactics against Shaw, sticking and moving before Shaw could get his hands on him. Several times, Shaw thought he had Guerrero dead to rights, only for Chavo to break free and keep up his hit and run attacks. He was able to knock Shaw out of the ring with a dropkick and then hit a running dive, but Shaw caught him, drove him back first into the ring post and power slam him onto the ground. He then hit a quick splash on Chavo before making it back into the ring to get the victory by countout.


Nick Bockwinkel & Curt Hennig vs. Buddy Rose & Ed Wiskowski


Bockwinkel has been feuding with Rose since his return to the AWA, and the Playboy’s loss of the Southern title last week certainly didn’t help. While Bockwinkel didn’t directly interfere in the match, Rose has blamed Nick’s “distraction” for his loss to Al Perez.  He kept the Polish Prince in for a long time to try to punish Bock and Hennig, coming in when the advantage was solidly in their corner,  but they couldn’t keep them down for long. Curt and Nick came roaring back with a vengeance, knocking down Wiskowski with a series of double team moves before Hennig put him down for good with the Ax Lariat. While Hennig got the pinfall, Nick stood by him, daring Rose to come in the ring, but the Playboy wouldn’t budge, and as he left the ring, Rose could be overhead muttering that Bockwinkel would be in for an unpleasant surprise at the next show.


AWA Southern Title match : Al Perez © vs. Ricky Steamboat


After Perez’s title win at last week’s All-Star Wrestling, this match was changed to a Southern Title match, and as a former Southern champ himself, Steamboat was a particularly tough first contender for Al’s newly won belt. To his credit, Perez went toe to toe with Steamboat , countering Steamboat’s high speed offense with his own razor sharp technical skills. The momentum swung back and forth throughout the match, with neither man holding the upper hand for long, and soon after Perez countered Steamboat’s cross body press with a rollover that got a 2 ¾ count, the bell rang, signaling a 20 minute time limit draw. After the match, Steamboat and Perez shook hands as a sign of respect, and Steamboat raised Perez’s arm to the cheers of the fans.


AWA Southern Tag Title match : Leo Burke & Doug Somers © vs. Badd Company


With all being chaos for Playboy After Dark right now, Burke and Somers have just barely been hanging to their Southern Tag belts, and certainly had their work cut out for them in facing the red hot Badd Company. Sunshine’s men went all out against the champs , with extremely fast paced offense keeping Burke and Somers off balance throughout the match. They were able to cheat their way back into the match with a few dirty moves, but when Burke tried to interfere when he was not the legal man, he was met with a Paul Diamond Superkick that pretty much put him out of the match. Somers was then dispatched with a Tanaka thrust kick/ Diamond back suplex combo the put the titles officially over to Badd Company. The crowd cheered as Diamond and Tanaka lifted Sunshine up onto their shoulders in victory.


Sgt. Slaughter & Pvt. Mick Foley vs. Kendo Nagasaki & ?


Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie has been saying how he had spent a lot of money to bring men who would help him eliminate the Cobra Corps, and it turns out he had purchased the services of one of the deadliest mercenaries available … the Great Kabuki! The crowd gasped when the face painted warrior came out to the ring, and he and Kendo proceeded to brutalize Mick Foley. Sgt. Slaughter kept trying to bowl his way into the match, but the Sheikh’s men kept Foley solidly in their corner, and when they hit him with a double thrust kick, that was it for the scrappy young rookie. They kept attacking Foley after the end of the match, only leaving when Slaughter rushed in to run them off. Kaissie was overheard laughing that this was nothing compared to what Slaughter would be facing in Minneapolis.


AWA World Tag Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. The British Bulldogs


The Varsity Club have kept a very tight grip on the World Tag titles since they won them, but the Bulldogs have come out of nowhere to become a substantial threat to their reign. In spite of the size and power that Rotundo and Steiner had on their side, they found themselves completely unready for Dynamite and Davey Boy’s relentless offense. Even though the Varsity Club were able to battle back, the Bulldogs made sure it wasn’t for long. This was the cue for Sullivan and Spivey to come out to turn the tide, only to find themselves intercepted by Da Crusher and British Steel. Steiner was able to get Dynamite set up for a belly to belly superplex, but Dynamite cut it off with a series of brutal headbutts to the face that sent Steiner crashing to the mat. Missy Hyatt shrieked at them from ringside, but this did nothing to stop Dynamite from coming off the top rope with a flying headbutt. Rotundo’s attempt to break up the pinfall was met with a powerslam by Davey Boy, and Dynamite was able to make the one two three. The crowd exploded in cheers and Crusher and British Steel congratulated the Bulldogs on their well earned title victory.

AWA Results for June 1985

13 June 2017 - 07:31 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN/TSN for June 7th


Doug Somers vs. Greg Gagne


Somers was joined at ringside by “Playboy” Buddy Rose , his chief in Playboy After Dark, while Gagne was accompanied by Nick Bockwinkel , which made for an odd pairing. Regardless, Bockwinkel cheered on the son of his greatest rival, who weathered out a furious assault from Somers to use his considerable technical prowess to gain control of the match.  At this point, Rose looked like he would attempt to interfere in the match, but suddenly found Bockwinkel standing in front of him, staring him down. Rose froze in his tracks, and Somers was sufficiently distracted by this that he failed to spot Gagne lining him up for a precision dropkick to the face which got him the win. Rose was clearly furious after the match.


AWA World Tag Team Title match : The Varsity Club © vs. British Steel


The young British team were not only out for the title belts but seeking revenge against Rotundo, who had turned his back on them in joining the Varsity Club. Regal and Smiley put up a gallant effort but ultimately found themselves overwhelmed by the size and power of Rotundo and Steiner, and when Rotundo pinned Smiley after the Syracuse Drop, that seemed to be the end of that. But clearly the Varsity Club had not gotten enough sadistic pleasure yet, as all four members (including Dan Spivey and Kevin Sullivan) continued to beat down Regal, determined to make him regret daring to challenge them. Da Crusher and Badd Company rushed out to the ring to try to make the save, but were greeted with the Golden Spike or a chair shot that ended their rescue attempt. But suddenly, two muscular men in Union Jack capes charged out and started cleaning house. It was the British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid! The crowd had heard whispers that they had showed up at the recent Calgary show, but this was there first appearance on AWA TV, and they made the most of it , tossing the members of the Varsity Club out of the ring with shocking ease. Sullivan’s men beat a hasty retreat to the locker room as the Bulldogs helped their British countrymen to their feet.


Ed Wiskowski vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Another match in Bockwinkel’s feud with Playboy After Dark, with the powerful Polish Prince trying to do as much damage as he could to the former champ. Buddy Rose had clearly run out of patience, as the match didn’t go two minutes before Rose dashed into the ring and attacked Bockwinkel from behind , leading to an automatic DQ. The Playboy and the Prince both continued to beat on Nick until Curt Hennig and Greg Gagne ran out, leading to them fleeing to the locker room. These cowardly tactics don’t seem to be having much effect on Bockwinkel, who stood laughing in the ring, daring them to come back out.


Ricky Steamboat vs. Bob Roop


Steamboat has lately interposed himself between the Sinister Syndicate and their attacks on the World Champ, Paul Orndorff. This time out, he was facing the hit man of the Syndicate, Bob Roop, who relentlessly went after Steamboat’s arm to set him up for the shoulder breaker. No matter what Steamboat did to counter this, Roop kept on tearing away at the arm. It looked like he would finally get Steamboat in position for the shoulder breaker, but Steamboat slid out of it, and countered with a belly to back suplex that just barely got the three count. Steamboat came out the victory, but clearly had taken a lot of damage in doing so.


Sgt. Slaughter, Cpl. Scott Hall & Wahoo McDaniel vs. ???


The Cobra Corps were scheduled to take on the Sinister Syndicate, but with the news that they had run Botswana Beast and Lord Humongous out of the AWA, they came out with no clue as to which members they would actually face. The answer came when Sheikh Adnan Kaissie came out to the ring followed by Elijah Akeem, Kareem Muhammad, Kendo Nagasaki … and Mick Foley? The shaggy newcomer, in his never ending quest to join some group, trailed along behind them, wearing a burnoose.  While Nagasaki and the Zambuie Express seemed confused and annoyed by his presence, Shiekh Kaissie welcomed him, putting an arm around Foley and encouraging him to watch the match with him. The match was as crazy as one could imagine, with intense brawling that only officially came to an end when Nagasaki thrust kicked the ref in the jaw for the DQ. Kaissie then told Foley to rush into the ring, but Foley soon found himself getting the green mist to the eyes, courtesy of Nagasaki. Kaissie’s seeming friendliness was revealed as a ruse to make an example of Foley, as he directed Nagasaki and the Zambuie Express to savagely attack. It took a lot of effort on the part of Sarge and his partners to finally get the battered Foley clear of the Syndicate, and the Cobra Corps gingerly assisted the dazed rookie to get medical attention.