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AWA results for January 1986

02 January 2018 - 09:44 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for January 3rd


The Youngbloods vs. Blake Towsley & Brandon Bellinger


The AWA is looking to have a big year for 1986, and they are kicking it off by introducing the brand new tag team of the Youngbloods, Steve Blackman and Biff Wellington. Blackwell and Wellington are both relative newcomers to the sport of wrestling but were able to get the crowd going, Wellington with a series of suplexes and Blackwell with his martial arts moves. Wellington ultimately polished off Towsley with a jumping piledriver and the Youngbloods start off 1986 and their AWA career with a victory.


Killer Khan vs. Jim Lynch


Killer Khan lost his guiding light in Tojo Yamamoto at Super Clash and it looks like he has gone completely out of control. He savagely dismantled poor Jim Lynch before knocking him out with the Oriental Thumb choke, but even that was not enough for the crazed Mongolian. He kept on kicking and stomping Lynch before going up to the top turnbuckle and coming off with the flying kneedrop to the sternum. Lynch was taken out of the ring on a stretcher,  but even then Khan knocked him off and kept attacking him, only being restrained by a swarm of AWA officials. Can anyone stop his rampage?


Interview : Ken Resnick stands in the ring


Resnick : Folks, my next guest is the leader of the Varsity Club … “The Games Master” Kevin Sullivan!


The crowd boos as Kevin Sullivan comes out, with Fallen Angel, Mike Rotundo and Dan Spivey in tow. Fallen Angel wore her traditional seductive look and not much else, while Spivey and Rotundo were broadly smirking, but Sullivan had one of his peculiarly thoughtful looks, as though he had an ace up his sleeve that nobody would see coming.


Resnick : Kevin Sullivan, you seem to be in a strangely good mood today. Hard to believe, given that the Varsity Club recently lost a member in Rick Steiner.


Sullivan : (chortling sinisterly) It’s the New Year, Mister Resnick, the time of new beginnings! One door opens, several more open. It is an age of new opportunities, and the Club is giving new opportunities for a lucky few. You see, what I am announcing here is the Varsity Club Rush! I have combed the ranks of collegiate athletics for the top prospects and have found the prime candidates for the Club. The boys and I will put them through training camp and put them through their paces to see who has what it takes and the right mind set to be Varsity Club members.  So let me introduce the Varsity Club freshman recruits!


(Loud , college football marching band music blares over the arena PA)


Sullivan : From the Iowa State Cyclones … Darryl Peterson!


The huge Peterson strides impassively out to the ring, his eyes locked forward as he pays no attention to the fans at ringside.


Sullivan : From the Missouri Tigers … Jeff Gaylord!


Sporting an impressive physique, Gaylord hustles to the ring, seeming annoyed by the fans reaching out to greet him.


Sullivan : From the Tennessee Volunteers … Doug Furnas!


Furnas is an incredibly powerful looking man who took time to slap palms and high five some of the fans on the way out.


Sullivan : From the Miami of Ohio Redskins … Brian Pillman!


A decided contrast to the other recruits, the noticeably smaller Pillman enthiastically high fives as many fans as he can before going to the ring.


Sullivan : From the Florida State Seminoles … Ron Simmons!


Simmons does reach out his hands to the fans but is otherwise all business as he joins the other recruits


Sullivan : And last, but far from least, from the Colorado Buffalo … Leon White.


White is another huge man and would look intimidating if not for the shy smile he has as he reaches out to the fans.


Sullivan : This is the Varsity Club Rush, class of 1986! And we will see what these guys are capable of!



British Steel vs. Jesse Barr & Buzz Sawyer


British Steel have had some trouble with interference in their matches, but were wanting to put that aside as they took on the tough team of Barr and Sawyer. They were starting to make some head way, with Regal starting to get Barr in a series of armlocks, when the mysterious masked man struck again. But this time, it was with even greater viciousness than before. He yanked Norman Smiley off the ring apron and drove him hard, head first, into the ringside steps, knocking him unconscious. He then nailed Regal with the thrust kick to the jaw as the ref called for the DQ and Barr and Sawyer bailed from the ring. But this was not enough for him, as he grabbed a chair from ringside and used it to batter Regal before laying it on top of him and taking a high running jump on both the chair and Regal underneath it. He finally pulled off the mask, revealing himself to be … “Gentleman” Chris Adams!!!!!! Adams then ran out of the ring, cackling as the medics came out and had to remove young Regal on a stretcher.


The Rougeau Brothers vs. Sekhou Bunch,  Billy Garcia & JP Calderon


After the chaos of the last match, it took a while to get things calmed down, but the crowd was able to get into the special appearance by Jacques, Raymond and Armand Rougeau. They dazzled the fans with their high flying, acrobatics and double and triple team moves before Jacques finally put Garcia away with a missile dropkick.


AWA Six-Man Tag Team Title Match : Badd Company & Al Perez © vs.  The Guerrero Brothers


The champions were coming in at a disadvantage, not only missing their manager Sunshine (still shaken up after being attacked by the masked Chris Adams at Super Clash), but with Diamond’s shoulder heavily bandaged from injuries at Starrcade. They seemed relieved to at least be in the ring with the popular Guerreros. All went well until Tanaka had to tag in Diamond. The Guerreros went at him like sharks with blood in the water, ruthlessly mangling his arm to exacerbate the injury to his shoulder and double teaming him whenever the ref’s back was turned. Diamond tried to escape to the outside, but then Mando rammed him hard, shoulder first, into the turnbuckle post. He then tossed Diamond back in the ring to his brother Chavo, who locked Diamond in the Gory Special. Paul Diamond had nothing left in him to escape it, and was forced to give up both the match and the Six Man titles. His partners, Tanaka and Pereze, demanded to know what gives with the Guerreros, but the three brothers simply shrugged and laughed as they picked up the belts, all while the crowd watched in stunned amazement, shocked at their change of attitude.

AWA Super Clash 1985

29 December 2017 - 02:52 PM

AWA Super Clash 1985 : The Last Chance Saloon, from the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, December 31st 1985


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Dan Spivey vs. Cpl. Scott Hall


Poor Scott Hall’s head (and heart) didn’t really seem to be in this match.  Losing his best buddy, Pvt. Mick Foley (now calling himself Cactus Jack) pretty much took the wind out of his sails, and he seemed pretty listless throughout the match as Spivey dominated him throughout. He seemed to rally late in the match with some big power moves, but he then got distracted by Kevin Sullivan at ringside, only turn around and get flattened by a Big Boot from Spivey. One running legdrop later and Hall was done in the AWA. It looks like Sgt. Slaughter now stands alone in the Cobra Corps.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Kendo Nagasaki vs. The Great Kabuki


These two Japanese legends have been going at it, fist and fire, for the past few months, and it would all come to an end here.  While Sunshine cheered on Kabuki from the outside, both men threw down with vicious chops and nasty kicks, while the momentum swung back and forth.  Nagasaki looked like he would take the match when he unleashed the green mist, but Kabuki got his hands up and blocked it at the last second.  He flattened Kendo with a mighty roundhouse kick then got him up in a piledriver, but as he had his back to the outside, the mysterious masked man came out of nowhere … and nailed Sunshine with a thrust kick to the jaw before disappearing just as suddenly! As Sunshine dropped to the floor, Kabuki got the three count, only right after getting his hand raised in victory did he realize that something was wrong. He was quite clearly distraught as he carried Sunshine in his arms and rushed her to the back for medical attention.


Losing Team Leaves The AWA Match : Greg Gagne & The Killer Bees vs. Mike Shaw, Dave Schultz & Buck Robley


Gagne still had his ribs taped for this match but was clearly very determined to get the last word over Mike Shaw and Col. Robley’s Army.  The Army worked over his ribs throughout the match but he and his good friends, The Killer Bees, kept coming at them, eventually with Gagne sinking the Sleeper Hold on Shaw. Shaw kept driving him , back first, into the corner to force him to let go, but Gagne would not release it and the ref dropped “The Tank’s” arm three times then signaled for the bell. Looks like that is it for the Army in the AWA.



Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Rick Steiner vs. Ricky Steamboat


Steiner has been a persistent thorn in Steamboat’s side as part of the Varsity Club’s state goal of keeping him as far away from Paul Orndorff’s belt as possible. Steiner used his considerable power to try to toss Steamboat around the ring, but Steamboat was able to roll through most of those moves and keep coming back with his own smooth offense. Steiner was able to knock Steamboat out of the ring with a huge clothesline, but Steamboat, as he does, caught himself on the top rope and charged up to the top turnbuckle. He then came off with a flying cross body press but Steiner, who had been caught with this move before, rolled through the move and went for the cover, assisted by a fistful of trunks. One … two … no!!! Steamboat was just able to get his shoulder up in the nick of time. Steiner started celebrating, thinking he had won the match, but then exploded in fury when the ref informed him the match would continue. Steamboat took advantage of this by grabbing him by both arms from behind, bridging back and hitting a Tiger Suplex. One … two … three! The Varsity Club was now down one man and Steamboat was closer in getting to a World Title shot.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Dusty Rhodes vs. Tony Atlas


Tony Atlas was clearly out to run the American Dream out of the AWA , but Rhodes was just as obviously looking to bring the fight to Mr. Olympia. This was a crazy brawl, with both men being busted open and lots of jarring moves and slams. Atlas was able to trap Rhodes in a powerful bearhug and it looked like Dusty was starting to fade, keeping his stay in the AWA a short one. Dusty was able to rally, however, and started raining mighty elbow smashes on Atlas’ face until he was finally forced to let go. Dusty then sent Atlas to the mat with a clothesline before hitting the Bionic Elbow Drop for the one two three. The crowd roared their approval as Dusty stood triumphant in the ring.


AWA Southern Title Match : Al Perez © vs. Killer Khan (if Khan wins, Perez leaves the AWA , if Perez wins, Tojo Yamamoto leaves the AWA)


Perez was coming to the ring without his manager, Sunshine, and was clearly concerned about her condition, as well as glancing about for possible interference from the masked man.  While the masked man didn’t make an appearance this time out, Perez had more than his hands full with the ferocious attacks of  Khan , as well as the looming presence of Tojo Yamamoto.  Perez tried to battle back with his considerable technical skills, but Khan kept coming at him, several times coming close to cinching the Oriental Thumb Choke , with Perez just barely escaping by getting to the ropes. The Latin Heartthrob gradually was able to work his way back into the match by going after Khan’s legs, kicking and chopping at them and then going for a series of leg based submissions. It looked like he might just pull it off, but he went for a dropkick at a time when Khan was able to grab onto the ropes, so Perez plummeted hard to the mat. Khan then body slammed Perez and hit some massive foot stomps before going up to the top turnbuckle to put him away for good with his Killer flying knee drop. However, Perez was just playing possum and rolled away at the last second, then executed the Indian Death Lock on Khan’s injured leg. Khan struggled mightily but could not escape , and had to give up the match. Who knows what Khan will be like now that he no longer has the influence of Tojo Yamamoto to keep him in check.


AWA World Tag Team Title Match with the Losing Team Leaving The AWA : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. The British Bulldogs


The Bulldogs were still incensed at Playboy After Dark having stolen the titles from them,  and had put up their AWA careers to get a shot at taking them back. They proceeded to run roughshod over the Playboy and the Pretty Boy, sending Rose and Somers scattering to the outside on multiple occasions. The champs were able to keep themselves in the match with some deft cheating and double teams, but the tide turned in favour of the Bulldogs when Rose collided with the ref, sending them both to the mat while Davey Boy power slammed Somers.  Dynamite Kid went up top for the flying headbutt, but out of nowhere someone grabbed his ankle and yanked him hard down to the ringside area. It was the masked man! He quickly slipped into the ring, nailed the confused Davey Boy with a thrust kick to the jaw, then put Somers on top for the cover before disappearing once more. The ref had by that time recovered and was able to make the count. One … two … THREE! The Bulldogs are now gone from the AWA! The crowd was in shock and the champions seemed as confused as everyone else, grabbing their belts and bailing from the ring. Who is this mysterious masked man and what is his agenda?


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


It was announced before this match that Kevin Sullivan and the Varsity Club woud be banned from ringside for this match. If this fazed Orndorff, he certainly didn’t show it, as all of his attention was clearly focused on Bockwinkel from the get go. Much of the early part of the match involved Orndorff trying to put Bock away quickly with big slams and clotheslines, all while Bock kept his trademark cool and suavely dodging out of the way of possible knockout blows. Gradually Bock asserted control of the match and started to go after Orndorff’s legs, softening him up in hopes of for the Figure Four. He looked like he might get it at a few points, but Orndorff furiously kicked his way out of it. Bock then tried to put Orndorff away with a piledriver, mocking the champ with his own move, but Mr. Wonderful countered with a slingshot that sent Nick hard into the turnbuckle.  Orndorff then started opening up with elbows to the back of Bock’s head and neck, trying to break him down in spite of the champ’s own damaged legs. It looked like he would be able to hit his own Piledriver to put an end to Bock’s challenge, but Nick countered with a small package that got a 2.999999 count. Orndorff then tried to come back with an elbow drop, but Bock rolled out of the way and Orndorff went down hard on the mat. As the match ran down, Bockwinkel kept after Orndorff’s legs, looking to get the figure four, but the champ was always able to scramble to the ropes. It looked like Bockwinkel just might pull it off when he was finally able to cinch in the figure four in the middle of the ring, but in spite of Nick’s mightiest efforts and the clear pain it was causing Mr. Wonderful, Orndorff was able to gut it out and the bell rang , signaling a one hour time limit draw. Both men slowly were able to pull themselves to their feet and Bockwinkel offered his hand to Orndorff as a show of respect. Orndorff stared at him for a long time before very begrudgingly shaking his hand, as the crowd cheered both men for their incredible athletic effort.

AWA results for December 1985

11 December 2017 - 09:09 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for Decembert 6th


Killer Khan vs. Hunter Ellis


Hoo boy. I’d say the young rookie Ellis put up a game effort, but he didn’t really have a chance to. Tojo just pointed at him and Khan charged in, savagely pummeling Ellis before administering the thumb choke and forcing him to give up. Khan then went up to the top turnbuckle , seemingly about to go for the flying kneedrop that put out King Kong Bundy and Brad Armstrong, but Tojo and Kaissie ordered him to come down. It remains to be seen who will be able to stem Killer Khan’s tide of destruction, if anyone.


Kevin Sullivan vs. Pvt. Mick Foley


Sullivan and his Varsity Club goons have been relentlessly bullying  poor Foley for the last while, and Mick has been getting progressively more unhinged as a result. He showed up for this match with even longer and shaggier hair than before, as well as sporting a full beard. Part-way though the match , Foley’s Cobra Corps comrade Cpl. Scott Hall showed up at ringside to cheer him on , but Foley only seemed to find it distracting. As Foley and Sullivan brawled back and forth, Hall was startled to find himself confronted by a huge man, tall enough to even look him straight in the eye. It was Nord The Barbarian! The two stared each other down, but this proved to be the ultimate distraction for Foley, who was blindsided with an elbow shot to the back of the head by Sullivan and pinned with a roll up. Sullivan and Nord stood over Foley and Hall seemed willing to try to fight his way through them , but even he was shocked when they were joined by a third man … Jake “The Snake” Roberts!  Roberts and Sullivan high fived in the ring … but then Roberts swiftly hit a short clothesline on Sullivan, followed by the DDT! Roberts then grabbed Foley by the hair and brought him to his feet. He and Nord then dragged Foley from the ring, leaving behind a confused Hall and an unconscious Sullivan.


Jesse Barr vs. Mando Guerrero


After the chaos of the last match, this was a more straightforward technical match, with both men seeming like they could take it at any point before Mando was able to catch Barr in a German Suplex to score the victory. The Guerrero Brothers have continued to impress since arriving in the AWA, and it is only a matter of time before they start seriously challenging for title gold.


Tony Atlas vs. Gabriel Cade


Atlas was clearly furious since his loss in Winnipeg to Ricky Steamboat, and proceeded to take it out on poor young cade, dismantling him with a brutal series of power moves before pinning him with a running splash. This, however, was not enough for Atlas, who then knocked aside the ref and locked Cade in a Full Nelson, refusing to let it go. Suddenly, somebody charged into the ring and broke it up. It’s “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes! Rhodes peppered Atlas with lefts and rights before knocking him out of the ring with a big elbow, giving additional elbows to Koko and Brickhouse when they charged in. “The American Dream” has arrived in the AWA and clearly isn’t about to stand for people being picked on by Atlas.


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Brian Blair


The World Champion seems to be feeling his oats since sending Curt Hennig out of the AWA, and clearly felt that facing one half of the Killer Bees was somewhat beneath him. Blair, however, gave Orndorff quite a fight, nailing several high impact dropkicks and taking the champ down to the mat for a series of leg submissions. Orndorff gradually was able to get back control over the match and finally hit a piledriver to put an end to Blair’s challenge. Orndorff was about to start smugly celebrating in the ring when his attention was drawn to somebody arriving at ringside. He turned around, expecting to see Blair’s partner, Jim Brunzell, but instead it was the newly crowned American Champion, Nick Bockwinkel. Unlike most people showing up at ringside tonight, the former World champ didn’t enter the ring, instead just standing there, staring daggers at Orndorff before returning to the back. It looks like Orndorff has a new challenger to his crown, one who is clearly not happy with him for sending his partner out of the territory.


1986 Fresh Face Draft Chatter

10 December 2017 - 07:15 AM

Setting up a separate thread so we can discuss and post reactions on the draft, keeping the draft thread exclusively for picks. So .... let's get the show on the road, shall we?

AWA results for November 1985

20 November 2017 - 06:50 AM

Going to zip through the next few shows to try to get caught up.


AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN  for November 1st


Greg Gagne vs. Tony Atlas


Atlas came out accompanied by Koko Ware and Brickhouse Brown. When the ref told them that he had to send them back to the locker room, Atlas, with an audible smirk, informed him that his lawyers had overturned the ban of them appearing at ringside, since Paul Orndorff had violated the terms of it by bringing Kevin Sullivan to the ring with him for their match in Milwaukee. When the ref discovered this to be true, he found himself helpless to remove them from ringside. Gagne put up a game effort, keeping Atlas on his toes throughout the match, but when Koko distracted the ref, Brickhouse hit a missile dropkick on Gagne that set him up for a running splash by Atlas to get the pin. After the match, Gagne got on the ring and challenged Onyx Express to a six man match with him and partners of his choosing.


Cpl. Scott Hall vs. Rick Steiner


A showdown of big , powerful wrestlers that ended with Hall hitting the Corporal Punishment to score the victory. Post-match, Hall and Dan Spivey bumped chests at ringside.


Killer Khan vs. Brad Armstrong


Try though he might, Armstrong ultimately found himself overwhelmed by Khan, who forced him to give up to the Oriental Thumb Choke. This was not enough for Khan, however, who then went up to the top rope and landed a devastating flying knee drop to Armstrong’s sternum. Sunshine was clearly distraught as Armstrong was taken from the ring on a stretcher.


Davey Boy Smith vs. Doug Somers


Another wild match between the members of the British Bulldogs and Playboy After Dark. Buddy Rose was trying to interfere in the match, but was cut off by Dynamite Kid. With this distraction, Davey Boy was able to power slam Somers for the win.


AWA World Title match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Steven Regal


After winning his series with Leo Burke, Regal was awarded a match with the World champ. The Young Gentleman gave an especially good accounting of himself in a match that swung back and forth, but Orndorff was ultimately able to hit the Piledriver which spelled the end of the match. This was not the end of the action, however, as Orndorff, clearly annoyed with how much fight Regal gave him, put the boots to him post-match. Norman Smiley and the British Bulldogs rushed out to protect Regal, but found themselves interecepted by Kevin Sullivan and the Varsity Club. Orndorff looked set to give another Piledriver, but Curt Hennig was able to break through and put a stop to that. Orndorff and the Varsity Club turned tail and fled from the ring.