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In Topic: 605 Podcast new feature

Today, 01:34 PM

Still going 90 minutes on the top 10 huh? 

In Topic: Naoki Sano vs Jerry Flynn (PWFG 01/15/92)

Today, 11:37 AM

Good match that was elevated by the clear strategy that was going to be utilized. Flynn relied on his kicks and he went for broke with them. Sano slowed him down and tried to ground him in order to not create any distance making him susceptible to those kicks. It was a simple narrative but executed really well and the match never let up until the culmination. ***3/4 (7.4) 

In Topic: Barber Shop: The Rockers (WWF Wrestling Challenge 01/12/92)

Today, 11:27 AM

A great segment that I have memorized after seeing it so many times over the years. The drive through the window is what really makes this stand out. Shawn had to have that vicious edge to him to be taken seriously. 

In Topic: Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko & Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat, Dustin Rhodes...

Today, 11:24 AM

Fun enough six man although it was mostly just a shine sequence. We are already presenting Larry as the loss post for Dangerous Alliance and I think that is continually one of the main reasons I may not have them quite as high as others on an overall faction list. It never seemed like the faces were in any trouble even with virtual rookies like Dustin in there. As much fun as it is to see this heel team pinball around and that isn't a bad story to tell in rare occasions, I do hope it doesn't become a reoccurring theme heading to Wrestlewar. **3/4 

In Topic: Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller vs The Moondogs (USWA on WMC-5 01/11/92)

Today, 10:59 AM

An awesome brawl and a great babyface promo pair from Jarrett and Fuller. Jarrett was fine here but subdued. Fuller was amazing and intense capping off with the custom chair being shown.