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In Topic: Interview: Bret Hart/Steve Austin vs Vader (WWF Monday Night RAW 12/16/96)

Yesterday, 08:49 AM

Brets promo is great and he feels justified in what he is saying even if it comes across as whiny. This sets the table for 1997. There is someone behind Bret wearing an amazing Olympic style 1996 Mark Henry T Shirt that I want printed again. Vince is already sucking up to Shawn by saying he isn't really responsible for Bret losing last night. Bret is also great in still having a go at Lawler. Beyond that, the match is pretty awesome with some heavy shots all around. Between this and Psic/Regal on Nitro, this may be the best in ring night of 1996 for the Big Two. Austin gets sent to the outside and Bret takes the opportunity to pounce by putting him in a Sharpshooter. Bret is certainly showing more of an edge and as a rarity for 1996, Raw seems like it was the better show overall on this night. *** 

In Topic: Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs Meng & Barbarian (WCW Monday Nitro 12/16/96)

Yesterday, 08:35 AM

Really a nothing match before the big run in. Yeah, this is a mis step for sure. Bischoff and Co. saying that NWO contracts are open for 30 days sounds neat in concept but things got too saturated and guys like Norton and Chono joining up with NWO really didn't make a ton of sense based on what their initial mission statement was. Horsemen and Sting in fighting is also dumb. I loved Nitro from the week before this but overall this show had a good many mis steps heading to Starrcade. 

In Topic: Interview: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Syxx (WCW Monday Nitro 12/16/96)

Yesterday, 08:30 AM

Quick interview of the Outsiders challenging Faces of Fear to keep the fans around for the second hour. Not much substance here. 

In Topic: Sting and NWO Sting (WCW Monday Nitro 12/16/96)

Yesterday, 08:25 AM

I guess I could see if NWO STing was the in the rafters, Tony and Bobby could be a bit confused but yeah with both in the ring and them questioning who is who felt more tone deaf than JJ the next year not realizing which match Sting wants. Sting vs Fake Sting didn't get a great reaction in the ring at first until Sting does the Scorpion Death Drop. This probably should have stopped the impostor Sting angle for good. 

In Topic: Arn Anderson vs Kevin Sullivan (WCW Monday Nitro 12/16/96)

Yesterday, 08:20 AM

Fun little slugfest and Arn physique wise looks the same as ever. He plays to Sullivan's strengths and the match has a hate filled vibe for the three minutes it lasts. Bubba is able to interject and give Sullivan the assist in victory. **