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Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Joey Matthews & Christian York (ECW 09/08/00)

17 October 2017 - 12:23 PM

The crowd for ECW is looking rough as when York and Matthews comes out, empty seats are all over the place. Doring/Roadkill continue to be helluva over compared to their push which is essentially crowd warmer. Nice sequence where York/Matthews have to hit combo moves on Doring and Roadkill individually to gain the advantage. They follow up on that quickly with topes to the outside. While they tend to Doring on the inside, they forget about Roadkill who hits his double clothesline from the top rope. Doring gets crotched quickly afterwards and Y&M are able to regain the advantage. They do a good job of adding some cocky mannerisms to the flashy offense they are performing. Doring’s FIP is only around 2 minutes before here comes in Roadkill. He flies around on his hot tag with the sidewalk slam and Hard Times Bossman slam. Doring is back in now and Roadkill and him hit the flying legdrop with the Roadkill assist for the win. Nothing groundbreaking but again a great way to get the crowd going and the team of Roadkill/Doring give respect to York and Matthews afterwards help putting them over. FBI attacks including Big Sal hitting a huge splash as the segment ends. **1/2 

Cash Flo vs Mitch Page (IWA-MS Carribean Spider Net Glass Death Match Sweet Science 09/...

17 October 2017 - 11:29 AM

This was really dry. LIfeless, the spots didn't look impressive and Flo did some of the most business exposing bumps and blading I have seen in a while. A disappointing end to the night and shows that just having light tubes and barbed wire was not enough. I felt no personal issue between the two and it was a match of two bumps through the pits of glass. *1/4

Ace Steel vs Sharkboy (IWA-MS Sweet Science 09/08/00)

17 October 2017 - 11:26 AM

It is interesting that these guys were seeded as Fannin announces this was the 4-13 match in the tournament. A good back and forth match with Shark getting the shine in the beginning and some comedy mixed in with him biting Ace’s butt. Ace takes over and doesn’t have as much of a focal point as I would like. Finishing run had better action but Ace was playing to the crowd therefore the heat wasn’t as good as it could have been. Finish was a top rope powerbomb with Ace countering a rana with it looking awkward and painful for Shark Boy. Ace advancing is a bit of an upset IMO. *** (6) 

Chris Hero vs Colt Cabana (IWA-MS Sweet Science 09/08/00)

17 October 2017 - 11:26 AM

So begins my favorite tournament of the 2000 indies, the TPI or the Sweet Science 16 as it is known here and in 2001. This match showed that these two were still green but had some great potential. There are multiple moments where they are not on the same page and you can see them reconnecting with a quick headlock or irish whip to claim the next spot. Beyond that though, you get a good match with some innovative moves to pop the crowd and a heel/face structure. Hero has become somewhat of a homegrown guy with the IWA faithful in a relative short amount of time. The matches has some shifts that were surprising and the finish of the Hero’s Welcome was pretty definitive for Hero. An 8 minute match that was entertaining to watch but not an all timer for either guy by any means. **1/4

The Rock vs Christian & Kane (WWF SmackDown 09/07/00)

17 October 2017 - 11:25 AM

Big spot for E&C leading off SmackDown with a promo. They go for cheap heat saying soap was discovered in Louisville recently but the delivery is solid and the crowd reaction is there. I enjoyed Tazz on commentary dissing on Rock's shirt and how it would be received in Red Hook. Rock's promo was his usual verbal berating but it works well against E&C. I liked E&C asking for the world title to be on the line. We then get a backstage segment of E&C walking to the ring and being attacked by Rock. This shows the problem with Lawler as he has been a big E&C fan but is also a face in a feud with Tazz so he kind of has to tow the line when Rock attacks and it is awkward. Christian comes out for the match and says Edge cant compete but Foley has found a replacement. Enter Kane. The match is good with Christian picking his spots and Kane looking motivated. The world title picture going into Unforgiven is basic but it does add a nice wrinkle of still feeling like it has stakes and peril for Rock just from the shear quantity of the suitors wanting the title instead of the quality. Christian breaks up a pin attempt because he wants to be champion and him and Kane brawl. Kane teases chokeslamming Christian through a table until Edge runs down. With Edge and Kane fighting on the outside, Christian looks to steal the win and title with a belt shot but Rock catches him with the Rock Bottom for the win. SmackDown ends with Kane attacking and chokeslamming Rock through the table in an impressive visual. **1/2