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La Parka vs Pierroth Jr. (Monterrey Hardcore Match 07/16/00)

Today, 11:52 AM

Pierroth continues to be the best garbage brawler that isn't in Japan in 2000. THis suffered from being essentially a hanicap match with Wagner running interference and Parka having to overcome the odds. Parka is strong like usual in a feud type match although he didn't seem to be wanting to do all of his super stuff. ***1/4 (6.3) 

Safari, Mosco De La Merced, Silver Star & Makabre vs Pimpinela Escarlata, Damian 66...

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

Good spotfest type match. I enjoy seeing Pimpenla as she always has entertaining spots that add to the match along with some big highspots. Damian 666 is also someone from the WCW C reel that it was good to see again. A match that didn’t have much going on storyline wise but was an all action midcard crowd pleaser that was successful. *** (6.1)


Aja Kong vs Mariko Yoshida (ARSION 05/07/00)

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Yoshida matches up well with Aja because even though there is a huge size difference, her ability to look on and string together submissions make her still seem like a threat. Here she runs her submissions well for the first couple of minutes until Aja start striking away. From there, Yoshida is on the defensive even though she is still able to get some hope spots. Spinning backfist is still deadly. ***1/2 (6.8)

Naoyuki Taira vs Katsumi Usuda (BattlARTS 06/18/00)

Yesterday, 10:29 AM

I am becoming a pretty big Taira fan. He really attacks Usuda's leg throughout the match and it pays dividends with the submission finish. This was heavily mat oriented which is a good contrast to the strike exchange I saw Usuda have with Ikeda right before. He came in as the champion and seemed to have taken Taira lightly which was a huge mistake. ***1/4 (6.7) 

Daisuke Ikeda vs Katsumi Usuda (BattlARTS 03/25/00)

Yesterday, 10:27 AM

We get about 11 out of 16 minutes here and this is a huge bomb fest with some crackling kicks by both men. The headhunting that is relentless throughout the match provide an intense atmosphere and a lot of tension throughout the match. With this amount of firepower going after each other with the strikes, every kick could be a KO blow. Ikeda is able to finally gain an advantage and win with a choke. Really strong Bat Bat match. ***3/4 (7.5)