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Toshiyo Yamada vs Kyoko Inoue (GAEA 05/14/00)

Yesterday, 06:52 AM

We get about 10 minutes out of 16 and this is a pretty great old school slugfest from these two veterans. I know about Kyoko's stylistic change in the 2000's but it will take some getting used to. I had no idea what to expect from Yamada but she was excellent hitting some brutal strikes and being all pissed off. I want to seek more out from her on this GAEA run. Kyoko really relied on the clothesline throughout the match and it pays dividends by giving her the win in the end. ***1/4 

Homicide vs Papadon (LIWF Ladder Match 05/06/00)

Yesterday, 06:50 AM

Long Island Wrestling Federation. My God. The unfinished business graphic is as carny as you can get. John “the Sure Thing” Shane cuts a promo and it is indyrific but effective to a degree. This arena looks like a glorified garage. Despite his objections, Shane does get handcuffed to Sluggah. A half baked match with some good ideas but way way too long. Papa Don is a pretty fun character in short doses but he hasn’t figured out how to make a match compelling throughout besides setting up his next spot. Homicide is also someone that I adore but can be prone to meandering at times. As a result, this felt like any generic 2000’s ladder match you have seen that even ends in a big schmozz full of run ins and Homicide winning in anticlimactic fashion. Sluggah always had pretty dreadful execution that didn’t look menacing at all for someone that was presented as a monster. **1/4 

Yutaka Yoshie vs Satoshi Kojima (NJPW 05/05/00)

22 May 2017 - 10:44 AM

A good match but also one that probably didn't reach the heights and opportunities they would have hoped for from these two upstarts. They start out brawling on the ramp and then Kojima starts going after the leg of Yoshie. This is the critical point of the match and Kojima's work is fine if uninspiring. Yoshie comes back with some power moves and ends up winning pretty abruptly. Good but not the showcase that could have happened. *** 

Ric & Reid Flair vs David Flair & Vince Russo (WCW Thunder 05/31/00)

22 May 2017 - 08:54 AM

Big promo to start things off with Russo and Flair shooting on each other. It is part sad and part endearing watching Ric try to make chicken salad out of chicken shit as Russo just isn’t the performer as Vince or Bischoff. Russo gets off some jokes about Space Mountain. I do think Ric is doing better here than Funk in February/March just because he treats it serious in tone which is what the main event angle calls for.


Match starts with David and Ric going after each other and honestly they may have given away too much heading into their PPV match but the angle has transitioned into more about Russo vs Ric anyway. Flair says he will stay outside for three minutes and allow Russo to take on Reid. Russo dances around and Reid takes him down to a pretty big pop and a fun moment. Reid takes him down twice more and then Ric pounces in and gets a couple of shots in. As the action spills to the outside, Russo whacks Ric with a Statue of Liberty figure. Reid goes after David and he gets shoved off. Russo trips up Reid and David applies the figure four as Beth looks on from the outside. Russo gets the pin and celebrates like he won the world title. Much like this angle overall, some good and some Russo resulting in a mixed bag. *1/4


Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner & Tank Abbott (WCW Thunder 05/31/00)

22 May 2017 - 08:53 AM

What a mess this is. Ernest Miller is treated as an authority figure and we get some piss poor action complied with a million run ins. Jarrett is shown walking to the ring backstage with purpose and then comes out five minutes later. Nash ends up getting the pin cementing himself as the #1 contender. Yippee. *1/2