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Adam Jacobs vs Caprice Coleman (NWA Wildside 10/14/00)

08 December 2017 - 08:23 PM

This was nice to see Caprice so early and him and Jacobs did some spotty work but this was mainly used as a high octane showcase for two good athletes and then angle advancement. Nothing wrong with that but nothing memorable either. *1/2 

Derrick King vs Alan Steel vs Bulldog Raines (MPPW 10/14/00)

08 December 2017 - 09:29 AM

Lawler is on the phone and says he will be in the studio. The three way spots and portion here was better than I thought. Of the workers in MPPW, these along with Slash are probably the best overall. Bulldog is not an athletic specimen but has decent charisma and power moves. Finish from Steel off top rope didn't look great but he picks up the win. *1/2



We come back from break and discover that Lawler and a bunch of folks have arrived. Khan, Koko and Charlie are at the door. The door gets wedged open and we have chaos with Lawler and the entire MCW crew coming out. Kevin Kelly comes out and invades commentary. This is pretty awesome as a beatdown. The Dupps, Tracy, American Dragon etc are all out there and beating down the MPPW crew. Lawler is talking to Dundee and Dundee gives up where Baxter is. Lawler hears that Baxter is in his old dressing room and he is pissed. Baxter is under the table hiding and Lawler laughs at that. Dave putting this off as them being invaded by the WWF is hilarious in one way but does raise the credibility of MPPW overall. Seven returns back and joins the beatdown along with Kevin Kelly. Lawler gets on the announcer mic and says they brought them on themselves. Brown and Corey are flabbergasted saying this isn't the way to go about doing business. Kelly wants to tear down the banners and call this the house that MCW built. Corey yells to go to break and is PISSED. With MCW celebrating at the parking lot, the MPPW wrestlers come out and try to regroup. The fans seem to be pro MCW. Baxter says he will be at the Shelby County building tonight. Baxter says that Spellbinder needs to come out and back up the MPPW guys. Spellbinder comes out and Baxter says he doesn't like him or want him to be his friend. Spellbinder says he agrees but he will back up the MPPW guys. Memphis on their last legs throws up a hail mary and has an awesome angle brewing here. 

Slash vs Brickhouse Brown (MPPW 10/14/00)

08 December 2017 - 09:11 AM

Baxter and Slash promo to start out with Baxter gloating about throwing Lawler out last week. Slash has a pretty awesome promo saying the only people Lawler could bring was the son of his or the wife of his and he will slap both of them. The crowd chants Wolfie and Slash reiterates that he doesn't go by that name anymore.


This is the final of the tournament and the winner gets a motorcycle. Brickhouse gives a fired up promo saying he is going to take a few suckers out and then calls him Wolfie D. Decent enough match with Slash brawling and throwing Brickhouse around before Brickhouse picks up the fluke win and then gloats on the motorcycle. Brown and Corey do good hypothesizing that Lawler was in Slash and Baxter's head. * 

Tracy Smothers vs K-Kwik (MCW Memphis 10/14/00)

08 December 2017 - 08:30 AM

We start with the roster in a conference room where Lawler describes what happened last week and rallies the troops. Smothers is fired up and says he hates channel 5 and just wants to beat someone up. Lawler says as soon as they are done today, they hop in their cars and head over to the station. This is a fun angle and a good way of merging the promotions. 


Match starts with Tracy saying if he hears Tracy sucks, he is going to slap everybody. They are outside in a parking lot somewhere. Overall this was a really impressive match and Kwik's best of the year. Tracy was shit talking throughout but he played a great heel in getting his comeuppance and he complimented Kwik's energy and offense. As we inch toward the end of the year, Tracy is another person that really is going to have to get some top 100 wrestler thought from me as I think his character work has been tremendous and he has filled a great role within MCW Memphis. **3/4 

Toshiaki Kawada vs Steve Williams (AJPW October Giant Series 10/14/00)

08 December 2017 - 07:58 AM

This won't make you forget about the Carny 94 final but it is a fun match with about 5 out of 12 minutes clipped. Williams is at least aware of his limitations and takes a much more calculated approach to his matches in 2000 and allowing for his taped up ribs and other vulnerabilities to be worked over. As a tournament match, this also worked as Kawada had to get past a big gatekeeper type that had lost a step on his road to the finals. I think I can find a spot for Dr. Death on my top 100 workers of 2000 and Kawada is building up his case for a top 10 finish towards the end stretch of the year. *** (6)