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Juventud Guerrera vs Paparazzi vs Sean Hill vs Andres Borges (IWA-PR 10/28/00)

21 January 2018 - 08:02 PM

Decent match but all three of the guys in there with Juvy felt pretty green and the match was mainly a series of run together spots with the usual tag partners keeping on the same page for the most part throughout. I would have liked to have seen Juvy in something meatier as both him here and Tajiri in the Banderas match feel like a waste of a special attraction spot. ** 

Huracan Castillo Jr. vs Apolo (IWA-PR 10/28/00)

17 January 2018 - 02:48 PM

Good match here. Apolo is young and fired up with a ton of crowd support. Castillo is the cagey veteran that struts around and wants to work the match at his pace. The brawling in the first portion really brought the match up to a fever pitch and was intense. Castillo gains control and his Fargo Strut is wonderful. Castillo does get too chinlocky at points making the heat depreciate but Apolo does a good job selling the damage. Apolo’s comeback was good and I liked the cutoff of him missing the spear and ramming his shoulder and then getting clipped by Castillo. Castillo now has more focus working over the leg. Castillo uses the ropes to cheat but someone runs out from the back with a plastic bag and chokes out Castillo. Castillo still has the bag on top of his head when Apolo gets the rollup for the win to a big pop. *** (6.1) 

Glamour Boy Shane vs Super Crazy (IWA-PR 10/28/00)

17 January 2018 - 02:28 PM

I had the match structure messed up so this is actually the opener and it was a pretty fun match. Shane has good crowd support and they both went out and had an enjoyable opening match tilt without doing too much. Crazy I thought looked good reigning in Shane but also letting him shine when needed. I thought both Crazy and Tajiri did good highlighting the Puerto Rican mainstays and helping push them over. **1/2 

Tajiri vs Ricky Banderas (IWA-PR 10/28/00)

17 January 2018 - 10:58 AM

A dog is wondering around ringside. Glad the spastic editing of the show the day before is gone and we get a longform look at the title tournament. This was a hardcore tv match that was solid for the first round of the tournament and to get the crowd going for the night overall. Finish was kind of weird and uncooperative as Banderas does essentially a roll up German suplex to get the pin. ** 

Low Ki vs Crash Holly (WWF Jakked 10/28/00)

17 January 2018 - 04:50 AM

Good enhancement showing for Ki. He shows some flash and is in position for the offense of Crash. I was surprised that the finish was Crash hitting his finish off of a Ki missed moonsault and nothing more prolonged. It is a fun treat to see Ki pop up on WWF syndication if you were a North East indie fan of his at the time. *