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In Topic: WWE TV 03/12 - 03/18

16 March 2018 - 10:00 AM

At least we got "Moolah empowered women" to replace "charity is the new PR" as the go to Steph-sounding-like-a-clueless-idiot quote. 

"Thanks to the fans for making their voices heard!" after this tone-deaf, totally unforced error is a pretty strong contender too. That's wording and messages you would only devise if you've grown up hearing corporate-speak and the word "yes" for your entire life.

In Topic: Greatest Royal Rumble?

05 March 2018 - 03:21 PM

My mind keeps circling around jokes having to do with an all-male audience, but I'm just not landing.

Any wrestler who worked NXT will be used to it. (There, that's one.)

In Topic: Booker T hates Corey Graves now? Is this a real thing?

11 February 2018 - 10:40 AM

Also, there's this quote from an interview:
Rental Cars and Doing Media

    I remember doing a pay-per-view right here in my own hometown. I was working Samoa Joe, and they wanted me to do media. Go around to all the television stations. I was like, man, I dont mind doing that. And I remember one of the reps, I aint gonna say his name, he called me and he said, Booker. You ready to do the media? And I go, Yeah. Im ready. Ill text you my address. He goes, No, just meet me at this hotel. It was right off the southwest freeway. And I live in Friendswood, so he wanted me to drive out there, about a 45-minute drive. He wanted me [to] meet him, and we go on all the media tour. I go What you driving? and he goes, I have a rental car. And I go, I aint going nowhere in no rental car, and I aint gonna come out there when it should be a rental car coming to my house and pick me up! I say, thats not gonna happen, so he goes, Let me make a phone call.

    So he calls the office, the office calls me. They say Book. Whats going on? I heard you dont want to go do the media. [I told them], I dont mind going to do the media, but Im not driving. I said someone should come pick me up. The guys goes, Well, you got some nice cars, dont you? I go, Yeah I got some nice cars. I got five of them. And a Winnebago. And they all gonna stay at home. I say, come on man. Every time I had a talent from TNA come to Reality of Wrestling, the flagship of Texas Wrestling, every time Ive had one come down, theyve all got limo treatment. Picked up at the airport. Brought to the arena. Took back to the hotel, they got a basket in the room. With all kind of fruits and Red Bulls and all kind of stuff in it. And you guys are a major company and you want me to drive myself around? Im like, come on. Come on. Thats not the way you do business. And I really think thats one of the reasons why TNA is in the dire straits that they are [now].

So, yeah, it's obvious that Book feels very entitled about his "veteran" status,

Booker is 150% right on this one. That's a super cheapskate move to pull on your literal main-eventer for the weekend. There are lots of indies who would be embarrassed by that. Hell, I've got friends who do break-even bookings of alt-comedy stars in my Flyover Region city, and do you know what they do? They rent a nice car and drive the star around for the duration, especially if there's media to do. It's common courtesy and good business to treat star talent like stars, hometown or not. (Maybe hometown especially.) You asked for their presence, they didn't come begging to you.

In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

06 February 2018 - 10:18 AM

Smack Em Whack Em IS a great place to start. Some common and/or off-my-head match recommendations from the Coliseums they upped include...


Rockers/Powers of Pain and Piper/Rude cage match (SuperTape 2)

Hart/Flair 11/91 and Flair/Michaels (Invasion 92)

Hart/Flair 10/92 and Hart/Michaels 1st WWF ladder match (Smack Em Whack Em)

DiBiase/Michaels and Santana/Martel (Hottest Matches)

Piper/Savage (WrestleFest 90)

Perfect/Garvin (SuperTape 1)

Rockers/Rougeaus (World Tour 90)

Savage/Warrior cage match (Mega Matches)

Santana/Koko (SuperTape 4)

Rockers/Orient Express 2 and Perfect/Michaels (World Tour 91)

LOD/Hart Foundation (WrestleFest 91)

Savage/Michaels (World Tour 92)

Hart/Michaels (Rampage 92)


Temper your expectations; Coliseums were best enjoyed with pass/fail grading, not letters. :)


Novelty honorable mention: Tugboat/Earthquake and Ultimate+LOD/All 3 Demolition (SuperTape 3)


You can find discussions for a lot of these in the MDA. I'll have to think harder about which interstitial bits go with which tapes--Smack Em has Yoko at the Benihana and the Bushwhackers demoing a house, one of the SuperTapes has Hayes/Mooney getting lost on a road trip, Invasion 92 has a really cheap Star Trek routine, etc.

In Topic: Andrade Cien Almas vs. Johnny Gargano (NXT - 01/27/18)

30 January 2018 - 06:23 AM

This is fantastic. This is every superlative you can throw at it. If you are an occasional, lapsed, skeptical viewer like me, this will grab, convert, and amaze you. Absolutely on par with the best WWE matches of this decade, and in this style, maybe two decades.