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In Topic: Any other longterm fans starting to feel alienated by the current fanbase?

Today, 02:15 PM

Fantastic post ! The kind of which has me work on my English too to get the whole of it. ;) (this is where I reach my limitations too, sadly)


Just this :


Now to me, mere fact that I can identify a meaning system at least partially unique to wrestling is enough to constitute it as a medium with the potential to produce art, not to mention the issue of execution. Even acknowledging that the vast majority of wrestling probably re-inscribes conventions and that there a relatively limited set of stories that can or are told through wrestling (again, mostly by convention), the notion that this is a form which translates stories, characters and emotions through its own somewhat unique meaning system is enough for me. There are those who do it well and there are those who do it poorly and yes that might be largely a matter of taste, but there is a physical craft to it, trends, region/cultural differences, and all that constitutes a form that is if not outright artistic it has the potential for art.


I would agree with this, with emphasis on the bolded part. I would also use the word "craftmanship" as far as to describe what pro-wrestling is.


But again, terrific post.

In Topic: Any other longterm fans starting to feel alienated by the current fanbase?

Today, 08:48 AM

Art is form and content. Wrestling is all form and no content.

Couldn't have said it better.


I dunno if I have said it in one of my annoying posts yesterday, but i sure wanted to say this : pro-wrestling expresses nothing about nothing. (of course, through pro-wrestling you can read a lot of things about lots of things, thanks to the signs, but this has nothing to do with any artistic content, signs are everywhere. Hell, Roland Barthes' pages about pro-wrestling are still relevant today and a joy to read.)

In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

Today, 07:52 AM

What is baffling is with the average quality level of TV series these days, they are so behind the times on about every level imaginable.


That's why Lucha Underground, with its B-movie/comics/pulp aesthetics and a guy like Dario Cueto looks a zillion times more relevant and cool, whatever you may think of the actual quality of the matches (of course no-one seems to be watching it either, but that's another issue)

In Topic: WWE Network... It's Here

Today, 07:13 AM

How fucking hard is it to write BAYLEY as A HAPPY PERSON?


That's the whole problem right there. The issue with WWE. They got 20 or so "writers", and apparently, none of them are worth shit. As much as some matches can be great these days, the booking, sorry, "writing" is dumb, uninteresting and overall, pretty awful (going back to the "art" argument, if we judge WWE by its stories, acting, dialogues, it's barely above your classic 90's porn in term of quality). Has been the case since WWE became what it is in the very early 00's. No one should "write" Bayley. They should just let her be, and work around that. Easy as fuck.


"Creative writing" is the worst thing that ever happened to pro-wrestling. (again, we can credit, at least in partly, Vince Russo, who was the first non pro-wrestling guy "writing" pro-wrestling TV)

In Topic: Any other longterm fans starting to feel alienated by the current fanbase?

Yesterday, 05:51 PM

The question of "is something art" mostly just provides validation within whatever context it is affirmed (and at best helps that form gain momentum) and in rare cases - when accepted broadly - can alter the material or consumer culture of the medium/form.  


I made a long, boring post that I basically erased in which I actually talked about that fact, the whole validation stuff. To me that's exactly what I get out of the neverending argument (from hardcore pro-wrestling fans only) that pro-wrestling is an art. It's simply seeking social validation, or actually simply self-social validation to feel justified about spending sooo much time on that hobby. Because if it's an Art (with the capital A), then you see, it's much more respectable and intellectual and shit. When in fact, it's not. I mean really. It's not. And it's no big deal. I sure don't give a shit about seeking validation because I've spent the last 20 years writing stuff about pro-wrestling. I don't need pro-wrestling to be ART to love (and hate) it. It's great for what it is when it is great. There's plenty of stuff to get out of it as it is. No need to try to stuff pro-wrestling in the Temple of Arts. It doesn't belong there. But hey, if people want to convince themselves otherwise, fine. Doesn't matter.