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In Topic: Dave Meltzer stuff

Today, 05:56 PM

Who in their right mind would ?


(and he still pimps tons of WWE matches as "great" too, despite not being great at all in my book)

In Topic: NXT TakeOver: Chicago

Today, 06:36 AM

They're ok for the experience level. Much better than Nia Jaxx, that's for sure. Just that. Ok. Fine. Bad looks (I always hated the Shield look, dating back to Big Boss Man in 1999) but fine otherwise.


The match still was a pre-programmed clusterfuck. I like chaos and stupid shit when it looks like chaos and stupid shit, not carefully set-ups spots where you can almost write the script as it is going on.

In Topic: NXT TakeOver: Chicago

Today, 04:12 AM

Big ladders, small ladders, medium ladders...


I climb slow, look at me setup a cute spot...


Put up some ladders, Eliminators would yawn...


Holy shit ! Holy shit ! Jeff Hardy taught us to work !


That ladder match was exactly the kind of stuff I don't care one bit for in 2017, especially when it's such poorly paced and way too written in advance. Seriously, the AoP just are greenhorns who look like they think about the script before each move they make. Way too contrived, felt inorganic as hell and this is basically the Hardys/E&C/Dudleys/MITB school of ladder matches, which I can't stand. Taking huge, dangerous and painfull bumps for the sake of it. Tell me again about the wonderful WWE mentality being better than the indies or NJ in term of busting up bodies. Worst match of the night.


The heel turn was excellent though.


Well, apart from that, that Takeoever was still the best in a long time.

In Topic: Project Rewatch: TNA - The Good Shit

Today, 03:25 AM

Thanks for the lecture. I wouldn't thought about this, really.

Except, really, TNA 2006 was still was closer to what ECW was in term of letting the rules fly, for better or worse. When this shit turns basically into a texas tornado match, you go with the flow. Makes much sense ? Nope. But does it work in context ? Sure.


Oh, anyway...

In Topic: WWE Backlash 2017

Yesterday, 05:11 PM

Also El P, if you skipped Usos/Breezango, you fucked up. That match was probably the most I've seen the crowd, wrestlers, and announcers enjoy themselves in a long, long time.


Maybe, but I don't give a fuck about any of them (and that includes the announcers whom I don't have to suffer through anyway, and the crowd who sucked).