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In Topic: Blue Wolf vs. Minoru Suzuki (NJPW 8/8)

Today, 05:23 AM

Damn, Asashoryu's brother used to be a pro-wrestler in NJPW. Reminds me of Zach Arnold's neverending rumours of Asashoryu is gonna do MMA in the same time frame.

In Topic: Speculation on the WrestleMania 33 card

Today, 05:19 AM

That injury angle was amazing.


Yeah amazing. And not only that, but the Henka of Doom on Kotoshigiku ! HEEL HEAT !! Is Riki Choshu circa 93 booking sumo now ? (I've been watching too much pro-wrestling)


The issue with Mania is that it reached the point of being a self-conscious epic event as a whole. From a bunch of Mania Moments ™ by the mid-00's (which was already annoying as fuck) to ManiaMoment ™.

In Topic: Speculation on the WrestleMania 33 card

Today, 05:00 AM

WresleMania feels like a chore or at least an obligation rather than a treat or an anticipated event these days.


Obligation is right. It's like "well, it's Mania, I kinda "need" to watch it". When in fact, I really don't. I'm perfectly happy going through TNA 2006 now D'Amore is still booking so it's quite the fine product. Until VR gets hired in the Fall or something.


I wish I was. It's nice to have things to look forward to. 


I look forward Destination X 2006 myself.


And the next basho. That Kisenosato win this month was fucking legendary. Perfect booking.

In Topic: NXT talk

Today, 03:00 AM

NXT has adopted too many main roster quirks and tropes that I just 100% do not like. The shaky camera, the over-hammy and corporate directive entrances, and being too inside baseball in the continued build of the overall brand are just some of the turn-offs.


Agreed. I noticed that too. The first Takeover I watched seemed quite different from the main stuff. Last Takeovers I saw mostly looked like the main stuff. And since I can't stand WWE overproduction, well...

In Topic: Speculation on the WrestleMania 33 card

Today, 02:57 AM

I'm really excited about going to the Arnaud Rebotini "30 years of techno" all-night DJ set this week-end. Plus I'm gonna see Monarch! & Birushanah tonight. So yeah, probably gonna be a terrific few days.


Oh, you meant ? Nah, gonna watch bits & pieces on Monday. Mania has become a real chore. Too bad it can't be as idiotic as last year, at least that gave us a fun thread.