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In Topic: Brock Lesnar to return to UFC in November?

Today, 05:08 AM

Crappy matches to boot. Lesnar can go for all I care. Maybe the top of the card won't be so much focused on "dream" matches and a champ that's never on TV.

In Topic: NXT talk

Today, 02:06 AM

 the rise of Roode killed the crowd once his music stops.


I'd argue that the music is the reason why Roode can't really get over. It overtakes everything about the character. Once the music theme is more over than the guy, it's over and done with. "Glorious" is an hideous piece of music and a terrible idea. Roode is an Arn Anderson-like worker in the ring (not saying he's even close as a worker though, let's not be crazy), he's a guy who gets over having good-solid TV matches. This music theme makes him Fandango. Nakamura refusing it was a damn smart idea (yeah, fans chants Nak's theme also, but it's because they loved Nak from day one and the music is actually catchy in a non-cheesy way and fits the character).

In Topic: If you could write a eulogy for "TNA"...

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

"Fire Russo !"


For that chant only, TNA deserved to exist, at one point.

In Topic: Something To Love (Bruce Prichard's podcast)

Yesterday, 03:20 AM

I generally don't like Bruce Prichard, but I had listened to his Russo podcast and found it somewhat interesting, so I listened to some of his older episodes. 


The Russo podcast was fascinating for the bullshit debunking, but I came to the same kind of conclusions you did after listening to one or two others. You can see the same kind of attitude in the 1990 Timeline he did recently, where Sean at one point just throws "You can justify anything !" at him.


A stark contrast with Schiavone, whose obviously having a great time doing this stuff and shows fairness to Meltz, sometimes calling him for his bullshit and sometime saying he was absolutely right and on point, while Bruce is just playing "stupid dirtsheet" in 2017.


(and yeah, Prichard seems to be one of those guys who thinks he's funnier than he actually is. See Nash, Kevin too, although he can be indeed quite funny)

In Topic: NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard vs Ronnie Garvin - Worldwid...

19 July 2017 - 02:43 PM

This is the match that finally sells me on Garvin, which I always found to be overrated. But by watching this and the two Arn studio matches the month before, Garvin regains the appreciation I used to have for him before he became the token "new discovery" of the 80's sets. And it appears in broad daylight that actually, Flair got Garvin way goofier than he is. Exhibit X of Flair not always bringing the best out of his opponents.


This, on the other hand, is just a great match. No sense of progression ? Meh. A sense of Garvin beating the fuck out of Blanchard, who hangs on as best as he can. I love Blanchard more and more. He was all about kick/punch (which he did way better than Lawler, just saying)/sell. Again, this looks way more legitimate and "real" than any Flair matches with Garvin, which did had urgency (although Flair really didn't need Garvin to push him, he could go-go-go whenever he saw fit, usually with good reasons) but also way more goofiness and Flair-formula stuff. This doesn't look like your formula "wrestling match". It looks like a fucking struggle, especially on Blanchard's part. The guy is just awesome at this. Interesting that along with the Magnum TA match, he probably has had the better big matches than Flair at the same period, while Flair got the best out of Dusty, which Blanchard couldn't do.


Anyway, this is just terrific, Garvin's selling of the hand is great, this is the ongoing story without it becoming the focus of the match, which looks like a fight. The ending is quite wonderfully done. Dusty's booking was clearly getting annoying by this point though. Maybe he borrowed the "Dusty finish" from someone else, but damn was he overusing it already. Plus putting himself around every big babyface feud (Magnum, Morton, Garvin) is getting old too.


MOTYC for 1986, my favourite Garvin match ever and another classic for Blanchard.