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In Topic: Wild Kingdom! (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 07/28/90)

Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Great use of some of the guys not on this card.


Loved the Jimmy Snuka cameo. 

In Topic: Mr. Perfect vs Tito Santana (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 07/28/90)

Yesterday, 10:18 PM

I agree that this should have led to a Tito-Perfect match at Summerslam due to all the visual pins Tito kept getting.


Maybe either have this match as the IC Title final (with Heenan debuting as Perfect's manager in an earlier tournament match) or have Santana win that Superstars match, Perfect win this rematch for the belt (with Heenan debuting here), and then Perfect winning a 2/3 falls match at Summerslam (instead of Demolition/Harts) having that stipulation.


I know Beefcake was involved until 7/4, but in my world Perfect would have gone over Beefcake in the semifinals while Santana beats Martel to set up the finals.

In Topic: Demolition vs The Rockers (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 07/28/90)

Yesterday, 10:12 PM

This isn't anything special, but is another example of a decent 80's/90's tag match that people would be freaking out over if The Revival aped spots from today.


Not to totally knock them, but it's a shame we don't see as many of these types of matches anymore.

In Topic: Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 07/28/90)

Yesterday, 09:58 PM

Hard to give Warrior guff for not drawing when he's going over his next challenger in the lead up to their big grudge match. It's really too bad when you consider the history of these two.


Rude beats Warrior for the IC belt thanks to Heenan's interference. Warrior wins it back thanks to Piper. So we've never actually seen them have a fight with no one impacting the finish. Rude finishes with Piper and then goes away to regroup after Warrior moves up to the World belt. He comes back with those training videos and yeah they played for a LONG time, but he and Warrior should not have met up until the third match in the cage at Summerslam.


This was a useless match with a terrible finish. Sure, Rude looked talented making Warrior look capable, but if I'm a fan I'm not paying to see Warrior beat a guy he beat by countout. Rude was out on the floor and Warrior was beating up Heenan. What am I looking forward to?

In Topic: Show opening (WWF Saturday Night's Main Event 07/28/90)

Yesterday, 09:40 PM

Love the themed SNME's like this and Oktoberfest. Again, such a stacked card with three potentially awesome matches, plus a high caliber return and debut.