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Today, 02:32 PM

I feel like a dick now because I don't really like anyone mentioned in this thread. I guess Thatcher is fine and Zack, to a degree. Hideki Suzuki is so frustratingly inconsistent I've pretty much given up on him.
Why did Fred Yehi get pinned with the "technical wrestler" gimmick? Every match I see him in he quickly moves on to hitting his stomps and other funny spots. I like him and with a little more focus and a subtle meanstreak he could become the indy Finlay. I'll take indy guy with a legit background working as Mongolian Stomper over any other indy guy for sure.

Who do you rate?

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Today, 11:27 AM

just to Double up @MattD


Will catch this tomorrow. In the meantime, here's one back for you if you have time, in three parts:



In Topic: Technical Wrestlers Today

Today, 08:46 AM


He's pretty much being a spot monkey by using grapple fuck all the time.

It is, I think, kind of a common problem with a certain kind of young wrestler. Stringing move after move together with a kind of "Look at me! Look how many moves I know!" type of attitude rather than trying to tell any kind of coherent story or develop dramatic tension or whatever.

It not just jumpy flippy guys who are spot monkeys.

Hopefully they'll grow out of it eventually.


One of my favorite talking points over the years is how wrestling is symbolic and everything a wrestler chooses to do, be it matwork, a garbage spot, a high spot, a strike, or even just playing to the crowd, is just a tool, and it's all about how the tools are used (and to a lesser degree how they're executed). The tools, in and of themselves, are not necessarily better or worse, though they may lean more towards your preference or may signify a trend of specific-tools-being-used-better-than-others-historically. I feel like it's never gotten all that much traction. 

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Today, 08:21 AM

The bigger question is "Who was a better WWE TV Champion: Matt Hardy or Christian?"

In Topic: Negro Casas, Super Porky, Mr. Niebla & Antifaz del Norte vs Shocker, Scor...

Yesterday, 08:04 PM

I came in here because I'm going to watch all the Casas in Monterrey in 00-01 and I come right smack into OJ making comments. He definitely wasn't the focus of this match. There were some fun moments with Bucanero (including Bucanero slapping on the Scorpion as a FU) but not enough to really chew on. He was mostly on the outside for the first chunk of the match. That said, I don't know if I agree. I thought the stuff he did hyping the crowd up for Porky's big corner charge actually added a lot (pretty much the only build/payoff in the whole match) and no one could do that quite like Casas. Plus he locked in an Anaconda Vice to help distract the refs for the finish, which I've never seen him do before (he probably has but I've never seen it; there's one thing every match). I actually really enjoyed the low blow sequence on Shocker (who was exceptional at stooging here, even if we didn't get enough of it). I get that I'm his target audience and the things I enjoy aren't the same as the things that OJ enjoy, but Casas still looked great to me here. Maybe not top 10 in Mexico for the year great, but he still stood out, even in a match where he wasn't at all the focus. Half speed Casas is still one of the best wrestlers ever. 


I'm not 100% sure what the focus was. The camerawork was a little crazy to begin but everything came into focus with bloody Niebla (he and Scorpio making each other bleed was the heart of the match). The rudo beatdown was fine to start. The tecnico comeback had a pretty dull transition. There's no build and payoff here but there is enough fun stuff. Porky seemed far less mobile than he'd be ten years later which was weird. So it was your mix of bloody brawling and straight out comedy. My favorite part was Zumbido (who is the perfect level of scummy for this setting) being knocked into the crowd and some old lady standing up to shove him. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't more coherence than I'm giving this credit for, as I watched it out of context, but I didn't see it.