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Has any other top star had such a lackluster career like Orton?

16 April 2017 - 04:28 PM

Has any other top star had such a lackluster career like Orton?


He's been at the top for 13-14 years now and I would easily put his career below every single one of his immediate peers. As I started thinking more, the only other guy I could come up with who was on top like for him for so long and did so little was Lex Luger, but I found Luger to be a bit more entertaining.


It's almost an amazing accomplishment in a way.

What are some things you've learned from 1983 Project, e-feds and armchair booking?

04 April 2017 - 07:20 PM

What are some things you've learned from 1983 Project, e-feds and armchair booking?


Some things I've learned:


- WWE having to book 7 hours a week of wrestling, plus another 3 on PPV weeks is something that I think is almost impossible to do well. There's too much time to fill. I couldn't do it and I'm not sure I'd even want to try.


- Not being able to cycle guys in and out makes wrestling booking 10x harder. It dooms certain people to certain spots and after a while, it makes everything just "meh". The territory system was the most perfect system wrestling could ever have. You bring guys in, milk them dry, get rid of them and bring them back years later when they are fresh again.


- Squash matches are really important. You basically sell off your pennies to get dollars. You use up the guys who mean little to make the guys who mean a lot worth more. This saves some of your lesser roster members from losing and keeps your top roster members strong.


- Managers are such a big part of making these systems work. They are great pieces. You can make anyone relevant with them. They never lose their heat because they don't wrestle, their crew does. You can keep them around for years as well without them getting stale.


- I really do think 6-7 weeks is the ideal amount of time to build up to a show. It gives you enough time to do some pre-building, the actual match/angle, some post angle stuff and then interviews and stuff to hype it up. Anything under a month is going to be too soon and anything over 2 months is too long.

What are your thoughts on making Wrestlemania a 2 day event?

04 April 2017 - 12:18 PM

They discussed this on WOR over the weekend and it seems like an interesting concept.


The pros:


- Nothing would have to be rushed


- More people would get on the show.


- The show obviously wouldn't be 7 hours


- The fans there are staying for the whole weekend anyway, so selling tickets to it shouldn't be an issue


- It would hurt the various indy shows running there which is a plus for WWE


- Could lead to more publicity. There'd be two nights to talk about and it would certainly keep the IWC busy.


- It would be pretty original. There's no major wrestling event that has done this aside from Collison in Korea and AJW Dreamslam which ran a week or so apart.


The cons:


- It'd be lots of wrestling


- It would probably put an end to Wrestlemania parties/groups. Good luck getting people to come two days in a row.


- Would probably confuse people who don't pay attention any other time of the year. I could totally see "WTF, Wrestlemania is 2 days this year? OMG I didn't know".


- Would likely either bump NXT or the Hall of Fame which would hurt their attendances and people might not be able to afford it.


- I could see a lot of people only watching the 2nd night, especially busier people or older people who still watch on PPV.


Overall though, I think it's an idea worth trying. I'd be excited to see it happen and even though I haven't gone in years, I'd be tempted to.

UWF 6/1/87 - Big Bubba Rogers vs The One Man Gang

30 March 2017 - 03:44 PM

Full review here:





Big Bubba Rogers got the win with a top rope splash. Great match. They started out with testing each other through shoulder block collisions to see who could move the other and then Bubba took a fall into the corner and outside. He made a nice comeback and they basically traded blows until near the end when Gang missed a middle rope splash and Bubba made the comeback. Bubba threw excellent punches and both men were thrilled to bump around and sell big for the other guy. The crowd was hot and Bubba's fiery comebacks were really great. There was some clipping here but this is what you wish all big men matches could be like and these guys would have gotten over huge today. Rating:***1/2


Some shots:



How would you have booked a babyface manager?

27 March 2017 - 07:55 PM

I've been looking up babyface managers and there really weren't that many. The main ones that come up are:


(Not mentioned but should be) Richard Lee's face Moondogs in 1993 - This combination was fantastic. Lee could talk and often served as the punching bag for the team to keep various feuds going. What Lee did in Memphis in 1993 was absolutely awesome and was probably the best managerial run in the 90's.


Albano's face run in 1985/1986ish - Haven't really seen as much of it as I probably should but it seems like he did decent, but obviously not his peak


Cornette's Dynamic Dudes run - We all know how this played out


Cornette's MX vs Heyman's OMX feud - One of the coolest feuds ever with two of the best managers in Heyman and Cornette going at it


Humperink's run with Bigelow - Weird combination that never really clicked


Arn's run as an advisor to the Horsemen in late 90's WCW - Nothing too special


Dibiase's run with the Steiners in WCW - I kind of liked it even though it didn't last very long


Ellering with the LOD - The LOD were always kind of tweeners and the less said about their WWF run the better


Lord Alfred vs Heenan in the AWA - Hayes wasn't really a face but kind of became the defacto face in the feud, which was really good


Am I missing any?


Researching this topic, it seems it is virtually agreed upon that face managers can't work and don't work because the faces should be good talkers and that the managers need to get heat but can't actually do anything to get heat without becoming heels. But this is wrestling, where anything can happen, and I'm stubborn and refuse to take no for an answer.


So PWO, how you would have booked a babyface manager either back in the territory days, the 90's or even today(if you are up for a real challenge)? Can you crack the code of making a babyface manager work?


My main idea would probably be similar to what Richard Lee did with the Moondogs. I could definitely see a big face tag team like say NXT's Heavy Machinery being able to use a manager since they are both bigger dudes who can't talk and can't look too weak because they are bigger guys. I also could definitely see a rival face manager of a heel manager. They could basically serve as eternal rivals and they would always have the neutralize the cheating manager storyline to work with. I also think they would be able to do some trios matches which could be fun.