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In Topic: Spike Dudley vs Sabu (ECW Baton Rouge, LA 01/21/00)

Yesterday, 06:09 AM

They actually start with some wrestling and Spike gets the better of his opponent.  Sabu can’t outwrestle Spike so resorts to punching him instead.  He kicks him to the floor and goes to whip him into the guard rail however he reverses it.  Spike sets up a table on the outside but Sabu is back to his feet, and this time it’s his turn to hurl Spike into the guard rails.  Cannonball off the apron to the floor from Spike.  He unloads with forearms and the crowd start a ‘use the table’ chant.  Irish whip to the corner, Spike comes charging in, Sabu moves and Spike goes shoulder first into the ringpost.  Sabu brings a table into the ring and clotheslines Spike onto it.  He heads up the turnbuckles but isn’t quite quick enough and Spike snapmares him to the canvas.  Acid Drop attempt, Sabu blocks it and slams Spike hard on the table.  The table had collapsed on one of its legs at this point so was only half up, and Sabu slammed Spike on the section of table above the upright leg.  The table therefore doesn’t break and it’s an awful looking bump that Spike takes.  As he’s writhing in agony the caring audience start chanting ‘you fucked up!’ at them both!  Sabu props up a table in the corner and levels Spike with a chair.  He lies him on the table and a running jumping legdrop off the chair puts Spike through it.  Triple jump moonsault for two.  Sabu goes for it again, but Spike hooks his leg tripping him, and he crashes head first into the chair.  A whistle blowing Bill Alfonso is out and he throws a chair to Spike who launches it into Sabu’s face.  A chair shot off the top to the grounded Sabu only brings a one as he’s able to get his foot over the bottom rop.  Irish whip reversal, Spike goes chest first into the turnbuckle and Sabu with a springboard leg lariat.  Arabian moonsault for two.  As Sabu is setting up another table Spike schoolboys him for a near fall.  He blocks the Acid Drop and Spike with a neckbreaker.  Spike telegraphs a backdrop and Sabu clothesline him onto the table again.  Legdrop off the top and Sabu gets the three.


Not enjoying the Sabu rewatch at all, and I’m finding this dated and to have aged badly (compared say to the Tajiri/Guido/Crazy stuff which I’m liking a hell of a lot).  Another dreadful ECW crowd who only wanted to see chair shots and tables being broken.  Seriously, ‘use the table’ and ‘you fucked up’ (after Spike looked to be in absolute agony)?  How disrespectful can you be?  The most interesting part of the match for me was the opening when they actually did some wrestling.  What happened to Bill Alfonso too?  He makes his entrance down the aisle, throws Spike a chair and then is gone?

In Topic: Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Little Guido (ECW St. Petersburg, FL 01/2...

21 April 2017 - 05:04 AM

Note to self:  must watch the ECW stuff in order next month!  Practically the same match they do the next night in Fort Lauderdale, although it’s pretty cool seeing it from a different camera angle (and in a unique looking venue).  They omit the Crazy quebrada over the guard rail to the floor and Tajiri gets eliminated after a Maritato followed by a quebrada, but those are the only differences in the first half.  Guido and Crazy mix it up a bit more, and Sal’s interference sees him pull Crazy from the ring and squash him against the guard rail.  Guido gets the knees up on the moonsault off the middle turnbuckle and Maritato again for the win.


Still a good match, but it loses a bit of it’s lustre when you’ve seen it once and know what is coming next.

In Topic: Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley (ECW New Orleans, LA 01/22/00)

20 April 2017 - 04:46 AM

Spike nails Awesome with a forearm before he gets in the ring and comes off the top with a crossbody to the floor.  The two of them fight on the outside and Awesome whips Spike into the barricade.  Suplex, but he drops him chest first onto the guard rail.  Back in the ring and Awesome stops Spike in his tracks with a clothesline.  Huge release German suplex, Awesome Bomb, but Spike reverses it into a huracanrana.  He goes for a second, but Awesome plants him with a sit out slam for two.  Awesome and Jeff Jones set up a table on the arena floor, Spike blocks the powerbomb and bulldogs Awesome from the apron through the table.  Spike with a chair shot to the head and another across the back.  Awesome counters the Acid Drop, but Spike then brains him with the chair for two.  Chair shot off the top turnbuckle and Awesome is only just able to kick out.  A clothesline takes Spike’s head off, Awesome Bomb and a splash off the top.  Awesome with the cover and the match goes to pot from here.  I don’t think the ref actually counted the three, but he signals for the bell and Spike lifts his shoulder up at the last second.  Someone screwed up big time!  Awesome and the ref have words and the bell rings again.  Yup, no idea!  Jones hands Awesome a table which he leans up in the corner and a running powerbomb on Spike through the table for the win.  Awesome Bomb for the referee post-match (fully deserved after screwing up so badly!) and he calls out Rob Van Dam.  RVD’s music plays and here he comes.  He doesn’t make it to the ring as Sabu jumps him from behind.  Awesome with a tope which RVD seems to avoid and Sabu takes the brunt of, whilst Awesome appears to crash head first into the concrete.  Van Dam with a flip dive off the top onto both, and Fonzie and he return to the dressing toom leaving Awesome and Sabu laying in the aisle.


When Awesome has decisively beaten Spike on PPV, why is he then defending his title against him just a couple of weeks later?  Middle of the road match, and I thought the effort that the two put in on the ‘Guilty As Charged’ match ranks that one above this for me.  Christ knows what Spike’s back must be like if he was taking these bumps on a nightly basis, although at least he was only limited to going through the one table here.  Awesome was lucky he didn’t knock himself out with that suicide dive at the end.

In Topic: Little Guido vs Tajiri vs Super Crazy (ECW Ft. Lauderdale, FL 01/28/00)

20 April 2017 - 04:06 AM

Tajiri blows the green mist and when Guido looks at it, he drops him with a kick to the head.  Crazy with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Tajiri, who responds with a round-the-world headscissors.  Sleeper by Guido on Tajiri, but he flings him over his shoulder to escape.  Crazy with a reverse crossbody on Tajiri, and Guido immediately follows with a clothesline off the top.  Fujiwara armbar on Crazy.  Tajiri is back to his feet and he measures a kick to Guido’s head before just standing on it!  The crowd start chanting Tajiri’s name and he bows to all four corners acknowledging them.  Handspring elbow to Guido who rolls to the outside to talk things over with Big Sal.  He backdrops Crazy over the top rope to the apron, and Guido pulls him to the floor.  As the FBI double team him, Tajiri with an Asai moonsault to the ‘Italians’.  Guido reverses an Irish whip into the guard rail and Tajiri goes crashing into it.  He whips Crazy into it and the two of them only just manage to get out the way of an onrushing Sal who careers into and over the barricade.  Crazy with a quebrada over the guard rail to the floor.  Tajiri with a sunset flip, but Crazy holds onto the ropes so he transitions into the ‘Tarantula’ and Guido then dropkicks Crazy in the head.  Tajiri and Guido make a pact to work together, however while they are hugging out to seal it, everyone can see Tajiri crossing his fingers behind Guido’s back.  Tajiri with a bodyslam and he tells Guido to go up top.  When he does, Tajiri shoves him in the back and he loses his balance.  He ties him in the ‘tree of woe’ and stands on his balls (a Tajiri favourite!).  Moonsault, but Crazy has moved and Guido with a famouser off the top.  Springboard dropkick from Crazy, Maritato and they both make the cover to eliminate Tajiri.  Crazy runs the ropes and Sal hooks his leg.  He climbs up the ropes to have words with him and Guido with a really nice Russian legsweep off the middle for two.  He distracts the referee, arguing over the count, and Sal gets in the ring.  He botches a powerbomb just dropping Crazy, so falls on him instead and Guido with another two.  Crazy with a powerbomb out the corner and a springboard moonsault for two of his own.  Spinning DDT and Crazy goes for the moonsaults off the three turnbuckles.  Guido gets his knees up on the last one, Maritato and Guido comes out on top.


Really good match.  The one thing I enjoy about this combination is that they continue to make each match different, throw in new spots etc.  I’ve mentioned in the past how Tajiri seems to have a whole host of different ways to put on the ‘Tarantula’ and add another to the list here.  You really get to appreciate what a hell of a worker he is with these fancams.  Great stuff when Tajiri and Guido agree ‘a pact’, but Tajiri has his finger’s crossed and the only one who doesn’t know is Guido!  Cracking Russian legsweep off the middle from Crazy in there too.  The result was a surprise as I didn’t expect Tajiri to be eliminated first, and didn’t expect Guido to win.  If only Sal hadn’t botched that powerbomb…

In Topic: Sabu vs CW Anderson (ECW New Orleans, LA 01/22/00)

20 April 2017 - 03:27 AM

When you are calling the spots before they happen you know something is up!  Bar the finish, this appeared to be the exact same match they did in Orlando on 1/29.  CW breaking clean and Sabu drilling him with a right, springboard tornado DDT, Frankensteiner off the top, dive out the ring onto Lou E. and Bill Whiles, Lou’s distraction and CW’s superkick, second Frankensteiner off the top but CW crotching Sabu instead, spinebuster through the tables, hard chair shots to CW and Bill and Sabu going to put Lou through a table but CW pushing him off and getting legdropped through himself.  The lone difference was Sabu getting the pin after the triple jump moonsault instead of the Arabian facebuster.


I felt this match flowed much better than the one in Orlando which came across as just a bunch of spots, but I don’t think these are the most ideal opponents for one another.