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In Topic: Tommy Dreamer vs Yoshihiro Taijiri (ECW Wichita, KS 03/25/00, Japanese Death...

Today, 05:57 AM

Steve Corino is out and says how he wanted to give the people of Wichita an old fashioned bullrope match, but he doesn’t see any takers in the back and knows there isn’t a man or woman brave enough to face him in a match of this kind.  Tommy Dreamer’s music plays and Corino tells him it’s nothing to do with him and if he gets in the ring he’ll kick his ass!  It doesn’t have the slightest effect on Dreamer who ignores his words, gets in the ring and slugs him.  Just as he’s about to clock him with the cowbell, out sprints Tajiri who nails Dreamer in the back with a kick and then another around the head.  At this point Corino changes the match stipulations from a bullrope match to a Japanese death match.  Tajiri chokes Dreamer with the bullrope and an early ‘Tarantula’.  Dreamer counters the handspring elbow with a Russian legsweep and then tosses Tajiri to the floor.  He throws him over the guardrail but we then lose the wrestlers completely due to Feinstein’s awful camera work.  By the time he’s worked out how to switch on night vision the wrestlers are heading back to the ring.  Dreamer places the ring bell on Tajiri’s groin and rings it with the hammer.  Tajiri avoids a chair shot and then kicks it into Dreamer’s face.  He slams his head into it and then kicks the back of the chair (like he’s been doing in recent death matches).  Dreamer calls him on, but Tajiri unloads with an array of kicks in the corner that leave him crumpled on the canvas.  Thrust kick for two.  He sets him up in the ‘tree of woe’ and places a chair infront of his face, however when he goes for the baseball slide dropkick, Dreamer picks up the chair, lifts himself out the way and Tajiri ends up posting himself.  Dreamer then turns the tables, puts Tajiri in the ‘tree of woe’ and stands on his balls.  A fan passes him a crutch and he uses that to drive into his crotch area too.  Chair infront of the head and Dreamer with the running dropkick.  He drags Corino into the ring and nails him in the groin with the cowbell (Tommy sure does like his ball shots!).  A table is passed in there and Dreamer sets up in the corner.  I’m not sure what he’s got planned, but Tajiri puts a stop to it anyway blowing the green mist in his face with both Dreamer and Corino sat on the middle turnbuckle.  Tajiri with a double foot stomp off the top to Dreamer who’s lay on the table for two.  Corino goes to hit Tommy with the cowbell, but he moves and hits his own man instead.  Double DDT and Dreamer covers Tajiri for the win.  Post-match Rhino and Jack Victory attack Dreamer until Sandman’s music plays.  He is quicker than last night but still takes his sweet time, stopping to smoke his cigarette as he makes his way through the crowd!  Singapore cane shots all around and they make sure to emphasise Rhino’s toughness as it takes three of them to get him out of there compared to just the one for everyone else.  Sandman invites a handful of fans into the ring to drink with him and Tommy, and one guy especially seems to be having the time of his life climbing the turnbuckles and jumping up and down.  When one of the girls tells Sandman that she doesn’t drink, he claims to have a cure for that, then pulls her head back and pours some beer down her throat!  Classy!


This started off promising with the Corino promo and then him weaselling his way out of the match, however it lost everything the moment they headed out of the ring and into the crowd.  I don’t know if you can blame it on RF’s camera work, but it certainly doesn’t help when you lose the wrestlers and can’t see what’s going on.  I wasn’t bothered by the Corino interference as it only occurred at the end of the match, plus I’m a lot more liberal to things like the use of weapons, brawling in the crowd, outside interference etc in ECW than I would be in other promotions.  Some cool stuff as always with a Tajiri match, but not much flow to this at all.  One point, why in a ‘Death match’ when there is no disqualification, does Tajiri release the Tarantula so soon (even at all), when he could just keep the hold applied?

In Topic: Gedo & Jado vs Impact Players (ECW on TNN 03/17/00)

Today, 05:32 AM

Justin Credible with a side headlock, Gedo shoots him off, goes for a back bodydrop but Credible counters with a spinning DDT.  He unloads on him in the corner before tagging in Lance Storm.  Lovely standing dropkick by the Canadian.  Gedo tries to fire back on Credible but he cuts him off with a poke to the eyes.  Sunset flip from Gedo for two before Credible takes his head off with a clothesline.  Storm with a German suplex, but Gedo lands on his feet, clothesline and he’s able to make the tag to his partner.  Jado with clothesline to the Impact Players, he whips Credible into the corner, who takes the Flair bump, and Jado forearms him off the apron and into the guardrail.  Storm leaps to the top turnbuckle off a reversed Irish whip, but Jado is right behind him and pushes his legs out from under him so he crotches himself.  Belly to back suplex off the top turnbuckle!  Jason Knight is in with a chair, however Gedo cuts him off with a side kick to the mid-section.  Drop toehold/elbow drop combination on Jason onto the chair.  As he’s whipped into the ropes, Credible with a knee to the back of Jado.  Storm charges at him, but he sidesteps and Lance collides with his own partner.  O’Connor roll, Storm kicks out and Credible nails Jado in the head with his Singapore cane.  Storm schoolboys him but Jado kicks out at the last second for an awesome near fall.  Credible calls for a table which he sets up in the corner.  Jado blocks the suplex attempt and hiptosses Credible through it.  Tiger Driver on Storm, Gedo with a frog splash and an every bit as good near fall as he gets his shoulder up just in time.  Gedo ducks a lariat from Credible, thumb to the eye, jawbreaker and a dropkick sends him to the outside.  Powerbomb off the middle to Storm and it’s still not enough to put him away.  He ducks a clothesline and Jado runs into a superkick from Credible, stuff piledriver and the Impact Players retain.


I’m guessing this match is joined in progress as we only get about seven minutes, but what we do get is tremendous.  The Impact Players get the heat on Gedo and once he makes the hot tag to Jado, the match just moves on another level.  Great high spots, some awesome near falls (especially liked Jado’s kick out after the Singapore cane shot) and the crowd was eating all of this up.  Loved, loved, loved Gedo’s eye poke, a receipt to Justin Credible for the one he gave him earlier in the match.  Tajiri and Crazy’s hold on my ECW Match of the Month number one postion may just be over.

In Topic: The Rock vs Kurt Angle (WWF Raw is War 01/31/00)

Today, 03:01 AM

No pre-match promo from either man as they get straight into things.  Rock with a reverse elbow that knocks Angle down and he starts putting the boots to him.  He telegraphs a back bodydrop but Kurt can’t take advantage, and Rock levels him with a clothesline before he takes to the outside.  Rock is out after him, rams his head into the announcer’s table and then spits water into his face.  When he goes to ram his head into a second table Angle blocks it and rams Rock’s own head into it instead.  Clothesline on the floor and as the fans boo, Angle grabs the mic and wonders what’s wrong with these people?  He says how he was born in this town and born in the Mercy Hospital five blocks from here!  Rock nails him in the back and says that it doesn’t matter where he was born!  Suplex and a cover for two.  Low blow from Angle puts a stop to Rock’s beatdown, and a belly to back suplex for a two of his own.  Overhead belly to belly for another near fall.  Rock reverses an Irish whip, but when he goes charging in Angle gets a foot up.  He then charges at his opponent, however Rock with a boot to the mid-section, DDT and it’s still not enough as Angle is able to get his shoulder up.  Samoan drop and Angle has had enough.  He rolls out the ring and heads back to the dressing room only for Tazz to come out, grab him from behind and throw him back in the ring.  Spinebuster, ‘people’s elbow’ and Angle’s undefeated streak is officially over.  Tazz goes to clothesline Angle after the match, but he ducks and nails Rock instead before chasing Kurt up the runway to the back.


The work was good as you’d expect with these two, and I liked the way they incorporated the mic work into the middle of the match as opposed the start.  The pop wasn’t what I was expecting for Angle’s first pinfall loss, maybe with hindsight looking back, I was anticipating a bit of a bigger deal to be made out of it, not just happening in a throwaway match on Raw.  Very surprised to see Tazz’s involvement; both playing a part in the loss and the interaction and clothesline on The Rock.  Were they really considering him for a top of the card position or is it just a quick set up to lead to a match to prove he can’t hang with the WWF big boys?  We will see…

In Topic: Kid Kash vs Rhino (ECW Wichita, KS 03/25/00)

Yesterday, 07:55 AM

Kash jumps Rhino from behind trying to get an early advantage, but Rhino reverses the Irish whip and an almighty gorilla press slam.  Kash starts to fire back after Rhino chops his chest getting in some shots of his own.  Headscissors, nice looking armdrag and a dropkick sends Rhino through the ropes to the outside.  Kash with a baseball slide dropkick and a huge springboard plancha.  Rhino counters Kash’s punches in the corner with a sit out powerbomb for two and a bruising clothesline takes him off his feet for another two.  Kash ducks a lariat and a double jump springboard reverse crossbody for a two of his own.  Rhino with a whip to the corner, Kash jumps to the middle turnbuckle and comes off with a moonsault bodyblock, however Rhino catches him and a big powerslam for the closest fall yet.  Kash avoids another clothesline and a baseball slide dropkick to Jack Victory who’s on the arena floor.  Shoulder tackle to the mid-section of Rhino, a lovely leaping headscissors off the top but Kash doesn’t follow up though and plays to the audience.  When he turns around he’s met with a gore then a piledriver for the win.


Kash seemed more at home and comfortable after coming across a tad tentative in his first couple of matches.  He also showed more and got in more offense than in previous matches, and as a result this was much more competitive than I expected.  Decent little match with Rhino being a great base for Kash’s high flying offense.  Looking forward to seeing how he progresses over the year ahead from here.

In Topic: Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Super Crazy (ECW on TNN 03/24/00, Japanese Death Match)

Yesterday, 07:55 AM

The footage starts just as Tajiri launches Super Crazy over the guardrail and into the audience, and Tajiri with a kick to the head on him as he returns to the ring.  Handspring elbow, but Crazy is back to his feet and dropkicks Tajiri who tumbles through the ropes to the floor.  It’s Crazy’s turn to launch his opponent into the front row and a lovely Asai moonsault follows.  Double jump moonsault for two, and Crazy unloads with punches in the corner before repeating in the opposite one.  Nice series of pin attempts with both men getting their fair share of two counts.  Tajiri with a dropkick to the head and he steps outside to pick up a chair.  He’s about to clock Crazy, but he gets in first and dropkicks it into his face.  As he grabs his leg, out of nowhere, Tajiri levels him in the head with the chair.  He slams Crazy’s face into it and then kicks the back of it so the steel collides with his head.  We return from an ad break as Tajiri is bringing a couple of tables into the ring while Crazy has been busted open from that kick to the back of the chair.  Double foot stomp off the top puts Crazy through one of the tables, but he’s still able to kick out of the pin.  Tajiri props the second table up in the corner, Crazy ducks the kick and a tilt-a-whirl into a powerslam through that one.  Crazy brings a third table into the match and goes to moonsault Tajiri through it, however it doesn’t break and he ends up powerbombing him through it for the win.


Steve Corino immediately attacks Crazy after the match, while the referee seems more concerned with getting the remnants of the table out of there as opposed to trying to stop the attack!  Jack Victory is also out and the guy throws a great looking punch.  It’s not long before Crazy starts to hold his own against these two, which brings out Rhino who smashes him with an almighty gore.  The four of them put the boots to Crazy until Sandman’s music plays and he takes an absolute eternity to make his way through the audience and make the ‘save’ (although you can’t really say he made a save, Corino et al just stopped focussing on Crazy).  When he eventually gets into the ring he Singapore canes everyone, but as he goes to hit Tajiri for a second time he blows the mist in his face and Rhino gores him.  Piledriver for Sandman and Crazy, and Cyrus says the nobody stands up to the Network, and if there is anyone in the back, in the arena or anywhere who’s got the guts to stand up to the Network, he suggests they come out and meet the Network face to face.  Balls Mahoney and his steel chair have got the guts and answer the challenge.  As Cyrus starts laying the verbal smack down on Balls, he doesn’t realise that his ‘Network’ have vacated the ring and he’s all alone in there.  He tries to apologise and back off but Balls isn’t having any of it.  Just as he’s about to cave his skull in with his chair, Corino is back in to grab it and Rhino gores him, while Cyrus again says the nobody stands up to the Network!


Another real good match in the series, although it’s probably my third favourite of the ‘death matches’, primarily due to the fact it was so short (not even seven minutes in duration).  The best thing about this was the way the match built, as you would’ve had no idea whatsoever that it was a death match for the first half of it.  The opening section is pure wrestling and there is a really nice pinning sequence in this, and Tajiri has a gorgeous one off a fireman’s carry to look out for.  It was only the second half where they bought out the tables and chairs and the violence levels escalated.  My one gripe is on Crazy’s comebacks (and it’s a common trait with him), that he takes an absolute pounding and then as soon as it’s his turn on the offense, he’s back running and flying around as if there was never anything wrong with him in the first place.  The post-match angle was what it was, and lasted about as long as the match itself.  Never thought I would see someone make a slower run-in/save than Mick Foley and his bad knees, but the Sandman manages it!