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In Topic: American Dragon, Spanky and Shooter Schultz vs. Derrick King, Alan Steel and...

04 February 2018 - 02:17 PM

According to Spanky the ratings were down 83% last week in the female demographic because ‘the Kliq’ spent the holiday with their families.  Even though he had a heck of a Thanksgiving dinner he’s still a little hungry, so tells Derrick King to bring that mashed potato hair cut out here along with those two dumplings Alan Steel and Blade Boudreaux so they can eat some more turkey for lunch!  DK and Spanky kick us off continuing their rivalry from a fortnight ago.  They trade blows before King whips Spanky into the corner where he leaps to the middle turnbuckle and back flips over the charging King, only for DK to level him with a clothesline.  Moonsault bodyblock for a two.  Steel and Dragon light each others chests up with chops and a face first full nelson slam by ‘All That’ gets him a near fall.  Double hip toss takedown and Dragon wants no more for the time being, tagging out to Schultz.  As King runs the ropes, Spanky knees him in the back.  DK drills Spanky with an almighty right hand sending him crashing from the apron to the floor, but the distraction enables Shooter to catch him with a belly to back, driving King to the mat in the process.  He counters Spanky’s superplex with a face first variety off the top, but then misses the senton as Spanky moves out the way.  Dragon is now lighting up DK and a big running forearm smash in the corner.  Fallaway slam with bridge and King is able to get a shoulder up.  Belly to belly by Shooter, slingshot elbow by Spanky and they still can’t put DK away.  King sidesteps whatever Spanky had got planned off the top, and although he lands on his feet, a DK superkick immediately takes him off them.  Tag to Blade but the ref misses it as he’s dealing with Dragon and Schultz in the opposite corner.  As he then tries to get Boudreaux out of there, ‘the Kliq’ triple team King.  ‘All That’ and Blade have seen enough and brush past the ref as all six men are duking it out.  Great near fall by Steel with a sunset flip on Dragon.  The ring empties and we’re left with Spanky and King as everyone else is fighting on the outside.  Spanky picks up his Light Heavyweight title belt and is about to wallop DK with it, however on seeing him coming he manages to back drop him.  Facebuster onto the belt and King gets a pin over the champion and it’s a win for team Power Pro.


Fantastic studio match and in all likelihood the Power Pro match of the year.  When you hear Dave and Corey raving about it like they do in the aftermath you know you’ve been privy to a treat.  The MCW trio were a great unit, utilising plenty of quick tags and high impact offense as they looked to isolate Derrick King and wear him down to the point that he could take no more.  It was all action and no sitting back.  Whatever they threw at DK he was able to survive, as the gutsy, local regular withstood it all while the crowd got more and more into it.  I wouldn’t say that Steel and Boudreaux came along for the ride (well maybe Blade!) but this all about Derrick King.  A heck of a showing from him here and he gets the pin over the champion which will no doubt lead to another title shot in the upcoming weeks.

In Topic: American Dragon and Spanky vs. Bo Dupp and Jack Dupp (MCW 12/16/00)

04 February 2018 - 12:19 PM

Spanky struggles to cope wth the size and power of the much larger Dupps in the opening exchanges.  Quebrada off the middle, but Bo catches him in mid-air.  He dallies around for too long though and Spanky is able to slide down his back before rolling him up for a two.  Attempted monkey flip, however Bo reverses position and sits Spanky on the top turnbuckle.  Spanky blocks a right, drills him with one of his own and comes off the middle with a bulldog.  Double dropkick by ‘the Kliq’ taking advantage of the referee’s five count and Bo has had enough, tagging in Jack.  Dragon with a spinning heel kick and a double hip toss before Spanky hits a standing moonsault.  As the Dupps retreat to the outside, stereo pescados from ‘the Kliq’.  Jack blocks the Lucha wheelbarrow and turns it into a slingshot wheelbarrow suplex.  Double shoulder charge as the Dupps look to try and wear Spanky down, with Jack even taking to just throwing him through the ropes to the arena floor on more than one occasion.  A huge big boot and a disorientated Spanky is trying to tag in Bo.  It looks like Spanky was meant to counter a powerbomb into a facebuster, although something clearly goes wrong in the execution as it exactly resembles a powerbomb.  Only when after, Jack is holding his head and David Jett mentions that he thinks Spanky drove his head into the mat, do you realise what happened.  Both men make tags and Dragon is in like the proverbial house on fire taking the fight to the opposition.  Tornado DDT out of the corner on Bo and Jack is there to break up the cover.  Dragon with a blind tag to Spanky, he then cartwheels through the double clothesline and Spanky with a crossbody off the top to both.  Jack counters ‘Sliced Bread #2’ (which Kevin Kelly calls ‘the Acid Drop’) by slamming Spanky hard to the mat.  They go for their ‘Brain Scramble’, but Dragon kicks Bo in the back of the head, Spanky cradles Jack and ‘the Kliq’ retain their tag titles.  The Dupps attack them after the match with Jack cracking Dragon over the head with a chair and then pulling off his mask.  Joey Abs, the Dupps’ friend, is out to try and talk some sense into them, but Jack nails him with the chair too and they leave the three of them laid out.


I don’t know if Spanky legit took a bump to the head on one of the occasions that Jack threw him out the ring, but that would certainly explain why the final 90 seconds or so of this were so scrappy and messy compared to the rest of the match.  Either that or he just had a bad run blowing that facebuster counter, the rough crossbody off the top and then this ugly looking backdrop that Dragon gave him into one of the Dupps.  Prior to that I was enjoying this and there was nothing wrong with either the match or its structure (the power of the Dupps against the speed and quickness of the Kliq).  Bo does look pensive at times, though I think that’s his character as opposed to him thinking and not knowing what to do.  Dragon loses his mask for the second time in his career and this looked like a way to build heat on the Dupps with the way that it happened.

In Topic: American Dragon and Spanky vs. Seven (MCW 12/09/00)

04 February 2018 - 12:18 PM

Debra is now the Lieutenant Commissioner of MCW (whatever that means), something David Jett isn’t overly impressed by.  Title match for the MCW tag belts, and after the ‘Kliq 2000’ make their entrance the camera cuts to the dressing room to see The Dupps laying out ‘The Triad’, although the attack on Thrash (Glen Ruth) happens behind the dressing room door and out of view.


The match commences after the commercial break and Seven is forced to go it alone as Thrasher is unable to compete due to the earlier attack by The Dupps.  Action is joined in progress right as Seven, who is heavily favouring his ribs which were injured in the same attack, misses an elbow off the middle as Dragon moves out the way.  Combination drop toe hold/baseball slide dropkick by ‘the Kliq’.  Spanky dropkicks Seven in the back, however he’s able to reverse the Irish whip and Spanky runs face first into his big boot.  Vertical suplex, but Dragon is in and kicks Seven in the back of the head allowing Spanky to counter into a DDT.  The ref doesn’t even attempt to try and get Dragon out of there and after a pair of frog splashes from opposite corners we have new tag team champions.


I guess Glen Ruth no showed or, more likely, is no longer in the WWF and this was a damage limitations job and a case of getting the belts away from ‘The Triad’ asap. Seven did an admiral job at selling the ribs throughout and Spanky and Dragon should work as the team to build your tag division around although this did nothing for me.  Maybe it was Seven’s limitations, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up as one of those days.

In Topic: American Dragon and Spanky vs. Enrique Salsario and Hector Salsario (MCW 12/0...

04 February 2018 - 12:14 PM

“Hailing from America, the American Dragon”, first time I’ve ever noticed him introduced like that.  Dragon tries to imitate Spanky’s dancing-come-hip swivel, although he’s not got much in the way of rhythm!  The Salsario Boys jump them from behind and take it to Spanky until he ducks a double clothesline and levels each of them, at the same time, with a one footed dropkick.  Leg lariat to Enrique.  Big spinebuster by Dragon, he then flips Enrique over and puts him in a camel clutch so Spanky can nail him with a baseball slide dropkick.  ‘Death Valley Driver’ followed by a moonsault off the middle.  This awesome bridging suplex by Dragon and Hector is in to break up the pin.  Spanky hits a modified Michinoku Driver on him, top rope elbow by Dragon, Spanky with the frog splash and a win for the number one contenders to the MCW tag titles. 


This is essentially a squash and nothing memorable bar that quality suplex Dragon pulled out.

In Topic: Matches of the Month

02 February 2018 - 10:48 AM

November 2000



1. Derrick King vs Spanky (11/18)

2. Spellbinder vs Tracey Smothers (11/25)

3. Jerry Lawler & Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley & Slash (11/18)

4. American Dragon & Spanky & Lance Cade & Shooter Schultz vs Bulldog Raines & Blade Boudreaux & Alan Steel & Khan (11/11)

5. Joey Abs vs Slash (11/11)

6. Jerry Lawler vs Slash (11/25)