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In Topic: Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle (WWF Insurrextion 05/06/00)

19 October 2017 - 06:22 AM

Jeez, Benoit’s eye looks like hell after that match against Chris Jericho on Smackdown.  Funny promo from Angle on his way to the ring, saying how he’s been in the UK all week long and the children here are pale, weak, unhealthy and uneducated.  He couldn’t understand one word they were saying and thinks they need to learn the universal language, American!  Before saying how so many times in the past the USA has come to the UK’s rescue, like in World War II when we saved you from the Germans!  Crash Holly makes his way out after the wrestlers and joins JR and ‘the King’ on commentary.  He says that he came here to fight an Englishman, but is having a little trouble finding one.


Shoulder tackle and snap suplex by Benoit for two.  Drop toe hold, but as ‘the Crippler’ charges, Angle lifts him up and hot shots him on the top rope.  Angle goes after that badly bruised eye and Benoit rolls out the ring to the floor.  JR mentions that he could be competing with a cracked cheekbone and even a broken nose.  Benoit starts to fight back with some forearms, however Kurt stops him in his tracks with a glorious overhead belly to belly.  A lariat and ‘the Crippler’ reaches out for the ropes to break the pin.  Benoit reverses a whip to the corner and Angle goes crashing chest first into the turnbuckles.  Rolling German suplexes for a close near fall, while ‘the King’ tells Ross not to say German here in the UK.  Don’t worry yourself King, it’s not the 1970s!  ‘Crippler crossface’, Angle grabs the official’s hand and uses that to poke Benoit in the eye with, causing him to let go of the submission.  Belly to back suplex, but he misses the diving headbutt as Kurt moves out the way.  Angle’s back on that eye, ducks a pair of swinging blows and hits the ‘Olympic slam’ for the win.


I don’t know if it was because the match was heel vs heel, but the crowd seemed pretty flat here after Angle’s promo.  Again, not sure if it was due to the state of Benoit’s eye, but this went less than seven minutes which seems awfully short for a PPV bout between these two.  Nothing wrong with the work but if felt as though they were both on auto pilot.  Nice clean finish with Benoit temporarily blinded after Angle went for the eye and then being surprised by the ‘Olympic slam’.  I though Crash might have some involvement after talking about wanting someone to fight, but he stayed at the commentary desk throughout.

In Topic: Homicide vs Papadon (LIWF Ladder Match 05/06/00)

18 October 2017 - 09:29 AM

LIWF stands for Long Island Wrestling Federation and we get an interview that looks straight out of 1995 ECW with the way it’s shot on the street.  ‘King of the Ladder matches’ Papa Don says that he’s going to take Homicide’s ‘All Borough’ title and make him his bitch!   While John Shane (the number one manager in the LIWF!) stumbles over his words but will be handcuffed to the 6’8” Slugger to prevent him from interfering in the match, something that he’s not too keen about.


This is a low rent fed and Slugger looks like a reject out of the No Limit Soldiers with those fatigues he’s wearing.  Papa’s got some nice sounding chops.  He makes the cover after a neckbreaker and the referee starts to count, but stops at two and points out that you can only win by retrieving the belt that’s above the ring (that looks like a genuine spot to confirm the rules to the crowd as opposed to him forgetting).  Papa’s not happy he stopped counting and shoves the official who shoves him back.  They’ve clearly been watching their Earl Hebner spots as Don bumps for him!  Homicide repeatedly rolls out the way of a trio of falling headbutts and then hits a succession of elbows from the canvas, middle and top turnbuckles.  He gets a two count as someone from the crowd shouts “it’s a ladder match ref!”  Exploder suplex by Papa and he goes outside to collect the ladder.  After putting them on the apron he stops to say something to one of the fans, that’s long enough for Homicide to get back to his feet and dropkick the ladder into him when he turns around.  He places the ladder in the corner across the bottom ropes, but what he had planned we’ll never know as Papa with a drop toe hold on the charging Homicide sending him crashing head first into them.  Clothesline over the top to the outside.  He rests the ladders on the top rope, runs up them, but comes up short on his dive completely missing his opponent.  Homicide with a quick thinking suplex on the metal ramp way to try and put a stop to those “you f*cked up” chants.  Back inside and Papa slams Homicide onto the ladder before coming off the top with a big splash.  He starts to climb the ladder, slowly, but a Homicide top rope flying clothesline puts a stop to that.  Now it’s his turn to try and grab that belt, however as he’s climbing Papa gets underneath and powerbombs him off the ladder.  Don has another go at retrieving the title, but stops half way up and dives at Homicide who catches him with an ‘Ace Crusher’ in a very unnatural looking spot.  He props the ladder up in the corner and powerslams Papa into it.  Homicide collects a second ladder from underneath the ring and this one is about twice the size of the original.  An ugly looking collision sees the two of them run into each other.  Papa throws a chair at Homicide (presumably for some kind of ‘Van Daminator’) but then turns to the crowd and when he turns around, Homicide throws it back at him and kicks it in his face after he’s caught it.  Don blocks a suplex onto the ladder and counters with a Russian legsweep onto it instead.  A superplex while stood on the bent ladder doesn’t come off as it collapses whilst he’s climbing.  Diving headbutt off the top, but Papa hurts his own head in the process.  There’s not much in the way of selling here as Papa is right back up after being squashed  under a Homicide senton onto the ladder, replying with a ‘death valley driver’.  He sets those ladders up and they go all the way to the roof of the building by the look of it.  STF by Homicide, Papa taps but no submissions here!  Crazy assed cannonball through the middle and top ropes putting Don through a table that he’d propped against the wall and laid him on.  A bunch of randoms then show up and attack Slugger.  They get the keys to the handcuffs off the ring announcer, free ‘the Sure Thing’ and cuff Slugger to the bottom rope, beating on him in the process.  For some reason they leave Homicide be, ‘Cop Killa’ and he climbs the ladder to grab the ‘All Borough’ title belt.  Now the match is over the randoms jump on Homicide until Slugger somehow frees himself and makes the save, dishing out a trio of poor looking chokeslams culminating with one on Johnny boy.  Da Hit Squad, Low Ki and a bunch of others are out to celebrate with Homicide, and as the randoms leave it turns out one is Julius Smokes.  Yeah, yeah, yeah!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!


I said after the West Side Playaz/Massaro & Frantz tag that there is an issue where these indie promotions feel as though they have to go long, and here is another prime example of that.  This goes around 28 minutes for the match itself and probably should’ve been around half that at the most.  It didn’t flow well at all, there was little in the way of selling after a big move and this was way too co-operative between the wrestlers.  You had Papa on more than one occasion blatantly time wasting to make sure Homicide was ready for the next spot (when he placed the ladders on the apron, the Van Daminator, the blatant slow climbing) and that Ace Crusher was ludicrous.  The ending was flat out weird with ‘the Sure Thing’s’ men attacking Slugger to free Shane from him, but then just letting Homicide to go on his merry way, collect the belt and retain the title.

In Topic: The Rock & Earl Hebner vs Road Dogg, X-Pac & HHH (WWF SmackDown 05/04...

17 October 2017 - 08:54 AM

The McMahon-Helmsley regime arrive at the arena and they’re here in force tonight, as not only is there D-X, but also Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as well as the women.  ‘The Regime’ heads out in front of the crowd and Vince starts talking about the town they’re in, Richmond, VA.  As it’s the hometown of Earl Hebner, the man reinstated by his wife Linda, the man who counted Triple H’s shoulders to the mat when he lost the WWF title, he thinks it’s only right that he returns to the ring tonight.  He’ll not be returning as a referee though.  Tonight he’ll be having his very first match, and if he disobeys his orders that means he will have breached his contract and he’ll be fired again, only this time he will stay fired.  It won’t be fair for Earl to have to face singles competition in his very first match, tonight he will have a tag team partner, The Rock, and they will face X-Pac & Road Dogg & Triple H in a handicap match.  He goes on to announce that this match will be for the WWF World title, and if either Rock or Earl get pinned, The Rock will lose the belt.  Mr McMahon is supremely confident with those stipulations, and even goes on to say that history will be created in Richmond, VA and a new World Wrestling Federation champion will be crowned!


Backstage interview, and Kevin Kelly doesn’t know how The Rock is going to be able to get out of this one with the way the McMahon-Helmsley era are putting the screws on him.  The Rock doesn’t say much (although when you’re dripping in charisma you don’t need to), but does close by talking about rolling X-Pac, Road Dogg and Triple H up into a ball and shoving them up their candy asses!


Triple H has his arm in a sling, and the odds are stacked even more against The Rock/Hebner duo as there is a grand total of six people in the corner of the D-X team.  Rock hammers away at the Road Dogg.  Whip to the corner, Dogg stuns him with a back elbow, but Rock then levels him with a clothesline.  Thumb to the eyes and he pulls Rock into their corner so they can double team him.  Rock fires back on X-Pac and a tilt-a-whirl slam.  He makes the cover, Road Dogg is in to break it up, but Rock moves out the way and he drops an elbow on his own partner.  Triple H with a lariat and a right hand to ‘the Great One’.  Rock reverses things and unloads with some strikes of his own, before dragging ‘the Game’ over so Earl can slap him (to a huge pop!).  He tears off his sling and concentrates his attack on that injured arm.  Triple H ducks under a swinging blow and a neckbreaker stops Rock in his tracks.  As X-Pac goes to town on him, Earl is in to try and help his partner.  Referee Mike Chioda sees him coming though and as he tries to get him back on the apron, it just allows D-X to double team him some more behind the his back.  A bodyslam by the Road Dogg followed by a ‘shake, rattle and roll’ kneedrop for two.  X-Pac with a spinning heel kick and a clothesline sending Rock over the top rope and to the outside.  With ‘The Regime’ doing their best to distract Chioda, HHH attacks ‘the Great One’ on the floor and rams his head into the ring post.  Pac and Dogg goad Hebner to get in the there with them, but he wants no part of the two-on-one odds.  He drops down off the apron, however backs right into Triple H who tosses him into the ring.  Before they’re able to do anything to him though, The Rock is back and clears the ring with X-Pac taking a wild bump over the top rope to the arena floor.  DDT on the Dogg and as the Regime try to get involved, a spinebuster to Shane.  Patterson and Brisco are up on the apron but they both get felled (Patterson especially making the most of his moment!).  As ‘the Game’ is about to involve himself again in the action, out comes Chris Jericho who pulls him to the floor and starts pummelling him.  Vinnie Mac is around to help his son-in-law and Chioda has completely lost control as he’s trying to separate them and maintain order.  Inside, and X-Pac is about to crack Rock over the back with a chair when Earl low blows him.  ‘Rock bottom’ on Pac and Rock retains his World title.  D-X jump the Rock and Triple H lays him out with a pedigree while the McMahons hold Earl back (Y2J is apparently out of it at ringside at this point although we don’t see what happened).  The McMahons then throw Hebner into the ring and after a couple of big rights from ‘the Game’ he’s bleeding from the mouth.  The assault doesn’t stop there as Triple H pedigrees him onto a steel chair.  Big Show and Rikishi try to make the save, but despite a bit of success, the numbers are too much.  It’s only when the table carrying Dudleys arrive do the ‘DX Regime’ retreat out of there.  Patterson and Brisco are too slow mind and Rock grabs the pair of them from ringside and launches them both into the ring.  Stinkface on Patterson, superbomb through a table on Brisco and the EMTs are out to wheel Earl out of there on a stretcher.


Fun match and much better than I expected.  Smartly booked to keep Earl out of there until the finish, so it was ultimately a ‘three on one’ bout.  X-Pac is someone who I’ve really been enjoying in the rewatch and that was no different here.  Rock defies the odds to retain his World title, and we have a lengthy and intense post-match beatdown with Earl busted up and bleeding from the mouth to put the heat back on DX.  Pretty big moment for the Dudleys here in the mix with the top players and ultimately being the ones who put an end to the attack.

In Topic: Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit (WWF SmackDown 05/04/00)

17 October 2017 - 06:34 AM

Richmond’s own Earl Hebner getting an entrance again!  Jericho and Benoit are forehead to forehead like rutting stags!  They trade slaps, double leg takedown by ‘the Crippler’ and the pair end up rolling to the outside.  They’re straight back in the ring though and Benoit with a short lariat.  Flying forearm by Y2J, then the two just trade blistering knife edge chops.  Jericho is the first to want out of that and goes to ‘the Crippler’s’ eyes.  Tiger driver, but as he goes for the Lionsault, Benoit snatches him off the ropes and hits a trio of rolling German suplexes for a near fall.  Jericho with a spinning heel kick busting ‘the Crippler’s’ nose in the process.  As a receipt, Benoit then just destroys him with more chops.  Whip to the turnbuckles, but Jericho gets an elbow up to his charging opponent.  Missile dropkick off the middle and a bulldog for two.  Great roll up counter off the attempted stomachbreaker by Y2J for another close count.  Belly to back suplex by ‘the Crippler’ who then heads upstairs for the diving headbutt, however Jericho falls into the ropes causing him to crotch himself (and he does this bump so well).  Jericho is up with him for the superplex, but Benoit with some rapid fire headbutts and Y2J falls backwards to the canvas.  Sunset flip off the top, Jericho rolls through though and he’s looking for ‘the Walls’.  A stiff kick to the face puts a stop to that, and Benoit counters into the crossface.  Jericho fights his way out and then Benoit picks him up for another belly to back, only this time dumping him over the top rope and to the arena floor.  Hebner prevents him from going out after him, and after exchanging words they get into a shoving contest.  Earl comes out on the wrong side of that one and takes a spill through the ropes and to the outside.  Still distracted by Hebner, Jericho clocks Benoit with the I-C title, Lionsault and Earl ducks back in to count the fall and we have a new champion.


Great TV match.  The physicality and intensity was there as usual with these two, but there felt like an added edge, stiffness to things.  The chops they were throwing were just brutal and you had Jericho busting Benoit’s nose, kicks to the face and knee strikes too.  As well as that there were some real nice counters such as the rolling Germans off the Lionsault, the roll up off the stomachbreaker that were new.  Earl Hebner was again trying to show his authority, probably too much, but at least Benoit didn’t bump for him off a shove and it was he who took the spill.  Even the non clean finish for the title change didn’t bother me after the match they’d put on and protects it Benoit at the same time.

In Topic: Edge & Christian vs The Big Show & Rikishi (WWF Raw is War 05/01/00)

17 October 2017 - 06:32 AM

Edge and Christian make their entrance via the ramp way as opposed to coming through the crowd.  Edge realises that everyone is disappointed that they didn’t do that “mysterious running through the crowd thing”, but ever since they won the WWF tag titles, it’s become a bit too much!  He doesn’t want all their fans to think they’ve turned their back on them though, so for the next five seconds they will generously pose for those with the benefit of flash photography!  Rikishi and Show answered their open challenge and Show is still doing the impersonation gimmick.  ‘Showkishi’ calls on the champions and drops them both with a headbutt.  He whips Edge into the turnbuckles, then Christian and squashes them both with a running splash.  Rikishi continues where his partner left off, and Edge just about avoids being on the receiving end of a sit down splash when attempting a sunset flip.  Double clothesline to the champs.  Show presses Christian and throws him at Edge.  Big boot and he signals for the chokeslam, however Edge clocks him with the ring bell for the DQ.  Rikishi drops the two of them with thrust kicks and they position them for stereo Bonzai splashes, but Edge and Christian are able to roll out the ring in time.  As they head to the dressing room they’re met by Road Dogg and X-Pac who drag them back to the ring.  A pair of ass first splashes in the corner and stereo stinkfaces on the champions, before Rikishi and ‘Showkishi’ dance, with Show even busting out a Rick Rude hip gyration.


Not a lot to this before the DQ finish.  Edge and Christian were in the ring for the duration of the match, always two against one, and I think they got one offensive move in (Christian’s dropkick to a seated Rikishi after he missed the sit down splash).  Don’t really know what the purpose was, unless it was for Show to cosplay again, as the match didn’t benefit the champions at all.