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In Topic: Scott Hall vs Jeff Jarrett (WCW Thunder 02/09/00)

Today, 08:50 AM

Thunder opens with a Jarrett interview and he’s now the Commissioner in WCW.  He says that Scott Hall was going into business for himself, was trying to pass him by and take his title belt, and that’s why he cracked him over the head with a guitar on Monday.  He’s promised to make Sid’s life a living hell until Superbrawl, so tonight he’ll be facing Big Ron and Heavy D in a tag team match with Terry Funk as his partner, when come Superbrawl he’ll be the new world Heavyweight champion.  The Wolfpac music plays and out comes Scott Hall.  He tells Jeff how that when he arrived in WCW they welcomed him into his clique, but now he thinks he’s running the shizow.  Jarrett says he is running the show, he’s the Commissioner and everyone knows it.  Hall says that he thought he was the ‘acting’ Commissioner until the real Commissioner comes back?  At which point he introduces his buddy, the real Commissioner, Kevin Nash.  Nash appears on the big screen in what is probably some sort of pre-tape and is getting looked after by a couple of nurses.  He tells Jeff that he’s made some mistakes, he screwed his buddy over, and to make it right he’s making a match between Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett for tonight with the winner getting the World title shot against Sid at Superbrawl.  Jarrett isn’t happy at all and then Hall takes a survey ‘for old times sake’, where it would seem that everyone came to see the Outsiders and not Jeff Jarrett.


Onto the match later in the show.  Jarrett comes charging at Hall after he throws a toothpick at him, he ducks a right then drops him with one of his own.  A couple more big rights and a clothesline sends Jarrett flying over the top rope to the floor.  The Harris twins are up on the apron trying to distract Hall, but it’s not working this early.  Razor’s Edge attempt is reversed and Jeff back bodydrops Hall over the top to the outside.  Big Ron and Heavy D put the boots to him before throwing him back inside.  Jarrett chokes Hall over the middle rope but ends up crotching himself as he takes a running jump and Hall moves out the way.  As the referee checks on Jeff, one of the twins with a clothesline to Hall.  Only a two count though as he is able to get his foot over the ropes.  Jarrett with a sleeper, belly to back suplex to break the hold and the crowd are really into this.  Hall blocks a right and fires back with some of his own.  Fallaway slam, Razor’s Edge and Jarrett’s feet weakly collide with Mickey Jay knocking him out.  Hall with the Edge but no referee to make the count.  He goes to check on the official, Jarrett is back to his feet and ‘the Stroke’ to Hall.  Mark Johnson sprints down the aisle and into the ring to count the three.  Mickey Jay has regained his senses by now and with him as the assigned official, restarts the match.  He’s quickly distracted by one of the twins and Jarrett nails Hall in the head with the ring mic.  Great near fall as Hall kicks out at the last moment.  More distraction and this time Jarrett grabs his US title belt.  Hall ducks out the way, boot to the mid-section and he drops it.  Hall slugs Jarrett KO’ing him, Jay turns around to make the count (although clearly not concerned why the belt is in the ring and right next to where he is making said count!) and Johnson pulls him out the ring at two.  He tries to tell him what Hall just did when out comes Sid Vicious.  Johnson tries to escape into the ring but Hall gets hold of him.  Razor’s Edge to Johnson, Sid with a powerbomb on Jarrett and Mike Tenay announces that the match is a no-contest and wonders who’ll get the title match at Superbrawl, as the show goes off the air with Sid and Hall eyeing each other up.


This felt a tad rushed, but was action packed and both worked hard.  Hall is a strange one because you see him in a match like this putting in the effort, then you can see him completely coasting through a match, doing almost a parody of wrestling.  The crowd was hot and really got into things as the action progressed.  I enjoyed the first part of a lot, but it was far too overbooked after the re-start.  There is definitely a great match in there somewhere between these two.

In Topic: Scott Hall vs Sid (WCW Monday Night Nitro 02/07/00)

Today, 07:47 AM

Hall throws his toothpick at Sid who responds with a right dropping him.  Some more of those awful punches of his, a clothesline in the corner, chokeslam (which looks awkward) and this could be over early.  Sid doesn’t go for the cover giving Hall time to recover.  Eyepoke and Hall shows him how to throw a punch.  He picks him up for a fallaway slam, although Nick Patrick is standing far to close and you know what’s coming next.  Ref bump on the slam and Sid rolls all the way out the ring.  Hall calls out Jeff Jarrett and they double team Sid on the outside.  With his work done Jarrett heads to the badck and Hall with the Razor’s Edge on Sid.  Jarrett sees this, returns to the ring and an argument ensues as they were only supposed to wear Sid down for Superbrawl, Scott wasn’t supposed to beat him and become the World champion.  Jarrett breaks his guitar over Hall’s head, puts Sid on top and he retains his belt.  As he leaves Jarrett tells Scott Steiner and the Harris twins they’re either with him or ‘that bitch’.


Not much to this.  Sid still can’t punch and Hall’s selling was OTT in the early portion.  Impressive stuff with him getting Sid up for the Razor’s Edge mind.  Liked the idea of dissension in the NWO, although I don’t know why he thought Hall ‘wouldn’t’ pin Sid to become the World champion if he had the chance?  If he only wanted to wear him down, Jarrett should’ve just ran in for a DQ finish and that way there was no way Hall would go against his wishes.

In Topic: David Flair vs Terry Funk (WCW Monday Night Nitro 02/07/00)

Today, 07:45 AM

We start off with some clips from the Clash IX ‘I Quit’ match between Ric Flair and Terry Funk.  David comes out with Crowbar and Daffney but he sends them to the back as he wants to do this on his own.  Funk takes the mic and gives David one chance to say ‘I Quit’ before this goes any further, however David tells him he’ll got to hell before he’s quitting.  Funk says he knows Ric is in the back so why doesn’t he come out to face him?  He knows he’s been World champion 14 times but that means he’s lost the belt 14 times.  He says he’ll kick his ass for a 15th time when David nails him in the back with a chair.  Five unprotected chair shots to Funk’s head with David asking him if he quits, and the Funker falls out the ring and to the floor.  He reverses and Irish whip into the guard rail and follows up with two piledrivers on the floor with Funk imploring Ric to come and save his son while he’s still alive.  Piledriver through a table and Funk pulls out another one from under the ring.  He again calls Ric out and tells him he’s going to break David’s neck and gives him five seconds to come down.  When he doesn’t, Funk calls him ‘a filthy bastard’ and says he doesn’t need to beat on this kid any more.  He’ll quit tonight, but he damn sure isn’t quitting when he gets Ric in the same kind of match.


We return from a break and Arn Anderson is with Mike Tenay.  He says that guys like Terry Funk and Ric Flair made him proud to call himself a wrestler, but after seeing what happened…  That’s one beating that David Flair didn’t have to take.  Terry Funk didn’t have to make an example out of a twenty year old kid, he didn’t have to use him as a pawn and Ric Flair didn’t have to let it happen.  Somewhere in this building he’s with three broads dancing around trying to be Ric Flair when he should’ve been that kid’s father and stopped it.  Every one has been asking him whose side he’s going to take, but after Terry Funk did that and Ric Flair let it happen, for the first time in his life he’s going to bow out, because that made him sick to his stomach and he doesn’t want any part of it.


More angle as opposed to match, and for the better seeing that David Flair was involved.  Funk can still do crazy, but not quite as crazy as ten years ago.  Weird dynamic as I couldn’t work out who was meant to be the heel and who the face between Ric and Funk.  The interview from Arn at the end of this was excellent.

In Topic: Bull Buchanan & Nick Dinsmore vs Trailer Park Trash & Jebediah (OVW 0...

Yesterday, 06:08 AM

Trash and Jebediah are with Dean Hill and he says how the suspense is building about who their mystery partner is for the River City Rumble.  Trash says all they’ve heard recently is the Suicide Blondes going on about how they don’t have a partner, but the fact of the matter is they do.  When Dean tries to get a hint on who it is, Trash says that everyone will find out at the Louisville Gardens and they’re not going to give anything away.  They are joined by Jason Lee and Rip Rogers and Lee says that they don’t know who their partner is.  They’ve searched every bar, every dive restaurant, have been down on every corner and out on every street and they can’t find anyone, as no-one wants to help them in their fight with the Suicide Blondes because they’re scared of his main blood, Derrick King.  Rogers wants them to give them a clue as it can’t be anyone too scary, and they promise not to faint!  Jebediah says do they promise not to faint, Lee puts his hand on his heart and then Jeb gets them to play their man’s music.  Out walks Russ McCullough and Lee and Rogers back off, not so smug and confident now!


Buchanan has got a haircut like Rick Cornell’s, shaved all the way over bar a ponytail at the back.  Dinsmore says that Bull and he are going to be the insurance policy at the Louisville Gardens, guaranteeing that Rob Conway and the Damaja won’t prevent Kenny Bolin from beating the ‘you know what’ out of Jim Cornette.  Onto the match and Dinsmore with a leapfrog and a hip toss which Trash blocks and turns into a sit out powerbomb.  Tag to Bull and Trash with a crossbody but he catches him.  Dinsmore then with a dropkick to the back of Bull and he falls forward slamming Trash to the canvas in the process.  An awkward Irish whip reversal and Bull leaps to the second rope and comes off with a clubbing blow to TPT.  Dinsmore misses a diving headbutt and he gets the tag to Jebediah.  He unloads on both, but as he is doing so, the Southern Blondes are out and attack Trash on the other side of the ring.  Jeb goes for a chokeslam on Dinsmore but Bull nails him from behind.  It’s 2 on 1, and with Trash helpless from the beating, Russ McCullough is out to help his River City Rumble partner, although that gives the heels the DQ win.  As McCullough has Dinsmore up in the chokeslam he’s then attacked by Mr Black who bodyslams him.  The heels beat them down until the Damaja and Rob Conway make the save with Cornette cutting a promo on commentary for the six-man and how once Buchanan and Dinsmore are gone, he’s going to kick Kenny Bolin’s ass.


Enjoyed all this.  Everyone was more than capable when it came to cutting a promo, although the standouts were Trash and Jason Lee, while Nick Dinsmore was much better than I expected.  I liked Dinsmore more here than in the singles he had with Conway, and he’s clearly far above everyone else in the match (although I continue to be impressed with Trailer Park Trash).  Jebediah doesn’t look that good and Bull still comes across green, which is strange considering he was in SMW in 1995 so clearly isn’t a young rookie.  The match served its purpose building two matches for the River City Rumble (Trash & Jeb & McCullough vs Blondes & Rogers, Dinsmore & Bull & Bolin vs Conway & Damaja & Cornette) and the finishing brawl and commentary/promo from Corny got me wanting to see that match.

In Topic: Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair (WCW Monday Night Nitro 02/14/00)

Yesterday, 05:52 AM

Hot crowd and theyre chanting Hogans name before theyve even locked up.  Collar and elbow tie up, Flair backs Hulk into the corner but he powers through and sends Ric flying backwards.  A couple of shoulder charges from the Naitch and he comes out on the short end of things, and his bad decision making continues as goes for a test of strength.  Hogan clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor and the two fight on the outside for a bit until the Hulkster throws him back in the ring.  Flair with some chops that have no effect, Hulk grabs him around his neck and the Naitch with a low blow.  He then turns his attention to Hogans bad knee (hes wearing a bandage under his knee pad) and concentrates his attack there.  Fugure Four, however Hogan is able to turn it over and reverse things.  Flair goes to the top turnbuckle but the Hulkster catches him and slams him to the canvas.  Irish whip, Flair with a knife edge chop and Hogan just walks through it.  A series of punches in the corner with the crowd counting along to every one.  He whips Flair to the opposite corner and he takes his flip over the turnbuckles to the apron, and Hogan follows up with a clothesline.  He suplexes Flair back into the ring and the Naitch with a poke to the eyes.  Flair tries to suplex Hogan but his back gives way and he cant manage it.  He KOs him with some brass knux and Jimmy Hart is out to tell Nick Patrick what just happened.  Flair drills Hart, elbow drop to Hogan and he kicks out with authority then Hulks up.  Big boot and the leg drop when hes attacked by Lex Luger for the DQ.  Post-match brawl sees Hart attack Luger in trying to help Hogan, Liz get involved, Terry Funk come out but just get waffled over the back with chair shots and Hogan saving Hart from Lex trying to re-break his hand.  He finally runs the heels off before posing in the ring for the crowd.  When you think its over, Lex Luger runs back down the aisle and nails Hogan over the head with a bat laying him out.  He injures Hogans hand with the chair and attacks him again with the bat until security are able to get him out of there.
The crowd were super hot for this throughout and made the match.  Nothing you wont have seen before, and you probably know how this goes without watching as they run through all their trademark spots.  Hogans pulled punches and kicks look bad, but he does a tremendous job selling the knee.  Biggest downer to the match is Mark Maddens commentary as his incessant cheerleading of Flair grates early and gets more tiresome as the match goes on.  The post post-match attack from Luger was great as I didnt see it coming at all and thought Hogan had run them off.  Highly enjoyable from start to finish.