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In Topic: Ric Blade vs Trent Acid (CZW 06/25/00)

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

An outdoor CZW show!  Lots of audible “Kash-queer” chants and one loud lone voice calling the Backseat Boyz “f*cking fags”.  After being recently fired as a referee, they introduce ‘Discount’ Dewey Donovan as their new manager.  He’s managed to get them out of defending their tag titles today with a bit of contract wrangling, when to ringside walks Ric Blade and Shorty.  You can’t make out everything he says, but he thinks that he deserves a rematch with Trent for the CZW Jr Heavyweight title and the match is made.


Blade takes Trent over the top rope and to the outside with a headscissors, and as Johnny is around to check on his partner, catches them both with a quebrada into a flip dive.  Springboard missile dropkick back inside for two.  After Trent escapes a surfboard, Blade boxes his ears with some kicks, although this is hardly Tajiri or Low Ki dishing out the punishment!  Irish whip is reversed and Kashmere pulls down the top rope as Blade sails over it.  Trent with a plancha off the top turnbuckle to the floor, soon followed by a moonsault bodyblock off a skip, as both Dewey and Johnny hold Blade in position.  Missile dropkick by Trent and Dewey is distracting the official allowing the Backseats to double team behind his back.  Acid heads upstairs, but Shorty swipes a leg out from under him.  Another weak looking distraction spot and Shorty, obviously fancying herself as being the next Lita, goes for a top rope frankensteiner but botches it so badly that it looks like Trent powerbombed her!  Springboard somersault legdrop by Blade for two.  Trent backdrops him over the top rope, however Blade lands on the apron and a slingshot DDT back into the ring.  He sets up a table on the outside, but that works against him as Acid puts him through it with a great looking ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ off the apron.  As the ref starts to count both men out, Dewey sneaks up from behind and clobbers him with his briefcase.  Trent misses a moonsault off the middle and Blade is out and setting up a second table.  Dewey and Johnny snatch him so that Trent can blast him with a chair, but he ends up accidentally hitting Dewey instead.  Blade then kicks the chair into Trent’s own face and lays him on the table.  He climbs up onto the top of a trailer only to overshoot the ‘Swanton bomb’, missing Trent completely, and landing tailbone first on the grass.  Only Ric Blade!  The crowd chant “one more time” and he’s ready to repeat that spot when he’s jumped by the H8 Club.  They give him a few shots before dragging Shorty to the ring and superplexing her through a table.  A couple of officials, Nick Mondo and some medics are out to check on her, and the match just ends with Blade carrying Shorty to the back.


Bar that cool ‘Blue Thunder Driver’ off the apron and through the table I didn’t think this was good at all.  The sequences that these two did looked like they’d been rehearsed and practised meticulously; there was nothing organic about them in the slightest.  The distraction spots were ridiculously bad, and also what is the point of doing distraction spots when earlier in the match Kashmere and Dewey had both been involved right in front of the official’s eyes?  Shorty is the worst and I’m hoping that the injury angle at the end was a way of writing her out and we never have to see her accompanying Blade again.  That botch at the finish was typical Ric Blade, overshooting the Swanton and crashing and burning on the grass.  Didn’t like Trent then having to lie there like a lemon, but at least the H8 Club’s interference and putting a stop to the second Swanton didn’t make it look a preposterous as I thought it was going to.

In Topic: Colt Cabana Cursed In Chicago

04 December 2017 - 07:05 AM

I'd recommend consolidating to one thread versus starting one for each post. Thanks.


Why have you ignored what a mod advised you to do a few months back?



In Topic: Jerry Lawler vs K-Krush (MCW Memphis 07/01/00)

03 December 2017 - 10:15 AM

Krush is accompanied by Bobcat, who Kevin Kelly refers to as “the virtual door knob of Memphis Championship Wrestling” in that everybody has had a turn of her, while Lawler has got The Kat with him.  ‘The King’ reels off a few jokes at Bobcat’s expense, saying that she’s got a lot of class...but it’s all low, and how Krush knew he was bringing The Kat out but the best he could do was one of the Godfather’s girls who lost her seat on the ho train!  Lawler backs Krush into the corner off the lock up and he’s immediately complaining about a non-existent hair pull.  After a bodyslam by ‘the King’ he tells the official to check on Bobcat, but that’s just a diversary tactic as he then drapes Krush over the middle rope so the Kat can slap him.  Bobcat is around to stick up for her man and referee Bill Rush has to get between the two women to stop them tearing clumps out of each other’s hair.  Krush pulls a chain from his pants out of the view of Lawler and Rush, and a rather vocal member of the audience is up and trying to tell them both what he’s doing.  Rush can’t find it on Krush, but the moment he turns his back, he cold clocks the King’ with the chain.  He starts taking it to Lawler, dropping him with a clothesline and a (slow motion) back drop.  There’s no-one home on the slingshot senton and as ‘the King’ goes for a chance pin, Bobcat is in at the count of two to break it up.  She starts stomping Lawler which is enough for the DQ, and that also brings in the Kat as we get an ECW style catfight complete with gratuitous panty shots.


Enjoyable fair here and I liked Krush as an almost old fashioned heel here with his actions and mannerisms.  Nothing world beating or anything, but if you’ve got ten minutes to kill you won’t watch and think you’ve wasted those ten minutes.

In Topic: American Dragon vs Spanky (MCW Memphis 07/01/00)

03 December 2017 - 10:14 AM

First round match in the MCW Light Heavyweight title tournament.  Fabulous Rocker joins Lance and Kevin Kelly on commentary, and apparently Spanky was introduced as Rocker’s ‘big brother’ last week.  Spanky with a drop toe hold, he then runs across the back of Dragon and dropkicks him in the face.  He’d rather gesture to the crowd instead of following up, and Dragon levels him with a big boot to the face.  A unique, if contrived, sunset flip by Dragon after Spanky had whipped him into the corner.  Great counter of the Dragon suplex with a tornado DDT.  Huracanrana, but Dragon reverses the whip to the turnbuckles and nails Spanky with a running forearm smash.  A second forearm smash followed by a stiff clothesline gets him a two.  Rocker is now down at ringside, and after a series of counters and reversals Spanky hits a brainbuster.  Dragon puts his foot over the bottom rope, however Rockers knocks if off before the official sees.  The ref then counts the three and Spanky advances to the next round of the tournament.  Dragon tries to explain to the referee afterwards what happened, but Spanky flees before he can change his decision.


Not overly keen on Spanky being associated with Rocker, hoping that is something that gets quietly forgotten about in the upcoming weeks.  Good short match and one that I preferred to Dragon/Reckless from last week.  The two of them have really got their stuff together down pat now with their sequences all looking really fluid (that Dragon suplex counter was quality).  Spanky gets the cheap win and with the way it happens, the loss doesn’t hurt Dragon one bit.  

In Topic: WCW Wrestlecrap matches

02 December 2017 - 06:48 AM

10.25.99 Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs three strippers (Monday Nitro)


And a few low lights from my PWO2K watching:


03.19.00 Terry Funk vs Dustin Rhodes (bullrope match) (Uncensored PPV)

04.24.00 Sting vs Vampiro (first blood match) (Monday Nitro)

06.11.00 Sting vs Vampiro (human torch match) (Great American Bash PPV)

06.12.00 Ric & Reid Flair vs Vince Russo & David Flair (Monday Nitro)

08.09.00 Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome (flag match) (Monday Nitro)