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In Topic: Survival Tobita vs Bauxite Medium (Saitama Pro 04/29/00)

24 April 2018 - 06:55 AM

This Saitama Pro show is being held in a high school gym and has a larger crowd than the one in December that I’ve already watched.  You’d think it was some A-list celebrity entering the building the way the fans sprint from one end of the arena to the other to get photos of Bauxite, as it is it’s a guy dressed up like a giant robot!  Not only does he look like a robot, but with the short, staccato steps he moves like one too.  It appears Bauxite has no idea what’s going on despite the official trying to point him in the direction of Tobita, seemingly more interested in all the people watching.  A fed up Tobita grabs the ring announcer’s chair, takes a seat and sinks a beer.  He tosses the can away but that finally catches Bauxite’s attention.  Seeing the metal discarded and thrown away like that riles the robot up and he wallops Tobita over the head with one of his metal box hands (something that made me laugh out loud).  He only just beats the ref’s ten count in getting back to his feet and Bauxite then proceeds to continually clobber him around the head and body with those boxed hands.  The match continues in that vane until Tobita picks up one of the ring mats and uses it to knock off Bauxite’s hands.  Fisherman buster!  Tobita with the headscissors choke but the robot doesn’t tap, so he covers him in the mats and piles on top for the cover.


While I had no idea what was going on in December, I sort of got this.  Maybe having watched that previous match I now knew what to expect.  A couple of genuine laugh out loud moments and a fun little ten minutes.  Roll on Drill Baba, Watermelon Head and the Ghost!

In Topic: Best YouTube & Dailymotion Channels

23 April 2018 - 08:41 AM

Youtube is blocked for me at work (so frustrating) or I'd hit you with the MikeMcGirkoff one.


Here's the Mike McGuirkOff one, slightly different spelling so that might be why you struggled to find it on a search.



In Topic: Low Ki vs Mark Reil/Low Ki vs Nick Berk (JAPW 07/14/00)

23 April 2018 - 07:49 AM

Low Ki vs Mark Reil (JAPW 7/14/00)

Billy Reil heads to the ring although he’s not dressed for wrestling.  He says how the last time he was in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Sabu, Low Ki and himself tore the place down, but unfortunately he got injured on another show last Sunday and won’t be able to wrestle tonight.  If anybody deserves the JAPW Light Heavyweight title it’s Low Ki, and he invites him to come to the ring so he can hand him the belt.  After Ki joins them, some fan in the front row starts heckling Reil and he completely owns him making him look like a right tit.  Back to business and Reil has got a replacement for himself (so much for just handing the belt over!); he’s looked all over the world and straight from WCW is Marcus Alexander...Reil.


Mark Reil runs out and jumps on the back of Ki, but he treats him as if he’s swatting away a fly; firstly flipping him off, and then when he tries again, giving him a rolling Death Valley Driver.  Billy Reil continues to run his mouth from the outside and with nothing having worked so far, Mark low blows Ki.  Tornado DDT, but he then slips off the ropes on the springboard leg drop attempt.  He gets the expected “You f*cked up!” chants, to which he responds “I know, I know”.  Top rope splash followed by a butterfly suplex for a one count.  ‘Diamond Dust’ and Ki again kicks out of the cover.  Mark hits a ‘Ki Krusher’ as an excited Billy is screaming about him beating him with his own move, although like everything he’s tried to put Ki away with, this didn’t work either.  This looks to have taken it out of Mark who is now breathing heavily and beaten back to his feet by, a fresh as a daisy looking, Low Ki.  Kick to the head, brainbuster, before Ki pulls Mark’s T-shirt over his head and chops his chest.  Mafia kick and one ‘Krush rush’ later and this is all over.


Low Ki vs Nick Berk (JAPW 7/14/00)

Or is it?  After desposing of Mark, Billy tells Low Ki it’s not over yet, and as he’s introducing his next opponent, Ki’s jumped from behind by Nick Berk.  A pair of knife edge chops by Berk and you can see a dismissive look on Ki’s face, almost wishing his opponent to lay them in as these are pretty soft strikes.  Running uppercut in the corner followed by a clothesline.  Ki reverses the Irish whip and then Berk runs into a stiff ‘Mafia kick’.  The stiffness continues in the shape of a couple of European uppercuts, chops, forearms and finally a lariat.  ‘Krush rush’ but Mark Reil, who has stayed at ringside after his match, puts Berk’s foot over the ropes to break the count.  Berk blocks the brainbuster and counters with a suplex.  ‘Dragon sleeper’ and Billy is back doing his commentary over the house mic trying to get a “tap, tap, tap” chant started.  Ki escapes the ‘Berk driver’ and reverses it into a nasty looking ‘Dragon sleeper’ of his own.  Mark is up on the apron so Ki lets go of the submission to deck him before levelling him with a pescado.  Dragon screw leg whip and Ki with a variation on the figure four, however Berk is able to grab his head and turn it into a pinning predicament.  More stiff Ki offense, until Berk with the tip up over him and he hits the ‘Berk driver’.  Billy thinks it’s all over, but not so as Ki kicks out.  Mark is back up on the apron and primed to clobber Ki with the title belt, when Ki reverses things and he accidentally nails Berk instead.  ‘Ki Krusher’ and its back to back victories for Low Ki.  Post-match Billy gives Ki the Light Heavyweight title, but he doesn’t want to win it this way, wants to defeat the champion for it and they agree to a future match when Reil is healthy.


Didn’t care at all for the Mark Reil match (who was spotty and super green) and although Ki ended up blowing it all off, he got in way too much offense when Ki should’ve just squashed him in thirty seconds.  I was surprised at how stiff he was when working with Berk and in hindsight wish they’d given the five minutes or so wasted on the Mark Reil match to this one instead.

In Topic: Time to Boycott ROH cuase of there owners

23 April 2018 - 06:24 AM


The ethos of this forum was always to watch footage before passing judgement.

I have seen your best of lists shodate, you've got people on there for whom there is very scant footage so I am doubtful of your claims.

if you read my HOF topic  i say some are there for historical reasons alone  among not being  other HOF's   what do you mean very scant footage 

such as whom what person who is not just in my hof for historical reasons ie anyone who debuts after 1970  is there very little footage of?


He's referring to your 'Top workers' list where there are plenty of wrestler of whom there is little, if any footage of, and where you flat out admit some of your 'top workers' are there purely for historical reasons!


a few of the peiole in this  list are also on here for historcal reasons i admit that   Orville Brwon the first NWA  Champion   and by all  acount iv read    a  for the time   a top level worker  


In Topic: Reckless Youth v. Christopher Daniels (ECWA 11/25/2000)

21 April 2018 - 06:44 AM

After some nice looking but not consequential opening matwork, Youth busts out an apron DDT, well before apron moves came into vogue.


I was really surprised to see Benoit hit and apron DDT on Regal in their match at the Pillman Memorial back in May of this year.