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In Topic: Wolfie D vs Ali (MPPW TV 04/08/00)

Yesterday, 05:51 AM

PPW title defense for Ali with all the members of The Cartel in Wolfie’s corner.  ‘Evil Knieval’ and Perry James (the lawyer for The Cartel) get in the ring and this distracts Ali allowing Wolfie to jump him from behind.  His chops have no effect and Ali responds with a huge chokeslam.  While this is going on, the official has had enough of The Cartel and orders them all from ringside and to the back.  Press slam, Wolfie with an eye rake and a suplex, but that has as much effect as his chops did!  Ali clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor and follows him out.  He throws Wolfie into the announcing desk and they head to the hallway where he cracks him over the head with a chair before slamming a locker room door shut on his head.  They return to the studio with Wolfie backing off seemingly had all he can take.  Ali forgets about him and goes after ‘Evil’, however Wolfie picks up his motorcycle helmet, puts it on and headbutts Ali.  He doesn’t stay in control for long as Ali ducks a clothesline, boot to the mid-section and a powerbomb.  Powerslam for two.  Whip to the corner is reversed, and Wolfie whips Ali into the official squashing him in the corner (just like the Lawler/Pain match from MCW last week).  Uranage on Wolfie but no referee.  Deon Harlem is in and he gets Samoan dropped and a chokeslam on Perry James as Wolfie is now having to deal with all of The Cartel.  Wolfie grabs Ali and Seven goes to hit him with a stop sign, only for Ali to move and him hit Wolfie instead.  Uranage on Seven.  Ali covers Wolfie and a second referee rushes out and slides into the ring but Wolfie is able to get the shoulder up at two for a great near fall.  As Ali is arguing about the count, Wolfie with a knee to the back which sends him colliding into the replacement official and now he’s down!  ‘Ali Driver’ when Brandon Baxter signals for something, and the lights in the studio go out.  You can still hear action in the ring and the lights comes back on to see both men laid out but with Wolfie covering Ali.  The original referee counts the pin and we have a new PPW champion as The Cartel celebrate.


Good match here with both continuing to look impressive.  Ali controlled the majority of the match and he’s great on offense with his power moves, while Wolfie flew around and bumped for him.  I really liked the brawl into the hallway as it’s the first time in Memphis that the wrestlers going backstage hasn’t seemed contrived (see Wolfie/Smothers from a couple of months back); here it felt like a natural progression of the match.  Finish protected Ali as he was able to handle The Cartel until the odds were just too much and they had to turn off the lights so he couldn’t see what was coming.  If this is the end of Ali in PPW it’s been a fun ride.

In Topic: The Mae Young Classic

23 June 2017 - 04:44 PM

Unless she's some sort of prodigy seems strange putting Taynara Conti in this. I think she's had like three matches total and one of those was a Battle Royal.

In Topic: Deon Harlem, Rob Harlem, Seven, Lance Jade & Havok vs Derrick King, Blake...

23 June 2017 - 07:33 AM

C.B. Wyatt-Hales is out at the start of the show and claims that his ‘dad’, Randy Hales, has fallen back in love with his Mother, is with her now and has appointed him as the new President of Power Pro Wrestling.  As ‘President’, he announces that Ali will defend his PPW title against Brandon Baxter’s Cartel in a 5 on 1 match.  Almost as soon as he’s announced that, Randy Hales arrives in the studio, says that he’s in charge and is ripping up C.B.’s show format.  He’s fed up of all the 5 on 1, the 10 on 1, so at the end of the show today they will have an ‘Evening the Odds Ten Man Brawl’ between Team Power Pro Wrestling and The Cartel (basically War Games without the cage).  There will be three advantage matches thoughout the show and which ever team wins two of those will have the advantage in the main event.


In the advantage matches, Seven beats ‘All That’ Alan Steel, Ali ties it up getting a victory over Lance Jade and finally Rob Harlem defeats Derrick King to give The Cartel the advantage.


Deon Harlem of the Regulators and Derrick King start this one with a new man scheduled to join the fray every minute.  Seven is the second man for The Cartel and a high double press slam on King.  They don’t really make much of their advantage as Deon spends most of the sixty seconds shouting instructions to Seven and telling him what to do.  Blade Boudreaux is followed by the other member of the Regulators, Rob Harlem, and he looks like an unpainted Kamala with his (lack of) physique.  The crowd come alive for the entrance of Ali who takes it straight to The Cartel.  Lance Jade is next only to immediately get backdropped over the top rope and out onto his team mates who were regrouping on the floor.  Ali press slams King and throws him onto The Cartel and a flip dive of his own as everyone is now fighting on the outside.  Alan Steel, Havok and Moondog Spot round out the participants.  Rob with a DDT to King on the platform by the announcer’s desk whilst Spot is waffling Jade with the trash can.  Ali hits Rob with the wooden ring steps, but he gets some revenge, absolutely leathering Boudreaux with a chair.  Spot’s nailing everyone in sight with the trash can, before raplacing that with a chair and carrying on his attack.  King with a superkick to Rob Harlem and then one to Havok.  Alan Steel comes off the top with a splash on Havok and Team PPW are victorious.  The Cartel jump Havok after the match holding him responsible for the loss, with each of them giving him their finisher and continue to beat on him as the show goes off the air.


I thought this was smartly booked.  The heel side aren’t that good, but structuring King, Ali and Spot to come in at one, three and five for the faces meant that if there was a lull (and the match was struggling before the arrival of Ali) the crowd would quickly pick back up.  This was a bit all over the place, and some blood would certainly have helped things and not made the match seem like it was just hitting each other with whatever objects were at hand.  Still it was fairly wild action (especially after Ali arrived and the more I see the more I’m surprised WWE never took a shot on him) and I think I enjoyed it more than everyone else judging by the comments.

In Topic: Steven Regal vs Reckless Youth (MCW TV 04/08/00)

22 June 2017 - 03:24 AM

Regal gives Reckless the chance of “saving himself a bloody good hiding” before this one gets underway.  He advises him to go and take a shower and they can forget all about this as he’s not in his class.  Reckless is going nowhere though and the bell rings to start the match.  Youth with a headscissors and his Lordship’s legs start to twitch and you can see the anger building up in him.  He riles him even more by doing the old Blue Blood strut and playing with his wrists just like Regal.  Double underhook suplex and Regal tells him “to make bloody fun of that sunshine!”.  Uppercut and a strike to the bridge of the nose and Regal continues to make Reckless pay for mocking him.  A series of pin reversals which Youth finally transitions into a Boston crab that Regal is able to power his way out of.  Regal with a couple of forearm smashes to the chest and an uppercut which drops Reckless.  Abdominal stretch with Regal picking up the leg to increase the pressure.  Whip to the corner, however Reckless leaps to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a clothesline.  Dropkick followed by a somersault splash, but Regal responds with a forearm to the chops.  Reckless tries one of his own, which is blocked, so changes tact with a dragon screw.  Dropkick to the leg, kneebar and Regal grabs the ropes for the break.  Sunset flip by Reckless, but Regal’s momentum carries him all the way over and the WOS favourite folding press for the win.  After the match Reckless takes the mic and says how he grew up watching Regal, has nothing but respect for him and that he’s one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the sport today.  He tells him it’s always a learning experience against him and would like to shake his hand.  Regal ignores the hand and exits the ring saying “why would he want to shake hands with this grubby little urchin!”


I said how after last week I didn’t think this venue was conducive for wrestling due to how quiet the crowd were, but these two certainly got a reaction out of them.  Really enjoyed this with the crafty veteran who had too much for the young up and comer.  There is a real viciousness in Regal’s uppercuts, forearms and the strike to the bridge of Youth’s nose.   Liked Youth’s change of tact towards the end with the dragon screw and focussing on Regal’s leg and nice to see a folding press on US tv!  I didn’t have a problem with the post match and Regal blowing off Reckless’ handshake as it just makes him comes across as an even bigger dick.  Having checked out the spreadsheet looking forward to the rematch.

In Topic: Jerry Lawler vs Bull Pain (MCW TV 04/01/00)

22 June 2017 - 03:24 AM

This was the final of the Southern Heavyweight title tournament.  Pain had advanced over Steven Regal via an incredibly lame DQ earlier in the show, and Lawler had defeated Masked Man #1 after a piledriver.  Commissioner Bruce Prichard is absent and Guy Coffey can’t believe he’s missing the most important night in the company’s history so far.  He therefore declares himself ‘acting’ Commissioner and as his first duty appoints Bill Dundee as the special referee for the tournament final.


Pain sneak attacks Lawler on the outside before he even makes it to the ring.  When they get inside Lawler starts to fire back with some rights but Bill Dundee is in to warn him about using a closed fist.  Bull with a headbutt and when ‘The King’ rolls to the floor, double axe handle from the apron on to him.  Pain rams him into the ringpost and then cracks him over the head with a can of beer that Al K. Holic had given him.  Lance Russell is getting more frustrated with Pain’s tactics and Dundee not enforcing the rules “this is a championship match and let’s have some championship reffing!”  Sit down legdrop and Lawler gets his foot over the ropes to break up the pin.  Al K. passes Bull some camera cable and he ties that around ‘The King’s’ neck and drags him across the ring.  Instead of trying to put a stop to this, Dundee exits the ring and chases after Al K.  Headbutt to the groin and as Dundee has words with Pain, Al is choking Lawler behind his back.  Lance seemingly tries to get Dundee’s attention “Hey Bill, look at this guy!”, while David Jett tells him to stay out of the match as he’s supposed to be objective and impartial.  He then accuses him of just being another of ‘The King’s’ buddies and wonders if this is Jerry Lawler’s birthday party?  Dundee gets bumped after Lawler reverses an Irish whip and whips Bull into him, although even though he sees ‘The Superstar’ go down, he covers Pain!  With the referee out of it, Todd Morton is down and decks ‘The King’ with a chain.  He rolls Pain on top of him and a groggy Dundee counts the three.  As Dundee is about to hand Bull the belt, acting Commissioner Coffey points out Todd Morton on the floor, explains what happened and ‘the Superstar’ restarts the match.  Bull goes back to working over Lawler, but he telegraphs a backdrop and ‘the King’ counters with a piledriver.  Morton is in to break up the count and Dundee calls for the bell disqualifying Pain due to the interference.  Yup, they crowned their first champion on a DQ finish!  After Dundee hands Lawler the belt, the three KAW guys attack them both as the show goes off the air.


I actually watched this one twice.  First of all I’m not convinced that the venue is conducive for wrestling in the first place as the crowd always seems so quiet (don’t know whether they are or whether it’s the acoustics).  As I was watching the opening brawl (which wasn’t bad), I kept thinking how this would come across better in the Memphis studios that Power Pro Wrestling use.  From the moment Pain started to choke Lawler using the cable though, the match quickly went down the pan.  Why did Dundee just leave the ring to chase aftrer Al K.?  Why didn’t he DQ Pain?  Lawler is a smart guy so why did he cover Bull when he knew the referee was down?  I’m not a huge fan of restarts because more often than not the match is over soon after it’s been restarted (and that was the case here).  The finish was beyond awful, especially as it was to crown the companies first champion.  Lawler should’ve just got the pin after the piledriver and then been attacked by the Kick Ass crew.  Worth watching for Lance Russell’s commentating and seeing him slowly get more and more annoyed with things, but that’s it.