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21 March 2017 - 03:47 AM

I'm only going to watch US based stuff, and the likelihood is I'll pick and choose as I don't think I'll have the time to watch everything (which is what the plan at first was).  I'm doing it by promotion and sometimes I'll list everything for the month, sometimes a top three.  I'll come back and update as I got and lets see how long this lasts!
January 2000
1. Low Ki vs Ric Blade (1/8)
2. Ian Rotten vs Madman Pondo (1/8)
Memphis (MPPW & MCW)
1. Steve Bradley vs Ali (MPPW 1/22)
2. Steve Bradley vs Trailer Park Trash (street fight) (MPPW 1/8)
3. Bill Dundee vs Todd Morton (MCW 1/29)
4. Rico Constantino vs Steve Bradley (MPPW 1/15)
5. Tracey Smothers vs Ali (MPPW 1/29)
6. Tracey Smothers vs Nick Dinsmore (MPPW 1/22)
NWA Wildside
1. A.J. Styles vs Jesse Taylor (1/15)
2. Bad Attitude vs Jerry Lynn & Kid Kash (1/29)
3. Rukkus vs White Trash vs Q-Sic vs Damian Steel vs Toad (Hardcore Elimination Rumble) (1/8)
4. Jorge Estrada vs K-Krush (1/8)
5. Jeff G. Bailey vs Stone Mountain (1/29)
1. Trailer Park Trash & Jebediah vs Bull Buchanan & Mr Black (no DQ) (1/22)
2. Bull Buchanan & Nick Dinsmore vs Trailer Park Trash & Jebediah (1/15)
3. Rob Conway vs Nick Dinsmore (1/8)
1. American Dragon vs Buster Time (1/22)
2. Spanky vs Rudy Boy Gonzalez (1/22)
3. American Dragon vs Spanky (1/1)
4. American Dragon & Spanky vs Rudy Boy Gonzales & Bonecrusher (1/8)
5. American Dragon & Spanky vs Board of Education (1/29)
WCW 'C' Shows
1. La Parka & Silver King vs Villano IV & V (Saturday Night 1/29)
2. Lash LaRoux vs Kaz Hayashi (Saturday Night 1/29)
3. 3 Count vs PG-13 & Chavo Guerrero Jr (Saturday Night 1/15)
4. Chuck Palumbo vs Rick Cornell (Worldwide 1/22)
5. Tracey Smothers vs Barbarian (Worldwide 1/29)
6. Mark Jindrak vs Elix Skipper (Saturday Night 1/15)
7. Silver King vs Barry Horowitz (Saturday Night 1/15)
8. Steven Regal vs Rob Williams (Saturday Night 1/29)
9. Tommy Rogers vs Kid Romeo (Saturday Night 1/29)
10. Scott Armstrong vs Chavo Guerrero Jr (Saturday Night 1/22)
11. PG-13 vs David Flair & Crowbar (Saturday Night 1/22)
12. Kid Romeo vs Chavo Guerrero Jr (Worldwide 1/29)

Keith Haward vs Chic Cullen (Joint Promotions, 03.05.84)

18 May 2016 - 07:16 AM

This is a more aggressive match than the one Haward had with Clive Myers and is all ground based.  They get so much out of the simple things such as arm and wrist levers here.  The third round sees Cullen start to focus his attention to Haward's left leg and we see some really nice selling from Haward, nothing too over the top, just believable.  Cullen continues to concentrate on the left leg in to the fourth, however as both wrestlers are on their feet and he has hold of it, Haward leaps up over the top of Cullen and rolls him up from behind for the pin.  Haward gets fired up after Cullen stamps on his hands in the next round following a knucklelock posting him hard into the turnbuckles, so hard in fact that referee Ken Joyce loses his footing.  A second posting from Haward, but Cullen comes out and catches him in a small package to tie things up.  The aggression continues into the third fall predominantly from Haward, and when Cullen has him in a side headlock Haward belly to back suplexes him over the top rope to the floor.  Unfortunately, Haward then proceeds to throw himself over the top rope to the floor and Ken Joyce informs us that both wrestlers are injured and the bout is stopped and ruled a draw.


Despite the shitty finish (primarily the bump from Haward, as if they'd just had Cullen take the fall from the belly to back and announced he was injured and couldn't continue it would have been far more plausible.  They could even have then done that Haward didn't want to take the win that way, and still declared it a draw) this was a solid match.  Very different to the one with Myers as it is less high impact, but if you enjoy matwork, isolating a body part, selling, you'll enjoy this.  Just prepare for yourself for the terrible ending! 

Jim Breaks vs Sammy Lee (Joint Promotions, 07.15.81)

18 May 2016 - 07:14 AM

Breaks is sporting a silver jacket with the words 'CHAMP' on the back and shoves Lee during the referee's instructions.  Lee starts skipping and bouncing around the ring which doesn't impress Breaks; some flashy kicks, a backflip and someone from the crowd yells 'sort him out Sammy', which receives a 'shut yer mouth' response from Breaks.  A super quick leg trip takedown from Lee, an Indian Deathlock and Breaks crawls to the ropes for the release.  He gets up and points his finger to Lee whilst mouthing off at him.  Breaks again has resort to grabbing the ropes to break a Lee submission, and then he's not happy when in his eyes Lee doesn't break the hold quickly enough.  Towards the end of the round he's looking for the Breaks Special and starts to bend the rules, punching and hair pulling behind the referee's back.  The cheating continues into the next round, but as he's choking Lee on the ropes he tries to propel him backwards to the canvas but Lee pulls out a backflip, Mongolian chops and a folding press for the pin.  The crowd starts chanting 'easy, easy', which does little to ease Breaks' temper.  Breaks opens the next round with yet more closed fists to the face behind the referee's back, this time Lee retaliates finally having enough of Breaks' persistent rule breaking.  Closed fists to the face of Breaks, forearms, a dropkick and then an uppercut, but because he didn't allow Breaks to get back to his feet he gets the first public warning of the match.  The crowd aren't happy, Lee turns his back on Breaks giving him the advantage he needed to drag  Lee down and get the equalizing fall.  The ref finally catches Breaks in the next round giving him his first public warning.  He tries to post Lee, who runs up the turnbuckles and does a backflip, unloads with rapid fire kicks, chops, a reverse kick before getting a folding press for the pin.  As Brian Crabtree is about to announce the result, Breaks goes 'what about the kicking Crabtree?', and then challenges Lee saying he'll wrestle him for money.


This was a very fun sprint, not a great match per se, but highly enjoyable, entertaining and a ton of fun for what it was.

Steve Grey vs Jon Cortez (Joint Promotions, 12.13.73)

18 May 2016 - 07:13 AM

This is one of the earliest Grey bouts on tape, with the only one earlier that I could find being a match against Eddie Capelli from the year prior.  It is also during this bout that Kent Walton informs us how Grey teaches handicraft to OAPs and the handicapped!  Nearly the entire first round of this contest was worked around a headlock, firstly with Cortez in control and then Grey.  After two rounds of straight wrestling Cortez starts to get more aggressive in his offense, firstly palming Grey in the face and then hitting him with a great sounding uppercut.  He cartwheels out of a headmare immediately throwing a dropkick and Walton is not happy with Cortez losing his cool thinking that it could spoil the contest.  Cortez continues to be the aggressor into the fourth giving Grey a shot whilst he is on the ropes and another uppercut.  Grey responds with a dropkick of his own which catches Cortez in the chest.  He does a nice sell job as though he's been winded, even delaying releasing Grey when they are in the ropes on the next move to give him a little bit more time to get his breath back.  Grey lands on his feet from a monkey flip and when Cortez tries it again Grey holds on to the knee as he goes over to take it with him.  The finish comes after Grey again lands on his feet from a monkey flip and surprises Cortez with a dropkick, he follows up with a headmare but Cortez comes back with a cross body for the pin.


A slow burner of a bout as I went in with pretty high expectations from these two.  It really picks up from the third round and it's interesting to see them work for so long just off a headlock

Jon Cortez vs Steve Grey (Joint Promotions, 07.27.81)

16 May 2016 - 09:12 AM

Prior to this match Johnny Saint comes into the ring as this is to be an eliminator for a shot at Saint's World Lightweight title later in the year.  This is fought at a much quicker pace than the previous bout with Cortez having the advantage in the first round, even going for a pin attempt when turning a Grey back hammer escape into a sunset flip.  At the end of the first we see Grey lose his temper thinking Cortez's attack came after the bell.  Into the second and a front head chancery by Cortez which Grey spins out of and again Cortez is not breaking when on the ropes.  Great action towards the end of the second as Grey tries to keep hold of a wrist lever whilst Cortez does all he can to escape.  Full nelson by Cortez which is reversed by Grey, which Cortez then turns it into a crucifix for another pin attempt, but he's not happy with the referee thinking he's slow with his count.  Cortez goes for a straight arm lift submission and then continues to concentrate on this hold, applying it a second time and when he goes for it a third (which could well get him the submission) Grey responds with a forearm smash that drops Cortez who has a look of 'Well the f____, so it's like that is it?' on his face.  The bell rings to end the third but the two continue to argue after the bell with Cortez not happy at all about how Grey got out of the hold.  Both are sweating considerably at this point with Cortez again looking at the left arm of Grey.  Another straight arm lift but Grey escapes the fingerlock, stands on Cortez's shoulder, leaps to the canvas and hits a dropkick.  Cortez barely beats the count and looks shattered.  He bides his time trying to rest in the corner and slowing the pace whilst Grey beckons him to come in to the centre of the ring to continue.  Leg grab from Grey and a kick to the thigh of Cortez and he isn't happy, complaining to the referee again.  Grey has him backed up to the ropes and Cortez strikes him which prompts Grey to retaliate with a forearm to the chest and another kick to the leg.  They again continue arguing after the bell and butt heads this time.  The penultimate round and Grey looks for the surfboard, but has to give up when he can't get Cortez's arms.  Cortez continues to suffer and sells the surfboard attempt nicely with his legs seemingly giving way.  Monkey flip attempt from Cortez and Grey lands on his feet, tries it again but to his dismay he again lands on his feet.  Goes for it a third time, but Grey drops him down for a folding press and Cortez just about kicks out in time and yet again there is more argy after the bell with Grey slapping Cortez.  With one round left, Cortez jumps Grey immediately.  Grey ends up getting his legs caught between the bottom two ropes and falls backwards hanging upside down outside the ring.  The Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance come to help Grey, but the bout is called off with him unable to continue and Cortez is the victor by TKO.


This is a great, great match, and is probably the best match I've watched from 80's WOS so far.  It doesn't have the high impact moves of Haward vs Myers, but I feel is a better match.  The bout is really heated with both being more aggressive than normal (you rarely see Grey like he is in this one), as the added incentive of the title shot against Johnny Saint for the winner gives an added dimension to the contest.  It'll take something special to beat this for my WOS match of the decade.