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Los Gringos (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) vs Eric Matlock & Devin Willis vs Sun...

16 April 2018 - 08:20 AM

I’m assuming then that it must’ve been Matlock & Willis who jumped these two teams at the end of last week’s match then?  Where do I even begin with this cluster of epic proportions?  Fortunately I have no idea who is Eric Matlock and who is Devin Willis (to go along with still being unable to tell Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero apart) which is probably saving me a thousand words at least with how I write these things up!  They work this three way with three men in the ring at once, however because these guys are so inexperienced you’re left with one man literally standing there and doing nothing on several occasions.  The inexperience shows in the amount of blown spots that we get in the opening stretch; Warrior botches an around the world Lucha arm drag slipping off his man, you’ll see the worst ever attempt at the Tajiri handspring elbow, one of the Gringos and Warrior mess up an Irish whip and even a simple double hip toss spot is too much for these to crisply execute at this point!  In between this you have a never ending cycle of pinfalls being broken up which, considering this is elimination rules, makes little sense and is a personal pet peeve of mine.  At one point Willis (I think) is stood on the top turnbuckle for twenty seconds seemingly waiting for Warrior to get into position, he doesn’t, so just jumps anyway and leg drops the mat!  Guys are just coming and going as they please now, not even bothering to tag their partner at times.  Despite this there are some good morsels hidden away in there.  The Gringos have a cool double Japanese arm drag, and the one of them hits the same lightning fast Northern Lights suplex as he did last week.  They also have a double team top rope dropkick (that really should be their finisher) where Tornado is sat on the shoulders of one of the Gringos and the other levels him with a missile dropkick.  While I found the sheer number of blown spots and botches funny, there is one scary moment where Tornado’s top rope rana is supposed to be countered with a powerbomb, but one of the Gringos loses him and takes an awful looking bump that could easily have broken his neck.  The crowd are clearly losing patience, for after Willis blows yet another move (a springboard after draping Tornado over the top rope) the fans start laughing at him.  Twenty minutes in and the wrestlers are notably gassed.  Thankfully we get our first elimination courtesy of a double team side slam/guillotine leg drop by the Gringos on Eric Matlock.  The action becomes more palatable and far less chaotic now that it’s a regulation tag match, however my interest has long since waned.  Sun Warrior picks up the win for his team after a victory roll in a bout that goes over half an hour.  There is some post-match angle where it looks like the Gringos split up (one of them wants to get out of there while the other is more interested in putting a post-match beating on the opposition) but the footage ends before it fully plays out.  Not recommended in the slightest and only saved from bottom spot in my list due to the number of Indy stinkers that we’ve already had this month!

Randy Tyler & Mike Roselli vs C.W. Bergstrom & Mark Large (Portland Total Chaos...

16 April 2018 - 07:23 AM

We get the ring introductions for both teams and then the action jump cuts to a later portion of the match with Large already down and on the mat.  Side headlock that Large is able to power out of with a Blue Thunder Driver, however he’s unable to make the tag to Bergstrom as Tyler grabs his ankle and pulls him back to his own corner.  Roselli drops an elbow and then goes over to taunt Bergstrom on the apron.  It’s a plan to get him into the ring so he can get in some illegal offense behind the referee’s back, something that C.W. falls for hook, line and sinker.  Front headlock by Roselli and Large slowly starts to drive him backwards getting ever closer to Bergstrom.  That brings in Tyler, although it’s just to distract the official who, while dealing with him, misses the tag to C.W.  Tyler gets caught when climbing the turnbuckles and Large slams him to the mat, but then fails to connect on the lariat and runs into a superkick.  Same front facelock, distraction, ref misses the tag spot as earlier.  Large ducks a double clothesline, lands a double dropkick and makes the hot tag, one that the official finally sees!  C.W. cleans house with a pair of bodyslams and a high knee on Roselli, before snatching Tyler and planting him with a chokeslam.  Just as it looks like we might have a title change, at the count of two Roselli is back in the ring and cracks Bergstrom over the back and the head with a chair for the belt saving DQ.


This was fine for what it was and kind of fits in with the way things are in Portland.  Nothing world beating in the way of action, but heels looking to get heat on the faces and cheating in order to do so.  After the couple of IWC SoCal matches I’d just watched, this traditional way of doing things made a very welcome change!

Los Gringos (Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero) vs Sun Warrior & Red Tornado (IWC SoCa...

15 April 2018 - 10:29 AM

Pre-Havana Pitbulls, as Reyes and Romero are going by the ‘Los Gringos’ name, however because there is only one distant hard cam filming this I can’t differentiate between who is who.  It would’ve been the same for their opposition if it wasn’t for the fact you could hear the crowd shouting for them when they were in the ring.  Although this was a tag match it didn’t follow any traditional formula and almost felt like a bunch of singles matches (the fact that the face team only made four tags all match in a longish bout added to that).  ‘Los Gringos’ already look like a decent unit, compact, strong fundamentals and with their double team moves down pat.  Sun Warrior and Red Tornado are both new to me; the former being a Lucha stylist and someone who looks to have plenty of potential (he blows one headscissors badly, but that’s it), while Tornado is greener than his partner and the weakest of the four.  The action is better when Warrior is in with the ‘Gringos’ and it’s very reminiscent of the ROH style from a few years down the line.  Warrior and Tornado have a cool looking springboard ‘Hart Attack’, though it’s only used as a transitional move that they don’t even attempt a pin off.  In fact it would be a better finisher than the one they used to pick up the pin (which was a Warrior moonsault bodyblock followed by a Tornado swanton).  Both teams are jumped by another duo post-match which sets up a three way for next week.

Rob Conway vs Nick Dinsmore (OVW TV 11/4/00)

09 April 2018 - 11:58 AM

The first November ‘Dream Match’ where it will be no time limit, no disqualification and anyone who interferes in the match will be banned from OVW for life.  Aggressive opening by the ‘Iron Man’ who hurls Dinsmore over the top tope to establish that there is no DQ in operation here.  Conway whips ‘Mr Wrestling’ into the turnbuckles, but he comes charging back at him with a lariat.  He follows his opponent’s actions of earlier, unloading with a flurry of punches and kicks in the corner.  Not sure why the ref is counting and trying to get Dinsmore to stop seeing as he can’t disqualify him anyway?  ‘Mr Wrestling’ returns the favour by throwing the ‘Iron Man’ over the top to the outside and then levels him with a flying shoulder tackle off the bottom rope to the floor.  Dinsmore repeatedly slams Conway’s head into one of the metal folding chairs before rolling him back in the ring, Stunner, he makes the lateral press but Conway is too close to the ropes.  The ‘Iron Man’ backs off after a hard knife edge chop, although that’s not stopping Dinsmore.  He whips Conway into the corner, however he avoids the charge and ‘Mr Wrestling’ goes flying shoulder first into the ring post.  The champ then proceeds to deck referee Robert Briscoe as Cornette thinks he’s trying to get a DQ to save his title.  Considering that he threw Dinsmore over the top rope earlier in the match to explain that there was no DQ here, that doesn’t really make much sense.  Belly to belly suplex by ‘Mr Wrestling’ and Kenny Bolin has come to get a closer view of the action.  Dinsmore hits the Lionsault while Corny is yelling about how if Bolin interferes he’ll be banned for life.  He might not have interfered, but he distracted the official enough just by being out there that he bought his man a few vital seconds of time.  Conway grabs the chair which he’d earlier bought into the ring and cracks it over Dinsmore’s head.  Never one for the understatement, Cornette screams that he’s just given him brain damage!  That doesn’t put Dinsmore away though as he gets a shoulder up at the very last moment.  We return from a commercial break just as Conway gets another near fall following a powerslam.  Spinning neckbreaker, but a lackadaisical cover sees Dinsmore kick out.  He immediately goes for it again, this time hooking the leg, although the outcome is the same.  The ‘Iron Man’ once more takes advantage of the match stipulations by piledriving ‘Mr Wrestling’, but whatever he tries is still not enough to get the win.  He sets a chair up in the middle of the ring and slams Dinsmore’s head into it.  Conway climbs to the top turnbuckle and Corny thinks that he’s going to chop ‘Mr Wrestling’s’ head off!  No decapitation here thankfully as Dinsmore moves and the ‘Iron Man’ punches the chair instead.  Dinsmore has got a second wind and one by one members of Bolin Services join the ‘Star Maker’ at ringside.  They (Mr Black, Mark Henry and The Collector) all want to get involved and help Conway out, but Bolin is keeping them back knowing that should they do that they’ll be gone from OVW.  Conway loads the glove, but Dinsmore block the punch with a chair.  Van Daminator, missile dropkick and ‘Mr Wrestling’ regains the OVW Heavyweight title after a German suplex.


I’ll forewarn you that this is probably Cornette at his worst, and considering what we’ve heard already from him this year that’ll give you some idea what to expect here!  He was screaming and shouting so much that by the end of the match he was losing his voice.  I’ve also started to notice his ridiculous exaggerations too (brain damage, chop his head off etc) which are actually quite laughable in hindsight.  Despite Corny though, I enjoyed this.  The ‘no DQ’ added some additional spice to proceedings and both showed aggression that I can’t remember having seen from them before.  I also liked how Kenny Bolin was a torn man, wanting to keep the title in his camp, but at the same time reluctant to risk having one of his men exiled from OVW.  Although not mentioned above, the finish saw Conway bump into Mr Black (who was on the apron) before Dinsmore landed the German suplex which can only cause further friction between them.

Survival Tobita vs Brain & Disaster (Saitama Pro 12/25/00)

06 April 2018 - 02:26 PM

If you’ve never seen Saitama Pro before then there is no ring, just a mat on the floor with a couple of rows of fans sat on each side.  I suppose this is considered a handicap match as Brain & Disaster are two men, although a handicap match like no other as Brain is sat on Disaster’s shoulders.  The two are also holding rods or batons of some description.  Disaster shoves Tobita to the floor, but he loses his balance at the same time and Brain slips from his shoulders.  Tobita gets in a few shots on Brain, despite his efforts to hide behind the back of Disaster, and then takes off around the building with Tobita in pursuit.  He bodyslams Brain on the carpet before returning to Disaster.  Tobita punches him in the head but that has no effect because he’s wearing what looks like a welder’s mask.  Disaster with a headbutt, he then picks Brain up and has him in a piggyback.  Tobita lands a blow on Brain and they fall over again.  Somehow he manages to get back on Disaster’s shoulders and that receives the loudest reaction of anything we’ve seen so far!  Tobita lifts up the ring they’re ‘wrestling’ on, pulls out one of the mats and charges at B&D...who fall over yet again!  Electric chair on Brain, Tobita then applies a headscissors choke on Disaster and he taps out.  Tobita proceeds to hold court chatting to the fans for a further five minutes or so, while Disaster sells that choke and remains laid out on the mat.  After he eventually leaves, some of the seconds carry Disaster to the back.


I was sorting out some stuff from December and saw this match title, which intrigued me, so decided to give it a watch even though it is outside my original perimeters.  I really don’t know what to make of it; it was different though, I’ll give it that!  Every chance I’ll dig out some of the earlier Tobita matches at various points through out the project just for a break from the norm.