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Frankie Kazarian vs Josh Galaxy (IWC SoCal 04/21/00)

20 November 2017 - 10:21 AM

Kazarian is the fan favourite here, while ‘the Golden One’ Josh Galaxy is someone new to me.  They work the opening around a hammerlock, Galaxy with a side headlock, and even though Kazarian shoves him off, Galaxy gets the better of the shoulder tackle.  Kazarian barely manages a nip up so Golden has to delay and wait slightly before the next spot.  A rough looking arm drag from ‘the Future’, followed by a big running splash in the corner.  Golden reverses an Irish whip and Kazarian takes a bump over the top turnbuckle to the outside (although he clearly jumps and launches himself over).  The action continues on the arena floor, but as this is being filmed by one static hard camera focusing on the ring, we don’t see any of it.  Kazarian almost loses his balance on a springboard back in, having to grab the top rope, only for Galaxy to level him with a spear as he’s mid-air for a two.  Frankie ducks a clothesline, jumps to the second rope and springs backwards with a flying elbow.  Big splash off the top, but Galaxy is able to reach the ropes to stop the count.  Slingshot legdrop for two.  Galaxy backdrops Kazarian over the top, however he lands on the apron and a slingshot DDT (which he doesn’t quite get all of) back into the ring for another two.  The ‘Golden One’ reverses an Irish whip, keeps hold of the arm and hits a ‘Downward Spiral’ as the two counts continue.  Elbow off the middle and he still can’t put Frankie away.  Boot to the mid-section by Kazarian, and as Galaxy is hunched over, a somersault legdrop to the back of his head.  A couple of guys then show up at ringside, and as the one distracts the official, the other enters the ring and lays out ‘the Future’ with a modified sit-out powerbomb. He puts Galaxy on top, but Frankie kicks out at the last split second, getting a good reaction from the crowd in the process.  Another random dude is now at ringside, he goes to hit Kazarian, but he moves and clocks Galaxy instead.  Frankie slugs the random, covers Galaxy, and the ref (who was being distracted again) turns around to count the three.  The heels jump Kazarian after the match (including a nice Russian legsweep off the middle as he’s celebrating to the crowd) and I think they set up a match for the following week, although the audio quality on the mic is pretty bad that it’s difficult to fully make out what they’re saying.


Another federation that I haven’t heard of before, and the venue is possibly a converted garage with only a small crowd in attendance.   Galaxy and Kazarian are both real green here.  There’s not much in the way of transitions, while there’s a lot of roughness in their execution with moves not executed crisply or smoothly.  Bar that one near fall which the crowd brought, they also do that annoying thing of always kicking out of pins at two.  It’s an interesting first look at Kazarian, and while you can clearly see he’s athletic, I wouldn’t go as far as to say you can see the potential of him being a good worker there at this point.

Bart Sawyer vs Brian Cox (Portland Total Chaos TV 04/00)

17 November 2017 - 08:46 AM

Surprisingly, the first move of the match is a go-behind into full nelson which Cox easily escapes from.  He slaps on one of his own and Sawyer slowly worms his way over to the ropes.  Still in the full nelson, he walks his legs up the ropes so he’s in a seated position (you know what’s coming next!), the ref tells Cox to break, he lets go, and ‘not so Smart Bart’ falls to the canvas.  Hip toss followed by a poor looking lariat and Sawyer rolls under the bottom rope to the outside.  The action is tricky to follow from here as we regularly cut to shots of the crowd (some in black and white, some in colour) in-between the action.  Almost certainly parts of the match have been clipped (only slightly at times), and these shots of the crowd are so ‘you don’t notice’.  This degenerates into your stereotypical hardcore plunder of hitting each other over the head with trash cans and steel chairs.  The match is eventually ruled a no-contest with the official throwing it out after two more chair shots by Cox to Sawyer.  As he’s explaining that to him, Sawyer cheap shots Cox over the head with a chair before sprinting off up the aisle.


Sawyer has moments where he looks pretty entertaining with his facials, selling and that final weasley chair shot, but still this wasn’t very good. According to the commentators he apparently gets busted open during the match too, although I couldn’t see anything.  No rating from me due to the clipping, but even if we had the full unedited version it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Ali vs Wolfie D (MPPW TV 05/27/00)

15 November 2017 - 09:24 AM

Clips from last week’s show, where Wolfie D clocked Randy Hales in the head with the Power Pro belt and Ali came to Hales’ rescue.  It sounds like the title ended up being held up, and today Ali is to face an opponent of Brandon Baxter’s choosing for the belt.  As Dave and Corey speculate on who it may be, Baxter joins them and says how when he claimed to be at the hotel earlier, that was a lie.  He went and bailed the rightful champion out of jail, the man who’s going to beat Ali and regain what is rightfully his, Wolfie D.


Ali and Wolfie trade blows in the middle of the ring, but with Ali coming out on top, Wolfie goes to the eyes.  Ali ducks a clothesline and nails Wolfie with a flying forearm.  He whips him from post to post, before a big press slam.  ‘Torture Rack’ and Wolfie pulls something out of his shorts which he hits Ali with to escape.  Wolfie whips him into the turnbuckles and a high running knee in the corner.  He signals for the spinning powerbomb, but Ali counters with a backdrop, only to then hit just canvas on his follow up knee drop.  Wolfie grabs a chair from outside, however that works against him as Ali repeatedly rams him head into it.  Scoop powerslam for two.  A sort of belly to belly off the top, but Ali throws Wolfie into the official knocking him down.  ‘Ali Driver’, he drags the groggy referee over who counts the three, and Ali is once again the Power Pro champion.  Baxter attacks Ali from behind, but after his shots have no effect, Wolfie wallops him with his shin guard.  The two of them put the boots to Ali and then Baxter raises Wolfie’s hand, at which point the official hands Wolfie the title belt thinking he must’ve won the match, and they get out of their quickly before he realises his mistake.


Absolutely hated the ending to this.  It’s saying something when you’re watching a match and you think “this isn’t ending cleanly”, and then it does, but they were just messing with you because the screw job is coming post-match instead!  If the official didn’t know who won the match, then how the fuck did he know to count to three?  If he knew to count to three surely he can tell the difference between Ali and Wolfie?  These unsatisfactory finished are becoming all to common in Power Pro.

Chuck Gordy vs Mark Large (Portland Total Chaos TV 05/00)

14 November 2017 - 07:38 AM

In a battle of unoriginal nicknames, we have Chuck ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy taking on ‘Crusher’ Mark Large (who appears to be a firm favourite of the Portland faithful).  The cameras cut to a rather vocal section of the crowd, one of whom is Chael Sonnen!  Large escapes a hammerlock with a drop toe hold, and clasps on an ankle lock forcing Gordy to clamber to the ropes for the break.  He slaps on a rear chinlock, digging his knee into ‘Bam Bam’s’ back for added pressure.  Gordy with an arm wringer, from where he transitions to a cross armbar, but ‘the Crusher’ is able to reverse that into a leglock submission and ‘Bam Bam’ again goes to the ropes.  He offers him his hand, which Large foolishly accepts, and Chuck is straight in with a boot to the mid-section.  Whip to the turnbuckles and a running lariat in the corner.  He tries to repeat it, this time though Large gets a foot up (I think, as the camera cuts to a woman at ringside), followed by a sunset flip off the middle for two.  Gordy counters the piledriver with a backdrop, but very quickly ‘the Crusher’ is right back on him.  As Large runs the ropes, Big Daddy Thunder (Gordy’s second) hooks his ankles from the outside.  Gordy then whips Large into the official, knocking him down, as his back is turned and he’s having words with Thunder.  With the ref out of it, the ‘Big Daddy’ enters the ring and goes to hit Large with a chair, but he moves and nails Gordy instead.  Weirdly, after the way you’re conditioned to think what should happen next, he then cracks Large over the head, and with both of them KO’d, puts Gordy on top of his opponent.  Thunder throws some water on the ref to wake him up and he comes around to count the fall.


This is the third Portland match I’ve watched, and can’t say any have left a positive lasting impression on me.  This is probably the best of the three, but that’s very faint praise indeed.

Bart Sawyer vs Billy Two Eagles (Hair vs Hair) (Portland Total Chaos TV 05/00)

14 November 2017 - 07:38 AM

Loser of the match is to get their hair shaved in the middle of the ring, while in the introductions we find out that someone called Bill Prescott (who I think might be cornering Two Eagles) has put his hair on the line too.  Sawyer jumps Two Eagles while he’s taking off is top and uses his own shirt to choke him with.  Billy does a little war dance and Bart just steps out the ring.  Double axe handle off the apron to the floor by Two Eagles.  Back inside and a tomahawk chop followed by another war dance.  Big splash off the top, but instead of going for the pin, he picks his opponent up to dish out some more punishment.  Sawyer reverses the Irish whip and Two Eagles crashes into the referee.  ‘Smart Bart’ pulls a chain out of his trunks, wraps it around his fist and KO’s Billy.  The groggy official then counts the three with Sawyer getting the win.  As he’s about to start shaving some heads, out and into the ring walk the promoters and a couple of other folk.  They find the chain on Sawyer and then all grab hold of him so that Two Eagles can shave his head instead.


This was so dated.  WWC at least has those super hot, heated crowds, Portland doesn’t have anything of the sort.  The action in this was like something out of the 1970s, complete with hideous ending where the match stipulation isn’t honoured and the guy who won the match ends up losing his hair.  A Cornette Smoky Mountain Wrestling finish that’s for sure!