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Wolfie D vs Derrick King (MPPW TV 04/22/00)

18 July 2017 - 07:08 AM

Wolfie backs King into the corner and starts to unload, however King quickly reverses things and he’s the one doing the unloading.  Big backdrop and a dropkick for an early two.  Tilt-a-whirl headscissors.  King posts Wolfie, covers him again, but this time he’s able to get a foot across the bottom rope.  Sleeper hold, Wolfie shoots him off and replies with one of his own, although King then counters with a belly to belly suplex.  Rear chinlock and Wolfie with a jawbreaker to escape.  Running powerslam by D for two.  He misses a ‘Stinger splash’ in the corner, King ducks under a clothesline and hits a ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker.  Superkick attempt, but Wolfie pulls the referee in the way and he’s the one who gets hit.  As King tends to the official Wolfie attacks him from behind, spinning powerbomb, however there’s no-one to make the count.  A few seconds later a second referee slides into the ring and a great nearfall as King gets his shoulder up at two.  Wolfie telegraphs a backdrop and King with a backslide for two of his own.  Facebuster and now ‘Evil Knieval’ is and drops an elbow on the official to stop the count.  King with a superkick to Evil, but Wolfie then tosses him through the ropes to the floor.  Brandon Baxter is out and throws King into the ringpost.  He rolls him back into the ring, spinning powerbomb and that’s enough for the win.


We return after some advertisements and King is confronting Randy Hales who was commentating on the match.  King says how everyone saw what just happened and he was screwed out of his dream again.  He tells Hales that, after what he just did, he wants Brandon Baxter in the ring today, but Randy says how the show is loaded and they don’t have the time.  King say how he’s noticed that you can’t be a nice guy around here; the guys with all the heat they get to do what they want, but he doesn’t!  He gives Hales one more chance to give him a match and again he says how they’re running late.  King tips over the announcer’s desk and starts pushing Hales wanting Baxter out here now.  Randy again tells him that he doesn’t have time, but what he will do is add them both to next week’s ‘Evening the Odds’ match and they will be the first two men in there.


Another good outing from Wolfie and King and the two of them work so well together.  Just like previously though the finish drags this one down with the overbooked outside interference, ref bumps etc.  The Cartel is approaching groan territory for me and that’s not good.  Real strong promo from King at the end, although it would help if Randy Hales could keep a straight face when King is in his face, pushing him and tipping the desk over!

'Evening the Odds II' (MPPW TV 04/29/00)

11 July 2017 - 06:58 AM

Wolfie D joins Dave Brown at the announcer’s desk for this one, with the winner of the match getting a shot at his Power Pro title.  Apparently Randy Hales decided to have another ‘Evening the Odds’ match due to how well received the previous one was.  Derrick King is first man in the ring and, after Hales’ comments from last week, he’s due to start against Brandon Baxter.  According to Dave though, Brandon has said that he’s not going to be here.  A kicking and screaming Baxter is then dragged to ringside and tossed into the ring by two officials.  Baxter does all he can to try and apologize, but when he tries to sneak a kick to the mid-section, King is wise to it, grabs the leg and nails him with a reverse atomic drop.  Soccer kick to the groin, and as he writhes about in agony Seven joins the fray as participant number three.  He holds King so Baxter can get some shots in, only for him to break free after a back kick low blow.  Ali enters at number four and Baxter wants no part of him, immediately fleeing the ring.  Rob Harlem is next and at least he’s wearing a T-shirt this week!  Nice spinning heel kick to Ali, but he gets some revenge by getting the big man up for a Samoan drop followed by a good old fashioned punch to the balls.  The Aristocrat, Blade Boudreaux and Deon Harlem are the next three participants, and the action has spilled out of the ring and to the studio floor again.  Moondog Spot arrives and lives up to form by just waffling people with weapons and a steel chair.  Havoc is the final entrant and makes a beeline straight for members of ‘The Cartel’.  Ali with a uranage on The Aristocrat, however the official is dealing with something ton the outside.  Wolfie leaves the broadcast position, jumps in the ring and levels Ali in the back of the head with the title belt.  The Aristocrat covers him but Derrick King had seen what just went down.  He stops the referee’s count at two, clobbers The Aristocrat in the head with something and then puts Ali on top of him.  The official counts the three and Wolfie will have to defend his title against Ali next week.


The biggest problem here was that the rules to the match weren’t made clear until about half the participants had entered.  I thought it was the same as the previous ‘Evening the Odds’ match, two teams of five against each other.  It was only when The Aristocrat entered after Rob Harlem did I think something was up (heel after heel), and then a shortwhile later Dave says how it’s every man for himself.  I knew that the winner was to get a crack at Wolfie, but thought it was still two teams against each other and the one who got the pin would get the shot.  The clear face/heel divide doesn’t help matters, as not once, did say Ali go after Derrick King or Rob Harlem jump Seven.  Once the rules were fully explained it also became clear that the pin wouldn’t occur until all the participants had entered rendering the majority of the action pointless.  I enjoyed the opening couple of minutes with King, Baxter, Seven and Ali, but it plateaued after that until the finish and Wolfie’s involvement.  Prefered ‘Evening the Odds I’ to this.

Matches of the Month

21 March 2017 - 03:47 AM

I'm only going to watch US based stuff, and the likelihood is I'll pick and choose as I don't think I'll have the time to watch everything (which is what the plan at first was).  I'm doing it by promotion and sometimes I'll list everything for the month, sometimes a top three.  I'll come back and update as I got and lets see how long this lasts!
January 2000


1. Michael Modest vs Christopher Daniels (Y2Kaos Weekend 1/22)

2. Westside Playaz 2000 (Robert Thompson & Boyce LeGrande) vs Shane & Shannon Ballard (Millenium Madness 1/15)


1. Low Ki vs Ric Blade (1/8)
2. Ian Rotten vs Madman Pondo (1/8)



1. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy (Mexican Death Match) (ECW TV 1/15)

2. Little Guido vs Tajiri vs Super Crazy (Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/28)

3. Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Corino & Rhino (Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/28)

4. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Jerry Lynn (ECW on TNN 1/14)

5. Super Crazy & Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Little Guido & Jerry Lynn (Guilty As Charge 1/9)

6. Tajiri vs Little Guido (New Orleans, LA 1/22)

7. Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Little Guido (St Petersburg, FL 1/27)

8. Masato Tanaka vs Lance Storm (Baton Rouge, LA 1/21)

9. Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome (St Petersburg, FL 1/27)

10. Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka (Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/28)

11. Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley (Guilty As Charge 1/9)

12. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Tommy Dreamer (Orlando 1/29)

13. Mike Awesome vs Little Guido (Orlando, FL 1/29)

14. Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley (New Orleans, LA 1/22)

15. Sabu vs CW Anderson (New Orleans, LA 1/22)

16. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Super Crazy vs Prodigy (Danbury, CT 1/14)

17. Sabu vs Spike Dudley (St Petersburg, FL 1/27)

18. Spike Dudley vs Sabu (Baton Rouge, LA 1/21)

19. Jerry Lynn vs Little Guido (Danbury, CT 1/14)

20. Rob Van Dam vs Mikey Whipwreck (Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/28)

21. Sabu vs CW Anderson (Orlando, FL 1/29)

22. Raven & Tommy Dreamer vs Steve Corino & Jack Victory (Danbury, CT 1/14)


(note: four matches unwatched)



1. Carly Colon vs Ray Gonzalez (WWC 1/6/00)

2. Low Ki vs Billy Reil (JCW 1/29)

3. Backseat Boyz vs Bad Crew (EWF 1/28)

4. Mike Quackenbush & Johnny Graham vs Rob Noxious & George Anthony (IPW 1/15)

5. Necro Butcher vs Biohazard (NWA Southwest 1/15)

6. Adam Flash vs Danny Rose (no DQ) (EWF 1/28)

7. CM Punk vs Colt Cabana (MAW 1/8)

8. Joey Matthews & Christian York vs Earl the Pearl & Rich Myers vs Chad Austin & Jimmy Cicero (MCW 1/19/00)
Memphis (MPPW & MCW)
1. Steve Bradley vs Ali (MPPW 1/22)
2. Steve Bradley vs Trailer Park Trash (street fight) (MPPW 1/8)
3. Bill Dundee vs Todd Morton (MCW 1/29)
4. Rico Constantino vs Steve Bradley (MPPW 1/15)
5. Tracey Smothers vs Ali (MPPW 1/29)
6. Tracey Smothers vs Nick Dinsmore (MPPW 1/22)
NWA Wildside
1. A.J. Styles vs Jesse Taylor (1/15)
2. Bad Attitude vs Jerry Lynn & Kid Kash (1/29)
3. Rukkus vs White Trash vs Q-Sic vs Damian Steel vs Toad (Hardcore Elimination Rumble) (1/8)
4. Jorge Estrada vs K-Krush (1/8)
5. Jeff G. Bailey vs Stone Mountain (1/29)
1. Trailer Park Trash & Jebediah vs Bull Buchanan & Mr Black (no DQ) (1/22)
2. Bull Buchanan & Nick Dinsmore vs Trailer Park Trash & Jebediah (1/15)
3. Rob Conway vs Nick Dinsmore (1/8)
1. American Dragon vs Buster Time (1/22)
2. Spanky vs Rudy Boy Gonzalez (1/22)
3. American Dragon vs Spanky (1/1)
4. American Dragon & Spanky vs Rudy Boy Gonzales & Bonecrusher (1/8)
5. American Dragon & Spanky vs Board of Education (1/29)


WCW ‘A’ Shows

1. Chris Benoit vs Sid (Souled Out 1/16)

2. Billy Kidman vs Psicosis (Nitro 1/17)

3. Bret Hart vs Kevin Nash (Nitro 1/10)

4. DDP vs Chris Kanyon (Thunder 1/19)

5. Bret Hart vs Terry Funk (Thunder 1/6)

6. Kevin Nash & Jeff Jarrett vs Sid & Chris Benoit (Thunder 1/12)

7. Terry Funk vs Bam Bam Bigelow (Nitro 1/24)

8. Buff Bagwell vs DDP (Nitro 1/17)

9. Kevin Nash vs Sid (Nitro 1/24)

WCW 'C' Shows
1. La Parka & Silver King vs Villano IV & V (Saturday Night 1/29)
2. Lash LaRoux vs Kaz Hayashi (Saturday Night 1/29)
3. 3 Count vs PG-13 & Chavo Guerrero Jr (Saturday Night 1/15)
4. Chuck Palumbo vs Rick Cornell (Worldwide 1/22)
5. Tracey Smothers vs Barbarian (Worldwide 1/29)
6. Mark Jindrak vs Elix Skipper (Saturday Night 1/15)
7. Silver King vs Barry Horowitz (Saturday Night 1/15)
8. Steven Regal vs Rob Williams (Saturday Night 1/29)
9. Tommy Rogers vs Kid Romeo (Saturday Night 1/29)
10. Scott Armstrong vs Chavo Guerrero Jr (Saturday Night 1/22)
11. PG-13 vs David Flair & Crowbar (Saturday Night 1/22)
12. Kid Romeo vs Chavo Guerrero Jr (Worldwide 1/29)



1. HHH vs Cactus Jack (WWF Royal Rumble 1/23)

2. Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz (Royal Rumble 1/23)

3. HHH & X-Pac & New Age Outlaws vs The Rock & Mankind & Acolytes (Raw 1/10)

4. HHH vs Rikishi (Smackdown 1/6)

5. Tazz vs Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 1/23)

6. HHH & X-Pac vs The Rock & Big Show (Smackdown 1/13)

7. The Rock vs Kurt Angle (Smackdown 1/6)

8. Edge & Christian vs Dudley Boyz (WWF Smackdown 1/27)

9. Chyna vs Chris Jericho vs Bob Holly (Royal Rumble 1/23)

10. The Rock vs Kurt Angle (WWF Raw 1/31)

11. Rikishi & The Rock vs HHH & Big Show (WWF Raw 1/24)

12. The Rock vs Rikishi (WWF Smackdown 1/27)

13. Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble 1/23)

14. HHH vs Big Show (Raw 1/3)

15. New Age Outlaws vs Al Snow & Steve Blackman (Raw 1/31)

16. Jeff Hardy vs Al Snow (Raw 1/3)