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Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee & The Kat vs Slash & Steve Bradley & Victori...

13 February 2018 - 06:40 AM

Dave and Corey are rather excited to see what Brandon Baxter’s face looks like after Dr Salmons has finished working on him.  The heels make their entrance with Slash hiding Baxter under his jacket, only for there to be no big reveal as he’s wearing a mask.  Brandon says that there is no way that this mask is coming off today (angle alert!), he’s going to stand in the corner and the mask is staying where it’s at, on his head!  Bill Dundee still throws a mean looking punch.  He clotheslines Slash over the top rope to the outside, a hip toss on Bradley and he tags in Victoria which means ‘the Superstar’ must tag out to the Kat.  Victoria has got the Chyna footwear on to make her look taller than she is.  The two women exchange bodyslams and that’s the extent of their efforts before they let the men have another go.  Some half-baked nothing action and Victoria is back in with a double axe handle from behind on ‘the King’.  Victoria gets a two count on the Kat after a leg drop, but then lands on her face from a second rope moonsault.  The match breaks down with everyone in the ring, and Bradley accidentally clotheslines Victoria when Lawler ducks under the shot.  As he checks on her, ‘the King’ rolls him up for the three.  Lawler grabs hold of Baxter and is about to pull off the mask, but we’re out of time for today!


Poor match with all four men going through the motions and not really looking that interested.  The Kat has never resembled a wrestler and her exchanges with Victoria (who is super green at this point) would have JR bringing out his bowling shoe reference.  The one thing going for Victoria is that she at least looks to have a bit of athleticism about her, what with attempting that moonsault, even if she did land on her face!

Lance Cade vs Tracey Smothers (Texas Death Street Fight) (MPPW TV 12/02/00)

04 February 2018 - 12:18 PM

Lance Cade is out and wants a word with Dave.  Earlier in the show Tracey Smothers jumped him from behind as he’s fed up with it.  Although he respects Tracey for how long he’s been in this business, he needs to realise that he’s not a kid anymore, and Shawn Michaels taught him that if you’ve something to settle you do it right there in the ring, man to man, face to face.  He challenges him to a Texas Street Fight right now and before Dave has even gotten back to his seat, Tracey is out and swinging as the two trade blows at ringside.  Smothers rams him head first into the ring steps and looks to clothesline him, but Lance moves and he clotheslines the ring post instead.  Tracey rolls into the ring and Cade catches him with a lariat off the top.  The two continue to go at it as Jason Sensation joins Dave and Corey to provide some additional commentary.  Texas Street Fight means that this is no DQ, so Fabulous Rocker (who I didn’t see arrive) is free to interfere and interfere he does, hitting an Arabian moonsault on Cade for a two count.  This is turning into a handicap match as Rocker now lands a ‘Swanton bomb’, although the action isn’t called as Sensation is doing his Shawn Michaels impersonation (which is good to be fair!).  Tracey tosses Lance to the outside, however appears to forget it’s no DQ as he distracts the ref so Rocker can cannonball off the apron and out onto him.  Smothers makes the cover on the arena floor though Lance kicks out.  Chair shot across the back before he throws Cade back into the ring.  ‘Three point stance’ but Tracey runs right into an elbow.  Bulldog off the middle and the Fabulous Rocker is in to break up the pin attempt.  He starts celebrating like he’s won the match or something, and Lance clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside.  Cade fails to execute a simple ‘O’Connor roll’, however smartly moves his own position to turn it into a regulation roll up so it doesn’t look nearly as bad as it might have.  Rocker waffles Cade with a road sign but he kicks out of the pin.  Smothers superkicks a chair into his face and that’s still not enough to put his opponent away.  The finish sees Tracey go to blast Lance once more with the chair, but Cade avoids the shot and it rebounds off the top rope and into Smothers’ own face.  As he staggers around, Cade with a big boot into that chair, again sending it crashing into Tracey’s head, and he comes out on top.


I thought I would like this a lot, I wanted to like it a lot, but it never quite reached those expectations I had set myself.  Lance Cade overcoming the two-on-one odds and getting the clean win in a stipulated match like this should mean this was the blow off to the feud, but I can’t help think it would have been better had it just been Smothers and Cade going one on one without any involvement from Rocker.  The brawling was good and I liked how Cade showed the maturity to cover for that blown roll up, though the finish was bad with Smothers stopping, before hitting himself in the head with the chair.  Jason Sensation also provided a distraction from the action, not allowing Dave and Corey to call what was going on as they had to keep quiet to let him do his HBK impressions.

Steve Bradley & Tracey Smothers vs K-Kwik & Shooter Schultz (MCW Memphis 12/02/00)

04 February 2018 - 12:17 PM

Tracey seems to be trying to impress Victoria with his dancing, although Bradley is advising him against it!  Schultz and Kwik rush their opponents before the bell has rung and they quickly roll to the floor to try and regroup.  No time to regroup here as Schultz Irish whips Kwik, who soars over the top rope and out onto them.  Shoulderblock off the top turnbuckle to Bradley and Smothers goes to break up the cover, only for Kwik to move out the way and he drops a forearm across his own partner.  Bradley shoves him and as they argue amongst themselves they forget about Kwik and Schultz.  Superkick by Kwik, Schultz with an overhead belly to belly and the heels are again on the outside.  For some reason Tracey is blaming Victoria and he shoves her in the chest.  Not smart, as she responds in kind, shoving him back with Smothers taking a bump on the concrete for her.  Bradley then throws him back in the ring, getting more and more frustrated with his partner.  After a pair of Schultz T-bone suplexes, Victoria grabs at his ankle.  He steps out to go after her, but the distraction has its desired effect as Bradley nails him with a baseball slide dropkick.  Tracey is keeping the ref occupied on the inside allowing Bradley to work over Shooter on the out.  The heels continue to goad and provoke Kwik on the apron and he falls for it every time.  Constantly trying to get in there, but that just means Bradley and Smothers can double team Schultz behind the referee’s back while he’s dealing with Kwik.  Tracey is once again dancing in front of Victoria, but she’s clearly neither a fan nor enjoying it!  He shouts “bottom rope offense” and drops a forearm across Shooter’s throat from the lowest tier.  When he goes to repeat from the middle, there’s no-one home as Schultz moves out the way in time  Hot tag to Kwik, but when Smothers goes to tag Bradley he turns his back on him.  He enters moments later anyway so not sure what the point of that was as it wasn’t like he’s leaving Tracey to go it alone.  Axe kick, powerslam, followed by a leg drop off the top and Victoria is up on the apron.  Kwik would rather sexually assault her than win the match as he forgets about the cover, goes over and kisses Victoria, flips her into the ring and then puts her over his knee and spanks her.  ‘Krushbuster’ (which is a sit out face first suplex) on Bradley, and Smothers is there to break up the pin.   He hits another on Tracey and that’s enough for the win as Bradley can’t get there in time to save his partner like he did him.  Good stuff here.

Spellbinder vs Tracey Smothers (MPPW TV 11/25/00)

02 February 2018 - 10:51 AM

Tracey Smothers gate crashes the studio, getting plenty of heat from the fans, as Dave and Corey say how he isn’t even on the format for today.  He tells them that he’s here because he wants to be here and he does as he pleases!  ‘The Triad’ aren’t here today as they’re celebrating Thanksgiving, plus they’ve got better things to do than beat up this punk called the Spellbinder.  In 1995 he, Smoky, Sell Out, Smasher, Syco (sic) Smothers singlehandedly destroyed the now defunct USWA by himself, and challenges Spellbinder to put his Power Pro title on the line right here and now if he’s got the guts.  Spellbinder has got the guts and chases Tracey around ringside and into the ring.  Press slam where he just drops Smothers chest first to the mat, followed by a spinning heel kick.  Tracey grabs hold of Binder’s tights and pulls him into the turnbuckles.  From there he chops away at his chest before dropping him with a savate kick.  Binder blocks the bodyslam and counters with an inside cradle for a two.  Folding press by Tracey, but referee William Gibson spots that he’s got his feet on the ropes and stops the count.  As Smothers complains, Binder rolls him up and Tracey is forced to rake the eyes to escape.  Spellbinder just about hangs on to a powerslam and now he’s complaining to Gibson about the count.  While he’s doing so, Fabulous Rocker has sneaked down to ringside and passed Tracey a bag of powder.  When Binder turns around he throws it at him, however he ducks out the way and it hits Gibson instead.  Crossbody by Smothers, but Spellbinder catches and then launches him with a fallaway slam.  Even though the ref is still down, he makes the cover and Rocker is in to crack him over the back with a chair.  He puts Tracey on top, although Binder manages to get a shoulder up.  Rocker throws a chain to Smothers, but he fails to catch it and Spellbinder picks it up and wraps it around his fist.  Huge right hand, senton, and here’s Seven, clearly not at home for Thanksgiving, who attacks Binder for the DQ.  The three of them then triple team him until Bulldog Raines makes the save and he and Tracey fight to the back while security does their best to try and separate Seven and Binder.


A more decisive finish would’ve been nice, but this was a good studio match and my favourite Spellbinder singles match of the year.  I don’t think anyone gets as much heat and reaction out of the studio fans than Tracey Smothers does, which was again in evidence here.  I was surprised to see that the Fabulous Rocker was still around as I thought MCW consisted purely of WWF developmental talent at this point.  

Jerry Lawler vs Slash (MPPW TV 11/25/00)

02 February 2018 - 10:50 AM

An angry Brandon Baxter is with Dave, face still covered in bandages and wearing shades, refusing to leave and wanting to know what it takes to get treated around here.  Dave informs him that during the break they heard that Dr Salmons is out of town for Thanksgiving, but doctors have back up for when they’re not around and there is a doctor taking Dr Salmons’ emergency calls while he’s gone.  They’ve got him on the phone, although this doctor sounds awfully familiar!  Baxter isn’t happy and thinks that Dr Salmons should have stayed here, eaten his turkey at home and treated him like he said he would, not run off out the country.  He needs his bandages changed right now!  The doctors says how he spoke to Dr Salmons about this case and Baxter was supposed to come and see him to get his dressing changed but he never showed up.  What he will do though is send a nurse to Channel 5 today and they’ll get this taken care of because it could be serious and could get infected.


Later in the show and they’ve got the doctor on the phone who informs them that the nurse is almost there and can they get Mr Baxter out please?  Dave’s not too keen on calling him ‘Mr Baxter’ so sticks with Brandon!  Baxter joins them, but first of all he wants to know the name of this doctor as he’s already going to sue Dr Salmons for malpractice and wants to know who he’s speaking with in case anything goes wrong.  The doctor gives his name, however it’s kinda mumbled and not clear.  As the lights are bothering him, the doctor recommends that he takes those shades off and wraps the bandages around his eyes as that will ease the pain.  Dave Brown helps him out at which point the nurse arrives on the scene and, despite the wig and mask, looks very familiar.  The doctor says that they need to check his temperature, however when Brandon queries how they’re going to do that as his mouth is all bandaged up he informs him that it’s a rectal thermometer!  The nurse also has some ointment (I couldn’t read the label although don’t think it is what they claim!) which she squeezes into Baxter’s hand as the doctor tells him to rub it into his face to help soothe all the discomfort he’s feeling.  Finally the doctors suggests that the nurse apply heat to his face as that will alleviate some of the pain.  She pulls out a hot water bottle and places it against Brandon’s cheek but it is too hot.  As it’s too hot the doctor then asks her to take some of the liquid out of there, at which point she empties the water bottle all over him.  Baxter slips and slides on the water while the nurse removes her mask to reveal that she is in fact The Kat, and the cameras cut backstage to show, shock, horror, that the doctor is in fact Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler.


The match has barely got going when Slash reaches behind his shin guard and pulls out the fork.  He jabs at ‘the King’ and digs it into his forehead all out of the view of referee William Gibson while Baxter provides additional distraction on the floor.  A high vertical suplex and Lawler kicks out at two.  As he starts to fight back, we get that same ‘side headlock, shoot the man into the official, ref bump spot’ that if I ever see again it will be too soon!  Baxter hands the fork back to Slash and he goes to stab it into the prone Lawler’s chest, however he moves out the way in time.  Slash drops the fork in the process and ‘the King’ picks it up.  He’s about to attack Slash with the item when Gibson sees him brandishing it, hooks his arm to prevent him from doing so and disqualifies him.  Baxter and Slash double team Lawler post-match, until The Kat jumps in there to get her hands on Baxter and Lawler is able to hit the piledriver on Slash after he telegraphs a backdrop.


Even though you knew what was coming, the angle at the start was fun.  I’m sure it’s the sort of thing that’s been done several time over the years in Memphis and the USWA previously, while Baxter is fantastic in his role.  Kudos to Baxter, Dave and Corey for the way they straight batted it too as it was obvious from the moment the doctor opened his mouth that it was Lawler on the line.  The Kat’s ‘nurses’ outfit also leaves little to the imagination!  Nothing really to add when it comes to the match, all I would say though is if they must persist with the ref bumps then at least try to come up with something different alternative stuff to what they have been doing.