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Boyce LeGrande & Robert Thompson vs Jardi Frantz & Vinny Massaro (APW Terra Nov...

17 October 2017 - 08:59 AM

An APW match with good lighting, decent production values and a hard cam positioned at a nice angle; this bodes well!  A slow opening as the two teams feel each other out.  LeGrande cartwheels out of a stunner, and a thrust kick to the head of Massaro for two.  Frantz blows a ‘tilt-a-whirl’ move, but at least has the common sense to try and turn it into something else, forcing Boyce to grab the ropes for the break.  They go straight back to that spot they’d previously blown, ‘tilt-a-whirl’ backbreaker by LeGrande and Frantz replies with a flying headscissors.  It’s not going well for Jardi as he then botches that convoluted wristlock takedown where he’s meant to bounce and spring off the top rope.  The WSP look to isolate the left arm of Massaro and Thompson with a single armed DDT.  LeGrande keeps hold of the arm and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Vinny gives him a shove and he falls to the arena floor.  Jardi is around and throws him into the ring post before tossing him back inside.  Slingshot senton and a split legged moonsault for two.  Plenty of double teaming behind the official’s back as they continue to get the heat on LeGrande.  ‘Fameasser’, but Boyce is able to kick out before the three.  Big running powerbomb by Massaro.  Boyce ducks the roaring elbow, spinning heel kick and he’s finally able to make the tag.  Make that three blown spots for Frantz as he messes up a belly to belly.  Scoop powerslam on Frantz and then Thompson counters a Massaro German suplex with a stunner.  As Jardi and Vinny take to the outside to gather themselves, Thompson backdrops LeGrande over the top and out on to them.  Frantz avoided most of the impact and as Thompson is out to check on his partner, Jardi with an awful looking shooting star press to the floor where he doesn’t rotate enough and lands head first on the wrestlers!  Boyce with a superkick to Massaro and Frantz is in to break up the pin.  DDT by Jardi, Thompson breaks that up and so the series continues with Thompson’s torture rack airplane spin into a neckbreaker being the highlight.  Emerald Frosien, double underhook DDT, Samoan drop, ‘Rock bottom’, it’s a constant stream of hitting a finisher and then their partner making the save.  After Massaro hits a pumphandle into a Rikishi driver on LeGrande, he calls for Frantz to pass him a ladder.  This one isn’t the biggest and only stands about a foot above the top turnbuckle.  Thompson reverses an Irish whip and a 3-D on Vinny.  LeGrande with a ‘swanton bomb’ off the ladder and the Playaz get the win.


My least favourite APW match to date, and it started off so promising with the increased production values.  I’m not sure what the thinking is with some of these indie promotions, but it’s as though they have to go twenty to thirty minutes long.  As a result, the opening was too slow and plodding and we then got an overly long heat section on LeGrande.  At times this was very similar to the March match, and again I thought Thompson was the standout.  Not sure what was up with Frantz but he badly blew four spots at least.  We had the same escalation of saving all the big and double team moves for the final stretch, but that became move, partner breaks up the pin, rinse, repeat; I just became numb to it all and zoned out.

Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Kanyon (WCW Thunder 07/12/00)

21 September 2017 - 06:50 AM

Booker T has joined them on commentary for this match where the winner will face him at New Blood Rising.  So much for that four way then!  Jarrett with a go behind into a side headlock.  Kanyon shoots him off and an early backslide by ‘Double J’ for two.  Kanyon reverses the Irish whip and a real cool looking Northern Lights suplex by him.  ‘Sicilian slice’, but instead of making the cover he plays to the audience.  He steps out the ring to confront Booker for some unknown reason, only to get levelled from behind by Jarrett.  ‘Double J’ throws him into the front row, before suplexing him back over the guardrail and onto the arena floor.  Chair shot to the back.  Now Jarrett is having words with Booker, but this gives Kanyon the chance to waffle him with the chair.  Back in the ring and that ‘Alabama slam’ into a sit-out powerbomb for two.  Kanyon picks up his book and swings for ‘Double J’ but he ducks out the way.  Boot to the mid-section, Kanyon drops the book and Jarrett with a DDT onto it, however the DDP impersonator is able to roll a shoulder at the last split second.  ‘Double J’ grabs his guitar from ringside, but as he’s about to hit Kanyon over the head with it, referee Billy Silverman snatches hold and takes it off him.  Distracted, Jarrett then gets KO’d by the book, but at two is able to get a foot over the bottom rope.  The match returns to the floor and after Jarrett reverses a whip to the guardrail, he’s again over at the announcers table.  He shoves Stevie Ray (who’s now a commentator), clocks Booker with a right and security are straight out and between them.  In the meantime Buff Bagwell has jumped Kanyon (over what he did to his mother) and attacks him until another lot of security drag him off.  Things look live they’ve calmed down, Jarrett with ‘the Stroke’ and he’s on his way to New Blood Rising…again.


There was nothing wrong with the work here (and that Northern Lights was quality), but I just can’t get past this god awful ‘Positively’ Kanyon gimmick.  As a result I couldn’t get into the match and found it all rather boring.  Seriously, I find myself fixated with that ridiculous hair piece half the time!  The guy doesn’t look like a champion, let alone a contender, and certainly not a threat.  Some odd moment’s as well with Kanyon seemingly having the match won, only to pose to the crowd and then step out the ring to have words with Booker.  Where’s your urgency?  Don’t you want to challenge for the title?  The pull apart between Harlem Heat and Jarrett had a bit of ‘heat’ about it, although I’m never happy to see Buff Bagwell involved with anything.

Billy Kidman vs Lance Storm (WCW Thunder 07/12/00)

21 September 2017 - 06:49 AM

The match was set up on the back of the tag team match they had against Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire earlier in the show when Storm thought that Kidman was disrespecting the Canadian national anthem.   Lance isn’t even half way down the aisle when Kidman sprints out and nails him from behind.  He whips him into the guardrail before tossing him inside.  Storm is right up to his feet and dropkicks Kidman as he climbs through the ropes.  Lariat in the corner and as Kidman crumples to the floor, baseball slide dropkick from ‘Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s’ finest.  Storm wedges a chair between the turnbuckles and Kidman counters a scoop powerslam into a nice pinfall attempt for two.  Lance with an uppercut and a legdrop to the back of the neck for a two of his own.  Kidman ducks a clothesline and takes down Storm with a huracanrana.  He charges at him, but Lance backdrops him over the top rope and onto the apron.  Shoulder to the mid-section and Kidman goes for a sunset flip back into the ring, however Lance counters it with a lovely Northern Lights suplex.  Dropkick from Kidman, he then heads upstairs but Storm swipes his legs crotching him on the top.  Suicideplex for two.  Kidman with a roll up, Storm kicks out and Kidman goes crashing into that chair Lance had wedged between the turnbuckles earlier.  Still only enough for a two though.  Storm lies the chair in the middle of the ring and goes for a powerbomb, however Kidman counters with a facebuster onto the chair for the win.


This goes less than three and a half minutes, but its non-stop, balls to the wall action all the way.  Loved that Northern Lights suplex counter off the sunset flip attempt.  Was very surprised to see Storm take his first singles loss in WCW this way, although the involvement of a steel chair does give him an out.  A hell of a short match.

Lance Storm & Billy Kidman vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire (WCW Thunder 07/1...

21 September 2017 - 06:48 AM

Lance insists on having the Canadian national anthem played before their match, but while he remains stoic throughout, Kidman clowns about behind him:  reading a paper, giving Storm ‘rabbit ears’ and dancing, before orchestrating the crowd in a ‘USA’ chant.  Jindrak and O’Haire are on the apron and as soon as the anthem finishes, Storm levels them both with a double clothesline and they fall to the outside.  The two of them sidestep the stereo baseball slides, then press Kidman and Storm overhead and throw them back over the top rope and into the ring.  Dropkick by Jindrak to Storm for two.  Kidman with a blind tag, and as Storm ducks out, a bulldog off the turnbuckles gets just the one a Jindrak kicks out early.  Lance whips him to the corner, Jindrak with a foot up on the charge, but Storm catches him with a leg lariat.  Both men make a tag and O’Haire takes it to Kidman with some pretty lame looking offence.  Huge sky high double beel on him.  O’Haire heads to the top and does a 360 landing on his feet before nailing Storm with a thrust kick.  As he’s on the apron trying to recover, Jindrak reverses the Irish whip and Kidman crashes into him sending his partner flying to the arena floor.  Tilt-a-whirl slam by Jindrak, ‘Seanton bomb’ and the Power Plant graduates win again.  Storm helps Kidman to his feet, only to then instantly level him with a superkick as Schiavone speculates that it’s payback for Kidman’s antics during the national anthem.


I have a feeling I’ll be saying impressive athleticism and power moves (and little else) for quite some time when it comes to Jindrak and O’Haire.  The latter has a horrible looking clothesline as well.  First poor match for Storm, although this was more about solidifying his position on the roster as a heel and setting Kidman up for his first feud (I think?).

3 Count & Tank Abbott vs Jung Dragons & Great Muta (WCW Thunder 07/12/00)

21 September 2017 - 06:47 AM

A sombre Tony Schiavone announces that Mike Tenay was injured by Scott Steiner yesterday and his vocal chords were damaged so won’t be here today.  ‘The Brain’ is not so compassionate and says that Tenay got what he deserved, Steiner is ready to explode and he shouldn’t have spoken to him the way he did.


Tank leads 3 Count out and he’s not happy that they were jumped from behind on Monday robbing the fans, and he, of them performing.  It’s not happening again though!  He’s got his square mat, is going to face the stage and no-one is coming out to disrupt them!  As 3 Count dance in the ring and Tank dances on his square watching the entrance way, the Jung Dragons enter through the crowd and attack 3 Count from behind.  The camera focuses on Tank as opposed to what’s going on in the ring, and when he turns around and realises what’s happening, he gets jumped by the Great Muta.  He rolls Tank inside and puts a couple of boots to him before tagging out to Yang.  Awful looking clubbing blows to the back of the downed Tank by him.  Abbott gets to his feet and just dumps Yang to the canvas.  Triple team facebuster by 3 Count.  Jamie-san breaks up the pin, but he’s quickly felled with a double team combination Samoan drop/neckbreaker.  Kaz breaks up this pin and gets a triple team powerbomb for his troubles.  Muta with a series of dragon screw leg whips, he goes to blow the mist at Tank, however he uses one of 3 Counts circular mats to block it.  He wallops Muta with the mat, KO punch to Yang and Helms gets the pin.


Tank is a dire promo.  Another hugely disappointing match between these teams and the quicker they can get Tank away from 3 Count the better because he is killing them.  This was a few double and triple team moves with nothing in between.  Tank using the mat to block the mist was cute…I suppose, while Muta does little of note or to impress.