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Bam Bam vs. Pequeño Damian 666

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 20 November 2008 · 196 views

Time to check in on the minis...

Bam Bam vs. Pequeño Damian 666, CMLL World Minis Championship, 7/27/08
Bam Bam vs. Pequeño Damian 666, hair vs. hair, 8/17/08

Y'know, I like Pequeño Damian. He might be a modern sort of rudo, but he looks like the bastard love child of Damián 666, so he's alright.

And he argued with his second in a title match, something I've never seen before. Loco Max was urging him not to take risks, but Damian got sick of Loco opening his trap and kicked him out of the road. And whaddaya know? Loco had a point. The look on Max's face was priceless, like something out of a Cantinflas film. A moment of folly, but you make your bed and lie in it.

What I liked was the different approach in the hair match. Bam Bam jumped him early, but he managed a pin against the run of play. In the title match he was guilty of wrestling Bam Bam's "catch-as-catch-can" style. There were some fluid exchanges in the beginning, but either they were legit fucked or couldn't keep up the pace, 'cos neither guy had much in the tank at the business end. Here he was up a fall and had the kind of advantage that would thrill Jesse Ventura. Of course Bam Bam made a comeback, but he had to work for it. Damian had him right where he wanted him, he just had to make sure the greasy little fucker didn't slip his way out of a haircut.

So how do you finish a guy like Bam Bam? Well, what you do is a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron and onto the ramp. Hello.

Now folks I'm not a mark for big time moves, but that was a big time move. Not only did he get a head of steam up, but he jumped at the end. And just to prove he wasn't gonna choke again, he put Bam Bam over his shoulder and threw the fucker back in the ring. And in case Loco Max had a problem with that, he dropped Bam Bam on his head with a double underhook piledriver. 'Cos real gangster ass rudos don't leave 'em half dead.

I didn't even know that was legal in lucha.

Really, that was too exciting. Bam Bam has fucking awful hair, so you know what I was rooting for, but Damian shat on the guy for taking his title.

I promise to support Bam Bam now he has no hair.

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