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Santo/Eddie vs. Espanto/Estrada

Posted by ohtani's jacket, 14 December 2008 · 168 views

Eddy Guerrero/El Hijo Del Santo vs. Espanto Jr./Jerry Estrada (AAA; 1/31/93)

This opened with a lengthy mat exchange between Santo and Espanto. It wasn't as perfect as I would've liked, but it was an extended mat exchange between two of my favourite luchadores, so I should thank heaven for small mercies. You can turn if off after that, though, because the rest of the match was bad. Bad matches tend to lead to a lot of sweeping generalisations, but I haven't seen a lot of evidence that Eddie was ever very good in Mexico. Not only did he rob Scott Steiner's wardrobe, I think he wanted to be him. Some awful communicating between him and Santo in this match. They came across as a piss poor tag team. Espanto did his best to start trouble, but he was fighting a losing cause. Another AAA match on the scrap heap.