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My favourite match list

Posted by Resident Evil, 12 August 2007 - - - - - - · 289 views

I'd been thinking about doing this for awhile but have never gotten around to doing it. Basically, I"ve always wanted to do a long list of matches where I'd rate them. I had a couple of problems though as I'd always forget matches that I've matched. The second problem is that I"m kind of eh on the star ranking system. I like it an...

Part II Benot list

Posted by Resident Evil, 28 May 2007 - - - - - - · 157 views

Benoit vs Flair 2/9/04 RawBenoit vs Michaels 2/16/04 RawBenoit vs Batista 2/23/04 RawBenoit/Micheals vs Orton/Batista 3/1/04 RawBenoit vs Matt Hardy 3/8/04 RawBenoit vs HHH vs Michaels 3/14/04 Wrestlemania XXBenoit/Michaels vs Orton/Flair/Batista 3/15/04 RawBenoit vs Rhyno 3/22/04 RawBenoit/Michaels vs Flair/Batista 3/29/04 RawBenoit vs Rob Conway 4/5/04...

Benoit List as of May 2007

Posted by Resident Evil, 28 May 2007 - - - - - - · 192 views

This is a match list for every Benoit match that you can possably see. It's not a matchlist of every single match he's ever wrestled but rather every match I know of that at one time or another has existed on video tape.There are going to be mistakes and there are no doubt going to be omissions. If someone wants to correct something feel free to d...

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