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Introduction to the Board as a wrestling fan

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#21 Smack2k

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 05:43 AM

Name is Brian...35 years old...Pittsburgh, PA My wrestling fandom had three stages within a year... Stage 1 - Late 1985 / Early 1986 - Discovered it on TV and of course Hulk Hogan and the rest...Saw WM2 on PPV and became really into it...I have a soft spot for Bundy / Hogan in the cage, so when I see it bashed, I dont see the hate.. Stage 2 - September 1986 - Rose / Somers vs. Midnight Rockers - Blood Bath - I became a BIG AWA fan in early 86 watching it on ESPN. It was becoming my favorite promotion of what I got on TV (WWF / AWA / Crockett / WCCW). Then this match happened and I was hooked on wrestling...By the end of this, my mom had to come in and tell me shut up as it was late (I was 8) and I was yelling at the TV (ESPN had AWA TV on late some nights) and HATED Rose and Somers after that for a LONG time... Stage 3 - December 31, 1986 - Bockwinkel vs Hennig - The 60 Min Draw - I know this was taped in Nov, but fuck that, this was from New Year's Eve 1986 and always will be...this is the match that made me completely Obsessed with wrestling and everything about it, and became my de facto #1 thing to want to watch, play with, think about...etc....Best Match EVER? Yeah, I think so...although I am sure I will find better matches in Japan and other places, they will never top this. Since then, I was hooked until mid 1995, when I was 17 and the product just didnt seem fun anymore to me, and partying and other things were. Looking back now, I missed some good wrestling but in a terrible era for angles / characters, etc...I went to Penn State in the Fall of 1996 and became friends with a dude on the other side of my dorm. About a week into school (early September 1996), I went over to hang out and saw his roomate watching Nitro and looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? I asked him what was going on and he told me all about the Hogan turn, NWO formation and the rest. Right there, I got hooked again, in a matter of an hour, I was back in 100% and loved it...By November, I was also back into WWF and used to love to watch both shows Monday nights. From there, the years went on and I have been a fan ever since, watching and collecting everything I could. I stopped really watching weekly WWE TV in 2003 and havent really been hooked on it since. I am still obsessed with teh territories and finding things I havent seen or watching things 4 or 5 times that I have seen. Just recently, I have finally discovered wrestling outside the US (mostly Canada / Japan / Puerto Rico) and have become really hooked again and basically get to start over with my fandom learning all about these three places and watching a SHIT TON of stuff I have never seen.. So I guess its come full circle now...and with a 2 1/2 year old just starting to want to watch it with me, the cycle looks to be starting again!

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Posted 07 July 2013 - 06:12 AM

Hi all, I'm Lee, 29 from the North East of England. Long-time lurker, finally signed up when DVDVR went down again.

Being English, my story is pretty similar to a lot of the other guys here, the cliffs notes being thus:

Early Days

Arse-end of World of Sport

Early 90s Boom

WWF on Sky - WCW on ITV - Apter Mags/Superstars of Wrestling/PowerSlam - Coliseum Videos - Hasbros and Galoobs - Merlin sticker albums - New Japan on Eurosport - Gladiators takes over as the hot new thing on the playground - mid 90s slump

Late 90s Resurgence

Nitro hits TNT - German satellite TV with DSF carrying everything - ECW on Bravo - underground tape trading and Japanese imports - those incredible Friday nights - getting online and becoming deeply immersed in the behind the scenes stuff


DVDs making trading so much easier - YouTube and torrents making trading largely pointless - training for a time until other commitments took over - working UK indies in various roles - realising a dream when I did live commentary for a card... and having portions of that card later broadcast on TV


I'm basically just as addicted to the business as I was when I first discovered as a child, and unlike a lot of folks I know who are still fans, I never actually had that period where fell out of it. Here in the UK, for most that would have been after SummerSlam '92 and before the rise of Steve Austin and the nWo, but I was just as hardcore a fan then as ever, always fantasy booking, reading magazines, collecting action figures, etc. I watch just about anything, all promotions and all eras, but my affinity lies with what got me into wrestling, late 80s and early 90s WWF and WCW, though Friday nights here in 1998 and 1999 were amazing with the amount of stuff we had on TV.

I'm kind of sad that I trained to wrestle but never had a match, and at 29 I feel like that window is probably behind me since I got deeply out of shape, but I do make a few pennies from a series of Coliseum Video guide books I co-write. I'm not making a living but hell, I get to watch and write about pro wrestling, and it nets me a little bit of pocket money on the side, so that can't be bad. In fact, now that I think about it, I could just post one of my author bios from those books so here goes:

His name is Lee Maughan and his idea of a romantic date with the girl he'd been lusting after for 18 months was a trip to the cinema to see Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, which, believe it or not, was her choice. The jammy bastard. Actually, it was the last date they went on together, though clearly that was all down to her projectile vomiting into an empty pick n' mix bag after Randy the Ram had shoved his hand into a meat thresher at the deli, and not, as common sense would have you believe, because he's a wrestling obsessed nerd with a tramp's beard.

Wrestling has always been a major part of Lee's life, and he has had the honour of being asked to conduct in-depth Q&A sessions with such industry luminaries as Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Eric Bischoff, although none of them ever actually happened. He was also once contacted about being used as a colour commentator alongside Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for an independent card in the UK. That one didn't happen either, but he did at least realise a life-long ambition when he was invited to provided live, ringside commentary at an event in November, 2007 for matches which later aired both nationally and internationally on digital television station TWC Fight. An immensely proud achievement in his life, albeit one he's still never actually seen, as nobody he knew even subscribed to the one cable provider in the country that actually carried the damn channel. Oh, and he once had a question printed in Power Slam, but they got his name wrong.

He was once told by highly respected veteran Tracy Smothers that he'd one day make himself a very rich man from the pro wrestling industry. It is perhaps Lee's single greatest regret that he never thought to ask Smothers how exactly to go about achieving such goals, and despite having already contributed to no less than three volumes of The Complete WWF Video Guide, he remains a veritable wrestling pauper, his most prized industry payoff being an authentic Scotty Flamingo-autographed Polaroid picture, even though his friends insisted on putting him off when the snap was taken, and he looks like a total dingus in it.

www.HistoryOfWrestling.info is where to go for info on my Coliseum Video/Monday Night RAW guide book series, paperbacks and Kindle versions available! That's the other thing about me I guess, expect me to intermittently shill those books every now and then! (I promise not to be overbearing about it okay? Okay.)

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 02:06 AM

I'm Joe, long time lurker both here & over at DVDVR. Some of you may or may not recognize my handle from various other boards around the internet. My tastes in wrestling differ greatly from most here, but that's why I come here. I enjoy different perspectives on things, and love reading people's positive takes on things that I personally think are terrible, like Jerry Blackwell or Jerry Lawler or Black Terry or southern tag team wrasslin' or wacky lucha matches. I'm never offended by alternate opinions, and often learn something or even gain appreciate for different things when I read the posts here. I'm in my mid 30's and my favorite eras of wrestling are early 90's All Japan, NOAH until it fell to pieces, ROH '05-'08, current New Japan, ECW glory days, & Dragon Gate from any period. I try to follow lucha even though I almost never enjoy it, don't like deathmatches/garbage wrestling, and generally dislike most modern WWE stuff (Attitude Era-now) although they are really having an amazing year in 2013. I'm sure some of that is vomit inducing to some of you, but I told you my tastes are a bit different from most of you and I wasn't kidding. I probably won't post much. I saw a few threads that I felt like I could contribute positively to, and I have some stuff to shill in the appropriate sub forum, so I finally signed up.

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 01:43 PM

Hi everyone..... my name is Mike and I'm 30 years old. I have been a wrestling fan since I started watching in 1992 and enjoy anything from WWF/E, NWA/WCW and ECW. I pay attention to TNA but really can't bring myself to watch it on a regular basis. I don't get ROH in my area but that's probably for the best.... my obsessiveness would cause me to have to watch every show they ever had and I don't have the time or patience for that anymore. BrickHithouse sent me here and I look forward to discussions with everyone!

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 09:36 PM

I am Paul - 29 years old from Baltimore. I lurked here for a while and at DVDVR for a really, really long time. I've been a wrestling fan the majority of my life. I was primarily a WCW fan and preferred WCW to WWF until the bitter end. I replaced WCW with US indies (ROH specifically) in the early 2000's and attended a lot of live shows around that time. I watched WWE during that time but never in the same way that I followed WCW. Somewhere in the 2008/2009 timeframe my wrestling watching slowly faded out until reaching the point where I wasn't really watching anything anymore - current or otherwise. I started watching WWE regularly again during the summer of 2011 and slowly dipped back into my collection here and there. Sometime earlier this year I was bit by the pro wrestling bug again. I watch more current wrestling and a wider variety of wrestling than I probably ever have before. I cannot pinpoint exactly what has spurred my interest again, but I've really had a desire to watch as much different pro wrestling from as many different places as I can. In term of historical stuff, like I said WCW was my gateway into pro wrestling so JCP/WCW as always held a special place in my heart. I am not too discriminating however (at least I don't think I am) and have watched quite a bit historically from the mid-1980's on, be it WWF, other US territories/promotions, Puro, or Lucha. The best way to describe my breadth of wrestling knowledge is if something has been heavily hyped or discussed from like 1986 on, there is a very good chance I have seen it. Anything below that line is more hit or miss in regard to whether or not I have seen it. Currently, I am trying to watch as many different 2013 matches as I can. You Tube is a real life changer. I am watching as much different US & British indie stuff as I can get around to, but that's a herculean task and there is a lot of junk out there to wade through. I'm trying to catch anything hyped out of Japan but NJPW is getting most of my attention on that front. Lucha is probably my weakest spot historically, but I find myself really into it now (specifically CMLL), which I didn't quite expect. I am aware of what is going on in TNA but I wouldn't really say I follow them. In addition to 2013 watching, I went through the 1990 yearbook and I am now working my way through 1997. I am loving every minute of 1997 so far.

#26 Rob Allen

Rob Allen
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Posted 24 August 2013 - 03:25 AM

My name's Rob. I'm 39 and I moved to Brooklyn two years ago. I grew up in South Florida and started watching wrestling as a young kid and then discovered the magazines around 1984. We had CWF and WWF on TV. When I visited my grandmother I was able to catch JCP/WCW, World Class and AWA on cable. I kinda lost interest around the time Hogan showed up in WCW. I would take a look at the TV every once in a while but I really wasn't following it. The WWE purchase of WCW sparked my interest and brought me back to watching. Lately I've been revisiting the past and enjoying the Kayfabe Memories board and the JCP/WCW podcasts that Parv and Chad are doing. Some of my favorites: Ric Flair Tully & Arn Great Muta The Von Erichs Barry Windham Randy Savage Ricky Steamboat Jerry Lawler Roddy Piper I've enjoyed reading through the yearbooks and catching up on a lot of stuff that I had missed during my "time away"

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Posted 28 August 2013 - 01:52 PM

Hi Everybody, I am Ryan, and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been lurking around these parts for a while now, until I finally decided to register the other day. I have been a wrestling fan since I was seven years old, and things have stayed that way ever since. My favourite periods in wrestling history from what I have seen, are late 80s/early 90s All Japan, early 90s AJW, later 80s NJPW, early 90s NJPW, mid 2000s ROH, early 2000s WWF/E, RINGS pro-wrestling era (HUGE Volk Han and Tamura mark), I would like to add current era New Japan to that list, but I can’t really do that without the benefit of hindsight. I would like to post my top five performers, but like with my favourite promotions and eras, my lists change as I am exposed to more. However, on my list are Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi, Tamura, Volk Han, Tsuruta and Tenryu among others. I really hope to learn and get into more lucha, as I feel that I really lack knowledge in that area, and I guess I will grab the 80s lucha set once I am finished with a couple of other sets I am trying to work my way through. During my years as a pro-wrestling fan I have dabbled in a few things, but over the last couple of years my main focus has been my newsletter, which I will not shamelessly promote here like I do on other sites...at least I will try not to anyone. I look forward to participating on the site.

#28 Stu

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 05:42 PM

My names Stu, I’m 32 and live in and small town in North Yorkshire, England. My first exposure to wrestling was watching the dying days of World of Sport and then the show that replaced that for a couple of years, at my grandparent’s house on a Saturday afternoon. The first memory I have of watching American wrestling is when Earthquake was “picked” out of the crowd for the push-up contest between Dino Bravo and Ultimate Warrior. I’d never seen anyone like Warrior before and was hooked on WWF from that moment. Other than a brief period in the mid 90s I’ve been an avid fan ever since, but only really stated delving into stuff outside of the WWF/E and WCW in the last few years. My favourite wrestlers are Jerry Lawler, Dick Murdoch, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage and Terry Funk. I’ve been lurking around here for a few years and hugely enjoyed reading the great discussions that you guys have, but never felt like I really had much to add to any topic. Also, recently I’ve been going through some of the awesome podcasts that members of the board have made and had a great deal of fun while learning a ton of interesting stuff too.

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 09:54 PM

Hello my name is Jake, I am 47 years old and my wrestling memories go wayyyyy back. My first memory is being 2 maybe 3 years old wrestling with my grandfather. He would wear a ski mask and pretend to be DR. X and make me cry uncle! I grew up in Oklahoma and my earliest tv memories are from the Leroy McGuirk territory. I've been thinking about this and some of the names I remember are: Cowboy Bill Watts Killer Karl Kox Bruiser Bob Sweetan The Turk Ali Bey Silento Rodriquez Argentina Zuma Dick Murdoch Dr. X Jerry Brown and Handsome Ron McFarland (tag team) Jerry also teamed with Buddy Roberts as the Hollywood Blondes The Masked Medics Skandar Akbar Billy Starr and Randy Tyler Stan Hansen Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) Buckley Christopher George Robley the 3rd The Masked Pro Greg Valentine Ken Patera (with black hair) Mr Wrestling 2 Killer Karl Krup Waldo Von Erich Mr Fuji and Mr Saito Ron and Don Bass managed by "Ma Bass" Jerry Stubbs (Mr Olympia) Paul Orndorff Mike George The Assasin The Angel (Frank Morell, had nightmares about the guy) Ernie Ladd Ray Candy there are many others that I am sure will come to mind I remember Ted Dibiase as a rookie being put out by Karl Kox and later coming back and beating Karl bloody with a shoe! I am sure that there are many names that I will remember and I have saved Danny Hodge for last as I have a great story about him. I am a mail carrier and am armed with an mp3 player so I have downloaded and listened to all of the Where the Big Boys Play podcasts! Love them and am waiting for some more! (Although I could tell you guys a thing or two some of the early Crockett wrestlers) haha After the Tri State years my weekend was full of wrestling! Saturday was filled with Bill Watts Mid South Wrestling, Joe Blanchard's Southwest Championship Wrestling, Leroy McGuirks final days, Midwest Championship Wrestling, then I would go into town at my dads office and watch Georgia Championship Wrestling and then a bunch of us would go to a friends house and watch World Class with the Von Erichs and Freebirds. Yes my weekend was full and there wasn't a McMahon in sight! Not until BLACK SATURDAY that is... I will say it like this, I go back far enough to have been raised kayfabe, and to this day can still be kayfabed if it is done properly!

#30 brainbusted

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 09:58 PM

My names Stu, I’m 32 and live in and small town in North Yorkshire, England.

My first exposure to wrestling was watching the dying days of World of Sport and then the show that replaced that for a couple of years, at my grandparent’s house on a Saturday afternoon. The first memory I have of watching American wrestling is when Earthquake was “picked” out of the crowd for the push-up contest between Dino Bravo and Ultimate Warrior. I’d never seen anyone like Warrior before and was hooked on WWF from that moment. Other than a brief period in the mid 90s I’ve been an avid fan ever since, but only really stated delving into stuff outside of the WWF/E and WCW in the last few years.

My favourite wrestlers are Jerry Lawler, Dick Murdoch, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage and Terry Funk.

I’ve been lurking around here for a few years and hugely enjoyed reading the great discussions that you guys have, but never felt like I really had much to add to any topic. Also, recently I’ve been going through some of the awesome podcasts that members of the board have made and had a great deal of fun while learning a ton of interesting stuff too.

Stu I can so relate! Dirty Dick Murdoch was ALWAYS one of my faves! I can remember back in the 70s when he was Inspirational wrestler of the year in PWI because Skandar Akbar threw ink in his eyes! I recall clearly the interview that Boyd Pierce did with Murdoch dressed in long black coat and sunglasses. Like a real blind man apparently!

#31 Superstar Sleeze

Superstar Sleeze
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Posted 29 September 2013 - 10:13 PM

Hi, I am Martin and I am a wrestling addict. I am 24 years old. I grew up and still reside in the Boston Metro area (but live closer to Boston than that poseur Cena, who is practically from New Hampshire). My first exposure to wrestling was the week before Luger won the title from Hogan on Nitro in 1997. I was next door at my grandmother's and my uncle was watching I definitely remember Bret Hart. He "ruined" it for me like 30 seconds into watching it saying it was all fake and I was like whatever, this is fuckin cool. I ran next door and said we got to put it on channels 33 and 35. My parents were like why? When my mother saw what was on the screen she just shook her head and my dad said don't worry everyone goes through this phase. O little did they know... The next week the Luger title victory hooked me totally and I can still see Luger racking Hogan and Randy Anderson signalling for the bell. I remember getting Alex Wright and Lex Luger confused (Luger sounded so German)s. I became a huge nWo mark and this is probably thing I carry with me the most to this day is how much I love that group. People can't shit on Nash and Hall all they want, they were fuckin cool. I was definitely more of a WCW fan because they had the nWo (DX was clearly a rip-off), better storytelling and more interesting matches in my mind. The WWF just seemed too teenage to me like as a child I did not like all the angst, anger and general rudeness. I fuckin' hated D-X because of how bratty they were. I really wanted Undertaker to friggin' clobber them. However, as much I want this to be about me choosing WCW, my hand was forced. My mother banned me from watching WWF because of the Dustin Rhodes/Terri Runnels angle and the general raciness. My mother loved the luchadores and thought it was more suitable for a child so that's the way we went. My father did not give a fuck and I distinctly remember watching the Christmas episode of RAW with him including the D-X thongs skit and the Crapper 3:16. My first live event was the Boston Brawl, which was a friggin' ridiculously loaded card from WCW. I saw Jericho, Booker, Goldberg, Valentine, Steiners, Raven, Benoit vs Eddy, DDP/Luger/Larry Z vs Savage/Nash/Hall and Sting vs Hogan in a cage. I shit you not, the Boston crowd was chanting "Bruno!" at Larry Z and I just gotten into wrestling history so I understood why, but holy shit looking back on it, it was the coolest thing ever. It is the only time, I ever got to see my favorite wrestler, Randy Savage live and it will forever be my favorite live show I saw. I am a bit jealous of you guys because I had a very short tenure as a "mark". Not just with Uncle "ruining" it for me because I still rooted for things like the Undertaker beating up DX even when I knew it was just fake. However, I am a huge history buff. There is something about knowing past that is really important to me. I read a ton of history and really enjoy it as a hobby. So when I started watching wrestling, I obviously realized the first week I watched was not the very first week it existed so I was interested in learning more especially title history. So I did what every child in 1998 would do, I connected to AOL and hit up Hisa's wrestling titles site and prowrestlinghistory.com. I purchased the PWI almanac for 1997. To find out that I post with the guy who wrote that timeline is friggin crazy because I have nearly ripped that thing to shreds from how many times I read it. However, it would have been good if I just stuck out there and maybe I could have preserved my markdom. However, I found WrestleLine.com (CRZ, Scott Keith and Rick Scaia etc...) and became a smart mark in 1999 at the tender age of 10. Yes folks a ten year old cared about whether Benoit was being pushed effectively and would roll their eyes at HHH/Steph wedding drama because that was soap opera bullshit (even though I am a total soap opera mark. General Hospital is the best thing on TV right now. :) ). I still remember Vince Russo's mug on the front Wrestleline when he jumped ship. I know Scott Keith is a punching bag here and rightfully so. He had some real bullshit theories and you should call him out on them. I will refrain ever saying a bad word about him because what he did was so important for me to understand wrestling history. Hisa & prowrestlinghistory gave me the results, but he gave me the context and the action. Unfortunately, until about 2011, I was stuck smart mark cynicism where everything was about workrate and God Forbid you ever use a chinlock. Now, I am able to watch the matches instead of just read his reviews, I can formulate my own opinions based on my own criteria. That being said, he was still an indispensable tool when I was growing up in learning about wrestling history. I only stopped watching wrestling for a stretch of time once when my beloved WCW was bought and Invasion botched (September 2001). I came back for the nWo and that was botched and I had no intention of ever watching wrestling again until my dad got a cable TV scrambler. To show off his new device, he taped Wrestlemania XIX for free and I watched it again fell in love all over again. I have never looked back. I remind him every single chance I get that, Dad you brought it on yourself. You were in the clear and now you in this mess stuck watching Fandango (my Dad loathes Fandango). My favorite promotions are JCP/WCW late 80s and All Japan in 90s with an extremely soft spot for WCW 97-01. It is amazing that anyone ever became a pro wrestling fan in 1999 because both products pretty much suck, but here I am. I really just wanted to point out how in the internet era, it is hard to be a mark. My background is not necessarily a territory bias, but that I have literally been a smart mark my whole life, which pretty much sucks. I just learned how to put the "mark" back into "smart mark" and have been enjoying wrestling a lot more. Now if I can just retrain my Dad and brother...they learned how to discern quality wrestling during my jaded cynical smart mark period now every reverse chinlock is insta-suck match and Kurt Angle is God. My brother is getting better about this, but I think my Dad is a lost cause.

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 03:49 AM

I came to this board after listening to the outstanding podcast Where the Big Boys Play, and I've since started listening to the other great podcasts associated with this community. As a wrestling fan, I lack the kind of hardcore bona fides that most of you possess. I almost feel like I don't fit in. I grew up watching WWF, NWA/WCW, and AWA in the late 80s and early 90s, but back then I always preferred WWF. I guess I liked the cartoonishness, and I was too young and unsophisticated to appreciate the superior in-ring work to be found in NWA/WCW. The crappy production values of non-WWF wrestling programs made me look down on them by comparison. But I still watched Flair and the Horsemen (though I hated them, because I wasn't evolved enough to cheer for heels), and I loved Curt Hennig in the AWA. As great as he was as Mr. Perfect, I always kind of resented his WWF career, because I wanted to cheer for the face Hennig I remembered in AWA. Along with Curt, my first wrestling idols were Strike Force and Macho Man (Strike Force won the belts from Hart Foundation on the very first episode of Superstars I ever watched; and Macho's face turn had just occurred at this time). But before long, I became, and still remain, an unrepentant Hogan mark. I had it bad, too. Every time I hear someone say how played-out Hogan's act became and how fed up fans were in the early 90s, I feel like such a philistine, because I ate it up right to the end. I stopped being a serious wrestling fan in 1991 with one last gasp when Flair jumped over to Titan. The last ppv I watched was the '92 Rumble. It was amazing, but I was basically done after that. When the boom happened in the late 90s, I ignored it completely, which was hard to do, because wrestling was everywhere. I didn't watch, but I still knew about Hogan's heel turn, the NWO, Montreal, Tyson & Austin, Foley's Hell in a Cell match. Didn't care. I thumbed my nose at all of it. From time to time, I'd still get nostalgic about the old days, but it wasn't until about a year or two ago that I really gave a shit about wrestling. What pulled me back? I got netflix and started watching all the WWE docs. All of them. I couldn't get enough. Also, I LOVED the Dead Wrestler of the Week series at Deadspin. I know a lot of people here hate Shoemaker's Grantland work, which I won't defend. But Dead Wrestler of the Week was exquisite, and I will powerbomb anyone who says different! After that, I started seeking out podcasts about old school wrestling. It was still just a nostalgia kick. I don't think I took it all that seriously, but then I stumbled on Wrestlespective and finally Where the Big Boys Play. I was hooked! I could listen to Parv and Chad rhapsodize about Tully and Flair all day long. They mention PWO quite a bit, and after months of listening, I decided I'd better come see what the fuss was about. I'm glad I did. I do not possess the kind of scholarly zeal for studying and analyzing matches that many of you have. And as much as I loved wrestling growing up, I never developed into a smart mark. Even basic smark stuff is new to me (I know literally nothing about Japanese wrestling. And don't laugh, but I didn't even know who Meltzer was until a few months ago!) But it's been great reading your posts and learning about the finer points of bumping, selling, working body parts, "telling a story in the ring," and all of the other elements that make up a great match. And I am trying to watch more matches. (I've been seeking out Bockwinkle footage, in particular, because I can't believe how much I failed to appreciate him when I was an AWA fan. I feel legitimately guilty about it.) Anyway, I really like it here. I am eager to be a part of these great discussions. I just hope I don't embarrass myself too much.

#33 seaburn

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 01:06 PM

I’m Chris, 31, from the north east of England. Been a long time lurker and reader of the site but have finally registered. Started watching wrestling in the early 90s, which was largely the WWF through Coliseum Video. I must have worn out my Royal Rumble 1990 and Summerslam 1990 copies (and those two are still my ‘go to’ events). After building up my CV collection, plus a few WCW videos (WrestleWar 92 was well watched; I could watch that years War Games on a loop), I lost interest around 1993 until the family finally gave into my constant pestering and got Sky Sports installed around 1998. This coincided with the attitude era and suddenly from one or two people interested in wrestling, it was suddenly a full schools’ worth. The Raw Report, printed out on a Tuesday morning, was passed around the classroom like answers to that afternoon’s maths exam. It was a real test to try and avoid the results sheet if you wanted to watch Raw on the Friday ‘as live’. Those were the halcyon days of my wrestling fandom, every Raw watched, every PPV recorded. I also discovered that TNT was showing Nitro a couple of hours before Raw so it was a bumper night of wrestling. But as you grow older you discover different things. Leaving school for college, it wasn’t ‘cool’ to watch wrestling, so football, girls and many other things took precedence. To be honest it wasn't that hard to leave wrestling behind. I checked in now and again, but there were too many new faces, and nobody I could particularly relate to. And as time went on I honestly thought I’d never watch wrestling again. It just didn’t register at any level. However some tough times in my life made me re-evaluate some things and I wanted to re-connect with times past to get me through. One of these was wrestling, so I found my copies of Royal Rumble and Summerslam and fired up the VHS. This in turn led to me finding writers such as Scott Keith and those on 411 and reading about past PPVs with an aim to understand wrestling history and what I had missed, which was a lot. I didn’t even know WCW had been bought by Vince which did surprise me. From there I started to source footage from different places and it has snowballed from there. My favourite period is 88-92, primarily WWF and WCW but I am sticking my toe in the water with regards to AJPW and NJPW. Modern day wrestling I must admit, leaves me cold. I wouldn’t know how to classify myself as a wrestling fan, possibly just that, a fan. I would even go as far as saying I’m more interested in listening and reading about wrestling than I am about watching it. And that’s why I come here and listen to the excellent podcasts by Chad, Parv, Will and Charles et al. So I will try and contribute where I can whilst watching bits and pieces along the way.

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Posted 13 October 2013 - 08:14 PM

Hello, my name's Paul. I've lurked here a long time, but have finally decided to sign up. I'm from London, but have been living in Tokyo for some years. My wrestling fan history: I first got into the pro-wres in 1991, purely because all the kids in school kept going on about WWF. Shortly after ITV started showing WCW Worldwide. I would remain a fan of both promotions. Around 1994, I got into the tape-trading scene and started spending all my pocket money on Puroresu and ECW tapes. A couple of years later I drifted away from Puroresu completely and US wrestling partially, but got back into WWE in a big way around 1999/2000 and have been into it ever since. Oh yeah, and as I said, I'm living in Japan so I've got back into Puro. I have to fess up and say I'm a huge fan of Dragon Gate - which I know is a promotion a lot of people dislike. I usually go to 1 or 2 shows a month in Tokyo - either DG, NewJapan, AllJapan, DDT or others. In a few hours I'm going to NJ's Sumo Hall which I suspect will make some of you rather jealous. I can't promise I'll be a hugely prolific poster, but hopefully I can contribute something.

#35 Karl

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 11:38 AM

Hi, My name is Karl, I am 40 and am from a town called Bedford, about 40 mile north of London (UK). I have been a wrestling fan since the late 70's/early 80's (give or take), watching British wrestling on ITV's World of Sport. I can remember the very first American wrestling match I ever saw...it was the Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs from (I believe) Boston, shown in place of the British wresting one Saturday afternoon. It wasn't until the late 80's when my family got Sky through Satellite TV that I became fully exposed to WWF and there was no turning back! Although WWF was the king of TV wrestling in the UK, we were lucky enough to get some NWA, AWA, USWA and Global thanks to Screensport. The next real turning point for me was WCW TV starting on ITV and AAA on Galavision in the early/mid 90's and then WCW PPV's being shown on German satellite channel DSF. This exposure to Lucha and greater coverage of WCW in partnership with magazines like Superstars of Wrestling (later Powerslam) wheted my appetite to what else was out there and eventually lead me to UK tape trader, Rob Butcher and my addiction to AJPW. I spent small fortunes on any Japanese wrestling I could get my hands on, but AJPW was the be all to me, followed by AJW and then NJPW.....FMW and W*ING lagged behind. Anyway....I waffle on. As with most good things, they come to an end eventually, and by 2000 my interesting in wrestling as a regular viewer and buyer waned. The end of WCW had a role to play in reducing my viewing....I always preferred that to WWF, despite its often very obvious flaws. Getting married put the nail in the coffin....no more £££ to spend on Puro and everything else. From there, I just drifted away.......kind of. I would still read books about wrestling, occasionally sign up to WON to see what was going on and every now and then watch WWE TV, but that was about it. Then I found this forum via the podcasts and my interest has been re-ignited....we shall see where that takes me.

#36 Stu

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 08:40 AM

Stu I can so relate! Dirty Dick Murdoch was ALWAYS one of my faves! I can remember back in the 70s when he was Inspirational wrestler of the year in PWI because Skandar Akbar threw ink in his eyes! I recall clearly the interview that Boyd Pierce did with Murdoch dressed in long black coat and sunglasses. Like a real blind man apparently!

That must have been really cool stuff to grow up with. Often it’s the wrestling that I watched as a kid that’s the most vivid in my mind, while the more recent stuff kind of blurs a bit.

It’s great to see a fellow fan of Captain Redneck. While the guy does have a decent amount of people bigging him up, I still feel he isn’t held is as high regard as he should be.

#37 Jordan

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Posted 25 October 2013 - 09:31 PM

My name's (shocker) Jordan from Columbia, South Carolina and I am 20. I've been a wrestling fan since 2003. I actually prefer to lurk boards like this and use them for information on things I'd like to view and had been doing so for quite a few months now, but a few weeks ago the yearbook forums were shut off from me for some reason so that scared me into making an account. :P

I was already aware of wrestlers like The Rock or Stone Cold and had even seen parts of Velocity from the prior year, but what fully drew me in to Pro Wrestling was oddly the RAW in the summer of 2003 that had Kane vs. Triple H WHC Title Match where if Kane lost he had to unmask. For some reason that caught my attention, and I started to follow Smackdown! and Velocity not long after along with RAW of course.

I mostly remained a WWE fan mainly until 2006 when I got a laptop for my birthday and started using the internet to follow wrestling, joining some boards. I got a few ROH shows around this time and became a pretty big Samoa Joe and Homicide fan, along with Danielson as well. '06 Smackdown also stands out a lot in my memory because when Finlay came on the scene I really became a fan of him. His viciousness just stood out to me. Also remember latching on to Mark Henry pretty hard as well.

When it came to getting into puro, it was again a bit of a random situation. Somebody on a CAWs forum made a Toshiaki Kawada CAW and proceeded to link to this video: which I clicked on and was subsequently blown away by. The highlights, the Holy War variations all for some reason made me go "this guy looks like the coolest wrestler ever" so I had to seek out matches. He made me think of Finlay with how he worked. It was from there that I started to get into 90s AJPW via a friend online who had a lot of stuff uploaded and saved. From there I just fleshed out to more and more main promotions like NJPW, NOAH, and even found my way to shoot style eventually.

For some reason not until like 2011 movements into areas such as Lucha, European Wrestling, or even territories never really came for me. I guess I just got content with following WWE, Puro (moreso for older stuff), ROH (until Danielson left), and TNA for at least 2006 anyway. I even fell into some weird period in late 2009 and a good part of 2010 where I just...stopped watching stuff from anywhere. Luckily I shook that in 2011. Not sure why boards like this, DVDVR, or a few others kinda never came into view for me, since they would have been very helpful to keeping me active and looking for more stuff.

But yeah, I guess that covers a good bit about my life as a pro wrestling fan so far. Gonna say again that this place is really helpful for me, and I'll definitely try to be active and contribute where I can.

#38 murko

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 11:19 AM

Hello my name is Mark , I am based in Manchester uk. I started out as a casual wrestling fan, my older and younger brothers being far bigger wwf fans than me. I have fond memories of listening to WWF PPVs with them , which aired on one of the Sky channels with the picture decoded , a particular favourite was the 92 Royal Rumble . But my real interest took off when one Saturday afternoon I discovered lucha Libre on Galavision the Masks, Midgets and Excoticos it was like a transmission from another planet, I was hooked . Soon after Eurosport started showing New Japan Ring warriors shows from this point on my interest accelerated spending most of my money on poor quality, over priced video tapes from traders. Watching mainly Puro, lucha and Joshi .By early 2000 my interest had faded and it was'nt till 2010 I got Interested again and tracked down stuff I had missed and started attending uk wrestling shows. My Interests lie mainly in classic Puro , lucha , Battlearts , Michinoku Pro and also have soft spot for PWG .I think the current UK scene is lot of fun with a flow of good imports and some promising homegrown workers I Keep track of what's going on in WWE but Only watch the occasional recommended match .

#39 Art Machine Love Barr

Art Machine Love Barr
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Posted 06 November 2013 - 11:08 PM

Ian here, living in Chicago. I started watching as a little kid hooked on the Steiners and Sting, Hogan and Warrior. I fell out of wrestling until the Monday night wars started while I was in high school, then fell out again for awhile after WCW folded. I thought very little about wrestling until getting into ROH around 2005 and following Lucha a couple of years later. I watched around 3-4 hours of Lucha a day while unemployed in 2010 and something it my brain snapped/popped into place so I connect with that on a deeper level than most US or Japanese stuff. As far as current shows, I watch about 90% lucha with the rest being hyped WWE, NJPW, and odds and ends. For old stuff, I'm making my way through piles of discs accumulated over the years; watching the 90 yearbook and 80's Lucha set right now.

#40 topropepodcast

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 01:12 PM

Mike here, living in the midwest. I've been watching off-and-on since about 91, mostly on with a few periods where I gave it up. I've always been more of a WCW guy, but as a youngster very much devoured any wrestling I could find on TV. I watch way too much right now, probably the most since I was a lonely teenager, but a lot of it's watched for my podcast, which in time I'll pimp.

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