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Antonio Inoki

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ohtani's jacket
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Posted 05 May 2016 - 09:08 PM

Adrian Adonis comes to the ring against Inoki in full leathers. He looks like he snorted something before leaving the dressing room and attacks some fan who touched him. Reminds me of when I was young and would bend the ear of any Japanese rock band who came through Auckland about Japanese pro-wrestling. And these rockers would always talk about how cool Adonis was. Match has a short running time and Andre comes out to eat into it even further. Hogan attacks him from behind and the pair brawl their way to the changing rooms. Adonis vs. Inoki is fast and furious but too short to matter.


Inoki vs. Pedro Morales is perfectly mediocre fare, but that should be obvious before clicking on it.


I watched a full length version of Ruska vs. Inoki and enjoyed it even more the second time, but hey, I dig all those Don Nielsen works too. Ruska vs. Inoki III from Seoul is also watchable. Better than watching Inoki vs. WWWF guys bar Backlund. 


Watching Inoki beat Parv's boy, Hiroshi Hase, in 1992 was perversely entertaining. Hase actually did a pretty good job of respectfully jobbing. Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye.


I always knew I had it in me to beat Parv's boy.

I can't find any of the other Inoki matches I want to watch online so I thought I'd wrap this up by watching the 2/86 Fujiwara bout. Still a bucket load of fun. Fujiwara is the greatest. Inoki may have pushed my top 100 but it would have been touch and go. I actually think he would have been vying for my #100. Maybe 100-95. 

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ohtani's jacket
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Posted 15 November 2016 - 04:08 AM

I finally got the chance to see the Inoki/Bock match from Stuttgart. It's a match that would bore the beejesus out of most folks, but I thought it was an absorbing contest and another addition to my list of Inoki classics; matches which may not be classics in the true sense of the word but certainly are in Inoki's case.

What made it so interesting is that while it was clearly a work, Bock was about as uncooperative as anyone I've seen in a pro-wrestling bout. He no sold practically every thing Inoki threw at him and gave him precious little on the mat. And the strange thing about it was that Inoki seemed reluctant to do anything about it. Not that I blame him, as when the tension started to mount Bock appeared down right murderous. Now you might say that Bock being uncooperative is unprofessional and the very definition of a dangerous and poorly worked match. And you might be right if Bock hadn't been an absolute beast with vicious strikes and almighty dead lift suplexes, i.e. one badass motherfucker. His behavior gives the match even more of a shoot style feel than they intended, and while Inoki is made to look bad at times, it's as close to true Gotch style "professional wrestling" as I've seen. More so than any shoot style bout, to be honest, because it's non-cooperative.

I think a few people here would appreciate it so check it out you guys.

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 03:07 PM

Bock is such a fascinating character. He was an olympic level wrestler who lost his spot on the olympic team (to none other than Wilfried Dietrich) and turned pro. He promoted his own events where the main event was him vs. an actual bear. He didn't care much for pro wrestling and it showed.


I appreciated the match. I watched it years ago and was puzzled, but knowing what I was getting into, I could enjoy it for what it was. Funny how Bock became a legend to the japanese due to his lethargic behaviour and uncaring attitude. You can tell he influenced guys like Takayama, Suzuki etc. I think I remember reading Yuki Ishikawa was a fan of his too. From the looks of it wrestling him must have absolutely sucked as he was fucking up Inoki like you expect an olympic level amateur to fuck somebody up. God can you imagine being Inoki and wrestling Bock for several times on this tour? By the end he looked like some kind of satanic undead with the blood mark on his forehead and utter disregard for everything Inoki did. My favourite moment was Inoki doing the Robinson belly to belly suplex to the ring apron, where Bock just lands on his feet, goes straight back into the ring and dumps Inoki on his head with the scariest belly to belly suplex I've ever seen.


And yeah, even with all the no selling, things get really intense towards the end here. When Bock started busting out the headbutts I was feeling like I was watching a real sport. I wish the japanese crew had filmed the whole tour so we could know wether all 70s german wrestling was this intense. I imagine Bock vs. Andre or Pete Roberts being spectacular.

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ohtani's jacket
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Posted 29 April 2018 - 03:56 AM

Finally found another Inoki vs. Backlund match online and it didn't disappoint. This time it was their 12/6/79 match. It wasn't really worked as a Strong Style match but it wasn't quite a traditional JWA style match either. For the most part, it was finisher heavy as it was a compact one fall bout and both guys were trying to land the 'knockout' punch, so to speak. Backlund's feats of strength were impressive -- the deadlifts and the suplexes -- and his selling was brilliant as always. He did some goofy punch drunk selling from repeated headbutts which I can imagine people disliking but when more beloved wrestlers like Hansen or Terry Funk do it then it's considered gold. The finish was a piece of shit and I imagine this is one of the weaker matches in their series but I liked the work. The continual struggle to apply the octopus hold was cool and the effort was there throughout. Not an Inoki Classic but better than 90% of Inoki vs. foreigner bouts. 

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