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#1 Loss

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Posted 03 December 2014 - 10:57 AM

Since I've had a lot of requests to add more years and content to it and I haven't been able to devote time to creating the threads, I think I'm just going to open everything up and give people the ability to start threads themselves. The reason I've wanted to start the threads myself is that I've been following a very specific style. However, if you can adhere to this, feel free to start things yourselves. I'll add folders for all years shortly.


- Make sure you are spelling names correctly

- Use vs instead of v. or vs. or Vs (Tech writer pet peeve - I'm a stickler for consistency)

- Include the promotion name, show name if applicable and date in parentheses next to the match (Example: WWE Royal Rumble 01/01/15)

- If there's a gimmick attached to the match, include that after the show name and date separated by a comma - Example: Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard (NWA Starrcade 11/28/85, I Quit Cage Match)


A few notes on thread tags:

- Tag the date in the following format: January 1 (That way, users can click on the tag and get a "this day in history")

- Tag the promotion (For WWWF or WWF era matches, also add WWE so these can be sorted either way)

- Use thread tags to tag each wrestler in the match

- Tag any gimmicks associated with the match (I Quit Match, Cage Match, War Games, Ladder Match, etc.)

- If it's someone who has had multiple names, tag them using their name from the match along with their most generally recognizable name (Example: A Claudio Castagnoli match would get both a Claudio Castagnoli tag and a Cesaro tag). Do first and last names too unless it's a case where that's how the wrestler is billed. 'Goldberg' is fine. 'Nash' is not.


The reason I'm specific about this is not because I'm just wound up tight, although I probably am. It's more that the tags can be really useful for people in finding similar matches if they are applied to threads uniformly.


I'll pin this thread so people can ask questions here if they have them.

#2 PeteF3

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Posted 03 December 2014 - 05:04 PM

I know what you mean, Loss. My MediaMonkey music collection redefines the term "anal-retentive," from capitalization rules to the genre tags down to the order of composers.


With the '90s section having Supplemental Viewing forums open, I'm going to start moving my "Other 199[x] worth watching" posts to their own threads.


Edit: Of course it took me all of one post to fuck things up ("3/26" instead of "03/26"--sorry) but I think I've got the hang of this. I hope my tagging of the Weekly Pro show at the Tokyo Dome is okay--I'm leaving out the promotion names for that one.


Three other things for anyone else adding threads: 


1. Note the date format, as above. Two digits for everything!


2. Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? Not Charles. It's "Masahiro Chono, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Hiro Saito." Not "Chono, Tenzan, & Saito."


3. Matches in Tokyo should be tagged by the venue, not the city.

#3 bradhindsight

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Posted 23 January 2017 - 08:41 AM

Bumping this for all the new members. It's easy to create match threads and you should totally use the archive to log your thoughts. Help us cultivate a fantastic resource - doesn't matter if it's 2017 or 1971.

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