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World Championship Wrestling Thread

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 09:50 AM


WCW Monday Nitro


Chicago, Illinois



Eric Bischoff: “Hello, everyone, I’m Eric Bischoff, and this is Monday Nitro! The greatest show on earth and, man, do we have a show lined up for you tonight!”


Bobby Heenan: “Our brand has no equal. The greatest athletes in every division of this sport, call World Championship Wrestling their home.”


Steve McMichael: “Except one.”


Bobby Heenan: “Except one what? One wrestler? Who?”


Steve McMichael: “Except one division, baby. Seems that you’ve pushed out all the top heavyweights, recently.”


Bobby Heenan: “Top heavyweights?! Give me a break! We’ve got Ric Flair.”


Steve McMichael: “And?”


Bobby Heenan: “We’ve got Lex Luger.”


Steve McMichael: “Uh huh.”


Bobby Heenan: “We’ve got the Giant! We’ve got the Warrior! We’ve Arn Anderson!”


Steve McMichael: “Okay, but when are any of them getting a world title shot?”


Bobby Heenan: “When they’ve earned it.”


Steve McMichael: “Like this, Justin Liger earned it, right?”

Bobby Heenan:Jushin Thunder Liger sure has earned a shot. He’s the most accomplished wrestler in the history of Japanese wrestling.”


Steve McMichael: “I don’t know about that.”


Bobby Heenan: “You don’t know about what? Anything? Well, I thought as much, just didn’t wanna’ say so, Pingu.”


Steve McMichael: “I think the Stain’s having a temper tantrum!”


Eric Bischoff: *false laughter* “Okay, gentlemen, that’s enough. Let’s get down to the ring. We’re giving things off with some lethal lottery action!”



First Match: Alex Wright and the Giant defeat Jim Duggan and Booker T in twelve minutes and thirty nine seconds.



Promotional Package: A video plays hyping up Halloween Havoc. This time, it focuses on the Battle Bowl, primarily highlighting Lex Luger and the Warrior. It ends with an ugly looking graphic, promoting the main event of Ric Flair versus Jushin Liger.







Eric Bischoff: “Welcome back to Monday Nitro! … Well, fellas, this year’s Battle Bowl certainly seems to be shaping up.”


Bobby Heenan: “That’s right, we’ve got the Warrior, Lex Luger and the Giant!”


Steve McMichael:And Alex Wright.”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, yeah, don’t forget Alex Wright. He could very well set the record for fastest self-elimination!”


Eric Bischoff: “We wanna’ take you back, now, to Fall Brawl, where we crowned the first ever WCW women’s champion.”



Video Recap: A video plays, with clips from Madusa’s first match against Akira Hokuto and the backstage chaos that ensued between the women later that night.



Eric Bischoff: “As you can see, folks, our women’s division has been characterised by turmoil. Being so new, it has not yet developed a clear ranking structure. Many of our female athletes consider themselves worthy challengers for the title and we’ve simply not seen enough competition to tell who really is.”


Bobby Heenan: “So, what’re you gonna’ do about? I know you’ve been talking to those geeks on the committee.”


Eric Bischoff: “We’re going to have a title match next week. To determine the number one contender, we’re having a three-way dance, tonight; Akira Hokuto versus Malia Hosaka versus Bull Nakano.”


Bobby Heenan: “How will this solve things?”


Eric Bischoff: “I was getting to that, Brain.”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, okay.” *eye rolling*


Eric Bischoff: “Each of the three women involved have signed a contract. They’ve agreed to respect the outcome of this match and that, if they lose, they are barred from ringside for the title match under pain of a three-month unpaid suspension.”


Bobby Heenan: “That seems a little harsh, Eric.”


Steve McMichael: “Don’t listen to him. The Stain’s just mad he didn’t think of it himself.”


Bobby Heenan: “Why I oughtta’...”



Second Match: The American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs), with the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers), defeat Baxter Golden & Richard Slater in nine minutes and thirty four seconds.






Third Match: Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Booker T) defeat Jackie Fulton & the Patriot in thirteen minutes and forty nine seconds.






Fourth Match: The Warrior defeats King Kong Bundy, via disqualification, in four minutes and two seconds, after interference from Arn Anderson.



Promotional Package: A video plays, using licensed footage from Asahi Pro Wrestling, along with archival footage from 1991, highlighting Jushin Thunder Liger and hyping up his match against Ric Flair at Halloween Havoc.



Gene Okerlund: “If I may, I’d like to get your thoughts on Jushin Thunder Liger.”


Ric Flair: “He’s a chump, he’s a nobody. I really don’t get the hype.”


Gene Okerlund: “Does he deserve to challenge for the title?”


Ric Flair: “Let’s get one thing straight, Gene. No one deserves to challenge for the title. I’ve spent the past decade proving I’m the greatest wrestler ever.”


Gene Okerlund: “So, you’re saying you can’t be beaten?”


Ric Flair: *smirk* “No, I’m not saying that. The fact that I’ve held this belt so many times kinda’ proves I can be beaten.”


Gene Okerlund: “So, you’re saying -”


Ric Flair: “So, I’m saying, Gene, that there’s one constant in the title picture. That’s me! Challengers come and go, some even get lucky once or twice, but I always come out on top. So that’s the situation we’re in, now. This Jap’s gonna’ try his luck. Who knows what’s gonna’ happen?”


Gene Okerlund: “But even if -”


Ric Flair: “But at the end of that day! I am, the man! And I’m walkin’ into Starrcade as world champion!”


Flair walks off.


Gene Okerlund: “Well, there you have it, folks. Uh…”



Eric Bischoff:That was ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, this is, world championship wrestling, and we are live! Don’t go anywhere, folks.”






Main Event: Bull Nakano defeats Akira Hokuto and Malia Hosaka in twenty six minutes and twenty seconds (including a commercial break). Hosaka was the first to be eliminated.



The Four Horsemen are in the ring, they’re suited and booted and Flair’s got a mic.


Ric Flair: “Woo!”


They each go to a different corner, basking in the crowd reaction.


Ric Flair: “You know, I was asked earlier today, if I thought Jushin Liger deserved his opportunity. I want to elaborate on my answer. See, there’re only four men in this - woo! - business, that deserve anything. That’s us, that’s the four horsemen.”


They all come back to the centre of the ring, at Flair’s bequest.


Ric Flair: “And you don’t have to like us to realise that. Just look at us! See what we’ve got! We’ve got the gold. The most prestigious championships in this industry belong to us. That’s not an accident, that’s not a mistake. It’s just the law of nature.”

A voice booms down from the entrance ramp, in response.


The Warrior: “You speak of natural laws, as you know them! But you do not know who governs our fate! I have seen the gods! I have touched their faces, and I know their will!”


Ric Flair: “Will someone shut his mouth!?”


Luger rushes up the ramp, only to be met by a flying clothesline that knocks him to the ground.


Flair drops his mic and runs to Luger’s rescue, with the rest of the horseman. Just as they seem to be getting the upper hand, Jackie Fulton, both of the Fantastics and the Patriot rush out to even up the odds.




And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 09:51 AM


WCW Saturday Night


Atlanta, Georgia



Opening Match: Stevie Ray defeats Jim Duggan, via countout, in seven minutes and nine seconds.



Video Recap: Clips are shown from Monday Nitro, of the Warrior fighting the Horseman. The commentators announce that tonight’s main event will be the Warrior versus Arn Anderson.



Backstage Interview: Madusa is asked how she feels about taking on Bull Nakano. She says she’s ready but walks off when pressed for more.






Promotional Package: A video plays explaining the brackets for the Lethal Lottery, which seems to have been put together before any team advanced. The commentators reiterate the tonight’s opening match determined Tommy Rogers’ partner, since the Renegade has, once again, failed to show up for the event. They mention the fact that no one’s been able to get in contact with him, since Fall Brawl.



Second Match: Bob Backlund and Madusa defeat Stevie Ray and Tommy Rogers in eighteen minutes and eighteen seconds (including a commercial break).



Third Match: The American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs), with the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers), defeat King Kong Bundy and the One Man Gang in ten minutes and fifty two seconds.



Main Event: The Warrior pins Arn Anderson in four minutes and three seconds, to retain the world television championship.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 09:52 AM


WCW Monday Nitro


Albany, Georgia



Eric Bischoff: “No introductions today, folks! We’ve got an action-packed addition of Monday Nitro to get to, including two title matches!”


Bobby Heenan: “The committee’s good for something, at least!”


Eric Bischoff: “We’ll also be crowing number one contenders for the tag team title and the light heavyweight title!”

Steve McMichael: “That’s our opening match!”


Eric Bischoff: “Let’s watch!”




Opening Match: Alex Wright pins Mascara Magica in fourteen minutes and twenty eight seconds.






Second Match: The Giant pins Bob Backlund in seven minutes and thirty two seconds, to retain the united states heavyweight championship.




Gene Okerlund: “This past Saturday, we saw the Warrior defeat your man, Arn Anderson. Your thoughts?”


Flair is pacing up and time, cursing, and needs to be ushered back onto the camera.


Ric Flair: “It was a fluke!”


He wanders off, again. Gene has to get the cameraman to follow, so we get an awkward shot of various wrestlers walking down various hallways.


Gene Okerlund: “And what about tonight? Do you think he might beat Luger?”


Ric Flair: “Are you outta’ your mind?! Or you insane, pal?! How’s he gonna’ beat Luger?! Don’t waste my time!”


Gene Okerlund: “And I’ve heard from the committee that they’ll pit him against you if he can beat Luger.”


Ric Flair: “So what?!”


Flair is starting to outpace Gene, whose next question has to be bellowed down the hallway.


Gene Okerlund: “So, do you think you could beat the Warrior?”


Flair answers from halfway through his locker room doorway and then locks himself in.


Ric Flair: “I am the man! Woo!”



Third Match: The Patriot pins the One Man Gang in four minutes and fifty seconds.




Eric Bischoff: “What do we think?”


Steve McMichael: “I think Ric Flair’s got his work cut out for him.”


Bobby Heenan: “I think the championship committee’s overreaching!”


Eric Bischoff: “How so?”


Bobby Heenan: “We’re selling Halloween Havoc as Ric Flair versus Jushin Liger for the world title.”


Eric Bischoff: “So, you think Flair’s in danger of losing the strap?”


Bobby Heenan: “Of course not, but it’s still a stupid business move to muddy the title picture this close to an important match!”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, folks, the Warrior will challenge Lex Luger for the right to take on Ric Flair… after these important messages.”







Fourth Match: Baxter Golden & Richard Slater, with Alexandra York, defeat Gorgeous George III and Scotty Riggs in eight minutes and twenty two seconds.



Fifth Match: The Warrior defeats Lex Luger, via disqualification, in three minutes and nine seconds, after interference from Ric Flair.


Warrior is saved from a beatdown when the Patriot rushes to his aid, before security breaks everyone up.






Bobby Heenan looks angry.


Eric Bischoff: “Welcome back, folks! I can confirm to anyone confused about the result of our previous match-up that, according to mister Steamboat, the Warrior will face Ric Flair one week from now, for the world heavyweight championship!”


Bobby Heenan: “It’s a joke!”


Eric Bischoff: “He won!”


Bobby Heenan: “By DQ! Are we supposed to reward that kind of victory?!”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, uh -”


Bobby Heenan: “Bah, forget it! What’s up next?”


Eric Bischoff: “We’re taking a special look at our Halloween Havoc main event!”


Bobby Heenan:Oh, are we now? What main event would that be? The world title match that might not eve -”


The video starts playing and Heenan’s mic is cut off.



Promotional Package: Clips Ric Flair’s various title defences play, alongside licensed footage of Jushin Liger. Ed Weigle tells us the vital statistics of both men and we end on a graphic with still images of them against a weird flaming background and their names written in a goofy halloween font.


Sixth Match: Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Booker T) defeat the American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs), with the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers), in twenty four and forty seconds (including a commercial break).



Video Recap: Clips from last week’s Nitro play, showing the Warrior’s altercation with the Horsemen, followed by the finish of his match against Anderson on Saturday. The video ends with a text graphic, promoting Ric Flair versus the Warrior as the main event of next week’s Nitro.



Main Event: Bull Nakano pins Madusa in twenty three minutes and four seconds, to win the women’s world championship.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 09:53 AM


WCW Saturday Night


Atlanta, Georgia



Opening Match: The Patriot, with Jackie Fulton, pins King Kong Bundy, with Arn Anderson in nine minutes and twelve seconds.



Promotional Package: The commentators talk over clips from various recent Nitro episodes, and the old brackets video, hyping up Halloween Havoc and the Battle Bowl.



Hotline Ad: Mean Gene hawks the hotline, promising exclusive news Japan. He implies it’s news about Bret and Davey but, anyone who’s called the hotline knows it’s actually just a fluff piece on Alex Wright and Mascara Magica.





Second Match: Cobra and Bobby Fulton defeat Bobby Duncum, Jr. and John Nord in six minutes and thirty one seconds.



Card Breakdown: The commentators hype up three matches set for Nitro; Adams and OMG taking on the old team of Stars & Stripes, the tag title match and the main event, Ric Flair versus the Warrior.



Main Event: Brian Pillman pins Alex Wright in twenty seven minutes and four seconds (including a commercial break), to retain the world light heavyweight championship.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 25 October 2016 - 09:53 AM


WCW Monday Nitro


Huntsville, Alabama



Eric Bischoff: “If it’s Monday night, it must be Monday Nitro! Hello, everyone, I’m Eric Bischoff, coming to you live from Huntsville, Alabama! With me as always… Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael!”


Steve McMichael: “I’m excited, man.”


Eric Bischoff: “... and the president of world championship wrestling… Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan!”


Heenan is looking off-camera.


Bobby Heenan: “I don’t know, tuts. How’s the - huh? What?”


Eric Bischoff: *fake laughter* “Alright, well we’re kicking things off with our world tag team championship match!”



Opening Match: Arn Anderson & Lex Luger defeat Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Booker T) in twenty three minutes and fifty one seconds (including a commercial break), to retain the world tag team championships.



Second Match: Stars & Stripes (Marcus Bagwell & the Patriot) defeat Chris Adams and the One Man Gang in eight minutes and two seconds.






Eric Bischoff: “Welcome back, folks, and still to come, we’ve got Ric Flair, taking on the Warrior, in our main event. Gentlemen, what do we think?”


Steve McMichael: “Well, you know, I think -”


Bobby Heenan: “It’s a shoo-in for Flair. I mean, really, you’re talking about the world champion going up against the store-brand Renegade. It’s a joke!”


Steve McMichael: “If the Stain’s so sure of the result, then why was freaking out about it last week?”


Bobby Heenan: “Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here, Pingu. It’s rude, and I don’t do it to you.”


Eric Bischoff: “Okay, well, we wanna’ take you back to the aftermath of last week’s main event. We didn’t have time to show on that broadcast but ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund secured an interview the, now, former women’s champion…”



Madusa is sat on a bench, panting in between swigs from a water bottle. There’s a lot of loud, echoey, noise coming from all directions, and a lot of foot traffic.


Gene Okerlund: “Madusa, I wanna’ get your initial thoughts on the result of your match. A dissapointment.”


Madusa: “Well, you know, it’s - it’s weird because - you know, I still think that I…”


She takes another swig and rubs her forehead before continuing.


Madusa: “I’m still the champion - that’s how I feel - I think things just - I think things just got ahead of me - I tend to - there’s gotta’ be a rematch. Right? I feel like that’s - yeah, there’s gotta’ be a rematch.”


Gene Okerlund: “Certainly, you can expect a rematch. Will you be evaluating your strategy in the meantime?”


Madusa makes several incoherent attempts to answer the question before storming off, on the verge of tears.



Eric Bischoff: “Well, we’ll see if Madusa can regain her title at Halloween Havoc. But will it mean she’ll be pulling out of the Battle Bowl?”


Bobby Heenan: “It should mean that, but she’s stubborn. We’ve got a replacement lined up, but so far, she’s refused to budge.”


Eric Bischoff: “I can’t imagine pulling double-duty is the best strategy for her. I mean, going in hurt against an opponent who just beat you when you weren’t. It doesn’t make sense to me, either.”


Bobby Heenan: “It’s a woman thing, I guess.”


Steve McMichael: “Wait, now, hold on! I think it reflects well on her. She wants to prove she can bounce back. Pulling out of a match you earned the right to compete in, isn’t starting as you mean to go on.”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, gimme a break! I’ll tell you what this is. She’s realised she can’t beat Nakano, so she’s got herself a ready-made excuse for failure. When Nakano retains her title, Madusa will just say she was at a disadvantage to try and leverage yet another rematch.”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, whatever the case, we have one more match added to the card of Halloween Havoc. October 29th, get ready for Battle Bowl four!”



Promotional Package: We get a rundown of the Halloween Havoc card, basic time and date information and clips of Jushin Thunder Liger, billed as “... the foreign sensation...”.






Third Match: The Giant, Bob Backlund, the One Man Gang and Baxter Golden & Richard Slater defeat the Patriot, Jackie Fulton, Marcus Bagwell and the Fanstastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) in thirty one minutes and fifty seconds (including a commercial break). Order of elimination was Baxter Golden, Richard Slater, Tommy Rogers, Bobby Fulton, the One Man Gang,  the Patriot, Jackie Fulton and then Marcus Bagwell.



Eric Bischoff: “A sign of things to come, perhaps?”


Steve McMichael: “The Giant... is... unstoppable!”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, please, don’t embarrass yourself. He beat a bunch of chumps, so what? When it comes time for the Battle Bowl, he’ll have Lex Luger to contend.”


Steve McMichael: “A man he beat handily.”


Heenan throws his headset down and storms off.


Eric Bischoff: “Well, still to come, it’s our main event… don’t go anywhere!”



Promotional Package: A video plays, advertising Starrcade, with a date, time and location, but not much else; it highlights Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Sting and Lex Luger.






Main Event: Ric Flair versus the Warrior ends in a double countout in ten minutes and forty seconds, after interference from Lex Luger, Brian Pillman, the Patriot, Arn Anderson, Jackie Fulton and the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers).




Security proves unable to break apart the massive brawl and the programme cuts off abruptly, after a last minute, scrambled, plug of Halloween Havoc from Eric Bischoff.

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Posted 27 October 2016 - 01:15 PM

Really nice effort to get caught up. So WCW of throwing Warrior-Flair on TV

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 06:03 AM


WCW Saturday Night


Atlanta, Georgia



Opening Match: Madusa and Malia Hosaka defeat Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto in twenty four minutes and twelve seconds (including a commercial break).



Second Match: The Patriot pins Bob Backlund in nine minutes and thirty nine seconds.






Promotional Package: A video plays, advertising the final line-up for Halloween Havoc.



Main Event: Ric Flair and Brian Pillman defeat the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) in twelve minutes and twenty six seconds.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 06:04 AM


WCW Halloween Havoc


Detroit, Michigan



Our first image of the night is our commentators, standing up at their booth. Eric Bischoff is dressed as Dracula, Dusty Rhodes is dressed in skimpy biker leathers and Bobby Heenan, in an ill-fitting black wig and with a flimsy plastic band holding two bolts to his neck, looks utterly miserable.


Eric Bischoff: “Hello, everybody, I’m Eric Bischoff, welcoming you to the Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan and WCW Halloween Havoc!”


Dusty Rhodes: “Can you feel the electricity in the air, Bobby?”


Bobby Heenan: “...”


Eric Bischoff: “... Well, we’ve got quite a show in-store for everyone here, and all of you at home. Including, battlebowl four and a world heavyweight championship match!”


Dusty Rhodes: “It’s world championship wrestling, baby!”


Eric Bischoff: “You’re right, it is!”


Heenan’s the first to take his seat, just before a video package starts playing.



Video Package: A video plays, highlighting the Four Horsemen, Jushin Thunder Liger, Madusa, Bull Nakano and the Giant.



Gary Cappetta: “Our opening contest is the penultimate lethal lottery qualifying match! As way of introduction for our team of mystery men, allow me to direct your attention to the crypt!”


A large screen, off centre from the entrance ramp, comes alive with this announcement. Licensed clips from Asahi Pro Wrestling play, accompanied by some generic rock music; a deluge of kicks and flips.


Gary Cappetta: “From the land of the rising sun… Lance Storm and Kaz Hayashi!”


The two rush down to the ring, receiving a modest pop.


Gary Cappetta: “And their opponents… first, from Cincinnati, Ohio… Brian Pillman!”


After a few moments, when the initial pop has died down, the lights go out and a howl reverberates around the arena. A video plays to accompany it; a shadowy animalistic figure darts back and forth across the screen. It’s a werewolf, animated in the ‘Gargoyles’ style. As it lunges for the camera, the video transitions to a standard clips package showcase for Pillman.


He comes out, looking lary and pumped up, wearing red trunks with a werewolf’s head on the back.


He walks halfway down the entrance ramp before stopping and looking back, as the music and video fade out.


Gary Cappetta: “And his tag team partner… from Japan… the Black Tiger!”


Eddie rushes out in his gear (cape and all), to some generic synth rock.


The match that ensues is fast-paced and energetic. It includes some shine for Eddie, who dives into both of his opponents at ringside. Otherwise, the match is quite competitive, but Eddie and Pillman have a pretty definitive edge all the way through.


Opening Match: Brian Pillman and the Black Tiger defeat Kaz Hayashi and Lance Storm in sixteen minutes and thirty seven seconds, to advance to the battlebowl battle royal.


After the match ends, Eddie extends his hand to Pillman but gets decked for his trouble.



Second Match: Arn Anderson and King Kong Bundy defeat Chris Adams and Dan Spivey in eleven minutes and four seconds.



Eric Bischoff: “Well, there we have it folks. We now know the names of every participant in battlebowl four!”


Dusty Rhodes: “Every man for themselves and every woman - uh - it’s gonna’ tear the house down, baby.”


Eric Bischoff: “Indeed, but before all that, we’ve got a very special look at Starrcade ninety five.”



Promotional Package: A video plays detailing the venue for Starrcade ‘95 and advertising VIP tickets, with footage from a backstage fan-event held at Fall Brawl that included autograph signings and photo shoots with various wrestlers. It also advertises the November edition of WCW magazine which will have further details and a pull-out poster of Brian Pillman and Madusa labelled ‘Stars of 1996’.



Eric Bischoff: “I’ve just got word… ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is in the back with Alexandra York. Let’s see what hear what she has to say…”


Bobby Heenan: “Gene?”


Eric Bischoff: “Huh?”



Tony Schiavone is standing beside Alexandra York. The Giant is stood behind her, breathing heavily and looking angry.


Tony Schiavone: “Miss York, your organisation has made quite a splash in the world of professional wrestling, recently. Would it be fair to attribute that to your acquisition of this seven foot beast of a man, the Giant?”


Alexandra York: “I think it would be, Tony. He’s the united states champion and his record speaks for itself.”


Tony Schiavone: “Are you confident he’ll win the battlebowl tonight?”


Alexandra York: “More than confident, Tony. He’s built for destruction and he’s just getting started. He’ll win tonight just as he’s going to win at world war three.”


Tony Schiavone: “Indeed, world war three. That’s November twenty sixth in Norfolk, Virginia. He does have a position in the unprecedented three-ring battle royal set to take place. I have to say, even if he wins tonight, that match is a whole other kettle of fish.”


Alexandra York: “I don’t think so, really. His victory tonight should be taken as a sign of things to come. Think of the battlebowl as his election, and world war three as his inauguration.”


Tony Schiavone: “A pleasure speaking to you, miss -”


The Giant: “Warrior! You think you can beat me?! All of you chumps are gonna learn the hard way that… Iwon’teverlose!”




Third Match: Mascara Magica pins Booker T (with Sherri Martel) in eleven minutes and eighteen seconds.



Eric Bischoff: “It’s just about time for the battlebowl match, but before then, I’d like to get your thoughts. Gentlemen, who’s winning this thing?”


Bobby Heenan: “Lex Luger, no question.”


Eric Bischoff: “Dream?”


Dusty Rhodes: “Ooh, that’s a hard one. But I think, when push comes to shove, the dog’s gettin’ off that leash, baby.”


Eric Bischoff: “...”


Bobby Heenan: “...”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, then… let’s get down to the ring.”



Gary Cappetta: “Ladies and gentleman, our next event of the evening is the two-ring battle royale, battle bowl four!”


The lights go down and Cappetta moves to the the ring closest to the ramp. Before the lights come up, the crypt buzzes to life with a short animated feature; every conceivable member of the monster mash - and a few inconceivable ones - shamble on screen from either side and duke it out. Limbs are flying everywhere, but there’s no blood. Eventually, the gigantic cyclops stands triumphant, in a pool of gunk.


The lights come up, and our competitors walk down the ramp, Luger leads the procession, and the Giant is the last out, as they make their way to the ring furthest from the ramp.


Once most of them have clambered in, Cappetta pipes up.


Gary Cappetta: “The rules for this contest are simple. All sixteen men will start in the first ring. The goal is to throw your opponents into the second ring. Once a man has entered the second ring, if he is thrown over the top rope and down to the floor, he can be eliminated from the match.


When only two men remain - that is, one in the first, and one in the second - they can compete in both rings until their opponent is eliminated from either. The last man left will be declared the winner of battle bowl four.”


Cappetta hurries out and the bell rings. The first ring erupts into chaos, and Baxter Golden is immediately thrown out of the ring, and down to the floor.


Eric Bischoff: “Remember, that’s not an elimination, folks. He can re-enter the first ring if he chooses - yes, that’s what he’s doing.”


Dusty Rhodes: “It’s thinning time, Tony!”


Eric Bischoff: “Uh…”


The brawl doesn’t seem to be going anyone’s way, in particular, as attempts to eliminate various wrestlers are regularly interrupted. Of note, the Giant is kept from doing much damage by the spontaneous team of Black Tiger, Bob Backlund, Lex Luger and Bobby Fulton.


Luger backs away from the effort however, and the Giant overpowers the other three. Lex taps Arn on the elbow, who does the same to Pillman and they all… eliminate themselves and enter the second ring.


Eric Bischoff: “What’s this?”


Bobby Heenan: “It’s smart, is what it is.”


The Giant tosses Fulton over and the three horsemen descent upon him, stomping mudholes in him before hoisting him up and throwing him out.


Gary Cappetta: “Bobby Fulton has been eliminated.”


The Warrior knocks Slater and Golden into the second ring, and they receive the same treatment.


Gary Cappetta: “Baxter Golden and Richard Slater have been eliminated.”


With room to breathe, the horsemen taunt the crowd and prat around. The first ring shows no signs of clearing as the Giant tries to toss the Warrior, who hugs the ropes for dear life. He gets a dropkick to the back of the knee from Madusa, which sends him reeling.


Bob Backlund rushes over to take advantage, managing to pick up the wounded Giant for a few seconds before collapsing under the weight. Meanwhile, the Warrior is dragged into the second ring by Arn and Luger.


They try to toss the Warrior out but he struggles too much and breaks free. Preoccupied with beating him back down, the horsemen fail to notice the Black Tiger being thrown into their ring by Bundy.


Eddie takes the fight to Pillman immediately and Arn breaks away from the Warrior to help out. Meanwhile, Madusa and the Patriot work over the Giant, trying to keep him off his feet.


Gary Cappetta: “Brian Pillman has been eliminated - uh, the Black Tiger has - uh - and Arn Anderson have been eliminated!”


The three men tumble to the floor in a huge clusterfuck after Arn charged Tiger but ended up catching them both and rocking out after them. In the first ring, a one against all spirit has developed, with Bundy taking on Bagwell, Cobra, Backlund, Alex Wright and the Patriot.


Madusa is trying helplessly to keep the Giant down, with forearms to the face and kicks to the gut. Soon enough however, as Bundy tosses Cobra into ring two, the Giant gets to his feet and knocks Madusa down with a massive chop.


The Warrior has Luger in his sights and he rushes across to the man teetering on the ropes. It’s a ruse, however, and Luger ducks down, pulling the top rope with him, and the Warrior goes sprawling onto the floor. Cobra tries his luck as Luger poses but he overshoots as well.


Gary Cappetta: “Cobra and the Warrior have been eliminated!”


As the Giant occupies himself with stomping Madusa’s right arm into oblivion, Bundy has the tables turned on him and is thrown into the second ring by his assailants. He gets to his feet only to walk right into a clothesline from Luger moments later.


Gary Cappetta: “King Kong Bundy has been eliminated!”


At this point, Eddie and Pillman are brawling on the outside and the swarm of referees can’t break them up.


After Madusa is tossed over, she receives another round of stomps on her right arm from Luger before an unceremonious dumping. The Giant is assaulted by the Bundy slayers in short order but staves them off and throws Bagwell and Backlund over.


Gary Cappetta: “Madusa has been eliminated!”


Bagwell and Backlund are struck by a double clothesline that sends the former tumbling to the floor.


Gary Cappetta: “Marcus Bagwell has been eliminated!”


Backlund hangs onto the ropes, for dear life however, and Luger becomes frustrated after a solid minute of kicking and shoving. He’s forced to quit when Alex Wright is thrown into the ring. Meanwhile, the Patriot and the Giant are going back and forth along the ropes but neither one seems to have the edge.


Backlund and Wright try to double team Luger but they can’t quite get a rhythm going and, soon enough, Luger has the upper hand.


Gary Cappetta: “Bob Backlund and Alex Wright have been eliminated!”


Luger takes the time to relax at this point, as Del dukes it out with the Giant in ring one. Eventually, the Giant is able to get the best of the Patriot through a display of raw power that sends him flying. Luger wastes no time in capitalising, beating Del down and dumping him out.


Gary Cappetta: “The Patriot has been eliminated, and we are down to two men! Lex Luger may enter ring one freely and eliminations can now occur from either ring!”


Luger scrambles through to ring one to take advantage of an exhausted Giant, who is propping himself up on the ropes as he tries to catch his breath. Lex kicks his shins out and he flops to the ground.


Bobby Heenan: “Yes! Yes! Do it, Luger! Teach that bastard a lesson!”


Luger tries to heave him up and out but only manages to get them both tangled up in the ropes. With the fight between Eddie and Pillman on the outside now broken up, Arn - the only eliminated wrestler still at ringside - wanders over to the action. He pulls the Giant’s hair and tries to help Luger toss him.


He gets an elbow to the face for his trouble and crashes to the floor. With the Giant back in control, he drags Luger to the centre of the ring. Luger thumbs his eye to regain control and lathers him with chops. The Giant doesn’t budge, however, and returns a massive chop of his own which sends Luger reeling.


A desperation dropkick is brushed away casually and the Giant puts his right hand firmly around Luger’s neck as he gets up. Luger’s standing upright for about a second and a half before the Giant sends him right back down again with a chokeslam.


Luger crawls over to the ropes, gasping for breath and using them to prop himself up. From out of nowhere, the Giant follows up with a lariat.


Gary Cappetta: “The Giant has won the battlebowl!”


Dusty Rhodes: “I told ya, baby! I told ya!”


Fourth Match: The Giant defeats Lex Luger, the Patriot, Alex Wright, Bob Backlund, Marcus Bagwell, Madusa, King Kong Bundy, Cobra, the Warrior, Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman, the Black Tiger, Richard Slater, Baxter Golden and Bobby Fulton in forty one minutes and forty six seconds



Heenan looks despondent.


Eric Bischoff: “So, there we have it, the winner of battle bowl four is none other than the Giant.”


Dusty Rhodes: “I’m gonna’ say it right now, tonight!”


Eric Bischoff: “Go on.”


Dusty Rhodes: “I think the Giant’s walkin’ into Starrcade as world’s champion!”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, how about that? Bobby, is a world title match on the cards for the Giant?”


Bobby Heenan: “... Ha.”


Eric Bischoff: “Brain?”


Bobby Heenan: “He’ll have to do a lot more than… win a… a… such a preposterous match type. I mean, what were the rules? Why were there two rings?”


Eric Bischoff: “Well, I -”


The sound cuts out. We get about nine seconds of the men talking with no sound until a video package cuts them off and sound returns.



Promotional Video: A video plays hyping up merchandise, house show tours and the like. It also includes a promise that TBS has an exciting announcement to make in a few weeks’ time. Most of the focus is on a new action figure line of; Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Sting, Lex Luger, Davey Boy Smith and the Giant.


Fifth Match: Johnny Ace defeats One Man Gang in seven minutes and thirty nine seconds.



Eric Bischoff: “Folks, we’ve still got two world championship matches left to go. But, first up, we’d like to take you back to the October sixteenth edition of Nitro.”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, this should be good.”



Nitro Recap: Clips from Madusa’s loss to Bull Nakano play, along to audio from Madusa’s post-match interview. The video ends with some hastily edited shots of Madusa’s right arm being targeted by Lex Luger and the Giant.



Eric Bischoff: “Can Madusa regain her title?”


Bobby Heenan: “Of course not, if she couldn’t defend when she was at a hundred percent, how could she win now?”


Eric Bischoff: “Sometimes people pull off the seemingly impossible, Bobby. Maybe she’ll rise to the challenge.”


Bobby Heenan: “And maybe she won’t. Maybe she’ll pout and cry and demand another rematch, when she loses this one.”



Gary Cappetta: “The following contest is a one fall match, with a forty five minute time limit, and it is for the women’s world championship!”


The lights go out, again, and the Crypt’s video screen blares to life again. An animated short plays, featuring a man walking into a cave and being turned to stone by a shrieking Gorgon.


When it shuts off and the lights come back on, Madusa walks down the ramp. She’s wearing tape around her right forearm and she’s changed her gear; from the red, white and blue two piece she was wearing earlier, to an orange singlet with a large Gorgon figure painted on the left hand side.


She avoids using her right hand to pull herself through the ropes, instead holding it to her chest.


Gary Cappetta: “And her opponent, from the land of the rising sun, she is the women’s world champion… Bull Nakano!”


The opening few minutes are a complete rout, as Madusa spends most her time trying to evade Nakano, without much luck, and getting no offence in whatsoever.


Nakano goes after the injured arm without compunction, and Madusa doesn’t help herself; several of the blows come from gut kicks that only connect with the challenger’s arm because of the awkward way she’s holding it.


Madusa’s biggest opportunity to shift the momentum of the match comes at around the ten minute mark, as Nakano drags the injured arm over to the ropes and uses both of her hands to pull against the top rope. Madusa cries out until the referee gets up to four, and she realises that Bull has left herself open.


Madusa peppers the side of her face with several loud strikes from her left forearm. They’re broken apart and Madusa has time to compose herself, retreating to the far corner. She’s canny enough to avoid a charge from the champ, who goes crashing into the turnbuckle.


As Bull rebounds into the centre of the ring, Madusa breaks into a charge of her own, knocking Nakano down with a flying shoulder tackle.


Both women get up at the same time, but Nakano stamps on Madusa’s left foot, causing her lose her balance and collapse back down.


With Madusa on her knees, the champ can’t capitalise soon enough and she launches a barrage of kicks to the chest. Madusa blocks the first few with her forearms but drops her right when the pain becomes too much to bear.


Now unguarded, Madusa chest takes a beating and the last of Nakano’s kicks is to the head. She follows it up with a cover. One, two… no!


Bull throws a tantrum after this, whipping Madusa around the ring by her hair a few times and screaming at the commentators for good measure. After kicking Bull away and thwarting the champ’s fourth attempt, Madusa pulls herself up by the ropes only to be caught in a waist lock, transitioned seamlessly into a release German suplex.


1-2-3. Ding, ding, ding.


Sixth Match: Bull Nakano defeats Madusa in twenty six minutes and thirteen seconds.



Promotional Package: A video plays, chronically some of the highlights of Bret and Davey’s time in Japan, along with clips from some of Liger’s matches. Considerable effort has been made to ensure no footage of Hogan has found its way in. The video ends with an advertisement for Asahi Pro Wrestling and the December edition of WCW magazine, which promises a four-page feature on the company’s top stars.



A timing error means that we go straight to ringside, with Liger already halfway down the ramp. He does a lap around the ring, slapping hands before entering and posing on each of the turnbuckles in turn.


Gary Cappetta: “And his opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, he is the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world… Ric Flair!”


Flair comes out in orange robes, with black feathers, strutting down the ramp. He takes his time, which Liger milks for all its worth, beckoning him to enter the ring, then shaking his head and sighing with his shoulders.


When Flair eventually does decide to join his opponent, he swaggers up to him and howls into his mask. “Woo!”


He’s popped in the jaw, and sent reeling. Ding, ding, ding.


Liger dominates the opening few minutes, and Flair always seems a second too slow. Liger whips him into the ropes, hits him with a dropkick on the rebound and then applies a Boston Crab. Flair crawls to the ropes for the break, and they repeat a similar routine a few times.


The pace slows after the fourth rope break, however, when Flair pulls himself out of the ring altogether. He teases walking out but Liger catches him with a springboard dive to the outside. They get back into the ring at about the same time, but Liger’s the first to his feet.


He tries to drag the champ up but gets a shot to the groin in response. Nick Patrick chews Flair out for it but Naitch doesn’t care at all, and taunts the crowd (they eat it up).


Flair tries to apply a figure four but takes too much time having fun with it and Liger kicks him away. As soon as the challenger gets up to his feet, however, he’s meant with a barrage of chops from Flair - who’s getting red-faced.


After the fifth chop, Liger blocks him and knocks him down with alternating kicks to sides of Flair’s legs and his torso.


Flair starts begging off at this point, as he scrambles over to a corner post. Liger looks at him, with his head tilted in bemusement. He turns to the crowd, for a raw of approval, before descending on Flair. He yanks him up and whips him to the opposing corner.


Flair stumbles over it and out onto the apron. He tries to run across but get’s a dropkick instead and tumbles to the outside. Liger goes out to join him, and the ref starts counting them out.


Liger pulls Flair up but the champ fights out of the hold with a flurry of chops. Liger returns the favour with a series of forearm shots that knock Flair loopy. He rolls the nature boy into the ring but Flair gets off a desperation kick to Liger’s head as he does so.


Now, with Liger knocked against the ringside barricade, and Flair having just crawled to the centre of the ring, Nick Patrick is up to nine.


Just before the ten, Liger vaults into the ring and scrambles after Flair. He gets him up and in a… sit-out powerbomb for one, two and… no!


After a few tense moments, where both men found their feet again, Arn Anderson comes bolting down the entrance ramp. He dives into the ring and, with Liger not knowing what to do, and Nick Patrick trying, ineffectively, to remove the invader, Arn whispers something in the champ’s ear.


Flair seems to consider it before nodding, with a smirk plastered over his face. The two horsemen leave the ring, go up the entrance ramp, and through to the back.


Nick Patrick counts to ten and the commentators go into panic mode.


Main Event: Jushin Thunder Liger defeats Ric Flair, by countout, in thirty one minutes and nine seconds.


Dusty Rhodes: “What’s goin’ on!? What’s goin’ on!? Why’d he do that, Bobby!?”


Bobby Heenan: “Well, I - I - I - uh, he - he must be injured. Yeah, he - he - must’ve suffered some kind of injury.”


Eric Bischoff: “You really believe that, Brain?”


Bobby Heenan: “We can - we can review the footage tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll back that up. I - I guess Anderson must’ve seen something we didn’t.”


Dusty Rhodes: “I’m not gonna’ stand for this one, baby!”


Dream gets up from the commentary booth and marches awkwardly up the entrance ramp and through to the back.


Eric Bischoff: “Uh, well, this has been world championship wrestling. Happy halloween and, remember to tune into Monday Nitro, live tomorrow night!”


And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 07:07 AM

Whoa! What the?!?!? Crazy ending. Love it. 

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 09:57 AM

Yeah, that's wild. 

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Posted 29 November 2016 - 02:34 AM

Seems very Flair-esque, just leaving like that. Wondeing where this goes.

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WCW Monday Nitro


Dayton, Ohio



The show opens with a new intro package; it highlights the four horsemen, the Giant and the women’s division, with interspersed clips from light heavyweight matches (along with a few from Asahi Pro) and ends with footage of Bret Hart walking down the entrance ramp.



Eric Bischoff: “Hello, everybody, I’m Eric Bischoff and this is world championship wrestling!”


Steve McMichael: “Yeah, baby!”


Eric Bischoff: “A controversial ending at last night’s Halloween Havoc, leads us straight into what’s sure to be an explosive edition of Monday nitro!”


Steve McMichael: “Ric Flair’s got some ‘slpaining to do, baby!”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, please!”


Eric Bischoff: *handsome smile* “Aha ha, gentlemen, please. With me as ever, Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael…”


Steve McMichael: “It’s a pleasure to be here!”


Eric Bischoff: “... and the president of world championship wrestling, Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan!”


Bobby Heenan: “... Huh?”

Eric Bischoff: *false laughter* “Well, without further ado, let’s get on with the show!”



Opening Match: The Black Tiger pins Brian Pillman in forty two minutes and eighteen seconds (including two commercial breaks), and wins the world light heavyweight championship.



Eric Bischoff: “What have we just witnessed?”


Bobby Heenan: “Uh… uh - nothing. We’ve - Pillman shouldn’t have been put in this position!”


Eric Bischoff: “What position?”


Bobby Heenan: “We, he’d just come from two gruelling matches last night, for one”


Steve McMichael: “Same as the tiger.”


Bobby Heenan: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were managing the touring schedule. You know how many dates Pillman’s had to cover this past week?”


Steve McMichael: “No, but I know an excuse when I hear one!”


Eric Bischoff: “Sorry to interrupt you, gentlemen, but I’m being alerted of a development in the men’s locker room. ‘Mean’ Gene, are you there?”



Gene Okerlund: “... absolute pandemonium here Eric!”


Gene is off-camera, occasionally bopping into frame, as the cameraman tries to manoeuvre his way into the locker room.


There’s an overturned table and two semi-naked men either side of it making noises and wielding steel chairs.


The Giant: “You think I’m afraid of you, little man?!”


The Warrior: “You should be afraid of me!”


Warrior lobs his chair at the Giant, who bats it away with his own, and then lunges over the table for him. He knocks the big guy to the ground and starts wailing on him. Soon enough, Alexandra York comes rushing in, looking conspicuous in her business suit.


She yells something that the camera doesn’t quite pick up, and starts trying to pull the Warrior away. He instinctively pushes back and sends her crashing into the upturned table. The small of her back connects with the edge and she shrieks out in pain.


The Warrior turns around at the noise and seems to freak out. The Giant, back up and back in frame, with blood streaming from his forehead, pulls him into a headlock and doesn’t let go. The footage cuts out once the whole room has been filled with referees, security guards and doctors and neither man can be seen.



Second Match: Stars & Stripes (the Patriot and Marcus Bagwell) defeat Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray and Booker T), with Sherri Martel, in seventeen minutes and fifty two seconds (including a commercial break).



Promotional Package: A video plays hyping up the ‘World War 3’ match concept, along with the venue details and information on advanced ticket perks. It highlights Jushin Thunder Liger, the Giant and the Black Tiger, prominently, among others.



Third Match: Johnny Ace and Akira Hokuto defeat Jackie Fulton and Malia Hosaka in fifthteen minutes and forty eight seconds (including a commercial break).



PPV Recap: A video plays recapping the finishes of each match at ‘Halloween Havoc’, ending on the controversy in the main event.



Steve McMichael: “So, what was that all about, Bobby?”


Bobby Heenan: “I’m glad you asked. I talked to Flair last night, after the show and he told me Arn spotted a welt on his back. We’ve been talkin’ to the doctors this morning. It’s nothing serious, but they say Arn made the right call.”


Steve McMichael: “What a crock of -”


Eric Bischoff: “Oh, ho, ho. Alright, gentlemen.”






Main Event: Lex Luger pins Alex Wright in fourteen minutes and twenty two seconds.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 04 December 2016 - 01:01 PM



WCW Saturday Night


Orlando, Florida



Opening Match: Manami Toyota pins Malia Hosaka in seventeen minutes and eight seconds.






Hotline Promo: Gene Okerlund hosts a segment, shilling the hotline. “Is Madusa considering retirement from world championship wrestling? Is the Black Tiger’s identity somehow related to the disappearance of the Renegade?”



Second Match: Brian Pillman defeats Alex Wright and Mascara Magica, in a triangle match, in twenty two minutes and thirty nine seconds (including a commercial break).


Main Event: Arn Anderson and Lex Luger defeat the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) in ten minutes and fifty one seconds.



And, we’re off the air.

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Posted 10 December 2016 - 08:59 AM


WCW Monday Nitro


Jacksonville, Florida



Opening Match: Manami Toyota pins Akira Hokuto in twenty three minutes and fifty seconds (including a commercial break).



Promotional Package: A video plays advertising the venue details for ‘World War 3’ and hyping up the three-ring battle royale match concept.



Second Match: Arn Anderson and Lex Luger defeat Stars & Stripes (Marcus Bagwell and the Patriot) in thirty eight minutes and fifteen seconds (including two commercial breaks).



Music Video: A video plays dedicated to the four horsemen, and Brian Pillman in particular, calling him the ‘star of ninety six’.



Hype Video: A video plays promoting saturday’s coming main event. It’s title versus title; the Warrior versus the Giant!







Main Event: Brian Pillman pins the Black Tiger in thirty six minutes and forty three seconds (including a commercial break), after interference from Ric Flair, to recapture the world light heavyweight title.



Post-Match Pandemonium: Sting makes his surprise return, taking the fight to Pillman and Flair. The altercation descents into a massive brawl when Luger and Anderson come rushing in, chased by Stars & Stripes.



And, we’re off the air.


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Posted 10 December 2016 - 08:59 AM


WCW Saturday Night


Orlando, Florida



First Match: Manami Toyota and Malia Hosaka defeat Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto in twenty four minutes and eleven seconds (including a commercial break).



Promotional Package: A video plays advertising Asahi Pro Wrestling, hyping up an upcoming pull-out in WCW magazine spotlighting its roster and lauding Bret Hart and Davey Boy for their achievements.






Main Event: The Giant pins the Warrior in eleven minutes and forty nine seconds, to become the world television champion.



Video Package: A video plays hyping up monday’s main event, Sting and the Black Tiger going up against Ric Flair and Brian Pillman.



And we’re off the air.


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