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Smoky Mountain Wrestling Thread

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#21 Wahoos Leg

Wahoos Leg
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Posted 24 October 2016 - 10:54 AM

This really has a SMW feel.  Love how you wrote the Gauntlet Match with Dirty Dutch winning the way he did. Nice SMW Championship match also.


Thanks, I watched quite a bit of it during my formative years. I'm behind on reading everyone else's stuff but I will get caught up soon 

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Posted 26 October 2016 - 10:08 PM

SMW TV for October 28, 1995


We open with footage from ringside from a handheld camera. "Halloween Scream, Friday, October 20, Knoxville" appears in the lower left hand corner of the screen as Public Enemy and the Godwinns do battle. The finish of their match plays out, as Phineas gets handcuffed to the ringside barricade. In the ring, Henry hits the Slop Drop on Rocco Rock but as he goes for the cover Johnny Grunge runs in and wallops Henry with the steel chair. He crumples, and Grunge makes the cover for the three count.



We cut to the SMW Studio, and Bob Caudle, joined on commentary this week by Buddy Landel.

Caudle: Smoky Mountain Wrestling television is on the air! Hello fans, I'm Bob Caudle, joined this week by Buddy Landel. And Buddy, we just saw that we have new SMW Tag Team Champions... the Public Enemy. Today they put the titles on the line, Buddy, against Jerry Lynn and Joey Maggs.

Landel: Lynn and Maggs just need to ask themselves one question... "Table for one?" Hehehe...

Caudle: Halloween Scream also saw Unabom successfully defend his SMW Heavyweight Title, but that match certainly was controversial and we're going to take a look at that later.

Landel: But Bob, don't forget! Later in the episode... we're gonna have a celebration for our new SMW TV Champion! My good friend Dirty Dutch Mantel will be here and I can't wait to congratulate him in person for the biggest win in his career!

Caudle: Plus, the television debut of Hunter Hearst Helmsley. All that and more, but ight now we've got our first match lined up, so let's go to the ring!



James Stone vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman


The match starts out with Pittman using his size advantage to bully and strong-arm Stone, but Stone comes fighting back. Most of the match actually plays out on the mat, with Pittman focusing on the left arm to try and set up his Code Red armbar. Each time Stone is able to defend. Finally Pittman gets frustrated and starts clobbering Stone. He again goes for the armbar, but Stone is able to slither free, hooks Pittman in a rolling cradle and ensnares him for the 1... 2... 3!


The studio audience ERUPTS at the big win by Stone, but he has zero time to celebrate it as Pittman delivers a wicked boot to the head before Stone can even stand. Pittman hammers Stone with punches and kicks as the referee tries to stop him. Pittman then gets down into the face of his semi-conscious foe, screaming "YOU'RE WORTHLESS!' at him repeatedly before rolling out of the ring, sneering, and heading to the back.



Back from the commercial break, and Caudle cues up footage from night 2 of Halloween Scream, and the SMW Heavyweight Title Match between Unabom and Brad Armstrong. We see Robert Fuller save Unabom from the figure four, which sends Armstrong to the outside of the ring only to get sent headfirst into the post by the champion.


Caudle: There you have it, fans... definitely a controversial outcome there in Morristown. Buddy, if you ask me, Unabom would have lost that title if it wasn't for Robert Fuller... I--

Caudle doesn't get another word in before Fuller comes storming into the shot. 

Fuller: Listen here, Caudle! I'm the minority owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and I'm not gonna stand back there and hear you libel me. You understand? Trust me, you can be replaced just like that! *snaps fingers* Now, as for Unabom... he's not just my champion, he's become like an understudy to me. I'm his mentor. Heck, you might say I'm like a father figure to the young man... and I think it's best for a promising young wrestler like him to face fresh competition. So, now that Brad Armstrong has had his rematch, and lost, it's time to move on to fresh opponents...

This brings Commissioner Bob Armstrong into the shot, and Armstrong is taking his glasses off before he even makes it all the way to the broadcast position.

Armstrong: Now you listen here, you yella belly carpet bagger! Smoky Mountain Wrestling was doing just fine before you came along, and started throwing Ted Turner's dollars into the pile. You've poisoned this locker room, and you've poisoned this whole territory! But when your actions get my boy hurt... my flesh and blood... you've crossed the line! I'm gonna--

Fuller: Go ahead Bob! Do it! Hit me! C'mon, do it! Put your hands on a minority owner of this company, and you'll be fired so fast it'll make your head spin! And just for spite, I'll fire your son, too! So go ahead!

The studio audience is screaming for Armstrong to hit him, but he backs down.

Armstrong: You know, Fuller, I don't have to beat you up. Lord knows I've done that enough times right here in this very town. But my boy, he's still ready to fight. And you might be the minority owner, but I'm still the Commissioner. I still make the matches... and I say that Brad gets one more shot at Unabom, for that SMW title... next week.

Fuller: Fine with me, Bob! You wanna line up your boy like a lamb to the slaughter, then be my guest! But I'll add THIS... if Armstrong loses, and he will, then he will not get another shot at the Smoky Mountain Title for a full year!

Armstrong: You've got yourself a deal! But if those are the stakes, then it's gonna be no countout... no DQ... no time limit... there MUST be a winner!

Fuller: Fine!

Armstrong: Fine!

They storm off in opposite directions.

Caudle: More action when we return!







Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duane Gill 


Helmsley comes out in his waistcoat and earns the immediate wrath of the studio audience with his curtsy after stepping through the curtain. He gets in the ring and curtsys again... then removes his coat and turns and BLASTS Gill with a running clothesline! Helmsley shows a real vicious streak here, showing Gill no quarter before finishing him with his double underhook facebuster maneuver.


Helmsley strolls to the ringside broadcast position after the win but, when Caudle approaches for an interview, Helmsley just sneers and walks away.






Back from the break, and Queen's 'We Are The Champions" is playing. Dutch Mantell bursts through the curtain, holding the SMW TV Title over his head. Mantell keeps screaming "I Did It!" and does a victory lap around the squared circle. 

Caudle: This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen...

Landel: Dutch Mantell is proud of his title win. He's proud of being a champion here in Smoky Mountain. What's wrong with that?!? 

Caudle: Because he didn't even wrestle anybody to win it, Buddy! He was the last man in a Gauntlet, and by the time he entered, everyone else had been eliminated!

Mantell gets into the ring, motioning to the broadcast positon and Buddy Landel comes with a microphone.

Mantell: Thank you, thank you... thank you all for all of your support! You know, this win's just not for me... this title is for everyone. It's for the little people! Sky Lo Lo... the Haiti Kid... and Little Beaver. Being a champion here should MEAN something. And I wanna be a fighting champion! You know, it's been tradition for the TV Champ to defend against a random opponent each week, and I say we start that right here and right now.... in this ring... starting NEXT WEEK! That's right! Be ready! Next week, I will put this title on the reign and become the GREATEST TV Champion in the history of television itself!






SMW Tag Title Match

Public Enemy defend vs. Jerry Lynn & Joey Maggs 


Lynn and Maggs already are in the ring as Public Enemy make their entrance. They've got the title belts secured around their necks, and they're carrying a table. One of the cameras catches a glimpse of the table, which has two names written on it, then crossed out:





Landell: Lots of room for more names on that table!


The match itself starts out even, with Lynn and Rock going back and forth in an exchange of holds and moves. Grunge makes a blind tag into the match, however, and a clothesline to the back of Lynn's head gives the champs the upper hand. The studio audience gets behind Lynn, even as Rock and Grunge beat him down with clubbering, double teams and some high impact slams and suplexes. Lynn's able to fight them off, though, and finally tags Maggs into the match! Maggs is in like a house afire, dropkicking Grunge out of the ring, hitting a huge back bodydrop on Rock followed by another dropkick and a slam. Grunge up on the floor, and Lynn comes into the ring, leaping with a suicide dive to level Johnny Grunge! Maggs has Rocco Rock isolated in the ring! And he hits a flying cross body! One... two... Rock kicks out! Maggs motioning to Lynn now, they come into the ring, hook Rock... DOUBLE DDT! Maggs with the cover. One... Two... Grunge in to break up the pin! Lynn goes to fight him off, Grunge pokes him in the eye and dumps him out to the floor. Grunge then hits a high angle back suplex on Maggs, and combines with Rocco to hit the Drive By on Maggs for the three count.


After the match, Public Enemy bring the table into the ring. Rocco props it up in the corner, as Grunge scoops Maggs for a bearhug... then charges right across the ring, DRIVING MAGGS THROUGH THE TABLE! Maggs collapses in a lifeless heap in the wreckage of the table! Grunge and Rock talking as Lynn crawls into the ring, checking on his partner. Public Enemy turn and assault Lynn, who withers under the stomps and punches of both men. And now Rocco Rock out of the ring... he's looking for another table! Rocco looking under the ring... 


Caudle: HEY WAIT!


Before the attack continues, RICKY MORTON and ROBERT GIBSON come storming into the studio! The Rock & Roll Express start slugging it out with Public Enemy! 


Caudle: Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson HAVE RETURNED! And we've got maybe the greatest tag team ever fighting it out with the current tag champs! I don't know if this brawl is ever gonna stop! Fans, we are out of time! Unabom defends against Brad Armstrong next week!


The fight between the four men continues as the show ends.

#23 kevinmcfl

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Posted 27 October 2016 - 12:08 PM

From Armstrong to Landell to Dirty Dutch.  This truly has the SMW feel.  Love the handcuffs in the ring, the TV Title being for the little people.  Armstrong and Fuller going back and forth.  Just very well done.

#24 dexstar

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Posted 28 October 2016 - 12:04 PM

In HHHs defense, I wouldn't want to talk to Caudle either

#25 Wahoos Leg

Wahoos Leg
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Posted 28 October 2016 - 02:48 PM

Next week he reveals his reason.

#26 Jesse Ewiak

Jesse Ewiak
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Posted 02 November 2016 - 12:06 AM

Triple H is being a great heel for the territory, and I'm weirdly looking forward to his eventual beatdown from one of the local guys. The Public Enemy work as a far less controversial Gangstas replacement. Hopefully, they'll get the good kinda heat. 

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Posted 04 November 2016 - 09:08 AM

SMW TV for November 4, 1995 


Packed house in the studio this week. Bob Caudle and Buddy Landell once again are the commentators. Caudle hypes today's huge main event... Unabom vs. Brad Armstrong for the SMW title. There must be a winner, and if Armstrong loses, he will not receive another shot at the SMW Title for one year! From there, he takes us to the ring for the opening match.



Justin Hawk Bradshaw & Kendall Windham vs. The Hardy Brothers


Matt and Jeff Hardy make their SMW debut against the surprising team of Bradshaw and Windham. The two Texans use their size, strength and experience to overwhelm the two rookies. A double flying lariat onto Jeff Hardy finishes the match.


After the match, Caudle interviews Bradshaw and Windham from the broadcast area.

Caudle: Gentlemen, everyone is wondering... how do two rivals end up teaming together?
Windham: Bob Caudle, me and Bradshaw took each other to hell and back last month. I threw my best at him, and he threw his best at me... and the one thing we realized was that, together, there was no stopping us. So, we are bringing a little taste of Texas to the tag division, and we're coming after YOU, Public Enemy, for those Tag Titles.




Back from the break, and Caudle introduces footage of the Rock & Roll Express attacking Public Enemy last week. extra footage rolls after the television time ran out, as basically the entire locker room and staff of the promotion come pouring out of the back to separate the four combatants.

Back to ringside, and Caudle says Morton and Gibson will be back in action next week!



SMW TV Title Match


Dutch Mantell comes out, dressed to wrestle, and says he's issued his open challenge against a randomly drawn opponent. Mantell waits in the ring as James Stone comes through the curtain... and is immediately attacked from behind by Sgt. Craig Pittman! The Pitbull getting payback for last week's loss! Pittman brutalizes Stone, delivering a wicked body slam on the concrete floor and then getting down in his face and screaming "You're worthless!" over and over again like a drill sergeant. As referees get Pittman to the back, Mantell scurries out of the ring, grabs Stone's carcass and drags it into the ring. He motions to the referee, who calls for the bell. Mantell covers and makes the three count.


As Mantell celebrates with a victory lap around the ring, Landell praises his friend.

Landell: What an incredible start to his TV Title reign! Mantell just beat his first challenger in three seconds! He just might end up the greatest TV champion ever!





Caudle announces the Thanksgiving Thunder tour, coming later this month during Thanksgiving week! 

Tickets on sale now...

Nov. 23 in Knoxville

Nov. 24 in Barbourville, KY

Nov. 25 in Johnson City 


All your favorite SMW stars in action!


Caudle then introduces "the blueblood from Connecticut", Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Helmsley: Bob Caudle, do you know why I did not grace you with my presence last week for an interview? It is because you did not... say... please. You see, manners are important. Without manners, without etiquette, we have nothing. We're barbarians. It is important, above all things, to be civilized. And so that's why I'm here. That's why I have sullied myself to come to this... toilet... in Tennessee. Trying to bring a little class to people in dire need. And I will accomplish that by becoming the top wrestler here. Look at my record, Mr. Caudle. I'm undefeated. Every single wrestler I have faced has gone down to my Pedigree. So everyone here had best prepare themselves... for an etiquette lesson.

Helmsley strolls away.







SMW Heavyweight Title, There Must Be A Winner

Unabom vs. Brad Armstrong 


Unabom tries to jump Armstrong before the bell but the challenger sees it coming, moves and Unabom smashes into the corner turnbuckles. Armstrong fires away on Unabom with punches and kicks, battering away relentlessly. Unabom bails out to the floor, Armstrong out to the apron and dives on top of him! This match quickly getting out of hand! Armstrong taking advantage of the relaxed rules and they begin to brawl all throughout the studio as Bob Caudle reminds the fans there has to be a winner! Armstrong goes for a chair, nails Unabom in the gut with it. He winds up for a blast to the head, but Unabom kicks the chair back into the face of the challenger! Armstrong comes up bleeding after that... Unabom peels him up off the floor and rolls him into the ring. Cover, but only a two count! Unabom starts to pummel Armstrong, focusing on the head and opening the cut. Armstrong is a bloody mess! However, Unabom once again is unable to put him down for the three count. Unabom heads to the outside now, and he brings two chairs into the ring. He sets both chairs on the mat, then hooks Armstrong for his finishing powerbomb. Armstrong hoisted up into the air... and he drops down behind! Reverse mule kick to Unabom for the low blow! He then turns the champion, hooks a Russian legsweep... RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP ONTO THE CHAIRS! The studio audience erupts! Unabom is lifeless, but Armstrong also hit the chairs and rolls away, grabbing his back. He crawls over for the cover. One! Two! Thr--referee Mark Curtis gets pulled out of the ring by...




Caudle: What in the world is Terry Gordy doing here?!?


The Freebird rolls into the ring and starts hammering Armstrong with punches, making him bleed even more. He hooks Armstrong for a powerbomb, and nails it in the center of the ring! Gordy rolls Unabom over onto Armstrong, and orders the referee to count. 1... 2... 3!


The show ends with Robert Fuller coming to the ring. The SMW minority owner celebrates with Unabom and Gordy as the referee checks on Armstrong.

#28 kevinmcfl

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Posted 04 November 2016 - 07:50 PM

Now that was a fun read!


The Tag Team division already seemed stacked and ow here comes the Texans!


Dirty Dutch as only Dirty Dutch could be..... "perfectly dirty"


The 3 night classic "Thanksgiving Thunder is just what you would expect from SMW.


Terry Gordy's run in----- What an ending.

#29 dexstar

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Posted 07 November 2016 - 07:41 AM

Hawk & Windham vs. Public Enemy is going to be a rad brawl matchup. Ideal casting for HHH continues!

#30 Wahoos Leg

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Posted 11 November 2016 - 12:48 PM

November 11 TV


Bob Caudle and Buddy Landell open the show, but they are interrupted by the trio of Robert Fuller, SMW Heavyweight Champion Unabom, and Terry Gordy. Fuller brags about his "ace in the hole" last week and announces Gordy as the newest member of the Smoky Mountain roster. Fuller then complains about it being "too easy" to challenge the champion for the title these days, and says that anyone who wants a title shot from here on out will have to win a number one contender's match! The first of these matches will be held next week on TV for anyone who wants it!

This brings out Brian Lee, who immediately accepts. Lee and Unabom go nose to nose, but Fuller steps in between and makes the match... Lee vs. Terry Gordy next week in the main event!




Dirty White Boy (w/ Ron Wright) vs. Jerry Lynn


A hard fought, back and forth match. DWB looks to be ready to finish it when Bull Pain comes to ringside. Distracted, DWB gets rolled up and pinned by Lynn. After the match, DWB rolls to the outside and starts another wild brawl with Bull Pain. It takes half the locker room and every referee to separate them. This brings out Commissioner Armstrong, who says the score will be settled at Thanksgiving Thunder. November 23 in Knoxville, Dirty White Boy will face Bull Pain in a Street Fight!

Bob Caudle tries to get Armstrong's comments on last week's title match, but the Commissioner says he's been ordered not to comment.



SMW TV Title

Dutch Mantel defends


Another randomly selected contender... and it's Bull Pain! However, Pain has been ejected from the building after the brawl, so Dutch wins by forfeit! Dirty Dutch does another victory lap around the ring, and stops to shake hands and hug Landell. Bob Caudle whens Dutch will ever actually have to wrestle as champion!


Caudle runs down the lineup for Thanksgiving Thunder tour.


Nov. 23 in Knoxville

Nov. 24 in Barbourville, KY

Nov. 25 in Johnson City 


Two matches announced for Knoxville... Dirty White Boy vs. Bull Pain in a street fight, AND, just announced, the Rock & Roll Express challenge Public Enemy for the tag titles!



Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Matt Hardy


The Connecticut blueblood scores another dominant win, finishing things off with the double underhook facebuster which, as mentioned last week, he calls the Pedigree.


Out of the break, and Public Enemy are at the commentary station, upset over the title match with the Rock & Roll Express.

Grunge: We don't know nothin' about no title match with those two wimps, and, well, we think you're making it up!

Rocco: Yeah!

Grunge: If these two think they're so tough, let's not wait for a match. Let's have a fight RIGHT NOW!

Grunge and Rock roll into the ring, and Morton and Gibson quickly enter the studio. A wild brawl starts with all four men, raging all around the ringside area and the studio. Morton and Gibson appear to have the upper hand in the battle, when Grunge comes up with a fire extinguisher from under the ring and sprays Gibson in the face! Gibson down blinded, allowing the champions to double team Morton. Rocco Rock brings a table into the ring! They position Morton on the table... the studio audience is booing and many of the female fans are shrieking at Morton about to go through the table.

Suddenly, two more men hit the ring in jeans and boots. IT'S THE HEAVENLY BODIES! Tom Prichard and Jimmy Del Ray start laying waste to the champions with punches and kicks. Grunge and Rock bail out and make a hasty retreat! 

Meanwhile, Gibson has rolled back into the ring. The Rock & Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies are staring down one another as the episode ends.

#31 kevinmcfl

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Posted 11 November 2016 - 03:50 PM

Again, very Smoky Mountainish....  perfect.


The Dutch thing is completely Dirty Dutch.  I am interested to see how the #1 contenders match plays out.  Especially if Gordy wins. 

#32 Wahoos Leg

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 01:12 PM

Catching up, so quickie results only...


November 18 TV


-Jerry Lynn def. James Stone to qualify for the Super J Cup. After the match, Craig Pittman comes out and grabs the house mic, screaming about how worthless James Stone is, then applying the Code Red armbar to make Stone tap out.


-Hunter Hearst Helmsley sends in a video, from back at his Connecticut estate. He said he went home for the holiday and wouldn't be wasting his Thanksgiving wrestling in front of the filthy uncouth Smoky Mountain fans who will be at Thanksgiving Thunder.


-VTR promos from Bull Pain and Mr. Ron Wright, hyping the street fight between Bull and the Dirty White Boy on Thanksgiving night in Knoxville, also Night 1 of Thanksgiving Thunder!


-To crown the first-ever #1 Contender, Brian Lee takes on Terry Gordy. These two big bulls keep it in the ring for the most part in a hard-fought and hard-hitting match. "Primetime" is one of the few men in SMW strong enough to throw around Gordy! The Freebird gets the advantage after a rake of the eyes, and really starts working over Brian Lee. Brian makes his comeback, really throwing Gordy around again. He goes for a running clothesline, Gordy ducks, and the referee gets taken out! Unabom comes out to help Gordy, and they hit a tandem powerbomb on Primetime. Brad Armstrong out, and he starts pounding away on both Unabom AND Gordy! The referee comes to just as Armstrong hits Gordy with a Russian legsweep, and calls for the bell. Terry Gordy wins the #1 Contendership by DQ!


-After the break, Armstrong and Lee are irate. They challenge Unabom and Gordy to a tag match at Night 3 of Thanksgiving Thunder! 


-Dutch Mantell comes out to put the TV Title on the line against another randomly drawn opponent... Hunter Hearst Helmsley! He clearly is not here, so Mantell wins by forfeit yet again. The celebration ends when SMW Commissioner Bullet Bob Armstrong tells Mantell he WILL be defending the title at Night 3 of Thanksgiving Thunder. And this time, Bullet Bob will choose the opponent!


Full run down of the announced matches for Thanksgiving Thunder


Night 1

Dirty White Boy vs. Bull Pain in a street fight 

Rock & Roll Express challenge Public Enemy for the SMW Tag Titles

A special elimination tag match, with the survivors earning a "golden opportunity" from SMW Minority Owner Robert Fuller


Night 2

Heavenly Bodies challenge for the SMW Tag Titles

1 night singles tournament for $5,000


Night 3

Dutch Mantell defends the TV Title 

Brad Armstrong & Brian Lee vs. Unabom & Terry Gordy

The Texans vs. the Godwinns for a tag title shot



-Rock & Roll Express call the Heavenly Bodies out to the ring. The Bodies say, as former champions, they're cashing in their rematch clause on Night 2 of Thanksgiving Thunder in Barbourville. Tom Prichard says they hope the Rock & Roll Express lose, because they want payback on Public Enemy for what they did to Jim Cornette. The two longtime rival teams come to blows, and Public Enemy storms the ring with chairs! They beat down Morton, Gibson, Prichard and Del Ray and stand tall as the show ends.


((SMW TV is off the air Nov. 25 and Dec. 2, due to holiday and sports programming.))

#33 kevinmcfl

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 01:18 PM

Nice show!  Thanksgiving Thunder is going to be fun.  HHH from CT was a great promo!

#34 Wahoos Leg

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 01:30 PM




The Hardys vs. Heavenly Bodies


Jeff and Matt put up a game fight, but they're no match for the former multi-time SMW Tag Champs. They win after the elevated moonsault by Del Ray in a fast-paced and entertaining opener.




Brad Armstrong vs. James Stone


Armstrong wins a 70/30 match with the Russian legsweep. Craig Pittman attacks Stone after the match, dragging his lifeless carcass to the back.



Street Fight: Dirty White Boy vs. Bull Pain


This one is as violent as advertised. The fight goes all around the ringside area and into the crowd. Both men get busted open, and are covered in blood by the time the match ends. DWB gets the win in the middle of the ring after delivering a brainbuster on a chair.




Match #4

Elimination Tag, Survivors receive a "Golden Opportunity" from Robert Fuller 

Brian Lee, Godwinns & Texans vs. Unabom, Terry Gordy, Buddy Landell, Dutch Mantel & Craig Pittman


Mantel claims an injured hamstring and is eliminated due to injury

Pittman eliminates Henry with the Code Red armbar 

Phineas eliminates Pittman after a slop drop 

Landell eliminates Phineas after a roll-up with a handful of overalls 

Bradshaw eliminates Landell with a jumping lariat 

Unabom eliminates Windham after an assisted powerbomb with help from Gordy 

Unabom is DQ'd for throwing Brian Lee over the top rope 

Gordy eliminates Bradshaw after hitting the Oriental Spike 

Lee eliminates Gordy with the Cancellation slam


Brian Lee is the sole survivor! Tune in Dec. 9 to SMW TV to learn what the golden opportunity is!\


Match #5

Public Enemy vs. Rock & Roll Express for the SMW Tag Titles


Starts as a wild brawl, then calms down into a classic Southern tag. Morton (surprise) gets isolated and beaten down for a good portion of the match. Gibson makes the hot tag, but then gets overwhelmed himself and starts taking punishment. Finally, Morton runs in, clotheslining both members of Public Enemy, and drags Gibson close enough to make the hot tag! Rocco and Johnny are reeling! Double dropkick sends Johnny out of the ring. Grunge goes for a chair... but the Bodies are ringside and cut him off! Rocco eats a double dropkick in the middle of the ring! 1... 2... Prichard and Del Ray break up the pin, ending the match in a DQ! They want Public Enemy all to themselves for the titles! The Bodies and Rock & Roll bicker and start to brawl as Public Enemy retreat with the belts, their title reign barely intact. 


#35 Wahoos Leg

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 01:41 PM



The field is introduced for the one-night tournament. The winner of the tournament gets $5,000. The runner-up must wear a turkey suit!



Brad Armstrong def. Craig Pittman with the Russian legsweep 

Jerry Lynn def. Bull Pain with a crucifix pin in what is considered an upset.

Dirty White Boy & Terry Gordy battle to a double countout.

Buddy Landell def. Hawk Bradshaw with his feet on the ropes.



Brad Armstrong def. Jerry Lynn in a 20-minute instant classic. The two men shake hands in respect after the match.




Heavenly Bodies vs. Public Enemy for the SMW Tag Titles 


This match is an all-out brawl! The referee has a hard time controlling this one as Prichard and Del Ray are hot for revenge. During a brawl outside the ring, though, Del Ray gets sent into the ring post and is down. The champs isolate Tom Prichard, busting him open and really working him over. This has become a handicap match, folks! Prichard fighting off pin cover after pin cover but the champs can't put him down. Now Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson come to ringside, and they start trying to help Del Ray to his feet. Morton actually dumps water on his head to wake him up! Del Ray able to make it back to the apron and, as Public Enemy get distracted by Morton and Gibson, Prichard makes the tag! But the referee was distracted as well! HUGE boos from the crowd now, and Del Ray is blaming Morton and Gibson! they start to fight on the floor, as Prichard gets hit with the Drive By senton and pinned.


More disagreement between the Rock & Roll Express and the Bodies, as the champs leave, laughing at the argument.



Brad Armstrong def. Buddy Landell. Landell tries to leave, but all the SMW babyfaces come out and carry Landell back to the ring, where the turkey suit is put on him.


#36 Wahoos Leg

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Posted 02 December 2016 - 01:53 PM




Jerry Lynn vs. Craig Pittman


Lynn wins with the tornado DDT.



Dirty White Boy vs. Jimmy Del Ray


They fight to a 15-minute draw. 



The Texans vs. the Godwinns for an SMW Tag Title shot.


The Texans win, hitting Phineas with sandwich lariats for the pin.


MATCH #4-TV Title Match


Dutch Mantell is in the ring, and so is Bullet Bob to draw his random challenger. It's Jeff Hardy! Hardy gives it all he can, but Mantell is too tough and savvy and wins the match cleanly in the middle of the ring. He then tries to use his whip on Hardy, but Jeff's brother Matt runs to ringside, so Dutch makes a retreat. 





Rock & Roll Express vs. Buddy Landel & Bull Pain


Lots of comedy by Landel, clubbering offense by Pain, selling by Morton, and double dropkicking of Landel by the Rock & Rolls for the finish.



Brad Armstrong & Brian Lee vs. Unabom & Terry Gordy 



Commissioner Bob Armstrong says this match will be fought under relaxed rules, and they wrestle like it, with the combatants pairing off and fighting all over the building. Armstrong and Gordy both get busted open. Robert Fuller is now lurking at ringside. Fuller blatantly puts Unabom's foot on the ropes after a Russian legsweep and pin attempt by Armstrong, then backs off telling both Armstrongs he can't be touched! Armstrong gets worked over, and then Lee makes the hot tag! Things quickly break down again, and Armstrong and Gordy spill out to the floor, distracting the referee. Fuller up on the apron, holding Lee... Unabom goes to hit him with the belt! LEE MOVES! UNABOM WALLOPS FULLER! The crowd erupts, and Lee hits a flying shoulder tackle, then slams Unabom on the belt for the 1, 2, 3!


Don't miss the return of SMW TV December 9!


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Posted 03 December 2016 - 01:05 PM

John, my friend, I should've realized it was you booking Smokey Mountain. Your style, and the obvious Tennessee connection! Really intrigued with Public Enemy as SMW Tag Champs!

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