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Posted 28 August 2016 - 09:40 AM




The situation is dire! USWA, the once proud wrestling promotion is dying.  The Monday Night Wars between the WWF and WCW have taken the life out of the Memphis wrestling scene.  The day that was once owned by the Mid-South Coliseum now has two mega-companies giving pay per view quality like shows away for free on cable.  The attendance at the weekly show in the Coliseum has dwindled from a once staggering number of almost 10,000 a week to barely 600 or 700 hundred.  The situation is so bad that the UWA superstar, Jerry “The King” Lawler has signed on with the WWF to be a part time wrestler/announcer on their MONDAY show.  How can the USWA survive the Monday night wars without The King?


The owner, Jerry Jarrett, is behind the times.  He continues to push squash match after squash match on TV and expects people to sit there and give an hour and a half of their weekends watching a ridiculously bad TV show.  The show is tapped at the WCM-TV 5 studio is Memphis and is filmed in front of 300 young kids watching gimmick after gimmick.  The wrestlers come out from behind a curtain and walk about 6 feet across a black and white checkerboard floor to the ring while the WWF and WWF shows come from huge arenas with all the bells and whistles.  Jarrett, maybe out of necessity, uses gimmick after gimmick but it is that he thinks his competition is the Saturday morning cartoons then the Monday Night Wars.  Jerry Lawler who has tried to talk to him time after time but to no avail.  It would make more sense if he owned this company rather than Jarrett.  You can’t go a ¼ of mile in Memphis without seeing something owned by Lawler.  From restaurants to car washes, Lawler is Mr. Memphis!


Jarrett’s newest solution?  Hire me to be his new head booker.  I told you this situation was dire.  I have no experience but that doesn’t seem to matter.  Mr. Jarrett gave me the month of August to sit back, watch and learn.  I learned that if I sit back, there might not be USWA Wrestling come September.  I, with the blessing of Jerry Lawler, got to work.  I still believe that whatever The King says goes and that Jarrett just tries to act like he is in charge.


Well here are my solutions:


1.        Change the roster!  Get rid of the gimmicks and bring in some veterans with name recognition.  Out is Spellbinder, in is Barry Windham!  Out is Gorgeous George III, in Chris Jerricho and so on and so on.


2.       Use some old Memphis feuds to add name recognition and put some fannies in the seats.  Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Jeff Jarrett, Tommy Rich are all here and like in the past, the will battling it out and switching alliances all the time.  Heel to baby face turns and vice versa will be the norm.  That being said, the straw the stirs the drink, “The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart, is all back.  You can bet that his First Family will once again be after the King and his USWA Unified World Title.


3.       Let’s not be fooled, Memphis is a hotbed of racial tension.  Let’s stir that up a bit.  I have terminated the contracts of PG-13, an up and coming tag team of DJ Ice and Slash.  Jarrett was using these skinny white kids as the Nation of Domination.  I have hired Ron Simmons and Harlem Heat or The Harlem Knights, not sure which name is better, to bring some Black Power style Nation of Domination.  They will feud with some Confederate Flag waving good ol boys like Terry Gordy, Tracy Smothers and The Armstrongs.  We might have to add some security to the buildings as this could end up like 1968 when some other good ol boy shot Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. right here in Memphis.  We don’t want the city to burn but we want both groups to come out to the arenas and root for their brothers!



4.        Must increase the 20 something fan base.  These are the ones who but the beers and hot dogs and really amp up the revenue.  What better way to do this then parade a few hot women around in little clothing.  I mean not real professional but the USWA needs money and I need a job.  So here we go!  Diamond Dallas Page has been hired more for his valet Kimberly to parade around in skimpy outfits then for his energy.  Miss Texas, a mainstay in the USWA, will have an increased role. 


5.       A complete overall of the schedule to try and increase revenue and our fan base.  Here it is:


                                SUNDAYS:  Split roster/ split revenue= Twice the profits.  I have been going town to town all throughout the region and partnering with local high schools to run a USWA event as a fundraiser.  We will run two of these a week and the profits will be split 50/50.  You may say that we are giving away our product but you must remember in these small towns around here, everyone comes out for a fundraiser.  We will probably double the attendance with that word fundraiser.  Two of these a week means big profits!  I have already signed contracts with such school districts as Batesville, Arkansas, Cookeville, Tennessee, Covington, Kentucky and Hernando, Mississippi.  The phone calls keep coming in and I hope these 5 or 6 match cards are a big hit around the Mississippi Valley.


                                MONDAYS:  OFF- let the big boys play and we will watch and learn!


                                TUESDAYS:  NASHVILLE- I have been able to sign a contract for the USWA to return to Nashville, TN on a weekly basis.  This used to be a second home for Memphis Wrestling but we have not been there once in 1995.  You may say that once a week is overkill but I have ulterior motives.  WMC-TV is fine for now cable is the way to go.  Nashville is home to CMT, a country music based television station that has expressed interest into expanding past the music business into other southern style hobbies.  Why not bring some rednecks some down home WRASTLIN!


                                WEDNESDAYS:  CASINO NIGHT- I have already signed 4 casinos which will operate on a rotating business.  These casinos are Southland Park in West Memphis, AR, Casino Azatar in Evansville, Lady Luck Casino in Caruthersville, MO, and Tunica Resorts in Tunica, MS.  You can bet that with free alcohol at the casinos, Kimberly and Miss Texas will be main stays on this loop.  Remember, sleazy yes but we must increase our fan base by any means necessary.


                                THURSDAYS:  LOUISVILLE GARDENS:  Again, we are attempting to reach out to an old fan base here as it was a weekly event during the CWA years.  I know this is a reach with a weekly show and we are still looking to find another city to alternate weeks with Louisville.  Remember, St. Louis is only 90 minutes north.


                                FRIDAYS:  MID-SOUTH COLISEUM:  Let’s hope that everything else I have done along with switching our major show away from Mondays will help bring in more than our last show which totaled 578 people.  People are starting to call this place the Mid-South Mausoleum.  This show will end by 9:30 to give people a chance to party down on Beale Street


                                SATURDAYA:  The morning TV Show will continue live from 10-11:30 but we will really increase the footage from the night before at the Coliseum.  We will really also hype up the afternoon show at the Memphis Expo Center which will run at 1:30 each and every Saturday.  Hopefully kids will nag their parents long enough during the TV show to come down and see the afternoon show that they will have no choice but to give in.  This show will be family orientated with a bit more of the gimmicks.  You will see such stars as The Inferno Kid, The Bullet and The Falcon.  Of course the stars will be there to.  Plenty of time for autographs and pictures here. Any child bringing in report card with an “A” on it gets in for free as long as they are joined by a paying customer.  We must fill the 4,500 seat arena somehow.  



Well if any of this works, USWA may still be around in 1996.  If not, you can always turn in to the Monday Night Wars to see the King and his sarcasm.  I could always get a job working for the minor league baseball team here in Memphis and their head of promotions.  GO MUDCATS!


So here is a look at the opening roster as of September 1, 1985:



Owner: Jerry Jarrett

Head Booker: kevinmcfl

Staff: Cory Macklin







Jerry Lawler

Terry Gordy

Jesse James Armstrong

Jeff Jarrett

Chris Jericho

Ron Simmons

Brian Christopher

Barry Windham

Tommy Rich

Diamond Dallas Page

Tracy Smothers

Nelson Knight (Mabel)

Bobby Knight (Mo)

Doug Gilbert

Jimmy Hart (Manager)

Miss Texas

Steve Armstrong

Scott Armstrong

Billy Jack Haynes

Luna Vachon

The Colorado Kid

The Warlord

Kimberly  (Valet)

Bill Dundee

Bobby Blaze

The Inferno Kid



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Posted 29 August 2016 - 02:04 AM

Nice desperation attempts there, use any- and everything to your advantage. Could work, you seem to know the people you have to appeal to.

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Posted 29 August 2016 - 02:32 PM

I like your plans. You've done awesome with the Memphis feel in the 83 project and I'm pumped to read the 90s version. 

#4 kevinmcfl

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Posted 03 September 2016 - 11:33 AM



9/2/1995:  WMC 5 (MEMPHIS)




“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling from Memphis, Tennessee.  I am Corey Macklin and what a show we have for you today.


(Macklin rundowns today’s show)




1.    A video tape from the Mid-South Coliseum shows Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers and Jesse James Armstrong) winning the USWA World Tag Titles from PG 13 after a pumphandle slam on JC Ice.

















All of a sudden, some bass drums begin to beat and we hear the dreaded sound,  THE NATION…. Of DOMINATION.  THE NATION…. Of DOMINATION .  The Nation of Domination (Ron Simmons and the Harlem Knights) interrupt an interview of Southern Comfort and demand a title shot which Southern Comfort accepts.





2.   “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart returns to Memphis and says he is back with the First Family to put an end to Jerry Lawler.


The First Family (Tommy Rich, Barry Windham and The Warlord) destroy the team of Dixie Dynamite, Booby Blaze and The Inferno Kid in a 6 Man Tag Match.


3.   After a commercial break, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett and Superstar Bill Dundee are at the interview desk and are mocking Jimmy Hart and his first family.  They decide that they are now going to call themselves The Kings! 




4.  Diamond Dallas Paige and Kimberly have a successful debut in USWA as he defeated the Colorado Kid with the Diamond Cutter.  The fans loved his energy and his catch phrase “BANG” everytime he wanted to emphasize something.  Kimberly was also very easy on the eyes.  Corey Macklin gives him a big push here.





5.   Miss. Texas comes out a video is shown is shown of her big win over Uptown Karen at the Mid-South Coliseum.  Corey Macklin hypes up the victory during his interview with her and says that he believes the Uptown Karen was so upset after the match that she has up and left the USWA.  All of a sudden, we hear that stupid voice blaring from the microphone as Jimmy Hart returns.  He puts down Miss. Texas and women in general until Miss. Texas can’t take anymore and smacks him.  He is left laying on the floor as we went to commercial break. 





5.   Brian Christopher’s match with the Falcon was interrupted by a run in by the hated BRAT PACK (Doug Gilbert & Chris Jerricho).  This attack went on for a few minutes until Lawler, Jarrett, and Dundee rushed to his aid. Christopher was then all fired up during an interview.


6.   The main event match was a USWA Southern Title Match between the champion Billy Jack vs Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.  It was a classic match that eventually saw the fan favorite, Gordy get the clean victory after a nasty powerbomb!  After the match we again heard the drums beating and the return of the Nation of Domination chant.  Ron Simmons came out and started pointing at Gordy but not much else happened. 





7.   Promotions for the week

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Posted 03 September 2016 - 01:37 PM

For some reason, totally made sense to me to see Chris Jericho in the Brat Pack. I don't know if you're gonna have him act like 1998 Jericho already but this should be fun.

#6 kevinmcfl

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 07:55 PM




9/2/1995:  WMC 5 (MEMPHIS)




“Hello again everybody.  Welcome to USWA Wrestling from Memphis, Tennessee.  I am Corey Macklin and what a show we have instore for you today.


(Macklin rundowns today’s show)




 The Kings (Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett & Bill Dundee)


The First Family (Jimmy Hart, Barry Windham, Tommy Rich and The Warlord)


·         A video tape from the Mid-South Coliseum is shown where it looked like Lawler was going to successfully defend his World Title against Windham as he was going for the second rope fist drop.  The Warlord rushed in a did some serious damage here with a nasty powerbomb.  Lawler was lucky that the rest of the Kings rushed to his aid.


·         After the video, Lawler was at the interview desk where he was fuming and demanded the First Family come out which they did.  The hate the Lawler as much as he hates them and would like nothing more than an opportunity to attack 3-1.  Again, lucky for Lawler, the rest of the Kings came out to.  The two groups squared off but little more come off it.


·         At the end of the show, we were informed that these two groups will met in a 6 man elimination match this Thursday at the Mid-South Coliseum.




·         In a squash match, The Nation of Domination team (The Harlem Knights) got a victory over Bobby Blaze and The Colorado Kid as Nelson Knight used his 500 pounds to almost cripple Blaze.  A huge choke slam followed by a Big Splash ended this in under 3 minutes.


·         The Harlem Knights went over to the interview desk where they basically demanded a title match against Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Jesse James Armstrong).  They also implied that the only reason they have not gotten that title shot yet is because they are black.


·         Jerry Jarrett came out as was angry at their implications but also said that if they beat Scott and Steve Armstrong at the Mid-South Coliseum this week, they will get a title shot in two weeks!


·         The crowd roared at Southern Comfort came out and basically challenged The Harlem Knights right now because they could stomach listening to what they were saying and down here, it doesn’t matter how big you are, you NEVER BACK DOWN FROM A FIGHT!  Jarrett told them that there would be no match tonight and if anything happened between these two teams, then they would all be fined.  The crowd was disappointed but might get this great match in two weeks.





·         In a great main event match for TV, Terry Gordy defeated former champ Billy Jack after Gordy followed up a Samoan Drop with a huge Guillotine Leg Drop.  This match went about 12 minutes and had some great back and forth action. 


·         Corey Macklin wondered allowed who the new #1 contender would be for the Southern Title but we will just have to wait and see. 







·         Brian Christopher was furious after the Rat Pack attacked him last week and demanded a match against them on tonight’s show.


·         The match was granted but unfortunately for Christopher, he was teamed with Dixie Dynamite.  The crowd seemed to like this but that is only because they didn’t know he was the sacrificial lamb here to keep the feud going.  The fan favorites were doing well until Jerricho “accidently threw Dynamite into the ref.  With him down. The Rat Pack pulled out every dirty trick in the book.  When the ref became refocused, Christopher tried to rush in to help his partner only to be escorted out for being the illegal man.  Jerricho connected with a Moonsault for the victory.


·         Jerricho and Gilbert headed over to the interview desk where the really made fun of Chistopher’s ability, upbringing and IQ.





·         For the second week in a row, Jimmy Hart insulted Miss Texas only to be smacked so hard that he was knocked to the floor.


·         At the end of the show, we find out that right here on TV next week, we will see an intergender match between Miss. Texas and Jimmy Hart





·         Diamond Dallas Paige and Kimberly continue to get a push here.  DDP wins another squash match against The Gambler and the crowd really likes his energy and watching Kimberly jump and dance around.  DDP is given an interview after the match were he does pretty good on the microphone.

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 09:54 PM

Personally, I don't mind you're just doing recaps. That's what I do with New Japan as well. As long as we get a sense of what you're trying to book, there's no problem with the format whatsoever ;)

#8 gordi


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Posted 17 September 2016 - 05:55 AM

Yep. I'm not feeling short-changed by your work on this, in any way. 

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Posted 17 September 2016 - 04:04 PM

I love it dude. Jericho as a Memphis heel is a great bit of casting!

#10 Jesse Ewiak

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Posted 19 September 2016 - 11:09 PM

Yeah, man, don't feel the need to keep up with crazy people like me. Just keep on doing what you're doing! 

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