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Stampede Wrestling

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Posted 01 November 2016 - 04:44 PM




Earlier this week CICT-TV completed the purchase of Stampede Wrestling and all associated trademarks from the Hart Family. CICT-TV officials would like to acknowledge the Hart Family and thank them for all the time and effort they have spent building the Stampede brand. The Hart Family name is synonymous with Stampede Wrestling and moving into the future CICT-TV will be doing all we can to continue on the great tradition of Stampede Wrestling here in Calgary. 


Beginning next Saturday Stampede Wrestling will be broadcast from The Victoria Pavilion for a 1 hour weekly Television show to air at 11am on Calgary 7. The weekly show which will be titled Stampede Wrestling Throwdown will feature all the new stars of Stampede Wrestling including the first man we can reveal exclusively signed to Stampede Wrestling Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. To find out the rest of the roster tune in this Saturday at 11am on Calgary 7 when we will have a 1 hour show previewing all of our new roster and looking forward to our first broadcast from the Victoria  Pavilion on Saturday 12th November. 




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    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 01 November 2016 - 07:54 PM

Really looking forward to this.

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 09:32 AM

Stampede Wrestling Throwdown     Ep #001


We open with a shot of a refurbished but empty Victoria Pavilion with a brand new ring set up



The calm before the storm. One week from today the Victoria Pavilion will be jam packed with Stampede Wrestling fans but for now its peacetime at the Pavilion.



*We now get a shot of a man standing in a studio*


Host ; Welcome everyone to Stampede Wrestling Throwdown. I am your host Mike Toth. Today we are going to introduce to you our roster of hungry new talent that will be seen here on Calgary 7 every Saturday from 11 am.


And right off the bat I am delighted to announce that beginning in 2 weeks time will be a 4 man Round Robin tournament to crown the first Stampede International Heavyweight Champion. And I can now reveal 3 of the 4 men who will compete in the tournament. The first man is a former WWF tag team champion, he is a star of world renown, he is Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.


The second man entered is a former IWGP tag team champion, he is considered to be the toughest man ever trained by Verne Gagne, he is a proud Finn and he may be better known to some of you as Ludvig Borga but now goes under his birth name of Tony Halme.


The third man entered is the largest athlete on the new Stampede Wrestling roster. He is also better known as a tag team specialist but is here in Stampede to prove himself as a singles wrestler. The third entrant is Mable.


The fourth and final entrant will be revealed later in the sho…*Tony Halme storms onto the set*


TH ; The fourth man will not matter. I will be the International Heavy Champion. But you will reveal who he is now to me?


MT ; Mr Halme the final entrant will be revealed at the end of the ….


TH ; Stupid Canadian, you do not disrespect me. I will return later and when I do you will tell me who this stupid unimportant fourth man is. *Halme marches off the looking unimpressed with not finding out who the fourth man is*


MT ; Well that was Tony Halme ladies and gents. Lets go our first video for some of our new roster.


*We see 2 dozen young people working out in a Japanese style dojo. And Mr Fuji walks into shot in a suit using a cane to walk*


Mr Fuji ; Stampede Wrestling. Mr Fuji hear all the stories about Stampede Wrestling. Well now I will come to Stampede Wrestling. But Mr Fuji never come alone.


*Fuji walks beyond the students and opens a sliding door to a separate gym like area of the dojo where we see two tall bald men wearing leather jackets, dark jeans and sunglasses standing at the back of the room watching and another man workout. Fuji approaches the man whos back is turned to us but we can see he is also bald and he appears to be covered in sweat from his workout*


Fuji ; This man has been long time Mr Fuji wrestler. He always make Mr Fuji proud. I will bring him with me to Stampede Wrestling where everyone will fear his Full Nelson. I will bring my Warlord *Warlord turns around and we see the familiar Powers of Pain facepaint and he poses* No forget Mr Fuji was famous tag team wrestler. I will bring my new tag team to Stampede Wrestling. Mr Fuji will bring the Harris Brothers to Stampede Wrestling. *Fuji begins to laugh as Warlord continues to pose and the Harris Bros stand behind Mr Fuji*


*Back to the studio*


MT ; There we have it folks, Mr Fuji is bring The Warlord and the Harris Bros to Stampede What a dastardly combination they could be. Next up I am delighted to introduce this man here in studio. He is a Stampede Wrestling legend, he is Biff Wellington.


BW ; Thank you Mike. I am delighted to be returning home to Stampede. You know I have had many great matches and moments here in the past and now in 1995 and moving into 1996 I hope to have many more. I see so many great names coming here Mike and it gets me fired up and I cant wait to get started. Guys wanna come here and compete in Stampede well Biff Wellington will be right here to give them all they can handle the Stampede way.


MT ; We are delighted to have you here Biff and I cant wait to see you in action. Speaking of all the great names coming here to Stampede Wrestling lets go to our next video.


*We see two young Samoan men in a wrestling ring wearing baggy shorts and football jerseys. The shorter of the two men approaches the ropes to address the camera*


; I am Eddy Fatu. Beside me is my cousin Matty Samu. Yes we are Samoan. No we are not savages. We dont eat fish heads and wear lion cloths.


Matty Samu ; I like fish heads cuz.


EF ; Shut up Matty. We are just 2 normal young Samoan American men, with a twist. We were trained by our uncle Afa and Mattys dad Sika. We have been training for our chance since we could walk.


MS ; Stampede Wrestling has a great history and an even greater future. We are getting on board right from the start. Like Eddy said, the old Samoan savage image of not understanding and being some kind of dunce is gone.


EF ; What we are is the New Era Samoans and Stampede Wrestling better be ready because we are coming in to make an impact.


*Back to studio*


MT ; Two young rookies coming straight from the legendary Anoa’i Samoan family. I cant wait to see those New Era Samoans in action right here on Throwdown. I can see Mable is about to join me here in studio. Mable its an hono…


Mable ; Gimme that mic. And dont be calling me Mable. You think thats my name? You think my mamma called me Mable, that my drivers licence says Mable. You dumb ass Bob Costas wannabe, my name is Nelson. Nelson Knight. You know this industry is full of wannabes like you. We got wannabe Gangstas threatening fat old men in New York. We got wannabes that say they are from Harlem acting like they are bad. You know what I am, Im original. I am the Original Thug. I grew up in Memphis and that made me tough. You got honkies down there worshipping Elvis and some Elvis wannabe wrestler that called himself a King. I grew up on the streets in Memphis that none of y’all hear about. In the ghettos where we was fighting everyday. We fought just so we could walk to the store. We fought just to watch a football game. We fought and fought and fought. And you know who won? ME. Thats why I am the Original Thug and Stampede Wrestling has been put on notice. I will be the International Heavyweight champion and aint nobody gonna stop me. *Knight throws the mic down and walks away*


MT ; Wow well Nelson Knight is here folks. What a truely scary man he is. I think we have time for one more video, lets roll the tape.


*We see somebody in sweat clothes with the hood pulled up running the Calgary hills and hear a voiceover*

This is what I have wanted all my life. I was raised watching Stampede Wrestling. My hero wrestled in Stampede, Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid. These guys inspired me. They amazed me. And now I have the opportunity to wrestle at The Pavilion for Stampede Wrestling. Now I have the opportunity to inspire and amaze the next generation of young Canadians. This is my dream and the hard work has only just begun. I wont let this pass me by. I am gonna seize this moment. I have been other places before but this is what I have always wanted.



*The figure stops running and turns to the camera and takes down his hood*

I am Pierre Carl Oulette. Stampede Wrestling inspired me in the past and now I get the chance to bring Stampede to a bright future. PCO will be the new heart and soul of Stampede Wrestling and I wont let anybody ruin my dream.



*Back to studio*


MT ; Pierre Carl Oulette was one of the hottest free agents in the wrestling world and he has now signed exclusively to Stampede Wrestling folks. You wont believe some of the things he is capable of. Oh here comes trouble


*Tony Halme storms back onto the set*


TH ; So come on you stupid Canadian who is this mystery man? Who is this irrelevant nobody that I will be beating?


MT ; Mr Halme I can now reveal that the fourth man and one of your future opponents is a former NWA World Tag Team Champion, a former All Japan World Tag Team Champion, a former UWF World Heavyweight Champion and a former All Japan Triple Crown Winner! He is the master of the Doctor Bomb and he is coming to Stampede Wrestling courtesy of a deal between Stampede Wrestling management and the UWFI of Japan, he is Dr Death Steve Williams!


TH ; WHAT?! This is not fair. He has no right being allowed in Stampede Wrestling. He is not even a real Doctor! *Halme storms off shouting in Finnish*


MT ; And he will be here next week. In fact  all 4 of the men in the International Heavyweight Title tournament will be in action next week folks. It promises to be a spectacular way to kick off Throwdown. Anyway thats all we have time for folks, remember next Saturday at 11 am Stampede Wrestling Throwdown. I hope to see you all then. So long.


*End Show*

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    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 10:11 AM

He is not even a real Doctor! *storms off*

...and 20 years in the future of this timeline, on the alternate PWO boards, this show becomes the center of a discussion titled, "Are Matches Even Neccessary?"

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 01:00 PM

Oulette is a personal fav of mine. Looking forward to him as a main eventer.

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 01:24 AM

Sorry i got behind this week. Unfortunately real life makes things hard sometimes. Missing ep will be up on Friday and then normal Saturday morning show will be up.

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 04:43 PM

Stampede Wrestling Throwdown     Ep #002


We open with a shot of a 75% full Victoria Pavillion with the fans cheering and singing as we can hear Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and The Blowfish playing in the Pavillion as the show opens . We then go to a shot of Mike Toth at a commentary desk/interview area.


MT ; Welcome everyone to Stampede Wrestling Throwdown! And we are back at the Victoria Pavillion and it is jam packed with a raucous crowd. And what show we have instore for everyone here and at home. We will see all 4 men that make up the round robin tournament to crown the first Stampede International Heavyweight Champion in singles action. And for our first match we are gonna have a very special guest join me for commentary. Please welcome The Original Thug  Nelson Knight. *Boos*


NK ; You got my name right this week. ‘Bout damn time you done somethin’ right. Im here coz management said I gotta be. And Im not in a good mood so dont go sayin’ nothin’ stupid, alright?


MT ; I’ll try my best not to Mr. Knight. Alright lets get the action underway with our first match….


Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs Scott Putski


Putski jumps Brutus before the bell to get an early advantage which doesnt last long. Brutus is in control most of the match. Putski uses a distraction from Knight and poke to the eye followed by a ddt to get a nearfall. Soon after Brutus is able to lock in the Sleeper.


Winner ; Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake via Sleeper (5.30)


MT ; An impressive victory there for The Barb…….


KN ; That wasnt no imprssive win! That rookie nearly pinned ‘im. *Beefcake has made his way to the commentary desk* A rookie almost beat you man, how you expect to hang with me huh? Simple you wont!


BB ; Putski is a tough kid. Second generation, brought up in this business. Anyway I was in control till you felt the need to try and get my attention.


KN ; Aint my fault you is easily distracted. Anyway I see my victim is in the ring ready for his trip to the ER.


*Knight leaves the commentary desk and heads to the ring*


BB ; Mike if you dont mind Im gonna hang on here and watch this man up close.


MT ; Not at all Mr Beefcake. It will be my pleasure to have you here. Lets go the ring for our next match


“The Original Thug” Nelson Knight vs Adam Impact


As soon as he is in the ring Knight charges at Impact and squashes him in the corner. He then stands the young guy up and hits his signature spinning wheel kick followed by a huge leg drop.


Winner ; Nelson Knight via pinfall (0.27)


BB ; Im not gonna lie Mike that was impressive but he did jump the kid without warning.


MT ; He certainly made quick work of young Adam Impact. You will definitely have your hands full next week Mr Beefcake and……. *Nelson Knight snatches the mic from Mike Toth*


NK ; You see that Beefcake. Thats how you beat a rookie. And next week thats how Im goin’ beat you hahahaha *Knight strolls away laughing*


MT ; Well I dont think it will be that easy for Mr Knight next week against a veteran like The Barber. Lets go to commercial.


*commercial break*


MT ; Last week we introduced you to some of our new roster. This week we will continue that trend. Lets play the tape.


*We get some shots of famous British landmarks, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, The Queen attending Wimbledon, posh toffs sipping tea, footage of some World of Sport guys* A voiceover is heard while these play


; Great Britian. Known for its Towers and Castles. Known for its historic monuments. Known for The Royal Family. Known for being a better class of people. Known for nice technical wrestling.


*The video changes to football riots, mass brawls in the streets, gangs attacking one another and the police*


; We arent coming to Stampede to present that imagine of Britain. No see we are from the part that Thatcher tried to shield from the world. We are the working class. We arent sophisticated. We drink beer not tea. We can tie you in knots but we would rather bust your head open.

*We go to a shot of Drew McDonald, Robbie Brookside and Ian Dean standing in football shirts and jeans with plain black bomber jackets on*

; I am Drew McDonald. This here is Robbie Brookside and Ian Dean. Together we are the Real British Society. Forget what you think you know. The Real British Society is taking over.


*Back to Mike Toth at the commentary desk*


MT ; There you have it folks. We have the best in Britain coming here to Stampede. Oh here comes trouble *Tony Halme storms onto the set*


TH ; Shhhh you idiot Canadian. It is good to see more great Europeans coming here to educate you idiots on just why Europe produces the best wrestlers. And tonight I will show why I am the premier wrestler here in Stampede and why I will be the first International Heavy Champion. *Halme throws down the mic and walks away*


MT ; Well we will see in our main event whether Mr Halme can back up all of his talking. Still to come we will also have the Stampede debut of Dr Death Steve Williams. But first we are going to go to another video highlighting another member of our new roster.


*We see two shadowy figures kneeling before what appears to be a homemade alter. The female slowly turns towards the camera. Its Luna Vachon and she appears to have a red wine like substance dripping from her mouth*


LV ; Dont be afraid of what you dont understand. Dont be afraid of what you dont understand. Dont be afraid. Of what. You dont understand. Dont. BE AFRAID. Of what. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND! Dont be afraid. Dont be afraid. Dont. Be. Afraid. Dont be afraid. BE AFRAID……


*We go back to the studio*


MT ; Mmmm well that was Luna Vachon…..I think. I just dont know what to say about what we just saw. I think its time for a commercial.


*Commercial Break*


“Dr Death” Steve Williams vs Christian Cage


Basic showcase match for Doc. Cage gets no offence in. Doc finishes Cage off with the Dr Bomb.


Winner ; Dr Death Steve Williams via pin (3.15)


MT ; An impressive win for Dr Death. Here comes the man himself. Welcome to Stampede Wrestling Doc


DD ; Thank you Mike. Its a pleasure to be here and a great honor to get the opportunity to compete to be the first International Heavyweight Champion. I will have to beat some tough opponents but the Doc is in the building and is gonna take care of business.


MT ; We are delighted to have you here Doc and good luck in the tournament. Now its time for our main event.


Tony Halme vs Erik Watts


Halme is dominant here against the gangly Watts. He is punishing Watts and has him beat at least twice before pulling Watts up to stop the pinfall. Eventually Halme gets bored and puts Watts into his Torture Rack.


Winner ; Tony Halme via Submission (7.07)


But thats not the end of it as Halme continues to attack Watts after the bell. Again he puts Watts in the Torture Rack. This brings out Dr Death to help Watts. Halme breaks the hold and backs away, he wants none of Doc. Doc turns to check on Watts and Halme jumps him from behind. Halme is able to get Doc into the Torture Rack as the show goes off the air.


MT ; Halme has attacked Dr Death. We are out of time folks. Next week its gonna be Knight vs Beefcake and Halme vs Doc. We have to go…….somebody get Halme outta here


*End Show*

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    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 09:41 PM

 Hootie and The Blowfish  is a nice mid-90s period detail.

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