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1985 Japanese Tour Dates

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#21 kevinmcfl

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 09:47 PM

I am all for that and I would be willing to work out deals for who you needed.  This has been my thoughts all along.  

#22 LowBlowPodcast

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 09:54 PM

Is it really necessary to have all of the tour dates in our imaginary universe line up precisely with what happened in "the real world" universe in 1985? I'm thinking that now that we have in-this-universe AJPW and NJPW being booked by actual human beings, it might be more fun to just negotiate tour dates between promoters. The danger, of course, is that people might refuse to allow their top guys to go to Japan at all, but from what I have seen everyone here seems pretty good about working together.

Having top gaijin workers on our cards is very important for the Japanese promotions, obviously. New Japan's booking in 1985 was absolutely dependent on it.


My feeling is that this is a different world from what really happened in 1985. To just copy what happened then seems less creative to me than working out our own ideas.

I'm open to whatever works best for everyone else, though.



I honestly think it is going to be up to the promoters in the US. I think we put it to a vote and then we base it off that.


I know me personally, I have booked myself around having the Bulldogs and Hogan gone for periods of time so I will try to stay strict with it... but I think that we have some discussion that needs to happen and I will open a thread on it in just a moment and we will figure it out from there. 

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