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Posted 20 September 2017 - 07:02 AM

I had forgot about this show (well, no, but I wish), which was the blow-off of Lioness takeover. Well, the dream match between Yoshida & Toyota was a disapointment back then with Toyota (from my distant memories) being on auto-pilot. The main event was Lioness being Lioness and Ayako, like you said, throwing bombs and whatnot and this was kind of a mess. I think I checked out for good then, I believe I didn't buy more ARSION tapes after that point.

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Posted 15 November 2017 - 06:34 AM

Mima Shimoda/Etsuko Mita vs. Lioness Asuka/noki-A (Tag League, 12/8/01 Tokyo)


This match was pretty long and pointless. Previously, LCO were booked to look really strong, but they got dominated almost the whole match here. LCO added almost nothing to the match, sticking to their lazy chops and no-selling. I kind of like the Asuka/Akino Team and it was cool to see Akino showcasing her stuff. Still, need better opponents than LCO.


Mikiko Futagami/Rie Tamada vs. Michiko Ohmukai/Ai Fujita (Tag League Final, 12/8/01 Tokyo)


This was a sprint with a lot of no-selling and choreographed sequences, not all of which went well. Not a smart match, but atleast it wasn't dull like the previous LCO match. Ai Fujita is starting to become a pretty fun worker, being the next to do a Takeshi Ono tribute and combine punch combos with her fast junior wrestling.


Michiko Ohmukai/Mariko Yoshida/Ai Fujita vs. Lioness Asuka/noki-A/Rena Takase (Trios Tournament Final 12/23/01)


Finals of a trios tournament. ARSION sure is tournamentville. This was a match where everyone just runs in to do their stuff together, not really good, not bad, sort of nebulous, and your mind starts to wonder how you'd much rather watch a singles match between Akino, Yoshida or Fujita than these these girls doing hasty 40 second exchanges, but again, that's kind of the point. The highlight of the match was rooTkie akase stringing a serious of fun nearfalls together before getting caught by the big bad spider lady.

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Posted 06 May 2018 - 05:04 AM

I've been trying to make my way through these shows myself when I've had the time - about halfway through 1999 now, and it's been really enjoyable so far. Even not taking into account the in-ring style the promotion has a really vibrant identity and aesthetic (that's pure 1990s to its core), it's a very unique watch. 
Yoshida is the obvious standout but I've been getting a lot of mileage out of FutaGAMI. Her as this surly, bullet-headed little punk is a great time, particularly against Yoshida where she's always out to prove something and knock the top girl off her spot. Works well with Omukai too. Both of them have their flaws but they generally just get straight to the business of kicking the hell out of each other and that does me fine.
On the negative side, no-one's fallen further and faster in my estimation than Candy Okutsu. Puts on a great performance in the first match of the debut show which set her up for high expectations, and she definitely has the ability to meet them,  but she rarely seems to want to. Over time she's become more and more obnoxious and I'm starting to dread seeing her. 


I got my hands on a couple of 1998 shows after the fact, one of which was Hamada's debut, so I went back and watched that over the weekend. The long promo package they played before her match was kind of unsettling in a way; seeing Kong and Ogawa present at her high school graduation (I assume that's what it was?) and things like that really enforced how much of a project she was for the promotion, which I found a vaguely uncomfortable way to view a 17-year old girl. Obviously wrestling is what she wanted to do, but man, something about how it's all presented...it doesn't help that she has a resting miserable face during all the pressers, etc.

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Posted 12 June 2018 - 07:28 AM

Mariko Yoshida vs. Megumi Fujii (ARSION 5/24/2003)


It's pro wrestling's female top grappler vs. her MMA equivalent. This was before Fujii made her MMA debut, but she was already a seriously great grappler. And thus a great matchup for Yoshida to test herself against. Yoshida is a worker and thus carried this nicely, and Fujii's grappling was just a trip to watch. For someone who was pushed as the top submission artist in her promotion for years, Yoshida had no qualms about putting her significantly smaller opponent over as an ultra dangerous force. Early on Yoshida was outmatched on the ground, so she quickly went to her feet and landed a big impact move to gain the advantage. Later she tried standing up again, only to be caught in a whacky twisting armbar. Yoshida looked credible grappling with Fujii and dished out some nasty boots to her face for good measure. Fujii had some ultra impressive counters and didn't have any hiccups for someone who's never done fake fighting before. I'm generally a fan of wrestler vs. MMA fighter matches and this went smoother than most. Last sequence was kind of ridiculous and awesome, like one of those Okada/Omega sequences if they knew how to fight.

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