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Adrian Street vs. Jim Breaks (WoS 2/12)

Adrian Street Jim Breaks WoS World of Sport 1972

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#1 Jetlag

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Posted 23 February 2017 - 06:08 AM

This is (I believe) one of 3 Adrian Street singles matches from WoS that we have at the moment and a total super classic. Not only do you get that special sort of great british grappling, but also a great match story with a ton of aggression and pissed off-ness.


Adrian Street was not as bizarre as later on, but already a surely, vivacious exotico. He starts the match prancing around and trying to get a rise out of Breaks. After Jim gets fed up with the antics he just tries to snap Adrian's wrist. Street gets a serious chip on his shoulder, drops the antics and goes after Breaks like a demon. Since they are both heels (getting mixed reactions in this match), there is nothing off limits for them and they just try to fuck eachother up the whole match.


The grappling in the match was fucking great. It was not fancy or pretty (despite the nature of Street), just a brutal amateur style scrap. Both guys are really great at making simple moves look painful, and were utterly vicious. I especially loved all of Street's headlocks including an almost D'Arce choke like neck chancery, and how he would just yank at Breaks' chin or fishhook him when he tried a move. When Breaks goes for his trademark armlocks you can see his fingers clawing into Street's arm, and he shows some spectacular variations. Despite the rough nature of the bout, there were also a handful of swift go-behind or takedown wrestling moves, all done very neatly. Just great wrestling.


Then you also get these great Street comebacks to get that weasel Breaks. Attacking his face by shoving his fist into it, bashing the nose with the forearm and just plain stomping on Breaks face aswell as his aggressive armwork were all great. Breaks was a total fucker including handing his irate opponent a towel in really condescending fashion and Street is almost like a 50% babyface with how he sells and he gets some nice reactions accordingly. By the end Street looks like a beaten dog, his pretty hair in a mess, and he just starts prancing again and that last desperation assault.


Great great stuff, absolutely at the top of the list of great WoS matches and a serious MOTDC. The best exotico performance ever, technically brilliant and snug like a shootstyle match and heated and violent like a top flight US grudge match.The weirdest thing is that it goes 25 minutes and still feels like it ended early. Never slowed down and kept the tension up while still leaving plenty on the table for a rematch.

#2 Jmare007

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 08:28 PM

This lasted more than 20 minutes and I couldn't find 1 wasted motion by both Street or Breaks, that pretty mind blowing. The subtleties used for the match to start escalating were awesome, and so was the grappling, so smart and violent at times. I don't see the "MOTD" praise but this was certainly a fucking great match, could watch these two grapple for an hour and not get bored.

#3 Microstatistics

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Posted 23 April 2018 - 06:18 PM

Outstanding grappling mixed in with both guys constantly trying to cave each others faces in. Very violent and gritty. Really liked the heel vs heel dynamic as well. #2 match of the decade. ****1/2


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