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Verne Gagne vs Nick Bockwinkel 11/9/71, Chicago (clips)

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#1 paul sosnowski

paul sosnowski
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Posted 08 July 2017 - 01:53 PM

This is only four and a half minutes of footage from Bob Luce's "The Classics"  VHS Series, Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.    The tape says fall of 1972, but I am certain that it is from their November 9, 1971 match.    It's film clips, narrated by Luce.


We see Verne suplex Bockwinkel on his head.   He ties up Bock's arms and gets a one count.   Next we see Bockwinkel in charge, he gets a half crab on Verne's right leg.    Footage jumps to Verne trying to escape.  Then he has Bock's arm again.    It jumps again and Bockwinkel is pounding Verne's leg outside on the apron.    Bockwinkel gets the half crab again.     Then we get Bock on the outside again, from a different side of the ring hammering Verne's leg on the apron.     This is confusing footage...


Back in the ring, Verne punches Bock in the face and goes outside and pounds Bock's leg on the apron twice, he gets back in the ring and stomps on it.  He punches Bock in the face twice and whips him to the corner twice before backdropping him.     Then it goes to Gagne having Bockwinkel in the sleeper.   Bock breaks it and the footage jumps to him hitting a backbreaker over the knee getting a two count.   Then we see Bock slamming Verne.   He comes off the top rope for a knee, but misses Gagne.  Now they are both standing again and Verne is punching Bock in the face and slams him to the mat.     Gagne climbs to the top rope and drops a knee on Bockwinkel's throat and gets disqualified.   "Verne Gagne is being admonished by the referee and apparently It's all over here in Chicago"


I can't judge this, but it looked pretty damn good from the clips.   I liked Gagne hitting the flying knee to the throat for the DQ.



#2 TheBestThereNeverWillBe

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Posted 14 March 2018 - 01:35 PM

if anybody has a link, or can upload this video, i'd love to take a look at it

#3 conker8

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 04:39 AM

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