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CWF Mid-Atlantic

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Posted 19 January 2018 - 07:22 PM

CWF Worldwide #10: 12/6/2017
taped from Gibsonville, NC
CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions The All Stars come out. Arik Royal says it's a big night for their challengers Ethan Case and George Gatton. They get a shot at these belts. He says this is the All Stars doing some community service for a couple of up and coming wrestlers in the sport. Wilkins says that the All Stars always want to give back to the sport that has given them so much. He wishes Ethan Case and George Gatton luck tonight.
Lucas Calhoun d. Andrew Everett w/ a roll up
Calhoun used the ropes to help him pin Everett. Adrian Armour comes out and tries to convince the referee to reverse the decision. Lucas Calhoun nails Armour with a karate chop as a result.
The Sandwich Squad gets on the mic before their match. Aaron Biggs talks about Brian Fury and CW Anderson. They might be veterans of the sport but the Sandwich Squad has ruled the Carolinas for a couple of years now. They aren't going to just roll over and let those guys take their spot in this state. If they want to earn a shot at the tag team titles then they'll have to beat the Sandwich Squad.
Brian Fury and CW Anderson d. The Sandwich Squad w/ a pop-up powerbomb
Corey Edsel comes down to the ring. Cedric Alexander comes out first followed by Lance Archer and Jimmy Rave. Edsel said that he spent the entire week trying to decide who should get the first title shot. Ultimately he decided that a coin flip was the only fair way to determine who the first challenger should be. He tells Archer to call it in the air. Archer calls heads and the flip comes up tails. Cedric Alexander pumps his fist and jumps on the turnbuckles. Suddenly Archer attacks. He choke slams Alexander off the ropes and then hits a pump handle slam. Archer and Rave put the boots to Alexander until CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee runs in for the save.
Main Event:
CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title Match:
The All Stars © d. Ethan Case and George Gatton w/ the Kurt Cobain Sick Kick
Chip Day is backstage. He signed a match to face Grizzly Redwood and Jake Manning in a tag team match last week. Until this point it's been 2 on 1 but he made some calls and he's brought a friend to the Carolinas. Murder1 walks on screen and shakes hands with Chip Day as the show fades to black.
Next Week:
Main Event:
Rock n Rave Infection vs. Cedric Alexander and CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee
Great Outdoors vs. KRAKAN
Logan Easton Laroux vs. Adrian Armour

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 03:19 PM

b]CWF Worldwide #11: 12/13/2017[/b]
taped from Gibsonville, NC
Cedric Alexander has a sit down interview. He talks about how he's never been given the opportunity to be the man in a wrestling promotion. No one has ever said that they believed in him to carry a promotion. That's why he's so excited to get this title match with Trevor Lee. This is his chance to finally be at the top of a wrestling promotion. He can show everyone that he's more than able to meet the challenges and demands of being the man.
Logan Easton Laroux d. Adrian Armour w/ a German suplex
Lucas Calhoun got involved and tripped Armour up at a key moment that allowed Laroux to get the win.
Brian Fury and CW Anderson are backstage. Anderson announces that they have a title shot against the All Stars at Battlecade. He has a surprise in store for everyone at Battlecade. These two old timers are going to take those tag titles and show all of these young punks how real wrestlers handle their business.
CWF Mid-Atlantic Television Champion Jake Manning and Grizzly Redwood are out for their match. Manning says a Scout is never afraid. They're more than ready to deal with Murder1 and Chip Day. He let's Grizzly know that there could be some merit badges on the line for him tonight.
Great Outdoors d. KRAKAN w/ the Wood Chipper
During the match Murder1 beat up on Manning and Redwood a lot. After the match they both retreated to the back as quickly as possible.
Caprice Coleman is backstage. At Battlecade he's got a match with Andrew Everett. People tend to forget because it was so long ago but there was a time that he ruled the Mid-Atlantic area. Andrew Everett is a man that gets a lot of hype but he doesn't have near the resume of Caprice Coleman. He's going to give Everett a wrestling lesson at Battlecade.
Main Event:
Rock n Rave Infection d. Cedric Alexander and CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Trevor Lee w/ the Texas Tower Bomb
Alexander caught Lee with a superkick by mistake which allowed Archer to hit the Texas Tower Bomb and pin Lee. After the match Lee blasts Alexander in the face with a kick and hits with him a double stomp off the top rope.
Next Week:
Main Event:
Andrew Everett vs. Jimmy Rave
The Sandwich Squad vs. Juicy Product
Chet Sterling vs. Ethan Case

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