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Internationale Berufsringkampf Agentur

PWO 1988 - 1992 Draft Project

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#1 Jetlag

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 04:32 AM

Based in Hamburg, Germany, the IBA (Internationale Berufsringkampf Agentur) vows to bridge old school european wrestling between the 80s and 90s. Having signed top tier wrestling talent from more than 12 nations, the goal is to run a series of events across the surroundings of Hamburg and Lower Saxony. A variety of prizes lure the aspiring wrestlers to make their mark in top notch wrestling contests and tournaments for the entertainment of the highly educated and critical local german audience.




IBA have introduced a unique ruleset which functions as a hybrid between european and international wrestling styles. Matches are 2/3 falls (with the exception of some preliminary and special contests), KO may end the match immediately. Wrestlers may receive yellow or red cards for lesser or greater fouls. Special stipulation matches may be granted upon request to the matchmaker.


Official Roster




Steven Regal (England)
Tarzan Goto (Japan)
Headhunter A (Dom. Republic)
Headhunter B (Dom. Republic)
Greg Valentine (USA)
Franz van Buyten (Belgium/Germany)
Kim Duk (S. Korea)
Tom Magee (Canada)
Klaus Wallas (Austria)
Indio Guajaro (Colombia)
Canek (Mexico)


*Per special agreement, Headhunters will both represent Dominican Republic and F. Van Buyten will represent both Belgium and Germany,



Masayoshi Motegi (Japan)
Emilio Charles Jr. (Mexiko)
Mile Zrno (Croatia)
Franz Schumann (Austria)
Blue Panther (??????)
Lightning Kid (USA)
Marty Jones (England)
Dave Morgan (Wales)
Jörg Chenok (Germany)
2 Cold Scorpio (USA)
Terry Rudge (England)


*per special agreement, Middleweights may move up to heavyweight division upon request


Trainee: Markus Buchholz (Germany)




Ring Announcer: Manfred Koch
Head Referee: Mick McMichael
Matchmaker / Spokesperson: Peter William
Promoter / Spokesperson: Sven Hansen



Business will pick up soon.

#2 gordi


    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 22 November 2017 - 05:54 AM

Yes! Yellow cards and red cards and all matches 2/3 falls unless otherwise specified: what a great way to make your promotion stand out right from the start.

#3 Lee Casebolt

Lee Casebolt
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Posted 22 November 2017 - 07:23 AM

Agree with Gordi. Both of our first two promotions look great. Can't wait to see how things line up.

#4 Jetlag

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 04:04 AM

IBA Infoletter #1


The IBA has taken up business operations. Sponsors have been found and a TV deal with one of the many emerging private TV broadcasters has been made. IBA will be taping a weekly studio show ("Total Catch") for a 50 minute late night time slot in front of a small audience, aswell as run several houseshows in the surrounding towns of Hamburg, building up to a monthly big show in Hamburg. Houseshows will be taped using 1-2 cameras and production of commercial tapes is considered.


Regional newspapers and a few national news outlets have run stories on the new wrestling organisation and conducted interviews with Sven Hansen and Peter William. Both emphasize the legitimacy of the sport. When asked why a legit sports organization would air on a private channel along with raunchy gameshows (), the reply was that only the new private broadcasters are adventurous enough to showcase the "brutal and entertaining sport", while the traditional governmental TV stations are too "fruity" to risk upsetting their audience. When asked who the potential new breakout wrestling stars would be, Peter William  mentions Steve Regal, 2 Cold Scorpio and Tom Magee.


A local TV station ran a short documentary on the belgian born and residing in germany former champ Franz van Buyten, who is currently training for the initial IBA events. Van Buyten acknowledges that he is aging but will give his all in order to make both his countries proud. He also mentions that middle european generally stick together, and middle european audiences generally cheer any wrestler regardless of their nationality as long as he fights fair and brave. Also mentioned in the documentary are Terry Rudge, Greg Valentine and Klaus Wallas, which Van Buyten calls some of the fiercest competitors in the game. Clips of Greg Valentine breaking someone's leg in a US match are shown.


A Hamburg newspaper ran a brief interview with a local Hotel owner, who was tasked by IBA organizers with housing their international superstars. The Hotel owner describes the difficulty of this, as some wrestlers come from countries with "very strange customs", and many wrestler are eccentrics, not to mention the hostilities between them. He explains he had to run background checks on each wrestler and split them into two groups which he placed in different hotels each, hoping everyone will get along this way.

#5 gordi


    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 04:42 AM

 When asked who the potential new breakout wrestling stars would be, Peter William  mentions Steve Regal, 2 Cold Scorpio and Tom Magee.




:lol: Nice! Magee really had a great build, a good look, and top-notch athleticism. It's not hard to imagine a promoter projecting him as a future star. 

#6 Lee Casebolt

Lee Casebolt
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Posted 25 November 2017 - 09:36 AM


 When asked who the potential new breakout wrestling stars would be, Peter William  mentions Steve Regal, 2 Cold Scorpio and Tom Magee.




:lol: Nice! Magee really had a great build, a good look, and top-notch athleticism. It's not hard to imagine a promoter projecting him as a future star. 



I liked that, too. Hey, they can't all be winners.

#7 Jetlag

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 12:32 PM

It's been a while. Time to get this going!


IBA Infoletter #2


After preparations have been made, all international stars have arrived in germany in their hotels and IBA begins it's first tour, which has been labelled the "qualifying round" and is seen as a way to introduce all the wrestlers to the new audience. Studio TV episodes will begin airing shortly.


Houseshow results #1:


"Grande International Catch Gala" @ Schneverdingen

- this show was billed as "Europe vs. Rest of the World"


1. Markus Buchholz DRAW Emilio Charles Jr.

- Buchholz pinned Emilio via. O'Connor Roll (1:0)

- Emilio made the young german submit to a Fujiwara Armbar (1:1)

- Time Limit ran out (20 Min.)

- Emilio refused to shake hands after the match.


2. Jörg Chenok def. Lightning Kid

- Chenok KO'd Lightning Kid via Missile Dropkick

- Chenok refused to shake hands after the match.


3. Masayoshi Motegi DRAW Franz Schumann

- Schumann made Motegi submit to a Fujiwara Armbar (0:1)

- Motegi pinned Schumann with his Triple German Suplex (1:1)

- Ref stoppage when Motegi injured himself as he tried a Suicide Dive. Schumann refuses to accept the victory.

- Both men shook hands after the match.


4. Blue Panther DRAW Mile Zrno

- Time Limit ran out (30 Min.)

- Blue Panther refused to shake hands. Zrno asked for house mic and wants a rematch.


5. Kim Duk & Tarzan Goto def. Steve Regal & Klaus Wallas

- Regal pinned Duk with a Sunset Flip (0:1)

- Goto KO'd Regal via Ghostbuster

- Wallas turned on his partner and left the building. Duk & Goto continue beating on a bloody Regal after the bell. Franz van Buyten, Tom Magee and several others make the safe.


6. Greg Valentine def. Franz van Buyten

- Franz pinned Valentine via. Small Package (0:1)

- Valentine made Franz submit to a Figure 4 Leglock (1:1)

- Franz was DQ'd for excessive brutality when punching Valentine on the ground and refusing to let go. Valentine previously used a chair on Franz outside the ring.

- Valentine asks for house mic, says european wrestlers ain't shit causing a big brawl with Franz and other european wrestlers jumping on Valentine, which further escalates when Goto & Duk return.


Local newspapers receives angry complaints about the violent content of the wrestling show and the destruction caused to the building by Goto & Duk. IBA management has ensured that all rowdy wrestlers have been reprimanded and the tour will go on as planned. Franz van Buyten was interviewed by the local newspaper, saying it wasn't a great night but european wrestlers did well and will do better once they adapt to the ruthlessness of the foreigners, however not all foreigners are rough style wrestlers.

#8 gordi


    I call him Shohei because we are close like that

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Posted 22 January 2018 - 06:55 AM

I like how you are using the post-match to establish everyone's characters. Simple and effective: A guy refuses to shake hands, you know what kind of man he is.

Also: Blue Panther vs Mile Zrno! Would love to see that.

#9 Jetlag

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Posted 04 February 2018 - 10:20 AM

Wew, almost 2 weeks since the last update! Time flies! Updates will be at minimum weekly from now on.


The first episode of IBA's "Total Catch" TV show has aired on Saturday. Tape traders will be picking up every episode and releasing them monthly.


IBA Total Catch TV Report #1


Intro Segment:


Peter William greets the audience and welcomes them to the first episode of europe's hottest new sports programming. Some highlights of the above described houseshow are shown and dates of the next houseshows are announced so people can buy tickets. There will also be a large event at the end of the month in Hamburg. Peter William announces a lightweight and heavyweight league to determine the european champions of each respective division.


The first wrestler to be introduced is Markus Buchholz. Peter William introduces the young talent and points out how impressive it is that he was able to take "Mexican champion" Emilio Charles Jr to a draw. Jörg Chenok comes onto the scene and complains why Buchholz is being featured even though he couldn't beat his opponent while Chenok won clear as a day. Chenok says all the new lightweights are shit and he is the best german wrestler. Buchholz ain't taking that crap and a they almost get into a physical scuffle before they are broken up. Buchholz wants to fight Chenok but William tells him he is already scheduled to fight another wrestler later tonight.


Some highlights of Blue Panther vs. Mile Zrno from Schneverdingen are shown.


Match 1 - Blue Panther vs. Mile Zrno (1 Fall - 10 Minute Time Limit)


Fast mat action to start out. Panther gets some pin attempts, but Zrno powers out with his bridge. Action picks up very soon as Zrno gets some nearfalls on dropkicks, crossbodies and suplexes. Zrno misses a charge and Panther viciously works over his shoulder. Panther gets the Fujiwara armbar, but Zrno makes the ropes. Zrno makes a brief comeback hitting a big kneedrop and a Fisherman's suplex, but Panther is in the ropes. Panther catches the Fujiwara armbar again but the time limit runs out before he gets the tap.

Winner: Time Limit Draw (10 Min.)


Both guys stare at eachother. Zrno is interviewed and says he wants another match with no time limit. Commercial break then.


Match 2 - Masayoshi Motegi vs. Terry Rudge (10 Minutes - 1 Fall)

Before the match, the clip of Motegi injuring himself is shown to prove how dangerous wrestling is. Motegi comes in with a bandaged shoulder, but will still wrestle. Bell rings and Rudge immediately attacks the shoulder with Motegi being unable to fight back. Rudge puts on an arm stretch but Motegi fights to the ropes. Rudge continues pounding on the japanese guy with stiff forearms and headbutts. After some 5 minutes of Rudge brutally beating on Motegi's arm and shoulder the ref stops the match.

Winner: Terry Rudge (Ref Stop)


Rudge walks away not acknowledging his opponent after the match. Motegi has a doctor checking on him.


Klaus Wallas is interviewed and asked why he turned on Regal at the houseshow. Wallas said he felt Regal and the german fans were beneath him and that the best doesn't need any partner, since there is only singles gold to get and tags are just for show anyways. Regal (with a bandage on his nose and eye) confronts Wallas and says he's a coward. Regal says he can't fight but will take on Wallas on TV next week then calls Wallas a coward again to which Wallas responds by blindsiding him and forearming him in the eye. Both men have to be separated.


Match 3 - Markus Buchholz vs. Lightning Kid (10 Minutes - 1 Fall)

Kid tries putting some holds on Buchholz, but Buchholz reverses them all. Buchholz gets a nearfall with a crossbody, but gets caught with a solebutt when he tries again. Kid continues working over Buchholz with kicks and getting some nearfalls with Boston Crabs, Armbars etc. Crossbodies and dropkicks get Kid some nearfalls, Buchholz makes a comeback when Lightning Kid misses a crossbody off the top rope and scores with a sunset flip.

Winner: Markus Buchholz (Pinfall)


Chenok comes out as if to attack Buchholz, but Buchholz & Kid together scare him off. Buchholz & Kid shake hands.


A pre-taped promo from Greg Valentine is shown. He says he will be on TV and show those lousy germans what wrestling is all about. Since Franz van Buyten couldn't beat him, Valentine says he is know the top contender for the European championship.


A segment involving Tarzan Goto & Kim Duk is done. Peter William introduces them as the most dangerous wrestlers in the world. Goto breaks a brick using his head to show his strength, bloodying himself and laughing about it. Tom Magee comes in to watch the next match but doesn't say anything.


Match 4 - Kim Duk vs. Franz van Buyten (20 Minutes - 1 Fall)

Duk immediately beats down Franz with punches, kicks and headbutts. Franz quickly comes back with dropkicks and flying headbutt. Duk goes for a chair but is yellow carded. Franz controls the arm for a bit, but eats a cheapshot from Goto while the ref isn't looking. Duk works over Franz with closed fist punches that the ref can't see and throws Franz over the top rope. Franz looks finished but when Duk goes for a Boston Crab he is able to counter and roll him up for the 3.

Winner: Franz van Buyten (Pinfall)


Goto immediately attacks Franz and a big brawl breaks out as Tom Magee and other wrestlers join the fray. The show goes off air as Duk & Goto start demolishing the studio.

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