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The Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions

PWO 1988 - 1992 Draft Project

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#1 Blehschmidt

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Posted 28 February 2018 - 07:35 PM

(Well, I know this was supposed to be done ages ago, but between work, real world shit, and just plain forgetting about it, I never did it. I actually came across the paper I was using to keep track of my draft picks today at work, so I figured I would get at least a bare bones outline of what my plan was up on the board.)


-Match 1-

Chris Von Erich vs "From Outta Town" Snake Brown


A quick opener against a scrub to give the youngest Von Erich a win in Texas Stadium and start the crowd off happy!



-Match 2-

The Killer Bee's (Brian Blair/Jim Brunzell) vs The Texas Hangmen (Psycho/Killer)


The Bee's pull out the masked confusion gimmick to counter the Hangmen's constant switching, but a cowbell shot to Blair behind the back of Bronko gives the Hangmen the win.



-Match 3-

Big John Studd vs "Hollywood" John Tatum


Lots of Tatum avoiding the much bigger Studd while stooging and making his fantastic chickenshit heel faces. Studd works him over early, some Tatum cheating gets him the advantage leading to him trying to chop the big man down. Studd eventually takes back over, tosses him around some more and gets the win.



-Match 4-

Harley Race vs Brutus Beefcake


Harley's pretty much done at this point, and Brutus is Brutus, so we keep this one short, we have Brutus pick up the win with the sleeper, but we send whatever heel manager we can get our hands on for the night in too get a haircut as not to disrespect the legend.



-Match 5-

10 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal


Brian Lee by The Missing Link

Bill Irwin by Tatanka

Black Bart by Tatanka

Jimmy Golden by Billy Jack Haynes

Iceman King Parsons by Al Perez

Al Perez by Kevin Sullivan

Billy Jack Haynes by Kevin Sullivan and The Missing Link

The Missing Link by Tatanka

Tatanka by Kevin Sullivan


Kevin Sullivan wins



-Match 6-

Sgt. Slaughter/"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs Soldat Ustinov/The Dark Patriot


U.S.A. U.S.A. Need I say more?



-Match 7-

Bruiser Brody vs Kamala w/Gary Hart


Absolute wild brawl, chairs, chains, and whatever else they can get a hold of. Referee eventually tosses the whole thing out, but Brody ends up standing in the ring, covered in blood, HUSS'ing and swinging his chain



-Match 8-

Kevin Von Erich vs The Honky Tonk Man - Texas Heavyweight Championship


Lots of heeling and stalling by Honky. Tons of cut off hope spots for Kevin. After the crowd is suitably pissed off and ready to murder Honky, Kevin locks in the Iron Claw and retains the title so that HTM can leave the building alive.



-Match 9-

The Fantastics vs Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard - Tag Team Titles


Most likely the match of the night. Minimum 25 minutes, but they can call it in the ring. Tully knee's Fulton in the back from the apron, DDT from Arn, cover, new champs!



Kerry Von Erich vs "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig - World Heavyweight Championship


Get the title on Curt by any means necessary before the show happens, then Kerry obviously goes over to send the crowd home happy, probably send Gary Hart out with Hennig too, so that Fritz can make his way down to the ring and knock him on his ass. Family comes out to celebrate, Texas rejoices, the end.

#2 gordi


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Posted 28 February 2018 - 08:46 PM

That's a well-booked and entertaining card, with just a dash of WWF-style spice in the Texas-and-Mid-South mix. You definitely did a good job of sending the crowd home happy. 

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