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David Starr vs Zack Sabre Jr. (WXW Shotgunn #353 - 5/9/2018)

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#1 CapitalTTruth

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Posted 15 May 2018 - 01:54 PM

Recorded: 4/22/2018


I just watched this after finishing SSS16, where I thought they had probably the match of the tournament. I wound up liking this a good bit better. While I thought it was fun and unique for them to build around the lariat of Starr in SSS16 you can see that it was part of the match here, but not the focus. I might even venture a guess that this match inspired the shift to the lariat later on. Regardless, this was a really tight back and forth match. Starr keeping up with Sabre on the ground and forcing Sabre to step back and strike before reengaging the grappling was a nice touch, really sets Sabre apart as a master tactician here. Starr sold the leg work really well and then it ultimately contributed to his downfall. They threw in a lot of unique counters and positions that worked well. There was almost no down time and both men worked with a lot of urgency and fire here. Thier slap exchanges weren't contrived and were really visceral.  Sabre's sort of cockiness is on display in some of the best ways possible.  This is somewhat of a little hidden gem here I think, stacks up with some of the best I have seen of the year.



#2 Zoo Enthusiast

Zoo Enthusiast
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Posted 19 May 2018 - 07:49 PM

I haven’t gotten around to SSS16 yet but can’t wait to after watching this match. Great stuff.

#3 ShittyLittleBoots

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Posted 22 May 2018 - 07:12 AM

Not on the level of their excellent PROGRESS match that happened a few weeks after this one, but still an absolute banger of a match. My favorite thing about the match was definitely the early exchanges on the mat; I thought Starr did such a fantastic job portraying his amateur wrestling background into those, and it worked like magic w/ ZSJ. After that the match becomes more of a slug/bomb -fest with some nice leg psychology in there, and yeah it rules. ***3/4

#4 nivvad

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 06:18 PM

This match actually happened a few weeks before they met again in PROGRESS, and while that match was really great, this match in Germany was better by a wide margin. I should say I'm surprised both very technically gifted men have great chemistry, but I shouldn't be because both guys are amazing in their own ways, especially Starr who has very underrated strikes as a wrestler. Watching both guys start from simple grappling to going all out with all their moves by the end is just magic to watch, ****1/2.

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