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Low Ki vs Little Guido (JCW Teaneck Turmoil 01/14/01)

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Posted 16 May 2018 - 11:27 AM

Go behind take down by Guido, a few open hand strikes to the ribs and Ki crawls to the ropes for the break.  After both get a couple of early near falls Guido offers Ki his hand, however Ki with the cheap shot kick to the stomach as he accepts.  Handspring kick to the head.  Irish whip, Guido ducks the high kick but a dropkick to the legs takes him spectacularly off his feet.  As he’s on his knees, Ki with a series of kicks to the chest with Guido is calling him on (“C’mon bitch!”), until one to the head folds him up double.  Whip to the corner is reversed, Ki goes for the tip up, but Guido snatches and then pancakes him to the mat.  Knee drop to the head and I like the way Guido pulls his kneepad down before dropping it.  They trade hard knife edge chops and Guido’s are skin blistering.  Back suplex for a two.  Ki runs into a back elbow but then catches Guido with a powerslam for a two of his own  Guido escapes the ‘Ki Krusher’, Ki blocks the ‘Maritato’ and lands a German.  He calls for the ‘Ki Krusher 2000’, float over by Guido and this time hits his ‘Maritato’.  Lateral press and at the count of two the bell rings.  Guido is as confused as the rest of us, shouting “what the f*ck was that?”  The ref indicates that the time limit has expired, something confirmed by the ring announcer as the match is declared a draw.  A brief “five more minutes” chant, but Guido isn’t interested in hanging around any longer than necessary.  With Ki still in the ring and Guido long gone, the ring announcer says how he’s spoken with Commissioner Chris Johnson who has signed a rematch for the 2/10 show, this time with no time limit.


What match has a six minute time limit?  I initially thought that someone had rang the bell on Ki’s behalf to save him from being pinned, but this finish was even worse.  If the whole idea was to build to the no time limit re-match, then surely give them at least ten minutes so the draw is a more realistic outcome?  With the match being so short it never gave them the chance to get going.  Disappointing.

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