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LA Park, Volador Jr., and Flyer vs. Rush, La Bestia del Ring, and Terrible (CMLL, 5/25/18)

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#1 Maciej

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 07:19 PM

(I’m pretty sure folks will enjoy this match no matter what, but watching a Park/Rush brawl, like the MOTY from MDA last year, and either watching some main event CMLL trios or at least taking my word for it that this level of wild brawling is unusual in CMLL might help).


So after Los Ingobernables attacked his family Volador & Flyer last week, LA Park made an absolutely shocking return to CMLL, and all of a sudden he’s main eventing Arena Mexico in, I feel pretty safe in saying (though I’m far from an expert), the most intense trios match in CMLL in a very long time. I was wondering how Park and Rush were going to translate the energy of their indie brawls to modern CMLL but it looks like - as long as they are permitted to keep working like this and CMLL doesn’t change their mind - they won’t have a problem.


This air of unpredictability here is really special. I find it somewhat hard to describe without making it sound like a boring worked shoot thing, but if you watch CMLL and are familiar with Park and Rush’s history, there’s a bit of a worry that, well, maybe some of these things are things that are gonna get these guys suspended again. When Los Ingobernables got into the crowd to regroup, are they going there because they think Park has learned his lesson and won’t follow them in? Holy shit, Park’s in the crowd and has that suitcase, he doesn’t give a shit about anything!


And while the brawling is as amazing as expecting, there’s other stuff that’s great as well. Rush bumps and sells for Park like an absolute champ, from the bump into the crowd on his tope to more or less the best spear in the business. Park’s cross-body dive is bonkers. Flyer and Volador are slightly afterthoughts for most of the match (especially unusual for Volador), but even that ends up being a way to set up and ending that might create a way to keep this feud going for a while without having to have the white-hot Park/Rush interactions happening every week. This is wildly good, a real match of the year contender that just two weeks ago no one would have expected to happen.

#2 CapitalTTruth

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Posted 28 May 2018 - 12:22 PM

I second everything Maciej said. This was an awesome trios match that sort of felt on the cusp of out of control from the gun.  Nothing feels like a formality here. This is visceral and elevates really nicely. Park does awesome Park stuff and by the third fall he is tossing luggage around like a god damned psychopath that is getting carried away at a party.  I really loved the end. Volador running in out of nowhere and attempting murder with a chair was an exclamation point on the end of a match that absolutely warranted one. ****1/2

#3 Tenese Sarwieh

Tenese Sarwieh
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Posted 28 May 2018 - 06:29 PM

This was wild and chaotic at it's core. They perfectly captured the magic of Park/Rush and made it fit in the confines of the CMLL trios structure. This got me wanting more from all six and hoping that LA Park will stay longer this time.

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