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Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland (Evolve 104, 5/19/18)

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#1 Maciej

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 08:13 PM

I'm not sure I've seen Riddle work this kind of match before, one where someone attacks a body part and he has to sell that for the majority of the match. Strickland does that here, taking out Riddle's left arm, and Riddle does a terrific job for the rest of the match, selling well and getting in as much stuff as he can with his right arm and legs. Strickland doesn't seem like a regular wear-down-a-limb guy either, so it's fun seeing him attack the arm with submissions, but also with moves that take advantage of his agility. His arsenal of stomps, low kicks, and trips is all-around great, too, even when he's not targeting the arm, and it's actually a really clever way for an ultra-agile wrestler to do a heel offense.


The big moment comes as Riddle finally decides to use that hurt left arm to set up for the Bromission, but Strickland defends well, forcing Riddle switch sides and leaving the left arm open to get grabbed. It's smart, and sets up a vicious ending that really establishes Strickland as a heel coming into the Evolve main event picture. This match defied my expectations of what Strickland can do on offense, and raised my already high opinion of Riddle, and I recommend it highly.

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