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Derrick King vs Fabulous Rocker (MCW TV 02/03/01)

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Posted 11 June 2018 - 04:30 PM

The official MCW debut of Derrick King after his previous ‘unscheduled’ appearances during the Power Pro/Memphis Championship Wrestling feud.  Rocker lands on his feet from a hip toss, headscissors take down by King, a couple of dropkicks and finally a clothesline for a one count in what are selected highlights from a super-fast paced opening.  Whip to the corner is reversed, however Rocker runs into a big boot only to then drop King with a clothesline of his own.  Running high knee to the face before he chokes DK over the middle rope.  Back elbow smash, lateral press, although King is able to roll a shoulder at two.  Rocker misses the ‘Swanton bomb’ and King starts to fire back on him.  Neckbreaker followed by a high backdrop.  Superkick and Rocker gets a foot over the bottom rope to break the count.  DK whips the Rocker into the corner, but he runs up the turnbuckles, backflips over the charging King and levels him with a rabbit lariat.  Frustrated that he’s not been able to get the job done with his wrestling, Rocker picks up his ‘Stop’ sign.  The referee snatches it away from him and, while he’s disposing of the item, Enrique of the Salsario Boys sneaks into the ring and waffles Rocker over the head with a trash can lid.  ‘X-Factor’ by King and he gets the victory.


An improved Fabulous Rocker from what we saw of him last year as he’s far more wrestling orientated here than he ever was previously.  I don’t know if that was a subconscious change to limit the high spots or Derrick King bought this out of him, either way it’s a change for the better.  I was surprised to see the non-contracted guys are still knocking about in MCW as thought they were long gone by now (WWF developmental talent are currently all over both Memphis shows with a handful of exception on Power Pro).  It also sounds like how this match finished is the beginning of a ‘hardcore division’ for MCW.

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