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In Topic: RIP Vader

Yesterday, 08:48 PM

Another "worlds colliding" moment for me and an example of how famous he was, I just saw Yoshinori Ono (producer for Capcom who works on the Street Fighter series) offering his condoloences on Twitter. 

In Topic: WWE muscles ROH out of potential MSG date

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

I mean, if he wanted major WWE shows back at MSG that badly wouldn't he be able to lower the fees so they'd run there again? It seemed like a cutting-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face moment for them to start charging more to run shows at MSG when there was a shiny new building in town just looking to become the new go to place. 

In Topic: RIP Vader

Yesterday, 08:13 PM

There hasn't been enough mention of his time in Mexio, so here's a pic of him with the Brazos.




In Topic: WWE TV 06/18 - 06/24 FIFA World Cup

Yesterday, 07:18 PM

If they have to have an overbearing heel authority figure emasculating Kurt every week, at least it's someone new they can make into someone. Plus Baron has the perfect douchebag demeanor for the role.

In Topic: RIP Vader

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Probably wouldn't have mattered since it seems like he was on the bad side of the clique, since he was the cause of an all time HBK tantrum for the sin of being out of position on an elbow drop.