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Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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ECW TV Episode 3- 15/1/93


We're going straight to match action this week as Styles welcomes us to a blockbuster show from the commentary booth.


Match 1: Bobby Eaton Vs Ricky Morton. 15 minute time limit.

Styles talks about the rivalry between the Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express, but says this is about the future and singles success for these two. They shake hands to start. They wrestle a fast paced match, with both men getting ample time to show off their movesets. Marc Mero joins Joey in the booth. He puts over Eaton and Morton and says these are the kind of guys he's looking forward to mixing it up with. Styles asks Mero when exactly he's going to get in the ring. "Hold those horses, Joey, my friend. 1993 is early yet, but you can rest assured that when Magnificent Marc Mero gets in the ring, it's going to be the event of the year". Lots of near falls before we reach the time limit making this a draw. A little pushing match after the bell between Eaton and Morton, but they shake hands and hug. We cut to Mero giving them a standing ovation. "Stand up, Joey. That was a hell of a contest. Hell of a contest".


Madusa is in the back for a promo. "Hey ECW. Madusa here, and I'm looking for a man. A man with power. A man in peak physical condition. A man who can get it done in the ring... and out of the ring. Remember boys, I'll be watching you."


The Wayne's World theme song plays over the speaker system, and we see that Scotty the Party Starter is in the ring, dressed as Wayne. Joey Styles wonders what's going on, calling Scotty a goof. Scotty has the mic. "Welcome to Scotty's world. You're not worthy.. you're not worthy. Last week I made the mistake of inviting you all to my party. This week I'm just looking for one person to come to the party. Anyone in the back wanna step into Scotty's world?" Barry Horowitz walks out. Scotty asks if he's kidding, and said he's a two-time loser to Payne, so why would he think he can hang with him. Horowitz pops him in the mouth, and we have an impromptu match.


Match 2: Scotty the Party Starter Vs Barry Horowitz, 10 minute time limit.


Scotty gets the upper hand and starts to beat Barry down, stopping to jaw with the fans, and pose. Horowitz ends up catching him with an inside cradle for the pin after about 3 mins. Scotty tries to attack Barry after the match but Horowitz socks him again, and then puts on Scotty's Wayne wig and headbangs with some fans.


Another Bomb video. Eastern lettering runs across the screen, and then it says "You all shall fall. He is coming".


Styles says that Luger and Sandman have both been banned from the building for tonight, but they did both tape promos earlier in the day, in anticipation for their ECW title rematch next week.


Luger cuts a promo asking Sandman if it counts as a home invasion if he was invited in with open arms.. and open legs. He says Sandman is a Philly piece of scum, and there isn't going to be a Rocky ending for him.


Sandman says that Luger stole his title and put his hands on his old lady, and his only saving grace is that his kid wasn't home. He says that's the only reason Luger is still walking, but as it is he has just seven more days before he gets destroyed.


Styles speculates that Luger is trying to get into Sandman's head, but says he wouldn't want to be Lex Luger next week.


Match 3: Tracy Smothers Vs Nord. 10 minute time limit.


Smothers has his shoulder heavily taped, a result of his altercation with Maximilian Payne last week Styles tells us. Nord gets a big time entrance. The lights go out. Simulated lightning bolts and thunder. A spotlight shows Nord standing in the entrance way in an animal pelt. He takes a drink from a wooden goblet as Prokofiev's Dance of the Nights starts up. He throws down the chalice and marches to the ring. he immediately jumps on Smothers with brawling offence. The bell hasn't rung yet. The ref manages to back him up and Smothers says he wants to fight. The bell rings and Smothers goes at Nord with right hands, fighting through the pain. But he runs into a big boot and that's all she wrote, Nord winning in about a minute. Nord crosses Smothers' arms across his chest and stands over his fallen body. Styles says Nord is scary.


A Ron Simmons video airs, showing Simmons in the gym, and doing some wrestling drills. Some comments from other gym members about what a good guy Ron is. Ron Simmons will be live on ECW TV next week.


We cut to a close-up of the letters AHS burnt into flesh, and pan out to show this is Brian Armstong's back. Brad comes into shot and says the Hit Squad messed with the wrong family, and that vengeance is coming.


Match 4: Tag team tournament final with a 20 minute time limit. The Arkansas Hit Squad Vs Brian and Brad Armstong.


The Armstrongs get a good shine on the big guys, with fisticuffs and a pair of dropkicks sending the Hit Squad to the outside. The Armstrongs go after them but that leads to a turnaround, and Brian is now in trouble. They work Brian over for several minutes, before Brad finally gets the hot tag. Brad is a house of fire, getting a couple of near falls on Knight. Canterbury gets the branding iron, but Brian cuts him off at the pass. Brian climbs into the ring with the branding iron. The ref tries to stop him using it but Brian pushes the ref away. Brad comes up behind Brian to stop him but Brian instinctively turns and waffles Brad between the eyes with the iron. He looks remorseful. Canterbury pulls Brian out the ring and Knight covers Brad for the win, and the titles. 12 mins. Canterbury drills Brian into the guard rail, and then the AHS deliver a Hangman's Noose to Brad before standing over him with the tag belts held aloft. Styles gets a quick plug in for the world title match and Ron Simmons appearance next week as we go off the air.

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15 June 2018 - 08:32 AM

ECW TV- 8/1/93


Joey Styles is in the ring. He hypes ECW TV as the best one hour of wrestling you'll find anywhere, and the place to be on Friday nights. Tonight we have the debut of Bobby Eaton, and the Sandman has demanded a match tonight. Styles says there's definitely a full moon over Philly tonight, and he can feel the tension as both the Sandman and the new ECW champion, Lex Luger are expected in the building. He introduces video showing the final moments of last week's show when Luger stole the belt. From there we cut to a backstage promo by the Sandman.


Sandman says he's pissed off. Pissed at Luger, but pissed at himself for getting conned out of his belt by a bodybuilder. Last week he said ECW was his house, but ECW is more like his church, and Luger came in and pissed in the holy water. There will be a rematch, and he vows to hurt Luger and take back what's his.


Styles has made his way to the commentary position. Jump Around by House of Pain blares out the speakers and Scotty Flamingo comes out. He heads over to Styles and tries to get Styles to "jump around" with him. Scotty makes it to the ring and grabs the house mic. He introduces himself as Scotty the Party Starter, and says he's here to save them from their humdrum existances, and make everyday a party. Theme From Midnight Express comes on, and we're ready for our opening match.


Match 1: 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton Vs Scotty the Party Starter, with a 15 minute time limit.


Eaton is a house of fire, pummeling Scotty around the ring, even throwing him into the crowd- "here's your party". They get back into the ring and Scotty takes over, slowing the pace down. Marc Mero joins Styles on commentary, and puts over Eaton and Scotty as exciting wrestlers. He asks Styles if he thinks Beautiful Bobby is more beautiful than him. He says 93 is going to be his year, he's gonna be bigger than Seinfeld, bigger than Guns N Roses. Eaton makes his comeback and finishes Scotty off with the Alabama Jam top rope legdrop in 6 minutes. Eaton got to show off a lot of his best offence in what was basically a squash match.


After commercial, another Adam Bomb video airs, again just showing the outline of his physique, not his face, and ending with "He's Coming".


Quick video of the finishes to last week's tag team semi-final matches air, and Styles says next week will be the final. He cues up a backstage interview with the Armstrong brothers.


Brad starts by saying what an honour it is to team with his brother, but Brian cuts him off and apologises for letting the team down. Brad says they won, but Brian says that it was all Brad and he didn't pull his weight. He promises to do better next time. Suddenly, the Arkansas Hit Squad attack the Armstongs. Brad is blasted into the wall and they lay the boots to Brian. Canterbury then restrains Brian ("watch this, boy") while Knight delivers a neckbreaker to Brad. They tell Brian "you're coming with us", and drag him off.


After a moment, the Hit Squad come into the arena. Knight is dragging Brian Armstrong by a bull rope tied around his neck, and Canterbury is brandishing a hot branding iron. They get him in the ring and lay some more boots into him, and then rip off his shirt and brand him on the back of his shoulder. Bobby Eaton, Tracy Smothers and Ricky Morton run out and the AHS back away. Cut to commercial.


We come back from commercial with Brian Armstrong being helped out by Brad Armstrong and referees. Tracy Smothers has remained in the ring and has the mic. He says he's known the Armstrong family for years, and calls out the AHS so he can gain some retribution for them. Rape Me by Nirvana plays over the speakers, and Maximilian Payne makes his way out. Styles says Payne is scheduled for action next, but it doesn't look like Smothers is going anywhere. Payne gets in the ring and he and Smothers start whaling on each other. Smothers rocks Payne with a dropkick, but Payne swats away a second one and locks on the Payne Killer. Refs finally get him to break the hold.


Match 2: Maximilian Payne Vs Barry Horowitz. 10 minute time limit.


Horowitz requested this rematch after being disappointed with his performance last week. This time he takes the fight to Payne, but the result is the same. Winner by submission, Maximilan Payne in 5 mins.


A backstage promo by the Berzerker (not in that gimmick). He says when you think of vikings you think of barbarians, savages, pillagers, but that doesn't tell the full story. he says the vikings were kings and noblemen. They were great civilisers. Next week, he says, Nord is coming to civilise ECW.


A video airs showing Ron Simmons in his college football days, with interviews with his coaches and former teammates about what a great athlete and great man he is. "Coming soon."


Styles says he knew tonight was going to be crazy, and the main event is still to come. He says Brian Armstrong has been taken to a nearby hospital to treat his burns, and hypes up the tag tournament final next week. He says next week will also see the renewal of one of the legendary feuds in wrestling as Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express faces Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express. Also next week is the debut of Nord.


Match 3: The Sandman Vs Rex Mason w/ Steve Henry. 10 mins.


Sandman knocks Mason from pillar to post. Henry causes a distraction allowing Mason to get a couple of licks in, but Sandman goes right back on the offensive. After about 2 mins he waffles Mason with a chair for the DQ. He gives Henry a chair shot for good measure. He gets the mic. "Luger- where are you, Luger? I know you're here. Come on. Let's do this." An official scurries into the ring and whispers something to the Sandman. The Sandman bolts out the ring and makes his way to the back. Styles says he's just been informed that Luger is outside the arena with Sandman's wife. A camera follows Sandman as he makes his way out back. Outside, about 30 feet away, we see Luger holding a woman by the arm. He yells at Sandman to stay back. The woman pleads with "Jim" to listen to him. Luger says Sandman kept talking about a home invasion, and that gave him a good idea. He said that in two weeks Sandman will get his rematch for the world title, but Luger's already got everything he wants. He shoves Sandman's wife down and jumps into a car, speeding off as Sandman makes a futile pursuit on foot. "I'm gonna kill him." Styles wonders if Luger just signed his own death warrant. The camera scans up to the full moon hanging over the arena, and then fades to black.

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13 June 2018 - 11:25 AM

WWE Presents The Sammartino Cup
Saturday June 2nd
Full Sail University


Announce team: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Nigel McGuinness

Backstage interviewer: Renee Young


The show opens with a video tribute to Bruno Sammartino, followed by a recap video showing all the events that have led to this night. In the arena, Triple H, Kurt Angle and William Regal are all in the ring with the trophy for photo opportunities. The camera flashes over some notable faces in the crowd: Paige, Aiden English, Arn Anderson amongst others. Then John Cena’s music hits, and we are ready for the contest to begin.


John Cena Vs Kevin Owens


Announcer talking points: Which team will get off to the perfect start, and the pressure this puts on both men. The history between Owens and Cena. Cena’s potential ring rust.


Owens gets a fast start, taking the fight to Cena from the get-go. He wears him down, and jaws with the crowd in typical KO fashion. Cena makes his standard comeback but gets cut-off, as the commentators harp on Cena’s recent lack of in-ring action. Owens looks a step ahead of Cena, but can’t put him away, and when he misses a frog splash, the tables turn. Cena goes on the offensive, hitting an AA, but Owens kicks out at 2. Cena gets him up again, but Owens fights his way out and hits a superkick. Cena fires right back with a stiff clothesline. Cena hits the ropes looking for the 5-knuckle shuffle, but Owens is back up and downs Cena with the pop-up powerbomb. 2 count. Owens is letting his frustration show. He puts Cena on the top rope and climbs up after him, looking for a superplex. Cena fights back and hits a top rope AA, and then pins Owens to pick up the win for Team USA.

Time of fall: 14:52


Team USA 1-0 Team Rest of the World


Team USA are shown celebrating in the locker room. Team Rest of the World are shown reacting to the loss.


The announce team introduces a video package of the Charlotte/Asuka WrestleMania match.


Charlotte Flair Vs Asuka


Announcer talking points: Charlotte ended Asuka’s streak, and Asuka wants revenge. Team ROTW doesn’t want to go 2 down, which puts added pressure on Asuka.


A tweet from Asuka earlier in the week is shown, explaining why she helped Charlotte against the Iconics on Smackdown: I want Charlotte 100% and ready for Asuka.


Ric Flair is shown in the front row as Charlotte makes her entrance. The two face each other down, building the moment. The opening minutes are wrestled even, some chain wrestling, some teases of big moves, all done in a respectful manner. Asuka gains the upper hand, and starts getting more aggressive, but the tables turn when she misses a kick on the outside, and connects with the ringpost. Flair now goes to work on the leg, showing no mercy. Asuka fights back, but the leg is a big hindrance, and she soon finds herself in the figure-8 in the middle of the ring. She manages to fight to the ropes, and then rolls to the outside. Charlotte goes up top and connects with a moonsault, and they move back into the ring. Charlotte goes to the top rope for another moonsault, but this time Asuka kicks the top rope, causing Charlotte to fall across the top turnbuckle. Asuka locks on the Asuka Lock and drags her off the top and to the mat, cinching the hold on tight. Charlotte struggles for the ropes, but can’t make it and has no choice but to tap out.
Time of fall: 12:17


Team USA 1-1 Team Rest of the World


More locker room reaction shots. Renee Young is at ringside to catch a word with Ric Flair.


Renee Young: Ric, a heartbreaking loss for Charlotte there. How do you think this will impact the rest of the night?


Ric Flair: That was a hell of a match, and my girl put up a hell of a fight, didn’t she? But you know, the night is early, and if there’s one thing Flairs are good at, it’s going the distance. So she’ll be back. No doubt.


We cut to the Team ROTW locker room. Regal is talking to The Bar.


William Regal: Okay, are you two ready? You know why you’re on this team. You’re the best tag team in the world. It doesn’t matter who Team USA puts against you. There are no two men in the world that can defeat you.


Sheamus: I don’t care if it’s Braun Strowman, John Cena, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, or anyone else. We will be victorious.


Cesaro: Because we don’t set the bar.


William Regal: You are the Bar.


The whole squad starts chanting “Bar, Bar, Bar” as The Bar start to make their way out.


The Bar make their entrance into the arena and await their opponents. AJ Styles’ music hits, and the Phenomenal one makes his way out. Ride of the Valkyries hits, and Daniel Bryan comes out.


The Bar Vs AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan


Announcer talking points: The team continuity of the Bar versus the ‘dream team’ of Bryan and Styles.


This is wrestled as a dream match, with both teams throwing everything they’ve got at each other. The Bar use their experience to take control, double teaming Styles and cutting the ring in half. AJ gets the tag, and Bryan comes in a house of fire. He eventually gets cut off too, and now he takes a turn as face in peril. Finally the match breaks down, and all four men are in, leading to lots of near falls. Cesaro has Bryan for the swing, but Styles flies in with a Phenomenal forearm. Sheamus breaks up the pin attempt. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Styles, but Bryan breaks up the pin attempt. Now the Bar double teams Bryan. Sheamus has him up for White Noise as Cesaro goes up top, but Bryan counters into a Yes Lock, and Cesaro jumps into a dropkick from Styles. Cesaro and Styles go to the outside, as Sheamus fights to get to the ropes. Cesaro sends Styles into the ring post and climbs onto the apron. Bryan sees him coming and dropkicks him to the floor. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Bryan, but Styles is back in to break the pin. Styles hits a strike combo on Sheamus, but Sheamus catches him with a knee to the gut. He sets him for a powerbomb, but Styles whips him into the calf crusher. Bryan takes a leap off the apron onto Cesaro but is met with a forearm uppercut, and Cesaro breaks up the calf crusher. Cesaro takes a Pele kick from Styles, and Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Sheamus Brogue kicks him in the side of the head. He falls into the cover, and as Cesaro blocks Bryan’s lunge, Sheamus finally gets the pinfall on Styles.
Time of fall: 18:30


Team USA 1-2 Team Rest of the World


The Bar celebrate, and Rusev comes out to join them. As the Bar leave, Rusev gets a microphone.


Rusev: Once again, we have shown our dominance against Team USA. We will continue to crush our opposition, and make this the best Rusev Day ever. Now bring out my competition.


Braun Strowman comes out. Renee is ringside with Aiden English.


Renee: Aiden, you might have mixed feelings here tonight, of course being that you are American, but also very close to Rusev.


Aiden English: There are no mixed feelings, Renee. Yes, I am American, but my loyalties lie with my best friend, Rusev. And I’m looking forward to watching him dominate Braun Strowman right now.


Strowman grabs English and tosses him over the barricade to the ringside area, then runs over him with a big shoulderblock.


Rusev takes his chance to attack Strowman from behind, clubbing away at him and then hitting a Matchka kick. He climbs into the ring, and waits for Strowman to join him.


Braun Strowman Vs Rusev


Announcer talking points: Can Rusev slay the monster?


Strowman rolls into the ring and the bell rings. Rusev hits another Matchka kick which puts Strowman down, but only for a 1 count. Rusev continues to stomp and club away at the big man. He goes to the second rope, but is caught by Strowman. Strowman goes for the powerslam, but Rusev wriggles out the back and hits a spinning kick. He then locks on the Accolade. Strowman struggles for a couple of seconds, but then muscles up to his feet, and drops back, crushing Rusev. One running powerslam later, and Team USA have evened the score. English attacks Strowman, but eats a running powerslam too.
Time of fall: 4:47


Team USA 2-2 Team Rest of the World


Renee Young is in the back with Roman Reigns.


Renee Young: Roman, there’s been a lot of speculation over the last week surrounding the extent of the injury you suffered on Monday Night Raw during your match with Drew McIntyre. The question people are asking is what kind of shape are you in for tonight?


Roman Reigns: You know, I ain’t gonna lie. I’m beat up. But that isn’t different from any other day of the year. Drew McIntyre put a beatdown on me, but I’m still standing. I’m still here. It doesn’t matter how many times you put me down. It’s whether you can keep me down that matters. And I guess we’ll find out tonight if anyone on Team Rest of the World is man enough to keep me down.


A video package highlights Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas’s impact as part of Team Rest of the World.


The announcers talk about Almas being the ‘designated hitter’ of his team, and talk about the next match being announced earlier in the week on social media.


Randy Orton Vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas w/ Zelina Vega


Announcer talking points: Almas facing his first real test on the main roster. The rivalry that has built up between the two over the past weeks.


These two go at each other with intensity, exchanging punches, with Orton coming out on top. Vega provides a distraction which allows Almas to take over, but the match continues to go back and forth. Orton attempts the RKO several times, but each time, Almas avoids is. He finally hits it but Almas rolls to the outside, assisted by Vega. Orton throws Almas back in the ring, but another momentary distraction from Vega allows Almas to recover, and he catches Orton with a spinning elbow that sends him sprawling into the corner. Almas follows up with the double knee strike, and then finishes Orton off with the hammerlock DDT for the 1-2-3.
Time of fall: 9:45


Team USA 2-3 Team Rest of the World


Renee Young is ringside with Paige.


Renee Young: Paige, you’ve been a controversial figure the last few weeks, with some of your decision making on Smackdown Live seeming to favour Team Rest of the World. You must be reasonably happy with how things are shaping up right now, with Team Rest of the World leading the contest 3-2.


Paige: It’s been a fantastic night of action so far, and I’m definitely here to support Team Rest of the World. Maybe I got a little carried away the last few weeks, but at the very least, I think it made for some pretty interesting TV.


Renee Young: So do you think Team Rest of the World is going to close this out?


Paige: Absolutely. Sorry everybody, but this is in the bag.


Renee Young: Okay, back to ringside.


Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman Vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


Announcer talking points: Can Reigns and Strowman co-exist given their past history? How will Reigns hold up physically after injuring his midsection against Drew McIntyre just days ago?


It’s Reigns and Strowman dominating at will at the start of the match, with Owens and Sami bumping all over the place. Finally Owens digs a knee into Reigns’s gut, turning the tables. Owens and Zayn have some success making quick tags against Reigns and working over the midsection, but Reigns counters a pop-up powerbomb attempt into a Superman Punch, and tags in Strowman. Strowman dominates both opponents. He hits the running powerslam on Zayn, but Owens breaks up pinfall. Strowman chases Owens to the outside, and as he does so, Reigns tags himself back in. Strowman charges at Owens but Owens side-steps him, sending Strowman crashing through the barricade. Owens is setting up for a spear on Zayn, but Owens jumps onto the apron. Reigns gives him another Superman Punch, but Zayn catches him with a Helluva kick. He covers and gets the surprise victory to put his team two up. Zayn and Owens celebrate wildly. The announcers question Reigns’s decision to tag himself in.
Time of fall: 10:12


Team USA 2-4 Team Rest of the World


Kurt Angle is in the back talking to someone off-camera.


Kurt Angle: Everyone thought I was crazy putting you two together. Even you guys thought I was crazy. But I knew you could produce something special tonight. Well, we really need something special now. We’re down by 2, and I need you to step up the plate and get us back into this thing.


The camera pans out to show Ronda Rousey and Samoa Joe.


Ronda Rousey: Kurt, I promise you, I’m not going to let you down. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, training together, and I see why you paired us together now. Because Joe is a machine in that ring, and I’m going to prove that I am too.


Samoa Joe: You don’t need to worry, Kurt. Regal wants to play mind games with us by not telling us who our opponents are going to be. That’s fine. Because it really doesn’t matter who they put out there. What matters is that someone is going to sleep. And someone is leaving minus an arm.


Joe and Ronda leave, as Kurt looks nervous.


Samoa Joe and Ronda Rousey make their entrances and then await their opponents. Cesaro’s music hits, and the Swiss Superman walks out. He gestures for his partner. The Iconics theme hits, and we close in on Rousey’s face. Then the music stops and the lights go out, and Asuka’s music hits. A smile breaks out on Rousey’s face, as the Empress of Tomorrow makes her entrance.


Samoa Joe and Ronda Rousey Vs Cesaro and Asuka


Announcer talking points: The main focus is on a potential Rousey/Asuka showdown. This is a must win match for Team USA.


Joe and Cesaro start off, trading power moves and strikes. A stalemate ensues and Cesaro tags Asuka. Joe milks it for a moment, and then makes the tag to Ronda. When I fantasy book, I don’t talk about crowd reactions, because obviously you can’t book what the crowd is going to do. But I have to assume here that the crowd is losing their shit as Ronda and Asuka square up. They lock up and struggle to the outside in a stalemate. Back in the ring they lock up again and do some grappling, again to a stalemate. Asuka fires some kicks at Ronda, backing her into the corner, but Ronda fights back out with a barrage of strikes. They give each other a little nod of respect and then tag the men back in. More hard-hitting action, with Cesaro finally gaining control and working over Joe, including a giant swing. He goes for a running forearm in the corner, but Joe counters with a urinage, and then makes the tag to Ronda. Cesaro tags Asuka, and this time Ronda is quickest to the punch, taking Asuka down with strikes, and then a judo takedown. She looks for the armbar, but Asuka bails out of the ring. Asuka grabs Ronda’s leg and pulls her to the outside, throwing her into the announce table. She rolls her back into the ring and goes up top, connecting with a missile dropkick that earns her a two count. A hip attack earns her another nearfall, and then she goes for the Asuka Lock. Ronda elbows her way out of it, and then they both down each other with forearm strikes. They crawl to their corners to make tags, and Joe and Cesaro go at it again. Joe is a house of fire, but Cesaro cuts him off with a kick to the gut and a big forearm uppercut. However, when he tries for a springboard forearm uppercut, Joe takes a step back and locks on the Kokina Clutch. Asuka comes in, but Ronda tackles her and the women struggle to the floor. Cesaro fades away in the hold, giving Team USA the win.
Time of fall: 12:39


Team USA 3-4 Team Rest of the World


We cut to the back where Team USA are celebrating the win.


A video package shows the history between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.


AJ Styles Vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Announcer talking points: The title isn’t on the line, but this is about more than the championship.


These two go at each other hard, brawling around the ringside area, with Styles dominating proceedings. He connects early with the Phenomenal Forearm, but Nakamura rolls out the ring, and starts retreating up the aisle. Styles goes after him, but Nakamura turns the tables, sending him into the barricade. A prolonged period of control for Nakamura follows, but he can’t put AJ away. AJ makes his comeback, winning a strike exchange, and the two move into the big moves portion of the match. AJ counters a Kinshasa into a calf crusher, but Nakamura makes it to the ropes. They go back to the outside, and Styles goes for a Styles Clash on the announce table, but Nakamura back body drops him. He hits the Kinshasa on the table, and sends him back into the ring. 2 count. He goes for the Kinshasa again, but again Styles ducks and goes for the calf crusher. Nakamura counters this with an enziguri. He goes up top, but Styles catches him with a boot to the gut, and then hits the Styles Clash. 2 count. He goes for another Phenomenal Forearm, but Nakamura hits the ropes, causing Styles to crotch himself on the top rope. He falls to the mat in a heap, and Nakamura hits another Kinshasa to finally pick up the win.
Time of fall: 17:05


Team USA 3-5 Team Rest of the World


Renee Young is in the back with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks.


Renee Young: Ladies, in just a few moments you take on the Iconics. Now, you’re in a tough spot, because if the Iconics win, Team Rest of the World will have an insurmountable lead over Team USA. Not only that, but the Iconics have been teaming up regularly on Smackdown Live, whereas the last time you two were together, you were battling over the Raw Women’s championship.


Sasha Banks: That’s all in the past, Renee. Yes, Charlotte and I have a checkered history, but we also have a deep bond.


They both hold up four fingers.


Sasha Banks: And yes, I’ve been watching what the Iconics have been doing on Smackdown Live, and they’ve been very impressive. When it’s been 2-on-1. Well, tonight it isn’t going to be 2-on-1, because Charlotte Flair has back-up, and that back-up is the Boss.


Charlotte Flair: You see, you can play the numbers game all you like, Peyton and Billie, but eventually, it’s going to come back and bite you. Tonight, you find out why I am the Queen, why Sasha is the Boss, and just what the Horsewomen are all about.


They react to something off screen, and the camera pans across to see Becky Lynch standing there. She stares them down and walks off.


Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair Vs The Iconics


Announcer talking points: It’s a sudden death situation for Sasha and Charlotte. Can the Iconics make their superior team work pay off? Why was Becky in the back?


As Sasha makes her entrance, she is attacked from behind by the Iconics. They send her into the barricade. Charlotte, who was in the ring, runs down to make the save. The Iconics back off and head to the ring as Charlotte tends to Sasha. Charlotte heads to the ring to fight the Iconics alone, and holds her own until the numbers game again proves too much. The match changes complexion when Charlotte ducks a Shades of Kay big boot, but then Billie ducks a Charlotte big boot attempt, causing Charlotte to connect with the ref, knocking him out. Charlotte and Kay then hit duel big boots sending them both down. Peyton rolls Billie to the outside, and then grabs a steel chair. She nails Charlotte in the back with the chair and makes the cover. The ref, still groggy, counts 1…2…. and is then pulled out of the ring by…Becky Lynch. Peyton starts yelling at Becky as the ref is still trying to shake off the cobwebs. Becky is yelling that she is her own woman, and is doing the right thing. She turns around and gets wiped out by a Shades of Kay, but then Billie in turn is taken out by a pair of knees courtesy of Sasha Banks, who has launched herself off the barricade, having recovered from her beatdown. Sasha hops onto the apron as Peyton sets about going back on the attack on Charlotte. She hooks her for a fisherman’s suplex, but Charlotte counters with a DDT, and then crawls over to make the hot tag to Sasha. Banks comes in and goes to town on Peyton, finally locking her in the Banks Statement, as Charlotte fends off Billie on the outside. Peyton taps to give Team USA the win.
Time of fall: 8:13


Team USA 4-5 Team Rest of the World


The announce team tell us that they have just heard that Daniel Bryan will be the final singles competitor for Team USA.


In the back, we see Shinsuke Nakamura leaving the arena. William Regal catches up with him.


William Regal: Shinsuke, Shinsuke. What are you doing?


Shinsuke Nakamura: I win my match. Now I leave.


William Regal: But the contest isn’t over yet. I need you for the 10-man tag team match. That could decide the whole thing.


Shinsuke Nakamura: I win my match. Now I leave.


He starts to walk off.


William Regal: You can’t just bloody leave. We still need to win one more match.


Shinsuke Nakamura: I’m sorry, Mr Regal. You talk funny, and I don’t understand.


He walks away, leaving Regal shaking his head.


Renee Young is with Sami Zayn.


Renee Young: Sami, William Regal has selected you for the final singles match of the evening. Your oppoent, Daniel Bryan. Are you feeling any pressure, having seen Team USA pull to within one victory of you?

Sami Zayn: Let me ask you something, Renee; did you see earlier tonight when I pinned Roman Reigns, 1-2-3, in the middle of that ring? When I neutralized the so-called Big Dog. When I humbled “the guy”? Did you see that? So, I think it’s apparent that no, I’m not feeling any pressure. On the contrary, I’m riding a wave of euphoria right now that Daniel Bryan is not going to be able to quell. Let me tell you something now about Daniel Bryan. You see, the last time I stepped into a ring with Daniel Bryan was WrestleMania. And do you remember what happened, Renee?


Renee Young: He made you tap out.


Sami Zayn: He made me tap out. Yes, he did. He humiliated me. He embarrassed me. He took my dignity. But do you know what the worst thing about it was? The worst thing about it was that after WrestleMania, Bryan dodged me and ducked me and made sure that he never had to face me again. Because he knew that if I got my hands on him there was only going to be one outcome, and that was Daniel Bryan being put back on the injured list, Daniel Bryan being humiliated, and embarrassed and being made to pay for the indignity that he made me suffer at WrestleMania. Well, now it seems that fate has decided to smile on me once again, because tonight I get my match with Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan can’t dodge and duck me anymore. And not only do I get to beat Daniel Bryan, but I also get to win the Sammartino Cup for Team Rest of the World. That would make me something of a hero, wouldn’t it, Renee? Yeah, a hero.


He walks off.


Daniel Bryan Vs Sami Zayn


Announcer talking points: The history between Bryan and Zayn. Bryan has to win to force a deciding match.


They start with some chain wrestling, with Bryan coming out on top in every situation. This frustrates Zayn and he tries to turn the match into a striking contest, but again comes out on the wrong end. He finally gets the advantage with a thumb to the eye, and then proceeds to take it to Bryan. The Blue Thunder Bomb gets a near fall, but Bryan is able to avoid the Helluva Kick and begin his comeback. He tries to lock on the Yes Lock, but Zayn swiftly gets to the ropes. Zayn hotshots Bryan on the top rope and goes to the top rope. Bryan crotches him and climbs up, delivering a big superplex. He then transitions into the Yes Lock and, after a brief struggle, Sami is forced to tap out.
Time of fall: 10:00


Team USA 5-5 Team Rest of the World


William Regal is in the back with his team, sans Nakamura. There is an air of dejection in the room.


William Regal: Okay, team. It all comes down to this. We know what we have to do. You’ve all fought hard all night, and whether you won or lost, every blow you struck has inched us closer to victory. I’m proud of you. Shinsuke Nakamura may have walked out on us, but that is only going to bring us closer. I said all along that Team USA is a team of individuals, while we are truly a team, and now it’s time to prove that, and bring home that trophy. Rusev, Owens, Almas, Cesaro, Sheamus; it falls on your shoulders now. Go out there, and do what you do best. Go out there and win.


The mood is much different in the Team USA lockerroom.


Kurt Angle: Settle down, settle down. We still have a job to do. You know, when I went to the Olympics back in ’96, I went with one goal, one objective, and that was to win the gold medal. And even though I had a broken neck, I didn’t stop until I had achieved my goal. When Bruno Sammartino came to this country, he had one dream, and that was to make a better life for himself. And he didn’t stop until not only had he done that, but he had become an inspiration to others to this very day. Did we come here tonight to compete, or did we come here tonight to win?


All: To win.


Kurt Angle: Exactly, we came here to win, and we’re not going to stop until we have our hands on that trophy. Now, it’s been hard to decide who is going to compete in the 10-man tag, but I’ve made my decision. Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton. Samoa Joe. John Cena. Roman Reigns. You are the men tasked with making history, and making Team USA the first winners of the Sammartino Cup. Are you ready?


All: Yes!


Kurt Angle: I said are you ready?


All: YES!


Kurt Angle: Then let’s go do this!


The team files out of the lockerroom, chanting ‘USA’. AJ Styles pulls Angle aside.


AJ Styles: Kurt, you’ve gotta put me in this match.


Kurt Angle: I’m sorry, AJ. I’ve made my choice.


AJ Styles: Come on, Kurt. I’m the WWE champion. I need to be in this match. I’m 0 and 2 tonight, and I have to redeem myself. Roman is hurt. Daniel just competed. Replace one of them with me.


Kurt Angle: And you’ve already had two grueling matches tonight. AJ, I know you think you let the team down, but you didn’t. You gave your best, and that’s all I ever asked out of any of you. And anyway, this isn’t about you. It’s about the team. Now come on. We need your support right now.


Angle follows the team out the lockerroom, and Styles trudges after him disappointedly.


John Cena, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and Randy Orton w/Kurt Angle Vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, Rusev, Kevin Owens and The Bar w/William Regal, Lana and Zelina Vega


Announcer talking points: Winner takes all.


The other members of the two teams are standing at the top of the entranceway watching the match. We start with Orton and Almas renewing their rivalry, and then run through various different combinations, with Team USA using quick tags to control the early portions. Team ROTW eventually get Bryan isolated in their corner, and go to work on him. Bryan fights his way out and makes the hot tag to Cena, who starts clearing house. Rusev pulls him to the outside and delivers a Matchka Kick. Orton comes around and clotheslines Rusev. Sheamus comes over and starts punching Orton. Bryan comes off the apron with a knee on Sheamus. Almas comes over the top with a flipping senton on Bryan. Joe takes Almas out with a suicide dive. Owens bowling balls off the apron onto Joe. As they all stagger to their feet, Reigns comes over the top with a suicide dive to take them all down. Cena rolls back into the ring where Cesaro, the legal man, is waiting for him. Cesaro hits him with a forearm uppercut, and then springboards off the ropes for another. But Cena catches him on his shoulders and goes for an AA. Cesaro lands on his feet and the two knock each other down with a double clothesline. Reigns and Rusev tag in, and Reigns is in control until Rusev counters a spear with a big kick, and now Reigns is being worked over, with the focus on his midsection. After some near misses, Reigns is able to make the hot tag to Bryan, who goes to work. He has Almas, Rusev and the Bar in separate corners, and delivers running dropkicks to them all, before giving Owens the Yes Kicks. He puts Almas in the Yes Lock, but Owens breaks it up, and that signals the start of a big brawl. With the referee distracted by the brawl, Sami Zayn runs down to the ring and hits Bryan with a Helluva Kick. Styles runs down and starts rocking Zayn with punches. Almas hits the double knee strike on a downed Bryan and goes for the cover, but Styles puts Bryan’s foot on the rope. Regal confronts Styles, and that gives Zayn the opportunity to shove Styles into the ring post. Zayn skanks away happy with himself, but turns right into Strowman, who starts destroying him. Angle drops Regal with a punch. Vega and Lana are trying to get involved, and that brings Charlotte and Sasha marching down to the ring, soon followed by The Iconics, Asuka and Ronda. Ronda whips Billie Kay into the armbar and has her tapping out on the floor. Almas tags Sheamus, who sets up for the Brogue Kick on Bryan. He goes to deliver the kick, but Reigns pushes Bryan out of the way, taking the kick himself. Bryan takes Sheamus down into the Yes Lock, and, with Team USA playing blocker around ringside, Sheamus has no choice but to tap out.
Time of fall: 26:16


Final score: Team USA 6-5 Team Rest of the World


Team USA flood into the ring to celebrate with Bryan, as Team Rest of the World skulk away. Regal climbs into the ring and offers his hand to Angle. They shake hands, Regal gives a little clap to Team USA, and then follows his team out. Triple H’s music hits, and he comes out to present the trophy.


Triple H: The winners of the inaugural Sammartino Cup; Team USA!


He hands over the trophy to Angle and they all celebrate as the show goes off the air.

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The double noggin knocker. And babyface tag team shine in general.