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ECW 1993

13 June 2018 - 07:53 PM

So a while back a couple of friends and I started a 1993 booking project. I was the arbitrator of the project, with them representing WCW and WWF, but I decided to join in as head booker of ECW. We did a talent draft to start with, with me entering in something like the 20th round. I thought I'd share what I wrote up here.


Now, there are a couple of cheats with the timeline, mainly because I didn't really follow ECW. Most obviously, ECW didn't become 'Extreme' until 1994, I believe. I also have Joey Styles as my head announcer from the start, and I know he didn't come on board until later.


I picked up a couple of names in the draft that probably stretch credibility quite a bit too. However, I did try to stay true to the spirit of the promotion.


I'll maybe post one every couple of days. Here is the debut episode.


ECW TV- 1/1/93


Show opens with Joey Styles in the ring, welcoming everyone to the debut episode of ECW TV. He runs down the planned card: the semi finals of the tournament to crown new ECW tag team champions, and debut of the legendary 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. Lex Luger walks to the ring (no music). Styles looks shocked and excited and offers his hand to Luger. Luger snatches the mic instead and ushers Styles out of the ring.


LL: "Are you kidding? You're out here hyping the debut of Bobby Eaton, when you've got the biggest star in wrestling, the Total Package, Lex Luger on the show. This is the debut you should be talking about".


Styles has made his way to the commentary booth and calls Luger rude. Luger says he came to ECW to make money and win titles, and since he already makes more than the rest of the locker-room combined, that just leaves winning titles. He says the fans should consider themselves lucky just to be in his presence, and he's the only star in ECW, and what a real champion looks like. Enter Sandman hits and the Sandman comes out. Sandman says these are good honest people like him, and they don't need Luger and his ego. He calls Luger overrated. Luger says Sandman talks a lot of crap, and wrestles like crap too. He goads Sandman into a title match.


We go to commercial. When we come back Styles says that it's been made official. The Bobby Eaton debut will now take place next week, and instead we have an ECW title match to start the new year.


Match 1: Brian and Brad Armstong Vs The Highwaymen (Rex Mason and Steve Henry- the former Well Dunn). Tag team tournament semi final with a 15 minute time limit.


The Highwaymen cut a short promo before the match saying they rob the men blind, but treat the women kind, and a better team you will not find.


The Armstrongs are the babyfaces. Brian is treated as a rookie and doesn't get much offence in. Brad gets the win for his team with a small package after about 10 mins. Played up as a mild upset.


A video package for Sabu airs, showcasing his high-flying and violence.


Match 2: Maximilian Payne Vs Barry Horowitz with a 10 minute time limit.


Payne is doing his grunge gimmick from WCW. Styes hypes these two up as great future stars for ECW. Horowitz gets a flurry of offence, but this is mainly a showcase for Payne. He wins with the Payne Killer arm submission in about 4 mins.


The Sandman cuts a promo in the back about Luger's lack of respect and what the ECW title means to him. He says this is his house, and he'll do anything to defend it.


Match 3: Tracy Smothers and Ricky Morton Vs The Arkansas Hit Squad (Canterbury and Knight, the former Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce). Tag team tournament semi final with a 15 minute time limit.


Morton and Smothers use their quickness to nuetralise the big men early on, but eventually Morton takes a rough shot into the guard rail and that leaves Smothers at the mercy of the Hangman's Noose (Knight takes out the opponents legs while Canterbury drops them with a neckbreaker). Time of fall: 7 mins. During the match Marc Mero joined Joey Styles on commentary and said he can't wait to compete in ECW and to stayed tuned because he's the one to watch in 93.


A video package airs showing the shadowy outline of an imposing wrestler (Adam Bomb), and it just says "He's Coming".


Styles tries to get a quick word with the Hit Squad, but they tell him they'll do all their talking in the ring.


Match 4: The Sandman © Vs Lex Luger for the ECW Heavyweight Title, with TV time remaining.


Luger is jaw jacking with fans as he comes out, saying if this is Sandman's house it's time for a home invasion. They go at it fast and hard, brawling. Luger soon gains the upper hand, and dominates the match with power. Styles says Luger lives up to the hype and might just be too good for the Sandman. He goes for the torture rack, but Sandman rakes his eyes and unleashes a flurry of offence that has Luger reeling. Luger is busted open. Out of desperation he goes to a low blow, unseen by the ref. Luger pins him with his feet on the ropes, stealing the ECW title. Match time: 12 mins. Styles says Luger broke into the Sandman's house and stole his prized possession. The show cuts off with Luger backing up the ramp, bloody and beaten, but the new ECW champion.

The Sammartino Cup

04 May 2018 - 12:58 PM

Monday Night Raw - 5/7/18


The show opens with Triple H in the ring, along with a large object covered with a cloth.


Triple H: As you all know, several weeks ago we were all saddened to learn of the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, Bruno Sammartino. Bruno’s legacy goes well beyond what he did in this industry; the record title reigns, the Madison Square Garden sell-outs, and the way he carried himself as a hero to generations of fans. Bruno was also a champion in life. An inspiration to all who met him, a wonderfully giving man who always had time to help others, and a beloved member of our WWE family, as well as a close personal friend of mine. For everything that I have done in this business, nothing makes me prouder than the fact that I had a small part of bringing Bruno back home to the WWE, where he always belonged. Naturally, the news of Bruno’s passing was a great shock to us all, but, after a period of mourning, our minds turned to ways in which we could honour the man’s legacy. It is on that note that I announce to you a new yearly event, the first of which you can see in 4 weeks time, exclusively on the WWE network. I bring to you, the Sammartino Cup.


Triple H lifts the cloth to unveil a large silver cup.


Triple H: This event will pay homage both to Bruno’s immigrant roots, as well as to his standing as a shining example of the American dream. 2 teams of superstars will compete for this prize, one team representing the USA, and the other representing the rest of the world. Each team will consist of 10 superstars, 7 male, and 3 female, and the special one night only event will feature 11 matches. The first team to gain 6 victories will be declared the inaugural Sammartino Cup champions. Without further ado, allow me to introduce the two men who have been selected to captain these two teams. First, the captain of Team Rest of the World, William Regal.


William Regal comes out, and shakes Triple H’s hand.


William Regal: It is indeed an honour to be named captain of the rest of the world team, and I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this wonderful event to pay tribute to Bruno Sammartino, as well as working with some of the great international superstars we have here in the WWE. Thank you very much.


Triple H: And now, the man who will captain team USA; Kurt Angle.


Kurt Angle comes out. He frostily shakes Triple H’s hand, and then shakes hands with Regal.


Kurt Angle: Let me first say thank you to Triple H, for looking past his defeat to me at WrestleMania and naming me the captain of Team USA. It is an honour for me as someone who represented this country in the Olympic Games, to captain Team USA, and furthermore, as a native of Pittsburgh, it is my great honour to pay tribute to the great Bruno Sammartino. If you will allow me now, I would like to introduce the first member of Team USA; my good friend and WrestleMania tag team partner, Ronda Rousey!


Ronda Rousey comes out. Triple H shows initial displeasure, but quickly reverts to corporate Triple H mode, politely applauding Ronda and exiting the ring. We cut to commercial.


After commercial, Charlie is in the back hoping to catch a word with Regal.


Charlie: William, congratulations on being named captain of Team Rest of the World. What is your reaction to Kurt Angle’s announcement that Ronda Rousey will be a member of Team USA.


William Regal: That was certainly a surprise. Very impressive, Kurt. Very impressive. But I have a very impressive pool of talent at my disposal also. I think what I’m going to do is take a week to talk to some superstars, watch some matches, and then next week on Raw, I expect to name my full roster of Superstars.


Charlie: Thank you, William.


Throughout the night we see Kurt in the back talking to various superstars; Rollins, Reigns, Lashley, Nia etc. We also see him talking on the phone, and hear him say “see you tomorrow night”. Michael Cole later confirms that Kurt Angle will be on Smackdown Live tomorrow night, and will name the next member of Team USA.


Michael Cole also details how the Sammartino Cup will work. There will be 11 matches, as mentioned by Triple H; 5 will be 1v1 men’s matches, 2 will be men’s tag team matches, there will be 1 mixed tag match, 1 1v1 women’s match, 1 women’s tag team match, and the final match will be a 10-man tag match. All the men on each team must compete in at least two matches.