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In Topic: Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff's podcast

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

Well yeah.

I mean, unless Jericho was fighting for the Goldberg squash so he could get *less* over in the end..?

In Topic: Lucha Underground S4

Yesterday, 02:33 PM

Lucha Underground is the one wrestling program I can binge watch like an actual television show, so I typically wait until I've got a good chunk of five or six episodes to burn through at once.

My comments will likely be scattered & staggered (and always late), but I *am* stoked that they're back for another season.

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 02:27 PM

The obvious problem with the Twisted Bliss off the top of the pod being that Sasha was just showing her teeth as a heel by betraying Bayley, and Bliss was meant to be the heel champ fighting for sheer survival. Booking her to do the big risky stunt down the finishing stretch was some of that weird, ass-backwards stuff they do nowadays and try to brush it aside as just a sign of the changing times.

It's not. It's just a poor decision. That's a high spot reserved for babyfaces - not for the heel champ who is about to tear into the fan base with a mocking promo a few moments later.

I have no issues with her in-ring work though. She's improved by leaps & bounds since the Becky series, for sure.

In Topic: NXT TakeOver Chicago II

Yesterday, 02:19 PM

If there's one talent with a guaranteed golden ticket to succeed, gift-wrapped for superstardom, it's gotta be Velveteen Dream.

With that being said, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they fucked him up on the main roster within three months.

In Topic: Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff's podcast

Yesterday, 02:02 PM

You guys were right. Jericho's response was great. He's clearly lightened up on a lot of his animosity toward Bischoff since writing the book, but he still called "total bullshit" on some of Eric's recent claims all the same.

I'd kind of forgotten what a dick Scott Hall was said to be back then. Sheesh. Pissing on Benoit's cowboy boots? Needling Jericho about his "little Terry Taylor push?" Just seems like the guy was a miserable prick, despite making big money like a bandit at the time.

Jericho's impression of Hall was pretty horrible, and yet the cadence was kind of on point at the same time. Cracked me up.

The line about WCW still owing his dad money was funny, too.

I never read any of Jericho's books, so I never knew the "man of 1,004 holds" shtick was Disco Inferno's idea. Never would've guessed that.

I don't know why really, but Jericho just sitting back - going dead silent - whenever Conrad would do his goofy, exaggerated belly laugh was amusing to me. Happened at least three or four times.

But the "two brownies for two gentlemen" psych out test had to be the absolute best. Loved that little story. Just goes to show the effect Vince's reputation can have on people. And then for the whole secret meeting at Vince's house to ACTUALLY turn out to be a trial of trust in reality?! Tremendous.

So yeah. This one's well worth seeking out and giving a listen, guys. It's a soopah fun listen overall, and it really is the perfect companion piece to Eric's episode on Jericho.