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AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Last Man Standing) (WWE Money In The Back 06/17/18)

Yesterday, 04:13 AM

A slow burner of a match, something that's not helped by the Last Man Standing stipulation. There's many times the match lags because the long drawn-out counts. AJ is great at getting to his feet at the last minute and Nakamura is slimier than ever. This match kicks into gear once AJ starts taking out Nakamura's leg. The low blow spot on the outside was predictably yet it was still cool. AJ Styles Clashing Nakamura off the ring steps was brutally awesome.


Although they were hindered by the stipulation, this was still their best match together in a WWE ring.



Aleister Black vs Lars Sullivan (NXT Takeover: Chicago) (06/16/18)

17 June 2018 - 01:41 PM

Lars Sullivan is NXT's answer to Braun Strowman. This is one of those matches where you find yourself scratching your head how the babyface will end up making their comeback and getting the win. It's a rare yet welcomed feeling to get when you are watching as an adult as it takes me back to watch wrestling as a child and how one more big move is definitely going to do the heel in. After Black gets his shine segment, Sullivan had me convinced that he was winning this. Black's leg is worked and he sells it consistently.


Even with the botched-to-high-heaven Black Mass finish, this was still brilliant.



Shayna Baszler vs Nikki Cross (NXT Takeover: Chicago) (06/16/18)

17 June 2018 - 11:41 AM

I usually find Cross's act to be cheesy and not all that good, but it worked well contrasted with Baszler's MMA hardass character. Cross milks the mind games and Baszler's perplexed reaction to them is entertaining.


You aren't going to find many epic spots here. It's the brilliant character work and compact running time that makes this Nikki Cross's best match in an NXT ring so far.



PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 2 up now!

04 June 2018 - 04:07 AM

PWO Monday Match Madness



  • I'll start by posting a match with a write-up for everyone to watch and leave their thoughts. Anyone is welcome to participate.
  • At the end of the weekend, I will nominate a poster who rated my match to post a match of their choosing for the next week's pick.
  • At the end of of that weekend, the nominated poster will choose another user to take over and so on.


Hope that all makes sense. Also, always include a link for the match that you will be nominating.


Week 2 (as nominated by gordi): Vader & John Tenta vs Gary Albright & Kazuo Yamazaki (UWFi Kings Road 10/08/94)


The nutshell version of the background for this match is: Albright was UWFi's top gaijin from near the beginning in '91, feuding with Takada. When Super Vader arrived, he supplanted Albright as the top gaijin and Albright was moved down the card.

In 1994, UWFi held the "Best in the World" Tournament which Vader won by beating Takada in the finals. On the same night, Albright beat Kiyoshi Tamura to finish 3rd in the tournament. UWFi started to build toward a dream match between the two huge gaijin. This match is one of two between these teams, both of which drew a white-hot, sold-out crowd as part of that build.


The characters:

Vader: The UWFi Champion. An "unstoppable force" type of monster. 

Tenta: An "immovable object" type of monster.


Albright: Against almost anyone else he'd be a monster himself, but in this case he's the scrappy underdog who has clawed his way back to the main event from the mid-card. Albright has the most legit background in amateur wrestling of anyone n this match, though Tenta was also no slouch in that department. 

Yamazaki: The ultimate scrappy underdog. The Ricky Morton or Tsuyoshi Kikuchi of shoot style pro wrestling. 


Why this match: cactus gave us Laughter7 bringing their beautiful shoot style into a pure pro wrestling promotion. This is Tenta & co bringing pro wrestling psychology and crowd work into a pure shoot style promotion. 


I don't want to give too much away, and I want to leave some stuff for other people to notice and write up, but: The crowd is rabid to see Vader vs Albright. Look at how they use that to draw heat.


There is a moment here where Tenta perfectly illustrates how "no-selling" can work as a story-telling device. He uses it judiciously to get his character over. It's one of the many fine examples of pro wrestling psychology sprinkled throughout this match. 


Please enjoy one of my absolute favourite matches of all time:




(Actual match starts about 6 minutes in. Don't miss the crowd work at the very beginning).


Previous weeks:



Pete Dunne vs Adam Cole (WWE NXT 02/02/2018)

28 May 2018 - 02:27 PM

Adam Cole has his stablemates at ring side and it's established straight away that they will try and interfere with the match. Dunne hits one of his beefiest elbows minutes into this and then proceeds to wreck havoc on Cole's digits. The tide of this match shifts when Cole shoves a distracted Dunne of the turnbuckle, catching his knee as he hangs off the ringpost. It's a cool idea, but the execution left a lot to be desired. There's a few spots in this match where I thought Cole would win this. One of them being when he catches Dunne with a superkick after Dunne is done dealing with O'Reilly & Fish. Any DQ finish in a title match is almost always a tad irritating, but it allowed for the story of Dunne and Roderick Strong forming an unlikely tag team to blossom smoothly.