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In Topic: The big announcement

13 June 2018 - 02:08 PM

Sounds fantastically ambitious. Colour me excited. 

In Topic: Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW Wrestling Dontaku, 5/4/2018)

12 June 2018 - 04:14 PM

Have to agree with the above that the crowd made a good match great here with just how into Tanahashi they were. Really fun, well paced match I thought with some cool moments (none cooler than Tanahashi getting into Okada's face). One of my favourite matches of the year so far, from a match I wasn't expecting to enjoy so much. A ****1/2 from me too.

In Topic: PWO Monday Match Madness - Week 2 up now!

12 June 2018 - 03:06 PM

Was really looking forward to this one as from a purely taste driven perspective it has a great selection of wrestlers involved. Vader is an all time favourite of mine, and someone who I can watch all day everyday while Tenta is someone who could perhaps make a claim for being one of the top 10 Super Heavyweight in-ring workers ever and one of the few 'legit' guys who perhaps doesn't get the respect he deserved. Albright, I haven't seen so much of but have seen enough to know he was a total badass and one of the best Suplex machines to ever step into the ring while Yamazaki isn't someone I remember seeing at all before now, so all in all, this should be an interesting match up.

First off, Vader looks like a total rockstar in the pre-match interviews, and everything I want from a nineties wrestler, the three English speakers do a great job of hyping the match and making it look legit. By the time all four are in the ring it becomes clear that there's some heat there, the crowd are pretty rabid to see Albright and Vader go one on one and the audible awestruck roar for Tenta (who looks massive even compared with Vader and Albright) during the introductions is a cool moment. His slightly modified Earthquake attire looks pretty great here too, nice to see it being recycled. 


The match itself was a slow burn to begin with but did a great job of showcasing each wrestlers background, Tenta gets some awesome looking sumo slaps in early on before he and Albright both show off their amateur and mat based credentials. While this didn't do much for me, it was an interesting contrast to the usual Super Heavyweight brawling we were used to in the early nineties and lends to the legitimate feel they're trying portray here. The pace picks up once Yamazaki hits the ring and he goes about putting on a great plucky underdog display with some great looking strikes, Tenta instantly switches into monster mode and the two trade back and forth nicely with Yamazaki in particular coming across as a fearless fighter despite the massive size difference. From here it doesn't take long until we're treated to our first piece of Vader action and there's only one way to describe it here and that's terrifying. Each shot, whether it's against Yamazaki or Albright looks like it could end the match at any second and it's easy to see why he was just about the most feared man in all of wrestling at this point. It seems to be a role he relishes as he dishes out the punishment with swift brutality and the crowd eat it up. By the time Albright and Vader face off the crowd are white hot and the pair reward them by quite simply beating the crap out of each other.


All in all, after a slightly slow beginning this descends into a really entertaining and incredibly hard hitting shoot style tag match which is only enhanced by a fully invested audience. All four wrestlers put in a great shift and do their jobs to perfection with a great contrast of styles. As you would expect, Vader looks like a total monster and legitimately dangerous with it, his punches and forearms look like they could knock down walls and even in defeat he loses absolutely none of his aura. However, the MVP has to be Yamazaki. He takes an absolute beating throughout and how he wasn't knocked out by some of the bombs Vader was throwing I'll never know. Despite this he looks great on the offense too, throwing some spectacular kicks and some heavy shots of his own and off of the back of this I'll be looking up more of his stuff. 



In Topic: LA Park is the King of Lucha (aka 2018 is weird)

12 June 2018 - 01:49 PM

So, despite my avatar, I am  not the best person to ask in terms of timelines for his career. I cherrypick lucha big time. Below are some great Park performances post 2000 that i think are all available on youtube.


vs El Hijo Del Santo (1/23/2001)

w/ Haloween and Rey Mysterio Sr. vs Rey Mysterio Jr, Damian 666, and Vampiro (10/26/2001)

vs el Mesias (6/18/2011)

vs Dr. Wagnar Jr (5/11/2013)

vs Rush (7/14/2016 - air: 7/16/2016)

w/ Rey Ecorpion vs Penta el Zero and Daga (3/1/2017)

vs Rush (3/11/2017)

w/ Volador Jr and Flyer vs Rush, La Bestia del Ring, and Terrible (5/25/2018)


You could sort of take those in chapters. Those are two all time individual performances from him in 2001 where he is still relatively thin and athletic. His strength here is playing to the crowd and the strength of his opponents. He really is the glue that holds this stuff together.   The 2011 and 2013 matches are ape shit brawls after he has put on some weight, but still gets around pretty well. They are, to me, some standout matches from the time period and really just based on crazy bloody brawling. It has been quite a while since I have seen them, but Park at this time was a peak brawler and made everything so visceral and malice.  The four matches from these past two years are contemporary Park being a fat crazy man. There are lots more matches you could watch, but those would give you a little taste of Park coming into this exciting CMLL/AAA stuff, I think. I would say his greatest strength is bringing a feeling of absolute chaos to matches right now.


Cheers for this mate, looks like I've got some watching to do. I actually watched the 6-Man last night after posting this, and while you can certainly see the years catching up with Park he was still able to do some cool stuff and the crowd were absolutely crazy for him. The heat between him and Rush was red hot too and the spot where he's getting whipped with the belt had me cringing, especially when it looked like his face was whipped. Looking forward to digging deeper into someone who I've always found pretty fascinating but lost track with since his days in the U.S. looks like I'm in for a treat.

In Topic: LA Park is the King of Lucha (aka 2018 is weird)

11 June 2018 - 05:15 PM


What do I need to be searching out for L.A. Park recently? Sounds like he's having a bit of a renaissance but I never know where to start with Lucha. 

What do you mean by recently? Last year or two? Last 5-10?


You tell me... is there a point where he's kicked up a gear in the past couple of years? I know his matches with Rush have been pretty crazy and the CMLL/AAA deals certainly sound really interesting, just wondering if this is a recent rejuvenation or if he's been doing crazy matches for years now and it's just gone totally under my radar.