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GAEA Wrestling

04 June 2018 - 05:39 PM

Business man Graham Stevens was touring Japan in 1985 and went to a local indie show where he saw Japanese women's wrestling for the first time. He was blown away by their skill and talent and knew that their talent needed to be shown to the world. A promotion relying on women was unthinkable, but Stevens dream was become a reality.


Enter GAEA Wrestling, named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth. GAEA has found a TV deal on Fuji TV to air "World Wonder Ring" starting Wednesday, July 2nd. VHS video tapes of major shows will distributed both in Japan and in the United States, as GAEA will feature wrestlers from both countries.


GAEA will make it's debut on June 28th at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo with the Memorial First Gong. That night will include a one night, eight women tournament to crown the WWA Champion (the World Wrestling Association will be the governing body of GAEA). This tournament will include 4 wrestlers from Japan and 4 wrestlers from around the world. The first two announced being Japan's Jaguar Yokota and America's Sherri Martel. More entrants will be announced later.


Also on the show there will be a tag team battle between The Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) and The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai). 


More exciting news will be released shortly!

AAA Classics

30 May 2018 - 07:30 PM

I picked up the 10 volume AAA Classics, which essentially covers mid 92 till the end of 93.


Might as well hand out some thoughts along the ways.


Volume 1



Mascarita Sagrada, Octagoncito, & Angelito Azteca vs Pirata Morgan, Jerrito Estrada, & Picudito (7/3/92)


Yes we start with minis, so this set is perfect for me!


Morgan and Estrada are pissed at each other and Picudito has to try to keep the peace with the rudos. Sagrada doesn't give a shit and goes right in there, hits a dropkick then a somersault plancha. The other two tecnicos do hurrancanranas to pin the other two. Sagrada gives a nice little slap after to end the first wonderful fall. 


As with most minis, the rudos are the larger team and that is essentially how they take advantage in the second fall. Estrada is holding up Sagrada for Morgan, but he refuses to do shit due to the fight with Estrada. Luckily Picudito is there to help out. I love that Estrada wrestles in the vest. Can we all just agree Sagrada is fucking great? Whether it's his selling or his amazing offence, he can deliver. They get to the floor and Estrada is choking out Octagncito with wires, and Azteca makes the save with a fucking broom. I like the switch up of a short first fall and a longer second fall. Estrada and the rudos use the broom and dickishness to win the second fall.


Third fall picks up the pace and brings the comedy of the rudos just fucking up and Estrada and Morgan accidentally nailing each other over and over. The match just kind of ends or the footage does, no idea what the ending is here.


Really fun for the length of time it got.





Psicosis, Picudo, & Heavy Metal vs Winners, Super Calo, & Thunderbird (8/14/92)


We get entrances and each one is glorious! Winners coming out to Rocky music. Psicosis with some bad ass imperial march thing. Thunderbird dancing with a fan. It's all fucking awesome! Super Calo coming out last to his awesome rap and a girl dancer wearing face paint was the best! Although Calo without the hat isn't as cool, he does have the glasses though.


Heavy Metal and Winners start off with some good matwork. Metal looks so much younger and cooler here compared to 1996. WTF happened? They get a lot of time, until we get Winners off an Irish whip just slapping Psicosis and them going to the floor looking to kill each other. They get separated and then Metal does the same to Calo before everybody tags out giving us Psicosis and Thunderbird. Classic behind the refs back cheating by the rudos, but it seems like Thunderbird and Psicosis are pretty even. The crowd is fucking hot for this. The Calo and Picudo segment picks everything up and the rudos get the first fall which ruled! During all of this the middle ring rope broke.


During the rest period they just take off the middle rope all together.


We start the second fall with everybody in the ring with a rudos beat down and they freaking do a Shield power bomb spot. Finally we get a bit of a comeback thanks to Winners taking over and Thunderbird having some great fire. Psicosis takes a huge face first bump into the steel post, twice. Just savage. Calo tries to take off Picudo's mask and essentially does it off a whip into the turnbuckle. Tecnicos get the win.


Did I mention Winners slaps Piscosis really well? Just damn! Lots of nearfall attempts in the third fall Psicosis does an atomi drop which Calo either fakes or was low blowed, he sold it huge none the less. Tirantes doesn't believe him regardless, so the match continues. A lot of the break up attempts on submissions are really stiff here. What's shocking about this to me is how great Psicosis was already and how green Calo was. So, everybody takes turns bumping to the floro with Psicosis taking the biggest one, and now the dives come. Each dude just killing himself. I loved that the dives were saved up till now, but they ruled. Everybody is getting counted out, and keeps getting pulled back outside, but Winners sneaks in for the win for the tecnicos.


I fucking loved this! It built well to a tremendous finish and everybody worked mega hard. Afterwards we all shake hands and raise each others hands, except Psicosis who says fuck this shit and walks away. That's when the Calo rap group comes to the ring and dances with Calo!



WCW 2000

24 May 2018 - 09:36 AM

Since I finally have been able to keep a podcast going regularly (check out Who Booked This? on the PWO Podcast Network), I think it's time to get back into some armchair booking.


What better place to start then WCW in 2000?


Souled Out 2000 is a few days away and it's now come out that WCW World Champion Bret Hart is injured and may have to retire, and WCW United States Champion Jeff Jarrett is injured and can not compete. The main event and semi-main event are now cancelled.


Head booker, Vince Russo's plan to fix this is to give the title to Tank Abbott. He is fired on the spot.


This is when Steven Graham comes in to take over the head booking position, while Kevin Sullivan will be his assistant. Rumours are talents like Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas are unhappy with this decision and may walk out after the ppv.


January 16, 2000


Live from the Firstar Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on PPV!


Souled Out


The original line up was: 


WCW World Champion Bret Hart vs Sid Vicious


WCW US Champion Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit (Triple Threat Theater Series)


Terry Funk vs Kevin Nash (Hardcore Match, winner becomes Commissioner of WCW)


Buff Bagwell vs Diamond Dallas Page (Last Man Standing)


WCW Tag Team Champions David Flair & Crowbar vs Vampiro and a Dream Tag Partner


Big Vito & Johnny the Bull w/ Disco Inferno vs The Harris Brothers


WCW Cruiserweight Champion Madusa vs Oklahoma


WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs vs Fit Finlay vs Norman Smiley vs Meng


Booker T w/ Midnight vs Stevie Ray


Tank Abbott vs Jerry Flynn


This card will obviously change come Sunday's Souled Out as the new booker is now in place, but how. Will Benoit and company walk? How will they handle the top two matches?

Following the Business vs Following the Product?

19 May 2018 - 09:10 AM

This board may be an exception, where we really value footage and dissect, but there seem's to be a lot of people who care more about the business end of things.


I've completely given up on back stage shenanigans, stock prices, tv ratings, all of that. Do I like the product or not, determines what I watch.


Has there been a shift towards more business caring than product caring?


Has Metlzer influenced this change?


Am I out to lunch thinking this is happening at all?

Who Booked This? The Podcast Thread

16 April 2018 - 07:19 PM

JR Goldberg and myself have started a new show. First episode is now up, and a new one will be up every Monday (we have three more recorded and are trying to stay way ahead).


We are taking look at the bizarre and shitty of wrestling and we start off with the very first Punjabi Prison Match between Big Show and The Undertaker from the 2006 Great American Bash. Enjoy on the PWO Podcast Network!