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In Topic: AWA results for June 1986

15 June 2018 - 04:19 PM

AWA show from McArthur Court, Eugene, June 16th


The Can-Am Express vs. The British Bullies


Taylor was attempting the British Suplex on Furnas, but Furnas powered out with a bridge that got the one two three


Falls Count Anywhere Match : Cactus Jack vs. Sabu


Cactus won with a piledriver on the concrete


Bill Dundee vs. Tom Zenk


Dundee hit a running cross body bress, but Zenk rolled through with a fistful of tights to get the win


Chris Adams vs. Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie


Adams won with the Superkick


Death Sentence vs. The Sheepherders


Both teams brawled to a double DQ finish


Brian Pillman vs. Leo Burke


Pillman faked going for the Air Pillman, and when Burke ducked, Pillman wound up hitting him with a top rope missile dropkick for the pinfall


Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian vs. The Youngbloods


Nord hit a running Bombs Away kneedrop on Blackman for the victory


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Col. Debeers


Sarge won by countout after he hit the Slaughter Cannon on Debeers sending him flying out of the ring


Larry Zybyszko vs. The Great Kabuki


Kabuki got the win with a thrust kick to the jaw


Mike Rotundo & Dan Spivey vs. Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera


Blackwell crushed Rotundo with a power slam for the win


Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Rocky Mountain Thunder


White knocked out Rose with a spinning back fist


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Fit Finlay


Both men went to a 30 minute time limit draw

In Topic: AWA results for June 1986

15 June 2018 - 12:23 PM

AWA show from the Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, June 15th

Chris Adams vs. Chavo Guerrero


Adams won with a Superkick


Leo Burke vs. Brian Pillman


Pillman was going for the Air Pillman, but Burke spotted it and tackled him through the ropes to the outside. Both men ended up counted out of the ring.


The Can-Am Express vs. The British Bullies


A hot technical bout that Jones won by pinning Lafon with a takeover suplex


The Great Kabuki vs. Nick Bockwinkel


Bock was attempting a figure four leglock, which Kabuki countered with a small package, but Bock in turn countered with his own small package to get the one two three


Tom Zenk vs. Too Cold Scorpio


Scorpio was going for a top rope splash, but Zenk crotched him on the top rope, and followed up with a superplex for the win


AWA Canadian Title Match : Ron Garvin © vs. Buzz Sawyer


A hard hitting bout that ended when Garvin put Sawyer away with a piledriver


AWA World Tag Team Title Match : The Razor Boys © vs. Black Irish


Perez and Finlay were engaging in dueling suplex attempts when Perez was ultimately able to hit the German Suplex to retain their titles


2/3 Falls Match : Ricky Steamboat, Sgt. Slaughter & Leon White vs. Buddy Rose, Doug Somers & Col. Debeers


1st Fall : Steamboat pinned Somers after a top rope flying cross body press


2nd Fall : White was going for an avalanche on Rose in the corner, but Rose ducked out of the way, then caught him in a roll up with a fistful of tights for the pinfall


3rd Fall : Rose was attempting the Inside Out Backbreaker on White, but White jackhammered him in the face with an elbow smash, then hit a chokeslam to win the match

In Topic: AWA results for June 1986

15 June 2018 - 09:04 AM

AWA show from the Cow Palace, San Francisco, June 14th (as shown on ESPN / TSN Super Cards)


Death Sentence vs. The Youngbloods


Death Sentence finished off Wellington with the Execution


AWA Six Man Tag Team Title Match : The Guerreros © vs. Nick Bockwinkel, Masa Saito and Larry Zybyszko


Larry savate kicked Mando into a Saito Suplex to get the win. Bock, Saito and Larry Z are the new AWA Six Man Tag Team Champs.


Falls Count Anywhere Match : Sabu vs. Cactus Jack


Cactus pulled up the mats from ringside and hit a Russian Legsweep on the concrete for the victory


Dan Spivey & Mike Rotundo vs. Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell


Patera pinned Rotundo after a shoulder breaker


Bill Dundee & Shane Douglas vs. Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian


In a shocking turn of events, Roberts and Nord ambushed their opponents before the match and Roberts hit the DDT on Douglas on the exposed concrete at ringside. From there, Dundee put in a valiant effort trying to fight off both men, but it was too much , and Nord hit him with a kneedrop from the top rope to end the match. After the match ended, Roberts hit Dundee with the DDT for good measure.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. Black Irish


Cameron was attempting a running power slam on Smiley, but Smiley broke out of it with a slide down his back and caught Cameron with a rollup for the one two three


AWA Canadian Title Match : Ron Garvin © vs. Marty Jones


Garvin won by DQ when he was attacked by David Taylor. Sheikh and the Bullies then beat down Garvin before Chris Adams charged to the ring, swinging a chair, and ran them off


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Brian Pillman


Pillman got his rematch in what many say was the best match of the night. Pillman hit a top rope sunset flip, but Tanaka rolled through it and got the pinfall to retain his title. Both men shook hands and embraced after the match


AWA World Title Match : Ricky Steamboat vs. ?? ??


Steamboat looked determined as he readied himself to face his mystery opponent, while Piper looked like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. He then introduced the challenger … Bam Bam Bigelow! What ensued was a crazy match with Steamboat breaking out every trick in his book to contain the huge Bigelow, until Bigelow headbutted the ref in the face for the DQ. Both men kept fighting long after the match.

In Topic: Japanese Men's Pro Wrestling Alliance June & July 1986

14 June 2018 - 04:16 PM

Another exciting card. Samoans vs. Danger Zone is a feud I would love to se.

In Topic: AWA results for June 1986

14 June 2018 - 04:12 PM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for June 13th


Col. Debeers vs. Greg Gagne


Debeers was coming in with a heavily taped shoulder from an injury he sustained in a match with Sgt. Slaughter in Detroit. The veteran Gagne did everything he could to take advantage of that, wrenching the arm in a series of armwringers and peppering him with dropkicks. His luck ran out when he whipped Debeers into the corner and charged in, only to catch a face full of the Colonel’s boot.  Several hard knees to the midsection and a second rope kneedrop, followed by a face first piledriver that dropped him right on his head, and that was the end of Gagne’s challenge.


Pat Tanaka & The Razor Boys vs. Tom Zenk & Death Sentence


While Tanaka and the Razor Boys have been dominant as Southern champion and World Tag champs, respectively, Zenk and Death Sentence have been presenting strong challenges to those titles.  The Neighborhood Of Evil were incredibly aggressive in this match, with a plethora of double and triple teaming. The Sunshine Boys fought back hard, and were rallying when Paul Diamond had Jeff Gaylord trapped in a neutral corner and was standing on the second turnbuckle , raining punches down on his face. However, Tom Zenk took advantage of a ref distraction and grabbed Diamond by the hair and drove him, face first, on the corner post. Gaylord then covered him with his feet on the ropes, getting the one two three. Diamonds partners cried foul, but the decision stood.


Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Rocky Mountain Thunder


Playboy After Dark have had some tough battles with the various members of the Cobra Corps, but after recent events, seem to be scared to death of big Leon White. They put a lot of effort into keeping him out of the ring, relentlessly double teaming Scorpio and trapping him in their corner. Several times it looked like Scorpio might be able to tag out, only for Rose and Somers to distract the ref or prevent the tag in some other way. White finally had enough and charged into the ring, and when the ref tried to send him out, White backhanded him and sent him flying into the corner. As White pummeled Rose and Somers, the ref eventually recovered enough to call for the DQ, but the former Colorado Buffalo didn’t seem to notice as he tore into the members of Playboy After Dark. It took both Too Cold Scorpio and Sgt. Slaughter to get White calmed down and out of the ring.


Bill Dundee & Shane Douglas vs. Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian


Dundee and Douglas have been gaining momentum of late, picking up some impressive victories over the Guerreros in singles action and even a tag victory over Roberts and Barbarian at a recent house show. The Snakepit, on the other hand, have experienced mounting frustration, not just with the loss to Dundee and Douglas but having failed to get a decisive victory over Piper’s Pit. This was a fast paced and competitive match, with the speed and enthusiasm of Dundee and Douglas providing a tough counter for the guile and power of Snake and Barbarian. After Roberts spent a long time in the ring trying to best his opposition, it looked like they would decisively take the lead when he tagged in the huge Barbarian, but out of nowhere,  Dundee hit a running cross body press combined with a schoolboy trip from Douglas that scored the shocking pinfall. While Dundee and Douglas celebrated, Roberts just sat in the corner and stared blankly at Nord.


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : British Steel © vs. The British Bullies


The popular young team of Steven Regal and Norman Smiley pulled off an impressive upset last week by taking the Southern Tag straps away from Black Irish. This time, they would be defending against the incredibly tough tandem of David Taylor and Marty Jones, led by Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie. In spite of the considerable technical expertise of the Bullies, British Steel kept the momentum of the match in their favour for a long period of time before some interference by the Sheikh tipped it over to his men. Jones and Taylor than proceeded to start to work over Smiley, but they didn’t have much time to do it before someone charged into the ring and attacked them, leading to a DQ decision. It was Chris Adams, who hadn’t been seen since being beaten down and fired by the Sheikh and his men 2 weeks ago! He tore into his former compatriots, but 3 against 1 would prove to be too great odds to overcome, and British Steel, no fans of Adams, swiftly left the ring and abandoned him to his fate. The Syndicate pounded on him again and the Bullies held him up while the Sheikh looked to take him out for good with a chair shot to the head, but Adams stopped him with a boot to the midsection, then pulled himself free from the grasp of Taylor and Jones. He grabbed the chair and swung it wildly, sending the Syndicate scurrying back to the locker room. Adams was able to make it out this time, but how much longer can he hold out, with no friends to back him up?


AWA American Title Match : Dan Spivey © vs. Jerry Blackwell


Spivey , similar to Col. Debeers,  was going into the match with a heavily taped arm, and that provided a particularly tempting target for the Crusher. Blackwell went after the damaged arm mercilessly with slams and arm bars, and Spivey was clearly in a lot of pain for much of this match. The determined American champ kept battling back, and was able to send Blackwell out of the ring with a left armed Spivey Bomber. Blackwell landed hard and was not able to get back into the ring in time, leading to a countout victory by the champ. Even after the match, Blackwell and his partner, Ken Patera, kept attacking Spivey. Patera held Spivey down with his arm outstretched, and Blackwell looked to do a running splash on it, which might well have done irreparable damage to it. Luckily for Spivey, his partner, Mike Rotundo, rushed to the ring and prevented the blow from landing, but the ordeal had still taken a heavy toll on the American champ.