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AWA results for June 1986

01 June 2018 - 05:46 AM

AWA show from the Canada Games Sportsplex, Lethbridge, Alberta, June 1st


Death Sentence vs. The Youngbloods


Payne made Wellington give up to the Payne Killer


Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian vs. The British Bullies


Roberts pinned Jones after a DDT


British Steel vs. Hector & Mando Guerrero


A fast paced match where Regal managed to catch Hector with the Regal Plex to get the win


Brian Pillman vs. Leo Burke


Burke ducked the Air Pillman then hit a piledriver to score the pinfall


Mike Rotundo vs. Chavo Guerrero


A back and forth match where Rotundo was able to get the All-Star Spotlight (Samoan drop) to pull out the victory


Bill Dundee & Shane Douglas vs. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers


Dundee and Douglas put in a valiant effort but Douglas ultimately fell prey to the Inside Out Backbreaker from Rose to give the win to the former World Tag Team champs


Nick Bockwinkel, Masa Saito & Larry Zbyszko vs. The Great Kabuki & The Razor Boys


Saito pinned Diamond with the Saito Suplex


Rocky Mountain Thunder vs. Bob Orton & Buzz Sawyer


Piper’s Pit worked over Scorpio for much of the match, but he was able to make the hot tag to White, who was able to pin Sawyer after a power slam


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : Black Irish © vs. The Can-Am Express


The Express came close to pulling off the win on a number of times in the match but Black Irish were able to shut down their challenge with a spike piledriver on Lafon


AWA Southern Title Match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Tom Zenk


Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw


Ricky Steamboat & Ron Garvin vs. Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell


A ferocious battle where Steamboat was finally able to counter an avalanche by Patera in the corner with a schoolboy rollup to just barely get the one two three



AWA results for May 1986

30 April 2018 - 09:19 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for May 2nd


The Youngbloods vs. The British Bullies


The Youngbloods have been turning a lot of heads of late. Fresh off a very successful tour of Japan, Wellington and Blackman have made their mark as a hot young team on the rise. They were clearly looking to capitalize on their momentum as they squared off with the British Bullies, who had Sheikh Adnan Al-Kaissie. Jones and Taylor brought the full brunt of their technical ability to the fight, but the Youngbloods kept firing back with quick tags and hard hitting moves. It looked like they would take down the Syndicate members when Blackman had Jones set up for the Bicycle Kick, but as he was coming off the ropes, Kaissie tripped him, causing him to stagger. Jones swiftly capitalized with a jarring knee lift, followed by a takeover suplex that got the one two three. A tainted win, but further proof that you don’t dare let your guard down for a second with the British Bullies.


Chris Adams vs. Greg Gagne


In sharp contrast to his British Bullies teammates, Adams started the match by ordering Sheikh Kaissie back to the locker room, determined to do this on his own. Kaissie was clearly not happy with this, but acquiesced. Adams has been coming off a series of challenges for different singles titles, all of which have gone to time limit draws.  This has clearly stuck in Adams’ craw, but has only doubled his focus on proving himself worthy of championship gold. He worked a very focused, scientific match with the second generation veteran, clearly pulling back from some opportunities to take the low road and really taking it to Gagne. This paid off when he was able to dodge the Gagne Dropkick and nail him with the Superkick to get the hard fought victory. After the match, it was announced that Adams would get a rematch for the Canadian Title with Ron Garvin in Winnipeg, and that it would be a No Time Limit match.


Jake Roberts & Cactus Jack vs. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton


The war between the Snakepit and Piper’s Pit has been tearing up the AWA rings of late, with both Roberts and Piper engaging in psychological warfare with the other. The wild card in this equation has turned out to be the New Mexico Madman himself, Cactus Jack, with Piper increasingly having his hands full having to adapt to his unpredictable opponent. Both he and Orton worked hard to break down Cactus, but he and Roberts kept swiftly tagging in and out and keeping them off balance. Orton was trying to take out Roberts with a piledriver, but the Snake dug in and kept blocking it, and when Piper came in to assist, he was sent flying out of the ring by an out of control Cactus Clothesline. Roberts took advantage of the ref being distracted to hit a low blow on Orton, followed by the rapid execution of the DDT and the pinfall.  After the match, Piper was helping up Orton and screaming at Cactus, “You’re a dead man!”


Shane Douglas vs. Hector Guerrero


Last week, Douglas went down in a close loss to Chavo Guerrero. This time, once again, Douglas was backed up by Bill Dundee, while Guerrero’s two brothers were in his corner. While Douglas still showed the fire and enthusiasm that has made him a solid favorite among the AWA fans, he took a more measured approach to this match, reining in his more reckless tendencies and working in more mat work and counter wrestling. This seemed to be the influence of Bill Dundee, who gave both instruction and encouragement from his spot at ringside. Douglas was consistently able to block the double underhook suplex, but looked it would be all for naught as Hector went for the Guerrero Clutch. Douglas was still able to roll through it and get his on cover for a 2 and a half count, and soon after the bell rang, signaling a 15 minute time limit draw. While he wasn’t able to get the win, Douglas certainly made his mark in this match.


Doug Furnas & The Can-Am Express vs. Kevin Sullivan & Death Sentence


After being kicked out of the Varsity Club last week, Furnas was clearly out for revenge, and had brought in the team of Phil Lafon and Tom Zenk to help him get it. While Darryl Peterson and Jeff Gaylord may have been newly dubbed Maxx Payne and “The Black Knight” Jeff Gaylord, they remained just as subservient to the will of Sullivan as ever, following his commands throughout the match. The powerful Furnas maintained the upper hand through much of the match, using his considerable strength to rock them with mighty clotheslines and power moves. After he tagged in Lafon, the skilled Canadian competitor kept the momentub going before being brought low by a nasty double team by Death Sentence. The Varsity Club proceeded to work over Lafon, drawing in Furnas to try to make the save and capitalizing by double and triple teaming Lafon while the ref sent Furnas back to his corner. Lafon was able to rally and came very close to tagging out to Zenk … but Zenk pulled back his hand at the last moment, letting Lafon get pulled back into the enemy corner. When Furnas shouted at Zenk, demanding to know what gives, Zenk responded with a superkick to the face, sending Furnas careening off the ring apron and into the ringside barricade. While Zenk headed back to the locker room, abandoning his partners to their fate, Payne and Gaylord hit the Execution on Lafon, putting a brutal and shocking end to the match.


Sgt. Slaughter vs. Buddy Rose


Since losing the World Tag Team titles, the members of Playboy After Dark have struggled to find their footing again, particularly in some tough losses to various combinations of the Cobra Corps.  For this match, it would be the leaders of these two factions facing off, with none of their allies at ringside. Rose was able to keep the upper hand for the first part of the match, but the double tough DI came roaring back with a vengeance, pinballing the Playboy all over the ring. It looked like it was all over for Rose when Slaughter put him in the Cobra Clutch, but a huge men, dressed in military fatigues and a black mask, charged into the ring and attacked Sarge. He and Rose put the boots to Slaughter while the other members of Playboy After Dark and the Cobra Corps rushed out and did battle in the aisle. Eventually, Rose and the masked man left Sarge lying in the ring to be helped out by Leon White and Too Cold Scorpio. Who is this mysterious menace that has seemingly joined the Playboy’s campaign?

AWA results for March 1986

03 April 2018 - 06:35 AM

AWA All-Star Wrestling on ESPN / TSN for April 4th


Ron Simmons & Brian Pillman vs. The Youngbloods


Here we have a match featuring a group of wrestlers who will be appearing in Japan this month, with Pillman and the Youngbloods set to wrestle in the Young Lions Showcase and Simmons in a special tag match. Varsity Club bad cop Kevin Sullivan was once again absent from the proceedings, leaving Pillman with the good cops Mike Rotundo and Ron Simmons, both of whom have taken Pillman under their wings of late. Both Wellington and Blackman were very wary of the imposing Simmons , and used their speed and coordination to keep themselves just out of reach of his dangerous power offense. Sensing a change of gear was needed, Simmons tagged in Pillman, and he was able to match the Youngbloods move for move. With Rotundo cheering him on from ringside, and Simmons doing the same from the ring apron, Pillman really got the crowd going with his impressive aerial tactics. It looked like Blackman might just take him out with the bicycle kick, but Pillman was able to catch himself on the ropes, then follow up with a big dropkick to get the advantage. He rushed to the ropes and hit the Air Pillman to get a spectacular victory. Simmons and Rotundo both congratulated their colleague , something you know Kevin Sullivan would not be caught dead doing.


Tom Zenk vs. Chavo Guerrero


Zenk has been pulling double duty of late, wrestling both in singles and as part of the Can-Am Express, but has been having more success on his own. Contrarily, the Guerreros have struggled a bit of late individually, but have been incredibly tough to beat when defending their Six Man Tag Team Titles. Chavo fought with determination to end that streak, calling on his considerable technical skills as well as cutting some corners on occasion to try to take down Zenk. Zenk showed real fire and kept coming back at Chavo, ultimately catching him coming off the ropes with a Superkick to score the victory. Could big things be on the horizon for Zenk.


Rocky Mountain Thunder vs. Darryl Peterson & Jeff Gaylord


Rocky Mountain Thunder had Sgt. Slaughter in their corner, while the Varsity Club were joined by Kevin Sullivan. Leon White was keen to get his hands on his former stablemates, but this wound up being a detriment , as the Varsity Club capitalized on his eagerness by drawing him into the ring when he was not the legal man then double teaming Scorpio while he was being ushered out of the ring. They kept this up, getting White progressively hotter under the collar, until they were able to hit the Execution on Scorpio to end the match. Sullivan, for once, seemed pleased by the efforts of his recruits. White was very distressed at having cost his team the match, but Sarge and Scorpio assured him that everything was alright and that they would do better next time.


The Great Kabuki vs. Jerry Blackwell


These two men have had some ferocious battles of late, and both men tore into each other with incredible intensity. Kabuki would pick Blackwell apart with brutal martial arts kicks and shots, but Blackwell kept roaring back with his incredible size and power. The action spilled out to the ringside area, and Blackwell had Kabuki trapped in the corner and went for a running splash, but the Japanese legend rolled out of the way at the last moment, sending Blackwell dropping hard onto the concrete. Kabuki was able to get back into the ring in time to win by countout. The two men kept going at it for some time after the bell. It looks like the war is showing no sign of stopping soon.


Shane Douglas vs. Leo Burke


Douglas, a relative newcomer to the AWA, has made a strong impression on the fans, with his mentor Bill Dundee guiding him to some impressive victories. Dundee was in his corner, rallying the crowd behind him as he faced the tough Canadian veteran Burke. Burke gave a very stiff challenge to Douglas in a match that went back and forth. Burke looked like he was taking the advantage over Douglas when he whipped him into the ropes for a back body drop, but Douglas was playing possum and caught Burke with a cradle suplex for the one two three. The younger generation has been rising in the AWA and Douglas continues to be a stand out part of this movement.


Ricky Steamboat & Ron Garvin vs. Masa Saito & Larry Zbyszko


Garvin had recently made his surprise return the the AWA , taking the Canadian title from Larry Z, and was now making his first appearance on All-Star since his comeback, teaming with the World champion.  Larry’s fortunes have waned of late, taking some tough losses including his shockingly quick defeat to Garvin, but actually worked pretty well as a teammate for Saito. With Nick Bockwinkel in their corner, the two functioned incredibly smoothly in tandem as they kept Steamboat in the ring for a long time as they did their best to damage him. Steamboat was ultimately able to dive into his corner and bring in Garvin, who went after Larry and once again caught him coming off the ropes with the Hands Of Stone punch, putting an end to the match in decisive fashion. Although his colleagues had lost the match, Bockwinkel seemed pleased with the results as he led his men back from the ring.

AWA results for March 1986

28 February 2018 - 10:02 AM

AWA show from the Canada Games Sportsplex, Lethbridge, Alberta, March 2nd


Larry Cameron vs. Norman Smiley


Cameron pinned Smiley after a powerslam


David Finlay vs. Chris Adams


An intense match that wound up going to a 15 minute time limit draw


Steven Regal vs. Mike Rotundo


Rotundo blocked the Regal Stretch and countered with a rolling cradle to get the pinfall


Jake Roberts, Nord The Barbarian & Cactus Jack vs. Buzz Sawyer & The Onyx Express


Yet another crazy brawl with Nord nailing the running double knee drop on Brickhouse for the win


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Greg Gagne


Bigelow once again dominated his opposition before polishing them off with a slingshot splash


The British Bullies vs. The Razor Boys


A thrilling match where, after a series of moves and countermoves, Perez blocked a straight jacket suplex by Jones and replied with a German Suplex to get the victory


Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Jeff Gaylord, Darryl Peterson & Kevin Sullivan


Scorpio hit a flying top rope splash on Sullivan for the win


Leo Burke vs. Doug Furnas


Burke nearly caught Furnas in the Sleeper, but Furnas was able to execute a belly to back suplex and defeat Burke


AWA Southern Tag Team Title match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. The Youngbloods


Hector ducked under the bicycle kick from Blackman and came back with a running cross body press to defend their titles


AWA Southern Title match : Pat Tanaka © vs. Brian Pillman


A very fast paced match that finally ended when Tanaka was able to execute the rolling wheel kick for the win


AWA World Tag Team Title match : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. Nick Bockwinkel & Larry Zbyszko


There was a lot of tension in the air for this match, as there was always the threat of violence erupting between Bockwinkel and Zbyszko. That being said, they managed for the most part to stay on the same page through this match, which turned out to be a long brutal bout, which ended in double DQ with both teams popping the ref and continuing to slug it out long after the final bell.

AWA results for February 1986

02 February 2018 - 11:04 AM

AWA show from the Canada Games Sportsplex, Lethbridge, Alberta, February 2nd


The Youngbloods vs. The Onyx Express


Wellington caught Koko in a belly to belly piledriver for the win


Jeff Gaylord vs. Leo Burke


In a match that went close to the 15 minute time limit, Gaylord caught Burke in a power slam off the ropes for the win.


Jesse Barr vs. Too Cold Scorpio


Scorpio hit a top rope splash to get the victory


Greg Gagne vs. Darryl Peterson


Both men went to a 20 minute time limit draw


Mike Rotundo vs. Nord The Barbarian


Nord was going for a short lariat, but Rotundo countered it with a crucifix for the pinfall


Cactus Jack vs. Buzz Sawyer


A reckless brawl that saw Cactus hit Buzz with an elbow smash off the second turnbuckle to the back ot the head to get the win


AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match : Chavo & Hector Guerrero © vs. Brian Pillman & Ron Simmons


Chavo hit a flying top rope somesault senton on Pillman to defend their belts


AWA Southern Title Match : Mando Guerrero © vs. Doug Furnas


Furnas was able to give him a hell of a fight, but Mando was ultimately able to catch him in the German Suplex for the one two three


Double Alberta Bullrope Match : Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes vs. Jerry Blackwell & Ken Patera


A lengthy brawl where all four men were busted open and only ended when Slaughter nailed Patera with the Slaughter Cannon, followed by the Bionic Elbow Drop by Dusty to finish him off