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In Topic: Conrad Thompson & Eric Bischoff's podcast

Today, 02:19 PM

The idea that you can't get over while only taking 20% of a match is ridiculous though.

In Topic: Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey (WWE MitB 2018)

Today, 06:26 AM

It's honestly shocking to me that they're not just having Rousey steamroll everyone. Instead, they're protecting her and everyone else on the roster by portraying her as almost superhuman in one aspect of the game, but actually inexperienced and vulnerable in a lot of others. The commentary was overbearing as always but pointing out the fact she's not used to fighting people twice her size or that she's never taken a powerbomb before really helped things. It's making matches far more compelling than you'd ever expect them to be, because it's not just balanced but it's also telling a story that has rarely been told in these rings at least. Suddenly, a single flying body press means more than twenty dives might in a different match. It even makes some of the physical awkwardness forgivable. I really, really hope that in the eventual Alexa match, they have Alexa cheating left and right and Ronda vulnerable because she's never encountered someone doing that quite in that manner. There are a lot of possibilities if they're willing to really commit in this direction. Also, it's going to go a long way to allow her to be a sympathetic babyface instead of having the crowds turn against her. 

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

One of these days I'll actually see a Rousey match.

In Topic: WWE Money in the Bank

Yesterday, 09:21 PM

I wasn't able to watch, but you guys were all over the place tonight. There goes our hivemind cred.

In Topic: Dave Meltzer stuff

Yesterday, 04:28 PM

92 WCW.